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    78 280Z 2nd owner since 1984. Warehoused for last 10 years. Time to bring her back to life. Ran extremely rich when warehoused. Looking forward to utilizing the tremendous amount of information available through the forum.

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  1. CO, those look like the electric mirrors off of a ZX and the joy stick controls.
  2. Bought the AcDelco from RA. Absolute garbage. The one in the picture looks much better than what I received.
  3. Yarb

    New project

    I had one years ago. Put a kirker header on it re-jetted the carbs. Z1 Rocket
  4. Mark, are you talking about the 8001 sealant? We used to call that “Yellow death” in the machine shop. It’s nasty.....
  5. Pick up some Kroil penetrating oil from Amazon. I’ve tried many different products and have had the best luck with this product. https://smile.amazon.com/Kano-Kroil-Penetrating-liquid-KROIL/dp/B000F09CF4
  6. Yarb

    Parlor Tricks

    Mr. envy’s, when you say early 77 model do you have a ballast resistor in your ignition circuit?
  7. Did you have a chance to get your bumpers mounted?
  8. There are three areas you can check. The FSM has the diagnostic checks for the fuel pump circuit. Involves the afm, oil pressure switch and alternator. Chances are when the engine bay was refurbished there is an open circuit at one of those areas. The FSM will lead you through the diagnostics.
  9. Might be jumping in late. My new ZCD ohms out at 1.8k. The original, I have no idea if it worked when removed measures open so that’s not a lot of help in comparison other than comparing it to Dr. Dave’s ZCD replacement.
  10. I’ll measure it tomorrow when I get back to the shop. I’ll measure my replacement from ZCD as well.
  11. Ok, hope this helps. I have both the original and a new ZCD unit on my bench. Removed the original and had the tank cleaned. original unit has 4 holes on the side. Two right below the clamp and two more near the bottom both on opposite sides. The one from ZCD only has three holes on the bottom and a narrow slot on the top for the wiring. Here’s a video of my original 78 unit. Excuse the shaky hand. 208E908D-5F22-4E3F-A2E6-2CF4BDF29EAD.MOV
  12. Hey Zed, Ken’s transmission conversion came from my 78 280. I am doing the manual conversion on mine. I provided everything for his conversion directly off of my car. The trans package was a complete set.
  13. Hey Ken, I am pretty sure the thin spacer is installed between the flex plate and crankshaft.
  14. Do you know if there is a license plate delete option for the front bumper?
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