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    78 280Z 2nd owner since 1984. Warehoused for last 10 years. Time to bring her back to life. Ran extremely rich when warehoused. Looking forward to utilizing the tremendous amount of information available through the forum.

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  1. Not sure on the ZX tank, did you check for a drain plug? Possibly right hand side.
  2. Yarb


    Best of luck Friend...
  3. That’s the bccd solenoid switch. That bullet connector should be coming off the fender well area pretty close to the switch iirc.
  4. Yarb

    Bumper Set

    Just bought a set from bumper automobile.com. There stainless steel that are chromed. Nice set around $700
  5. Out of the two I resealed one popped right out the other I used the block wedge to support the shaft leaving the nut on. I gave it a douse of Kano Kroil oil and let it sit for an hour and it then popped t with a bar through the slot and it broke broke loose.
  6. Sounds like you have the tail shaft casing apart. There is a small seal that the shifting rod goes through . Available through Nissan. This keeps gear oil from pooling into where the shifter mounts. Easy to replace with the housing and shift rod removed. Pull it out with a small pic and insert the new one. I recommend you replace it. Same with the speedo assembly. That you can do any time.
  7. We’re you able to change the small seal in the shifter rod housing?
  8. Hey John, I was looking to have my shaft refurbished as well. Took it to a driveshaft specialist here in town and was told they could not replace the u-joints. Half shafts yes but not the drive shaft. They built a new one for me. Ended up being around $350. It’s a stouter shaft than the original. Someone on the forum mentioned ZCD had u-joints but were only available through the 77 model.
  9. Yes, that’s what I thought. Unfortunately mine is a 78 and the shaft is not repairable. Had to have a complete shaft built. Thanks for the input.
  10. Where did you find replacement joints for the shaft?
  11. Very nice quality flywheel. Haven’t fired the motor yet. Seems to be good quality. Good people at Godzilla.
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