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  1. Have you tried cracking the line loose at the junction block to see if you have pressure there? Either way you’ll find out if it’s the line or the block.
  2. Try giving Power brake exchange a call in San Jose. Ask if they have the parts in stock to rebuild your unit. I’ve used them in the past. Good People and easy to work with. Power Brake Exchange, Inc. - San Jose, Ca. Phone: (408) 292-1305 Fax: (408) 294-6817
  3. Moog replacement parts are not fully greased. Apply grease until you see it weeping from the small nub on the boot. The boot will expand and it’s easy to see.
  4. Looks like the same distributor as my Z. 1/78.
  5. Thanks, Trying to buy a little at a time in preparation for a respray
  6. What would you say percentage wise is it between OE and the aftermarket products? Mainly the windshield and hatch seals.
  7. I recently purchased a 79 280zx booster from Power brake exchange. I’m in the early stages of the installation. The booster does fit without modifications at the firewall. Leaves just enough room for the clutch master. I’m using the same 15/16 master cylinder as well. Working on other areas of the car right now and have not gone any further with the install.
    Concise, Quick reference documentation
  8. Trying to chime in here on the location of the FP relay. I have a 78 280 manufacture date 1/78. By chance did you happen to check behind the passenger seat. It’s mounted to the rear of the seat support with the harness running over to a grommet above the pump assembly. Worth taking a look.
  9. That included his machine work?
  10. I have the LD crank and N42 block. What’s a ball park figure for Rebello’s parts and labor?
  11. Try reaching out to @zclocks on the forum. He would be the expert in that.
  12. Cliff can you confirm the washer orientation on the TC rods?
  13. Maybe some of the other members can chime in to clarify.
  14. Awesome, Keep up the good work...