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  1. Power Brake Booster does a fantastic job and will have it powder coated for an extra charge. Good people.
  2. I bought a new rack a little over 2 years ago from a specialty company that strictly sells rack and pinion assemblies. I’d have to go back and find the vendors name in my records but they do exist.
  3. Amazon has the adapter as well from Glow shift
  4. Install a mechanical gauge. T adapters are available
  5. What history do you have on this parts car?
  6. Install A fuel pressure gauge after the filter. Takes a lot of guessing out of the equation.
  7. @Blitzed I bought a P79 head a couple of years ago that was rebuilt. I went another direction with my build and have not done anything with it. Send me a pm if interested and I can send you pics.
  8. Yarb

    Hot brakes

    Try looking for A Beck Arnley new MC.
  9. @siteunseenWhat gear ratio are you running or did I miss that somewhere 😂🤣
  10. Might want to get underneath and cut the damage out first and see how far the rust has gone. You might be looking at floor pans as well.
  11. You have a structural issue . Far from cosmetic. I realize that’s not good news. Take a ice pic and work your way up and down that frame rail.
  12. Best bet is to find a used replacement that has not been opened up and messed with. Talking about the plastic cover with original silicone in place.
  13. Appears something’s not right here.
  14. @Captain Obvious Correct on my 78
  15. That’s quite a bit of work to build a engine run stand. Are you suggesting installing it in the car and cranking it there?
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