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    78 280Z 2nd owner since 1984. Warehoused for last 10 years. Time to bring her back to life. Ran extremely rich when warehoused. Looking forward to utilizing the tremendous amount of information available through the forum.

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  1. Replacing the bushings 280z crossmember. Replacing with the poly bushing. Prepping the crossmember while I wait on the parts to arrive. Before I press the sleeves out I want to make sure the bushings aren’t sized to fit with the sleeves in tact. First time I’ve used poly everything else was OE. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Good Morning, So will the late summer production be the 240 bars only?
  3. Thanks, I’ve accumulated a number of spare parts, complete turbo engine, LD 28 crank, and a P79 head. Trying to figure out which direction to go. I’ll start a new post.
  4. I’m interested in a set for my 280 if you decide to give it another try
  5. I appreciate it. I bought a complete drivetrain out of an 83Zx ET. ECU and harness as well. I bounce back and forth on the forums. Hoover had posted a short list he had used a couple years back. The other option I have is building a stroker motor. I already bought the crank and have a p79 head as well. Too many options.
  6. I realize this post is a couple years old but would like to get your advice/opinion on the conversion. I have a 78 280z. Bought a complete 83zx motor, transmission with a recently reman ecu and harness. I assume you installed a mega squirt system. Not sure if I should try the original setup or go the route you did minus the manifold/oil pan etc. Any advice you could throw my way would be much appreciated. Don’t know if you’ve added an inter cooler since this posting. Thanks in advance... John
  7. Do we still have the Group buy going on? I’m ready on my end.
  8. Just finished my suspension rebuild. One product I found for anything frozen/rusted shut is Kroil penetrating oil. It’s an amazing product. Found it on Amazon, a little pricy but well worth it. Out performed anything else I tried.
  9. Just bought a complete motor & trans from a 83 ZX Turbo $800 Including all harnesses and Ecu.
  10. Right next door to both of us Dave.....
  11. I’m in the process of doing the exact opposite of what you are doing. Send me a pm. I’m in central Florida.
  12. Hello James, Welcome to the Forum. Just removed my 280 bumpers. Are there any differences on the brackets required? My understanding is the 240 bumper will bolt directly on. If that’s the case do you manufacture the brackets as well. Thanks
  13. I’m looking for the rubber shift boot trim ring. Any chance you have one?
  14. View Advert Clutch & Brake Pedal Assembly 280z Converting my Automatic to 5 speed Transmission. Need pedals and hardware. Advertiser Yarb Date 01/30/2020 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1978 Model 280z