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  1. Prices have been reasonable here in the US just came out with the minimum in my area central Florida
  2. Gentleman, If you go back and look at the previous video still pic. Unless it’s the angle I’m looking at the arm is already in the engaged position. Due to the fact @adivin had to draw the trans to the motor with the mounting bolts. The arm should be in the full forward position towards the engine. Am I missing something?
  3. Jump on it while they are available!!!
  4. Those dowels will not line up. Save yourself some aggravation and order the factory mounts, . Fit like a glove. Other folks have shaved the dowels off. Your call.
  5. Did you order factory Nissan mounts. If not it’s a known issue that the aftermarket dowels don’t line up.
  6. S30.World has new replacement tanks that are amazing reproductions. Just bought one for my 280 after having mine repaired twice. Pin holes kept appearing. Just another alternative.
  7. What exactly are you trying to accomplish or replace?
  8. Hate to say it but your only going to find out once you have removed the transmission. You will be able to see what’s really happening, inspect the pilot bushing etc. just my 2c
  9. Dozens of possibilities why the car doesn’t run that great just on the EFI alone. Get that EFI book and a multimeter and go step by step and record your findings on each. If you don’t your headed down a rabbit hole. Bouncing around like I did wasted tons of time. Just my two cents
  10. Thats the way it’s designed to operate. Is your antenna aftermarket as well?
  11. The aftermarket radio you have has a blue wire on the harness that triggers the automatic antenna when you power the radio on. Chances are when you power the radio off the antenna goes down correct?
  12. You should not have had to shove that transmission in. Did you end up drawing it together with the trans bolts? Hope not…
  13. Bought mine from Nissan 2 years ago. 83ZX 5 speed. Are you running the 240mm clutch?
  14. Run that adjustment nut in the pic out to the desired length. Right now you have it backed off quite a bit.
  15. Prestone back in the day made a back flush kit that hooked to the heater hose connections. Thermostat had to be removed . Run the chemical in the block for a set period and back flush again. Worked amazingly well. My two cents from an old guy.
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