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  1. You won't find those on an early, but my 260Z has those outlets. (had. I have them but they're not currently installed) and my son's '76 280Z has them. Both are factory A/C cars. I don't think those are installed on Bob's '75 280Z museum car. It doesn't have factory A/C.
  2. I'm a Journeyman Plumber (former life). We had to stop using, 'um, gender specific language, when referring to various plumbing parts due to the always offended. Certainly couldn't refer to the "toilet fill valve" as a "ballcock" like they did for generations. No more Galvanized Steel Nipple, or Male Adapter, well, you get the picture. The part you reference above plumbers now have to refer to as a Stop, Shut-off, or Valve.
  3. I'd like to see that in person one day. Did you open up your gauges at all? Pepper and I are just going through some gauges - cleaning, re-spraying the white inside and the black if necessary, and polishing up the scratched lenses.
  4. When you use paint stripper, don't scrape - use a brush with firm plastic bristles. Yup, it's messy.
  5. I installed "bulbs" of this type in a customers 240Z years ago. They were WHITE though - that LED brassy white. Super bright - and they happened to work well with his rheostat. Brightened up his instruments double or more. I've not used a colored LED though.
  6. To me, the dash install is so much simpler with the windshield out. And. we've installed a dozen windshields with the dash in place (dash in place - not the finisher). In the beginning, we were using a small cord and it really is much like grannyknot described but I find the lower corners much easier than the upper ("sharper") corners. Once we changed procedure to larger diameter wet cloth as the pull string (1/8" or so cotton cord) it became a non-issue. Decreased the time and effort ten-fold (that's probably an exaggeration - but it's a heck-of-a-lot easier...) Q, go ahead and install your dash and invite me up when you're ready for glass!
  7. Picture of yours please. There is a difference between the Factory A/C and Non-A/C models. But, it's not cables (well, I guess it IS cables... read on). The A/C models have vacuum bottles, vacuum solenoids, and vacuum actuators under the dash (a vacuum actuator on the right side of the blower housing for the mode door - where the non-A/C has one cable on the right side of the blower housing to operate the mode door.) I've not seen two cables on the right side of the blower housing - only one for the mode door and one to the left of the blower housing for the heater valve. (I have the '75 "museum 280Z" in the shop - it's non-factory A/C. I'll look at it's blower box.)
  8. It would help if the end of yours was rounded a bit like the cable in the lower picture. It would slip in the back of the speedo easier if it were. It's tough getting the proper alignment under the dash with all the crap you have to fight back there. That's likely most of your problem. If your Tach were out It would be much easier, but I'd probably follow the advice given above - remove the other end from the transmission, pull the cable back a bit, hook it up under the dash, and then push the cable (while turning it) back up into the speedo from the transmission end. Reconnect to the trans and you're set.
  9. Bought one of these for my 260Z several years ago direct from Nissan. These replacement consoles are beefier than the originals - in the center section that really counts. I've enjoyed mine, I'm sure you will too! Nissan part #96911-N4725, right?
  10. The 280ZX HVAC was a total redesign so I doubt it. I do know that the blower motor and fan spin the opposite direction of the S30. (But that may be help rather than hindrance in your situation... )
  11. Yup, I just had a late '72 in the shop with a working seat beat buzzer (first I've ever seen working (in a 240Z)...). Definitely has a neutral switch. The buzzer was active (while the seat belt was in the retractor) if the transmission was in any gear (including reverse) - off while in neutral. I'd vote for the OP's wires to be for the neutral switch.
  12. Looks like sway bar end link parts to me...