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  1. It's over $3.00 for regular here in Phoenix and our pipeline from California isn't busted... About $3.50 for premium. Before Biden it was near $2.00 for regular.
  2. We have a Series One in the shop so after I saw this thread I looked at it's console. Never noticed the "park light(s)" embossment in the choke panel before now. The cutout for the switches is blanked off but the lamp icons are there molded into the plastic.
  3. We just did this in the shop on Saturday - stock 280Z. It's a mite easier when you have the car on a lift but it IS doable without and without lifting the engine. "Patience is the key to joy." (Fortune Cookie circa 2015) Just make sure the number one piston is UP (so the crank shaft isn't in the way at the front of the pan) and you have the car as far off the ground as you can manage. Dropping the oil pickup is pretty easy, and there's actually a bit more room than you think there would be to get the bolts back in once you're ready to reassemble - refer to Fortune Cookie quote above. My finger
  4. Every 260Z/280Z console I've had come through the shop has either: 1. Had the block-off plate missing. 2. Had a hole drilled through the block-off plate and/or had a switch installed by some PO. Same with my 260Z when I bought it...
  5. We use Meguiar's Hyper Dressing on plastics and rubber. You can "thin" it with water and it actually protects and helps restore plastics and vinyl.
  6. That looks like a fairly average S30 that you'd find in the Southwest US or California. The stock frame rails have definitely been covered with an aftermarket repair rail not unlike the BadDog rails. The floor has been patched on the left side as noted above. The undercarriage could use some attention but that's pretty common - make the top look good, people rarely look underneath. I've seen a lot worse even here in Arizona where we have almost no water... Those pics aren't going to tell you the whole story. You're going to want to look under the hatch at the sill corners, the door botto
  7. He told me he's ordered foam gaskets to be made for them so I think he's getting close.
  8. You'll find them in Factory A/C 260Z's and 280Z's. Mine has one that mounts under the steering column. Can't tell if it had one for the passenger cuz the ducting was all gone (destroyed by the Arizona heat) from that side. Mostly gone from the driver side too but the tee to the "foot vent" was still there. I have several of those plastic vent outlets in the shop as I tend to horde stock A/C parts. My son's 76 also has similar plumbing. And, no, the tubing that goes to those small foot vents is not rigid - it's flexible ~1 1/4" vent tubing. Like the larger stock vent tubing it was insulated.
  9. We have a '75 "museum car" in the shop. It's all mostly original with only 8,400 (ya, I DID say 8,400) miles. Usually runs like a dream but it "heat soaks", "vapor locks" when the weather is warm and you drive it to the store and let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then want to start it again... I thought this was mostly an Arizona thing but MANY Z owners from all parts of the country (and Canada) have had the issue. Nissan made many modifications over the years in attempts to solve it. The problem was mostly solved when they started using ECU's that "primed" the fuel system and pushed air bubbl
  10. Your Tach is expecting the stock 1.5 Ohm coil to still be there. If your new coil is a different Ohm value it will affect the Tach operation. I had the same issue here in the shop.
  11. I just installed the Newark Auto Products carpet kit in my early 260Z. The 7-piece kit is correct for originality but I am installing the 11-piece kit - or most of it... I actually like the carpet pieces for the sills rather than the vinyl it had and I'm not quite sure if I'll use the trans tunnel carpet piece - it's not supposed to be in a 260Z and I LOVE the small diamond pattern vinyl that the 260 has. (I personally don't care for the "large diamond" pattern vinyl of the 240Z's and would replace that with carpet in a second - but that's just me...) However, I really like their kit and defin
  12. He doesn't. He mentioned a stock GM coolant sensor (like most standalone ECU's use) which is a standard thermistor type sensor with an analog signal (a variable resistor whose resistance changes with heat) - he just doesn't realize it's not digital... The stock Datsun coolant sensor has very close to the same characteristics as the GM sensor. I don't fault him for using the GM sensor - it's cheap, plentiful, standard, and well supported - even though it's not digital...
  13. On BAT in particular and with people who know Z cars (especially in the US) I don't believe "4 speed or 5 speed manual transmission" is anything more than a very minor issue. Why would it effect end sales price other than perhaps marginally? Even though many have "chucked" their 4 speeds in favor of a 5 speed they are still available - as are 5 speeds. Anyone who wants to swap either way can easily do so. Most 5 speeds ARE the 4 speed - same transmission with the addition of an overdrive gear - at least until you get to the ZX "close ratio" 5 speed. (And who wants the "monkey shifter" se
  14. Agree - 100%. I wouldn't do that, and I repair Datsun sheet metal for a living. (well, not really "for a living" - I'm retired - but that's what I do at the shop most days...)
  15. Don't fret. The emissions regs here in Maricopa County aren't hard to meet for any decent running Z car. If you have collectors or vintage car insurance, there is no emissions test requirement to register. Most of the Datsun owners here go that route. I don't because: A. I daily drive my 260Z (specs below) B. It's stupidly easy for my Z to get through emissions. IF you don't want to go the collector insurance route you'll need to do an emissions roller test every year and it's the same test from when they first started this thing. My 1974 doesn't require a look under the hood, but my so
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