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  1. Yup, a 280ZX gear reduction starter is the way to go.
  2. I use a Fuelab 515 series adjustable FPR with a Pallnet type fuel rail. I can run it with or without a return from the fuel rail. Pretty sure it's lower range is below 30PSI (25PSI sticks in my mind) - up to 90PSI. I currently run 3 bar on my 310cc injectors.
  3. What he said. It's a drag but it's the best way.
  4. Injectors open for milliseconds at a time so wire resistance, oxidation, and/or corrosion in wiring and connectors can have an impact. Follow Zed Head's suggestion, and also double check wiring and connectors - including the "dropping resistor pack" under the left side inspection lid.
  5. It's ABS plastic and black ABS cement would have been useful if you hadn't tried superglue first (now that there's superglue on the surfaces the ABS cement would be useless(ABS cement actually creates a weld joint by dissolving the mating surfaces and fusing them together)). But ABS cement wouldn't hold a "butt joint" like that together permanently (unless it had absolutely NO strain ever). It would need a sleeve over the affected area to make a more permanent repair. I'd have to agree with the above mentioned solution(s) if you're not going to completely replace the handle assembly... This should also be a cautionary tale for the rest of us not to put undue pressure on the end of the handle near the release button. And to protect that old plastic from the ravages of time, heat, and sun. If/When that happens to mine, I'll find or craft a slim ABS tube/sleeve an inch or so long that can be glued over the seam of the break. I've been thinking about covering mine with black heat shrink for some time - as it's starting to show some degradation (and, Arizona). I'm definitely doing that asap after seeing this.
  6. Oh, SO many detailed threads, but if you haven't changed the engine position at all, you should just be able to stick it back on and bolt it down.
  7. Transmission difference is irrelevant as the speedometer pinion is taken off the output shaft in every instance. Because of that the only variables are tire circumference and differential ratio. Nissan builds speedometer pinion gears with different tooth numbers to use with different differential gear ratios (because they are assuming you stick close to the stock tire size). I'm dyslexic when it comes to which gear count to use - I don't know if you should go "up a tooth" or "down a tooth" - but some here will know as they're lots smarter than I am. There are many discussions on speedometer pinion gears you can also refer to. IIRC the the 3.54 differential uses a black pinion gear - that would be stock in a manual trans 280Z.
  8. But isn't the Z the most excellent automobile from which to siphon gas? There's hardly another that gives you such quick and trouble-free access! (As a side note - I have to emissions check my 260Z every year here in the Phoenix area. The twits at the emissions station have NO WAY to check my gas cap. I love seeing them take it off, scratch their heads, shrug their shoulders, put it back on, and PASS the gas cap because they can't test it! You have to take joy in life where you can find it...)
  9. Damn, I have a '77 in the shop right now and I completely forgot to look how it's condenser is wired this morning... I'll look tomorrow. We don't actually have many lates (77-78) in the Phoenix area. Lot's of 75-76 and that's what I'm used to - but they changed a lot of stuff in the lates... I looked at the FSM, it doesn't help much with this particular issue - just the pic similar to what EuroDat posted above. But, having or not having that condenser wired has nothing to do with engine running, speedometer working, It's job is to cut electrical noise that may be picked up by the radio for the most part.
  10. But do you have a 1973 4-speed transmission? Some of the Z transmissions have a neutral switch, some don't. The years that do have two sets of two-wire connectors down the firewall into the trans tunnel in the stock harness configuration. One for the reverse light, one for the neutral switch. The neutral switch screws into the side of the transmission just like the reverse light switch. I can't remember if they both have bullet connectors or if one has bullet and the other spade. Probably the latter - even back then Nissan was trying to make it easier "not to plug the wrong things together".
  11. It connects to a spade on the distributor. That particular condenser is to help eliminate electrical noise from the ignition process - coil and distributor. (There's another one on the Alternator.) There should be about three or more other wires running from the area of the coil to the distributor area. they have to do with the electronic ignition and a yellow wire to the temperature sender for the coolant gauge in the cockpit. It would normally be bundled with those wires. I don't have the Factory Service Manual right at my fingertips ATM, but it's a good reference - you should download it.
  12. I this picture, you're holding the GROUND WIRE. (please don't try to connect it to the ballast in any way!) Notice that the wire on the other side of the condenser is BLUE and connected to a Black/Blue wire coming out of the harness. NOTE: Nissan used BLACK wires WITH STRIPES for voltage! (Black/White B/W) = Battery voltage at IGN ON in all cases, Black/Yellow (BY) = Start Signal (battery voltage to starter solenoid) + bypass voltage to certain things at START, also Black/Blue (BL) and Black/Red (BR). None of these are grounds!) Judging by the length of the black wire you are holding, that may go to a spade on the distributor. I would put a new female spade on the end of that wire personally. (Edit: In the shop, I use Meguiars Hyper Dressing - which is an excellent cleaner and protectant (for all things vinyl, plastic, and rubber (and PVC wire insulation)) - to clean and rejuvenate exposed wiring coming out of the harness. Makes the harness look nice too. But the point would be to clean the wire so it's very easy to tell color and/or stripe.)
  13. Ya, look at 110 - fades to orange when the original color was much more red. It's exaggerated here by the Arizona sun and people here with 110 think they have ORANGE cars. They think they want a part shot the original color until I show them what the original color actually is under a marker light - where they can see how it's changed over the years.
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