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  1. A good hose company will be able to make whatever you need.
  2. I heard one time that it's important to "lap" new baulk rings (synchros) in when installing. True? (like you would lap a valve?)
  3. Mine was the heater core itself but my on my son's '76 it was the valve. He replaced the valve and hoses. I'm an Idaho boy in Arizona so I've never needed a heater - mine is blocked off... I'm not looking forward to replacing that heater core. Check it all though, you'll only want to do it once.
  4. I believe that blue wire should have a Female Bullet connector on it's end. (that's what I have in my notes) It ties to the RL (Red/Blue) wiring for the gauge lighting but I'm not positive what it connects to in/near the center console... It will (should) have battery voltage when the lighting is on. As far as I know it would have nothing to do with A/C. My best guess would be Radio lighting... (I just built a new 240Z dash harness and ran into this exact thing. I have pictures of the same connections from the stock harness - I had to chuckle when I saw your pics...)
  5. I ran my stock 3.36 R180 with a close ratio ZX 5-speed in my 260Z for years before swapping the diff to an 3.54 R200. I loved it, but it was also sitting behind an L28ET so, big torque difference. Like Dave, I now run 3000 RPM at 80 MPH. But, I've always believed that you use the lower 4 gears for spirited driving - 5th for cruising.
  6. No wonder Nissan started using a fuel temperature sensor on the VG30E...
  7. I doubt there is, the early 5-speed uses the same basic parts as the 4-speed and adds an overdrive gear. I've used a late 280ZX close-ratio Nissan 5-speed behind my L28ET for several years but I'm relatively easy on it... I also have a T-5. Want me to ship it to you?
  8. My son resin printed me some. Not perfect, but cheap.
  9. That's what's in my close ratio right now. Although many have reported good results with Redline, it didn't work well in mine. IDK why. I'm going to try the Delco Friction Modified gear oil next change.
  10. It holds the padded horn "button" in place.
  11. If you're still looking, I'll go through my stash. I have a few working clocks but I think they're mostly from earlies. '77-'78 are pretty rare here. I do have a working original '78 Quartz clock but I don't know that I want to give that up...
  12. That's correct - and the shift lever has a spring and different bushings than the early transmissions.
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