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  1. I have an original spare, but it's not from either of my cars.
  2. Oh, you just wanted us to do the legwork for you.
  3. Actually, the OP hasn't returned to this site since a couple of hours after the initial post. I hope he is finding what he's looking for.
  4. SteveJ

    sensor ?

    From page 62 of section EFEC:
  5. He would need the 240Z distributor mount.
  6. Don't be silly. You don't test seat belts that way. You attach heavy chains to the rear bumper with some slack. Then you accelerate quickly. Once the slack has been removed, the car comes to a sudden stop, and the driver and passenger test the seat belt integrity. At least that's how my mechanic checked mine.
  7. What are you planning on using to trigger the spark? You may want to create an account at and search there. @madkaw has been running them. He might be able to give you insight.
  8. Send me a PM with your contact info, and I will put you in touch with local sources.
  9. Man, some people like to brag...
  10. Not only that, but the wife made the sandwich for me.
  11. And you can use your member number here for a discount. Your member number is 33548. Send a PM to @James@TheZStore for more info.
  12. That's the one and only fusible link in a 240Z. I forgot that you can get the fusible link here, too:
  13. @zspert Are you still just taking checks, or have you moved up to Paypal? I think @kenward1000 will probably be contacting you soon about a fusible link.
  14. Okay, the fried egg sandwich and tater tots hit the spot. Thankfully, I found a photo on my computer so I don't have to go out to the garage. I'm getting old and lazy. You can find it here: It's part number WH-03.