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  1. According to the parts manual, it should be part #13.
  2. SteveJ

    Server Move

    Freaking fast on my end, too, especially when compared to pre-move. Nice work, @Mike!
  3. The scan for the 75 is missing sections. Download the 76 as well.
  4. No voltage at the solenoid and no voltage at the coil would probably indicate the switch. That is the common point for both of those circuits with the problem existing with the key in START and ON. Also check your fusible links for corrosion. You should have two in your car. They are located on a black block that may have a white cover (or yellowed with age) near the battery. There will be either white wires or white with red stripe wires going up to the bottom of the block. AFM = Air Flow Meter switch - https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1975,280z,2.8l+l6,1209204,electrical-switch+&+relay,ignition+starter+switch,4700
  5. With the key in ON the fuel pump doesn't run unless the flap is open in the AFM. When measuring voltage at the coil, where did you put the probes? If you were touching the positive and negative terminals of the coil, you should see no voltage. With the lack of solid information, we can only just guess. The primary guess for me is the ignition switch. That is the module behind the key where the wiring harness connects.
  6. It was brought up and discussed here in a different thread I like what they are doing with the car, and I'm just tired of the people crabbing about what they don't like about it. The reveal party at ZCON was electric. I'm really glad I could see the reveal with a bunch of Z car enthusiasts. My car even got into the reveal video at 17:58 and 18:50.
  7. I forgot to mention earlier that one of the most popular raffle items at ZCON was one of the new reproduction gas tanks from S30.world. I got to see the tank up close, and it looks really good to me.
  8. According to Randy, the ceramic coating is improved with each application. I don't know about filling surface imperfections. I'm pretty sure it won't show up as white where you missing buffing the way wax does.
  9. It could have been worse.
  10. It's ridiculously easy to apply. The surface is crazy smooth. I like it better than trying to buff out wax. My friend Randy got me hooked. (By the way, he's the owner of the Jaeger Bomb car that won the gold medal at ZCON 2018 and was in the lobby of the hotel at ZCON 2020.)
  11. There were many 350Z NISMOs at the show. They arrived after my video. Also, there were plenty of S30s. It looked like there were more of them at the Judged Car Show than any other generation. The S130s were probably under represented.
  12. @240260280, here are a couple of more photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/TSri4pb513RnJ1KNA https://photos.app.goo.gl/5Q73Rqkmo8Tp1Gj7A And there are some photos in this album, too: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xLN3ymszPDNSx87j6
  13. That's right. It's got the 2.0L engine, too.
  14. There are some in this album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UxdKfupPw7E6ZDyh6 And here is one from the People's Choice show: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bE7jfujnnHmo35xo9
  15. I took today off from work to recover from the ZCON trip, so I gave the 260Z a bath and used some C2 ceramic on it.
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