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  1. To put the early bumpers on my 73 I had to do the following: Buy a set of early bumpers. Buy a set of early bumper brackets. Remove the old bumper and bumper mounts I did a "dry fit" and determined I needed spacers on the sides. I installed the bumper. It's not too difficult, but my next door neighbor did lend a hand here and there. https://fiddlingwithzcars.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/installing-the-front-bumper/
  2. SteveJ

    Thank you Classic Z Car Club

    I put my CZCC member number in my account profile at MSA. Any time I place an order online, all discounts are applied automatically. Just so James sees this thread and wants to add anything... @James@TheZStore
  3. SteveJ

    Replacement Headlight wiring with relays

    You can always tag Dave @Zs-ondabrainhere. I'll ping him on FB, too. Update: Dave responded to me on FB. He'll probably see this thread in a little while.
  4. SteveJ

    Jack Location

  5. SteveJ

    Jacks or better

    The thing about a two-post lift is that some people don't have the clearance in their garages for either the height or width. I have a scissor lift (https://www.gregsmithequipment.com/Atlas-TD6MR-Portable-Scissor-Lift) in my garage and park my Z over it. It rises higher than Carl's lift, but it isn't suitable for transmission work. (I can change the driveshaft while the car is on the lift though.) It's great for brake/suspension work, rotating tires, getting at the gas tank, etc. Between the 2nd Z, tools, shelves, and all of the other stuff in my garage, I don't really have space for a two post lift.
  6. From looking at the 73 wiring diagram, I would guess it has something to do with the seat belt buzzer, though the wiring diagram only shows 1 green & 1 black wire. Also, it should only buzz with the ignition in the ON position. If I am correct, the buzzing and lack of power are unrelated. Unplug the buzzer and use a test light to see if you have 12 VDC to ground on any circuits in your fuse box.
  7. Here's my $0.02. How often do you get your car industry news from whichcar.com.au? (or motor1.com - the other site I've seen with this information)
  8. Green is usually associated with the wire coming off the ignition fuse. It provides power for the turn signals among other things. I scanned various FSMs, but I did not see this connector. Please supply the year of the car you're working on. There are wiring differences between the various years. The device in question is a relay. I can tell that much.
  9. SteveJ

    Certificate Errors

    Looks good on my end, too, now. Thanks for looking into it.
  10. Year? Photo of the offending part? Wire colors?
  11. SteveJ

    Jacks or better

    I could have sworn @Carl Beckbought a low rise lift for his garage that could operate with a drill and work underneath. I cannot find the post, though. I assume you have a garage, but I figure that being in Redondo Beach it wouldn't be a big garage. Edit: And then I found it: http://becksystems.com/garage/EZCarLift/EZCarLift.htm
  12. SteveJ

    240z 1972 Owners Manual

    You can get a copy of the 72 Owners Manual from Amazon. I provided a link.
  13. SteveJ

    Certificate Errors

    Mike, I posted a couple of links to Amazon in this thread: https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/60690-240z-1972-owners-manual/ When I tried clicking on the links, I got this result in Chrome & Edge. Edit: It only seems to happen on the Amazon links. Other links in the thread open fine.
  14. SteveJ

    240z 1972 Owners Manual

    1972 https://www.amazon.com/bishko-automotive-literature-Reference-Operator/dp/B00U2TTDNO 1973 https://www.amazon.com/bishko-automotive-literature-Reference-Operator/dp/B00AKLJFH8 (I bought this one a couple of years ago.) Please note that clicking on the link may cause a security error. You can search for these terms on Amazon to find the manuals: bishko automotive literature datsun
  15. SteveJ

    My “barn find Z”

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

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