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  1. Ironically in Georgia, it costs MORE to have historic plates. That's why you'll hardly ever see old Z cars registered in Georgia with historic tags.
  2. If you can break away long enough, we could caravan to Nashville for 2020.
  3. FYI, I had to go with 205 50/R16 tires the last time I went for new tires just because it was easier to find a variety of better handling tires in that size.
  4. I love a good success story. Thanks for letting us know how it worked out.
  5. On a PC, go to the top right of the screen and click on your username. Then click on Account Settings. You'll see the menu item for Signature on the left. On an Android phone, tap on the triple line toward the top right to bring up the main menu. Tap on Account to bring up the Account Menu. Then tap on Account Settings. Tap on Settings Area and you will see Signature.
  6. And Ben has already made the correction. It's great that he's conscientious like that.
  7. Someone on the blog brought up about the spook. Ben is pretty good about making corrections to his posts that he sees in the comments section. I wouldn't be surprised if he updates it later. As far as Randy's pursuit of recreating the BRE Z, here is one of my favorite stories. Randy was showing the car at the Amelia Island Concours. John was looking at the car and noticed something was off. Randy had to persuade John to divulge what he saw wrong. John didn't want to tell Randy because he knew Randy would put a lot of effort into correcting something that almost no one besides a former BRE team member might notice. John finally relented and told Randy that the holes for 240Z pillar emblem were filled in on the race car. Of course, Randy arranged to have them filled in, requiring a repaint of the roof, C pillars, and rear quarter panels. This also meant repainting the hand-lettered BRE Datsun logos on the rear quarter panels. Here's a link to a photo of the car afterwards: https://photos.app.goo.gl/SLFpfYHP4vtV578GA. I'm not sure which is more amazing: John's memory for details 45 years later, or Randy's dedication to preserving BRE history.
  8. I actually was able to attend the presentation of the first watch to John. I had to keep it quiet until the press release. Burt Levy (http://www.lastopenroad.com/) commented to us that John was always so low key that despite driving for many popular marques, Nissan and its fans were the only people who remember him.
  9. No, you should not have to remove the dash to remove the hazard light switch. I haven't done that on a 72, but I don't recall in all of the 20+ years of using online Z car forums of having seen any thread where someone was talking about removing the dash to pull a hazard switch. Post a clear photo of the switch in the dash, and I may be able to tell how to remove it. When you say "replace them," do you have a used 72 hazard switch? Have you verified its functionality?
  10. Your regional Z club: http://www.zonc.org/
  11. If it does get to that stage, you could try https://www.zcargarage.com/. They are in San Jose. Tell Rob Fuller that Steve Judkins sent you. That way I get a kickback. 😉
  12. Yeah, that won't work. If someone else doesn't speak up, I will get back to this later. I have family in town right now. In the meantime, download the 72 FSM and 78 FSM. Compare the description of the wiper operation in the BE section of each manual.
  13. Do you still have the wiper amplifier in the circuit?
  14. So it is likely spliced off of the blue/red wire coming off the ignition switch before it gets to the fuse box. I'll have to test that if I can get my hands on a 72.
  15. There is a red wire that splices into the blue/red wire coming off of the wiper fuse. Now, is that the only red wire? I'm not sure If it is the only red wire, the power for the blower motor in the 72 comes off of the wiper fuse. Would you mind verifying that for me? Pull the wiper fuse and see if the blower motor works. That could prove to be a useful tidbit of information. If that is wrong, the blower motor and radio are on the Air Con fuse, and there is a different red wire spliced into the blue wire coming off of the fuse box. Of course, if neither fuse kills the blower motor, that means there is an inline fuse hidden somewhere.
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