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  1. Why do you think the expansion tank is useless? Be careful about plugging up vent holes. The mechanical fuel pump won't pull well on a vacuum. As for the SU vs downdraft, most of the people who installed the Weber downdraft carburetors did so to work around the issues with the 73/74 flat top carburetors, or they didn't understand how the round top SUs work. No advantage for the Webers over round top SUs in good shape.
  2. SteveJ


    ZCON is in Atlanta in 2018. Track day at Road Atlanta. You might even get to be on the track with John Morton. Autocrossing, karting, brewery night, mountain drives...You KNOW you want to make it. Special guests include Toshio Yamashita, designer of the Z32; Yoshihiko Matsuo, designer of the 240Z; and Peter Brock & John Morton, two of the legends from BRE. Go to http://zcon.org/conventions/2018/?page_id=132 to get to the registration link. https://youtu.be/itAz7Szpb-k
  3. Unfortunately for your effort, most of those hoses are NLA from the dealer. The cost to create reproductions like what you find on Motorsport Auto (http://zcarparts.com) or JDM Car Parts (http://www.jdm-car-parts.com) is not trivial. There weren't a lot of these cars built, so the set up costs for reproductions is spread out over fewer units.
  4. Hi Steve,

    Any suggestions on where these two parts go? They came out when I removed the a/c and heater to replace the heater valve. Thank you.



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    2. 882993md
    3. SteveJ


      I couldn't find anything in the parts manual or the FSM that would give me an idea of what those are for.

    4. 882993md


      Thank you for checking. 


  5. my tach - 74 260   jumps all over the place?  any ideas.  problem just started after carb job.  removed the flat heads and and put on round tops

  6. Looking for a FSM for a 78 280Z.....In an earlier thread, I saw mention that you had a link in your signature.  Went to your signature and don't appear to see it but may be in the wrong place.  Do you have a suggestion where I can locate one?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. SteveJ


      It's there. You have to look under S30 Reference. There are also FSMs on this site, though I don't know if the full S30 collection is present.

    2. Dogariffic


      Thanks. Got it...Big help..

  7. Fantastic quality on the scans. That has to be the clearest version of the wiring diagram that I have ever seen.
  8. SteveJ

    Georgia Z Club

    The Georgia Z Club gathered at a garage to do a photo shoot. It turned out well
  9. SteveJ

    Seat Belt Installation

    Pictures from intsalling Wesco retractable seatbelts in a 73 240Z
  10. SteveJ

    John Williams Memorial

    Friends and acquaintances of John Williams gathered to celebrate his life today. Many of us drove our Z cars to the event.
  11. Try Facebook. Look for Datsun parts and needs.
  12. until
    May 6, 12 to 4 Gwinnett Place Nissan 2555 Pleasant Hill Road Northwest Duluth, GA 30096
  13. SteveJ

    The Mitty

    The 2011 Mitty at Road Atlanta... While the featured marque will be Mazda, the Georgia Z Club gathers at Turn 10 to enjoy a festival of speed and wonderful cars. If you live in the Southeast, it's a great event to attend.
  14. wats goin on steve?

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