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  1. I suggest asking Chet for some close-up looks at his cars.
  2. Non-FB link:
  3. It wouldn't hurt to reach out to them and ask. I know at least one of the guys working for them likes Z cars. Maybe the love is there for the 510. You may need to tell them which items you need and quantities. I usually order extra pins myself, just in case a crimp isn't as solid as I like.
  4. Let me know if you want to take a look at my car sometime. I am running Konig Rewinds 16x7s.
  5. I've been a loyal customer for many years, but they are under new ownership. One of the new products they came out with is a Yamaha connector. This 6-pin connector has the round pins found on the meters for a 260Z/280Z. @S30Driver used those on a car he was working on.
  6. They posted an image of the list of connectors in the kit.
  7. Or if you own or work on multiple Zs. I did comment on the Facebook post to ask if they could make a list of what's in the kit. Of course, it doesn't have the dash harness to engine harness connectors for a 73.
  8. I just saw a link to this on Facebook: It could be helpful to someone who needs to repair electrical connections in his/her Z.
  9. Finally had a car show that wasn't cancelled. I just wish it could have been when the temperature was below average.
  10. @siteunseen is the master of searching on this site. There is also this thread that talks about LED headlight installation:
  11. We would need to do some experimenting. Let me know when you're up for it.
  12. I read the FSM and put in that amount. I just make sure there is a way to let air out the breather as I fill through it.
  13. I cheated and filled through the breather.
  14. I changed the oil in the 260Z today. That was just the warmup for the real work. I bought some of Derek's 280Z speaker enclosures a couple of months ago. ( I got them for my 260Z knowing that there would be some modifications. I had to cut away some material at the top front of the driver side enclosure to clear the hood release cable, and I had to cut away some material at the top of the back of the passenger side enclosure to clear the fuse box. Otherwise, I didn't have to modify them much. I did use some wide strips of velcro to help secure the enclosures to the kick panels. Now I just have to finish wiring the speakers to the stereo.