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  1. I always set my clearances cold when I'm going to run the engine cold.
  2. Well I'm glad I found this thread, I was about to adjust my clutch by disconnecting the yoke and unscrewing it from the rod!
  3. main journal is 55mm, rod journal is 50mm. I think it must be more or less impossible to install one in the other.
  4. fwiw, my block that Ali pictured above is a mid 80s v57 LD block. It came with no crank case vent holes of any kind. We drilled and tapped it (1" NPT maybe?) and I fitted that hose connector.
  5. 2mm are small lashpads. do you have new valves? springs?
  6. A wooden stand like this is handy for fitting the flywheel and clutch. its easy to make around an engine or sump with a bit of decking board. You can even put castors on it to roll the engine around. (corner needs to be cut away for the oil pump before use!)
  7. its pretty normal for it to look very low on the gauge at idle and warmed up. I wouldn't worry about it as long as it ahows higher when driving.
  8. Yes, it's a Speeduino ECU. I wasn't suggesting it as a solution, just evidence that the engine likes a lot of advance at idle.
  9. its normal to run well or better with that sort of ignition advance at idle. I run 24° advance at idle during warm up to keep the revs up. The cam timing isn't really involved in how much ignition advance the engine wants. it might be involved in running like crap, but I'd ignore the cam until you've confirm the things the guys have mentioned. 1. confirm the engine really is at TDC when the pointer/pulley say TDC 2. check the vacuum advance works 3. check mechanical advance works 4. check what 'all in' ignition timing you have with a timing light (and no vacuum advan
  10. Try the green 'add files' button.
  11. my flywheel lock tool. I think it came out of the scrap pile ready formed.
  12. when it is in this "lean" state, does it feel normal to drive, or hesitant? 16s is prety lean and I'd expect you'd feel it, so if you don't feel any difference, I'd think it must be an air leak in the exhaust before the sensor.
  13. That crank does have an auto adapter on the back there. It shouldn't be there on a manual gearbox. They can be quite firmly attached, but it will pry off.
  14. the mounting is different for auto vs manual I think.
  15. why not go bigger? 86.75mm is a bit of a meh size. many will have flat top pistons in 88mm+
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