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  1. What's the mechanism of oil getting in the intake runners from inside the Chambers? Reversion?
  2. I think top layer in tri metal is lead or a lead alloy, not aluminium.
  3. Aftermarket, I forget which ones. Reasonably priced tri metal from rockauto. I looked them up; Sealed Power.
  4. When I built mine it did have that lateral clearance. But I didn't have to do anything to the centre bearings to get it.
  5. What is the ignition advance at 4500 when the idle advance is 15? Why not leave it at 15? 15 sounds more like a reasonable idle advance to be anyway.
  6. That k11 pump I fitted to my engine in 2016 is still going strong in my engine!
  7. Yes you could weld it or even tap it to the nearest thread size and put a short price of threaded rod in with rtv on the threads and then grind it flush.
  8. Yes I'd go for that I think if that's the choices.
  9. I'd guess that'll still be too rich. The air corrector only leans it out at the top end. So if the stock advice is 145 main and you're mods are a mild cam and exhaust I'd be going 150 as the next step.
  10. I mean they cost a lot. They would be very nice.
  11. Do you do the lottery?
  12. Are the rockers in? If not it really shouldn't need force or mallets to get the cam in the right position.
  13. Or you can thread a couple of bolts into the other end of The crank and put a bar across them locked against the engine stand to stop the crank from turning.