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  1. Thanks, Zcars, for the additional inputs and photos. I've always had good luck with Mothers products.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation. i'll give it a try.
  3. The rubber parts on my bumpers are still in pretty good shape (not cracked) but faded as you would expect. any suggestions on good rubber refresh products or methods? Thanks for any help.
  4. OK, got at the root of the problem. It turns out that the 2 valves were indeed installed incorrectly. A little embarrassing since I was so convinced the rebuild was right. Anyway, after a couple of disassembly and reassembly attempts it is pushing fuel thru just fine just by hand pumping. It was a bit of a bear to get back on but is now reinstalled. didn't try to start it yet since it was late and i was not in the mood to start trouble shooting if necessary. Plan to try to start first thing in the A.M. Fingers crossed. Thanks to the contributors. i'll report back one more time after it starts.
  5. As far as mechanical pumps go, i may wind up giving up on them as well. i'll know in another day or two. Thanks
  6. Thanks i'll keep that in mind when i check it out tomorrow and let you know. Do you recommend using carb cleaner?
  7. yes, i have. first pulled off the two fuel hoses that come off the fuel rail into the carbs and was able to blow thru both. So, no clogged needle valves. next i removed the fuel pump (didn't do it on the car for several reasons) to do a manual operation check. with a fuel hose on the entry side in a small container of gas i manually pumped a bunch of times and it was not delivering fuel. so that's the problem. Before i replace the pump i'm taking it apart to see what the problem is. Might have to replace it but it was rebuilt a few months ago. Maybe the diaphragm got compromised some how. More later.
  8. Thanks for the ideas. i have noticed that the fuel bowls were empty but just blamed it on the fuel pump, not thinking about clogged needles in the float chambers. i've actually added fuel to the fuel bowls with a syringe and it will run for a minute or two until the bowls are empty again. Bottom line is that i will try all the above recommendations and see how it goes. grateful for everyone's input. What a great site .
  9. Good idea. i have some aftermarket models in my notes back before i decided to just rebuild mine. they are not that expensive and it should solve the "is the pump the problem?" issue. thanks for checking back in.
  10. A god news, bad news day. i removed the valve cover without destroying the gasket. Was able to see exactly how the fuel pump arm is supposed to sit on (and not under like i may have had it) the cam off the end of the camshaft. also checked the direction the pump was pushing. (you can actuate the level and feel a puff of air coming from the carb feed side). that was good so i reinstalled the pump and hoses. then put the input hose in a small bottle of gas and tried to start with no luck. then it ran for about 10 seconds using starter fluid but quit after that. SO, i still can't get fuel to the carbs and feel like i'm back to square one. Anyone with new thoughts?
  11. Thanks, i'll try that when i get the valve cover off. Probably this morning. Don't need the new pump but thanks for the offer.
  12. Thanks for the "good reads". several very helpful comments. one of which was making sure that the fuel pump arm is riding on the offset cam lobe and not below it. one of my concerns was whether i had just incorrectly installed it in the block. i'll probably still remove the valve cover just to learn more. Thanks to all. i'll report back when i fix it.
  13. Yes, i've thought about that option. still trying to keep it as original as possible. We'll see .
  14. i totally agree. thanks for your inputs. i'll add to this thread when i figure it out. Soon , i hope.
  15. right, got it. just curious, if i remove the valve cover will i be able to see where the pump arm rests inside the block? Thanks again.
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