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    recently retired from the aerospace and defense industry

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    1972 Datsun 240z. Engine has been completely rebuilt and has about 2,000 miles on it. Body is in great shape with new paint. Trying for an original restoration. I've owned the car since 1976 and want to finish restoring it within the next year.

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  1. swflaz

    1972 Z door handle reinstall

    Thanks, 26th Z. I got the door locks back in today. It would be great to stop by and visit her majesty some day. We're not that far away.
  2. swflaz

    1972 Z door handle reinstall

    I can post pics tomorrow but you are not going to see much. The door is in perfect shape with the glass installed. The S bends at the end of linkage rods that are " difficult to assemble without glass removed" are my problem. Sounds like I may have to remove the glass first. As you know there is not much room to work in that area.
  3. swflaz

    1972 Z door handle reinstall

    I'm having trouble with re hooking up the linkage to my door locks and inside/outside door handle pulls. Any advice?
  4. swflaz

    Upholstery adhesive question

    I appreciate the advice. I'm off to pick some up.
  5. I'm reinstalling the diamond pattern material in my 72Z after removal for paint. Does anyone have a recommendation for the best adhesive to use or maybe also what to avoid using?
  6. swflaz

    72 Z Dashboard install question

    Mike, Good point, thanks for the timely info. Rodger
  7. A straightforward question on dashboard installation: Is it any easier to reinstall the dashboard if the windshield is still out. For a couple of reasons I'd like to put the glass in first if I'm not creating any installation problems for myself. Thanks in advance for any relevant tips/thoughts.
  8. swflaz

    dash light bubs

    Im trying to replace my dash light bulbs while I have the dash out. placement Sylvanias are 12v. 1.9w. and the originals are 14.4v. 3.4w. sounds like they'll be a lot dimmer. Know where I can get the right ones?? Rodger
  9. swflaz

    72z windshield question

    Thanks guys, just as I feared/suspected.
  10. swflaz

    72z windshield question

    My windshield is badly pitted and needs to be replaced. The windshield has a Nissan marking on it. I also have a parts car with a good windshield that has a Carlite etching on it. Does anyone know if the carlite was offered as original or has it got to be a replacement? The weatherstipping around it looks pretty old. Trying to keep the car original. Thanks for any help.
  11. James in NZ. Talk about a timely post! I've spent the last couple of days wrestling my new brake lines into place on my 72 240Z. I'm having the same problem with broken insulators and clips. Now I know how to make my own. No doubt some will show up after I'm done. Thanks all. Rodger
  12. swflaz

    Transmission Mount Issue

    I got mine from Gwinnett Nissan in the Atlanta area. Can't remember the price but they were about 30% cheaper than my local Nissan dealer. They have been great to deal with and have a good internet parts ordering system. The P/N again is 11320-N3200 as Arne previously said.
  13. swflaz

    Blue engine paint

    I got the blue paint from Les 2 months ago for about 28 per can. The block looks great. I'm a believer.
  14. swflaz

    Transmission blue band?

    This is probably in the nits and grits category but I want to get the engine and transmission on my 72 to their original colors. On my transmission it looks like the steel adapter plate (assembled you just see a 3/4" wide steel band) at the end of the transmission case has some faded blue on it. Does anyone know if it was originally painted the same Datsun blue as the engine block? As always, any help would be appreciated.

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