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  1. So very glad the story about this con man is getting out to the Z world. Should BAT get the word or don't they care?
  2. hs30h, of course you're right. The more Z cars I work on the more anomalies I see. Also, back in the dark ages cars just weren't manufactured like today. Were out of that decal and won't get anymore until tomorrow - keep the line moving!! If anyone would like to hear the back story of the outfit representing that 240 you'll have to ring me at my shop, 301 420 4200 M-F
  3. RE blue 240 currently for sale on BAT Buyer beware and always exercise due diligence. Genuine Z experts do not come out of the woodwork. Cheers
  4. Wow, 2 grand. I have most of 3-4 sets in stock and upwards of 8 rear muffs. Trip to Vegas?
  5. I bought a couple of used control arms recently and wanted to pass this pix along to reinforce the idea that the yellow used by the factory was pretty thin.
  6. Yellow tape on NOS front turn/parking light sub harness. PIX 2 From left-NOS fuse link for early 240, NOS late 240 fuse link and finally the Banzai Motorworks reproduction
  7. Carl, I ended up with my stash of Holy Grail parts through pure serendipity. For the past 30 or so years I've kept in touch with Nissan/Datsun parts availability through careful tea reading combined with help from the guys at my local dealer with whom I've had a relationship for almost 40 years.
  8. Hi Kats, There is also an identical paper sticker on the steering rack, location varies from car to car!
  9. When I'm done in a couple of months I'll post some pix.
  10. Reproduction Ever Wing 240 interior mirrors are at www.zzxdatsun.com. Click on Catalog at the top of the page then Latest and Greatest on the left.
  11. Guys, Guys, Guys, don't over do it!!! I'm in the process of prepping what should be the next 240 Gold medallion car for the 2020 convention. Here's the way I apply the yellow to achieve the correct look. I buy a can of School Bus Yellow spray paint at Lowe's/Home Depot, brand not important. At the same time I buy 3-4 1 inch foam brushes. Spray the paint into the plastic can cap, dip the foam brush into the yellow and apply. Results aren't too neat and the paint is thin, just like Nissan did it. Very interesting discussion about the red trans marks. Absolutely not the same from car to car and not always red. My last restoration, 10/71 Red with white, had a multi color piece of art on top of the trans. Difficult to reproduce but I think I did that line worker justice. Unfortunately can't seem to be able to find the picture I can't be sure I took, damn! Oh Yeah, don't forget the blue assembly marks on the balance pipe freeze plugs. AND the blue dot on the 240 fuse link. Just scratched the surface of this topic and have created enough confusion for now. Cheers
  12. Excellent quality reproduction Ever Wing interior mirrors are already available from Banzai Motorworks www.zzxdatsun.com
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