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  1. I've been pitching such a class for many years to deaf ears. It's important to remember, to the powers at the ZCCA the show is rather a pain in the a^& to be endured rather than celebrated.
  2. Gee, someone who knows what they're doing has had their hand in this presentation! Congratulations Again Jim
  3. I recently had the pleasure of installing an s30 world gas tank into a customers 73 240. A quality product at the same cost as having a Gas Tank Renu process done except that now you have new. Delivery was prompt as well.
  4. I took a look at the white 280 that was sold on BAT at the tail of last week. The owner had it in the car corral @ Hershey. Very nice car without rivet on side molding but with Zbart, the attendant plastic plugs and engine compartment treatment. Some nitwit in the past tossed the battery covers, firewall insulator and fastener when the battery went south. The car had spent some time in the sun as the luggage compartment carpet and straps were a bit faded. NEW OWNER - Banzai Motorworks has the correct reproduction insulator and fastener. A customer's 240 - sold on BAT in early Feb of this
  5. Very nice. Weather permitting, I'll look out for it at Hershey.
  6. Can anyone identify the shop in the background?
  7. HS-30H - "There's a sucker born every minute". It was true then and it's true now. If you make enough noise - for a long enough period of time - people (suckers) will eventually start to listen.
  8. Might one assume that someone with the handle "Volvoamazon" would know that character's story given his history with the Volvo community?
  9. Whatever the seller does DON"T take his check!!
  10. Also available from Banzai Motorworks for a few lira less!
  11. If you want to have the latest in battery technology regardless of fit or if you're satisfied with the hold down parts you bought at your local auto parts store what I'm writing won't be of interest to you. If, however, authenticity is paramount then the following will, I hope, help you reach your goal. The correct Nissan battery for your 240/260/280 is still available from your local dealer for not much more than you would pay at your local Auto Parts Inc. Yes, you will have to saw off the brackets that secure the plastic lifting handle, a 3 minute job. Afterwards the battery will confor
  12. Come Mon I'll take a picture that will include the Nissan part # and show the fit using the correct factory hardware.
  13. Banzai Motorworks has reproduced the 280 valve cover breather hose which has been NLA for more than 5 years. It's $45.00.
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