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  1. Sand, very risky. I only use plastic media
  2. There are 2 primary sources for reproduction Z car rubber and they are Vintage Rubber and Banzai Motorworks. Vintage rubber door seals are head and shoulders above the Pacific rim stuff that requires a heavy hand to close doors and deck lid.
  3. Banzai Motorworks has been supplying reproduction parts to the Z car hobby for more than 30 years. Banzai Is one of only two Z car reproduction parts suppliers to sell their goodies to the Nissan Motor Corp. When only the best, and first, will do!
  4. Hoover, Your left motor mount bracket should be engine blue while your right bracket should be satin black.
  5. These link boxes and a significant pile of 240/260/280 NOS parts will either be used in the shop or sold sometime in the future to deserving Z car owners as part of my retirement.
  6. From the vault this time
  7. More from the trenches. What's left of a 12/74-7/77 + battery cable fuse link on the right
  8. The correct spelling is Banzai
  9. Using a picture of hacked up wiring as an example is hardly good evidence. Just one greasy low IQ mechanic's opinion.
  10. Banzai Motorworks has reproduced the 12/74-7/77 + battery cable fuse link. It's listed in the on line catalog under Latest & Greatest.
  11. I also have diagrams I made of the fuse link arrangement from earlier original low mile, unmodified , original owner 280s. I'll post them on Mon as I'm away from the shop for the weekend.
  12. Here's the truth from the trenches.
  13. The first 280s and the last 260s were both built simultaneously during the last 3 months of 1974. This makes a 12/74 260 2+2 automatic the rarest, and one might argue the least desirable, of the first generation, 1970-1978, Z cars!
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