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  1. Given the part number it may be from a V-3 kit
  2. Is this an original blue car? What color interior?
  3. I was taught at the Datsun factory service schools I attended in the 70s to refer to Datsun products by the production date found on the door jamb ID plate. The series 1, series 2 stuff thrown around today is an invention of the internet, NOT Datsun. However, speaking in general terms the model year for Datsuns changed in the 9th month of production. The exception is the 73 240. That model year started in the 7th month of 72. However, as my customers have pointed out to me over the years, there are anomalies (I love them, they help make the Z car hobby so interesting) that occurred mostly in 6/72. Some 72 parts/some 73 parts. Cheers
  4. BAT is about to get some competition as Hemming's is starting an on line auction site. I hope they're going to be practicing the due diligence absent fro BAT (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)
  5. Ok soggyfishtaco, I spent a lot of time going through Paul's invoices when I should have been working on customer's cars but here it is. Beginning in 9/93 I replaced a lot of parts and fasteners that were worn or incorrect. Remember, back then most of this stuff could still be had from Nissan. This is not meant to be a complete list, just some of the high lights Battery cables (2), radiator fasteners, distributor fasteners ( I still have a few factory screw sets), valve cover loom stands, oil pressure switch and voltage reg cover. I also did some routine maintenance. Someone had lifted the car without padding the lift arms so I also repaired some related damage/scuffs 5/94 saw the replacement of his dash, carpets, trans tunnel vinyl, heater control valve, horn relay, etc, etc, etc Several visits where I replaced things like headlamp assys which just didn't meet Paul's requirements, installed the correct radio brackets, etc Did a lot of intake/exhaust manifold detailing and other stuff which lead to the Gold Medallion at Atlanta Given that a restoration is never really finished the next several years up to 8/17 saw maintenance, left door hinges, a starter, left window reg, carb rebuild (Z Therapy did the throttle shafts and I did the rest) 8/17, final visit. He brought me an NOS air injection manifold and fuel rail which I installed with fresh factory gaskets and fasteners, etc Cheers
  6. soggtfishtaco - whenever I make the mistake of taking a day off it can take me a few days to catch up. Please give me some time and I'll get back to your question.
  7. Very cool. Note the lack of an OK decal that did appear on the model. Wonder what happened? I had the pleasure of attending the annual White Rose Z Car Club car show this past Sat. It was held at the city park in the quiet central Pa town of Mt. Carmel. The weather couldn't have been better at about 72 degrees, bright sun and a slight breeze. Got to renew friendships with the club members I knew when they annually held what is recognized as the gold standard as it applies to Z car shows. Of course the subject of the BAT sale of the late Paul Taylor's 240 was talked about. A lot of chat about the many times Paul competed in their event and how tough his competition often was. Some pretty strong opinions, almost universally negative, about the silly and disrespectful nicknames being thrown about for the car. For instance, not one of us could remember Paul ever referring to his Z as "Goldie". Anyway, we all agreed that our respectful reference would always be "Paul's Car". The new owner would be wise to use that reference as it has significantly more provenance in the Z world then the Franklin Mint Car, or any silly nickname being considered, as the Franklin Mint was but a chapter in the history of the most honored Z car to date. Cheers
  8. This is the late, and very missed, Paul Taylor's car. It was my shop that brought it up to 295 points and serviced it for many years. Very fond memories of convoying to Z car shows with Paul and lovely wife Sandy. Seeing all the crap going down on that site depresses me to no end
  9. Sand, very risky. I only use plastic media
  10. There are 2 primary sources for reproduction Z car rubber and they are Vintage Rubber and Banzai Motorworks. Vintage rubber door seals are head and shoulders above the Pacific rim stuff that requires a heavy hand to close doors and deck lid.
  11. Banzai Motorworks has been supplying reproduction parts to the Z car hobby for more than 30 years. Banzai Is one of only two Z car reproduction parts suppliers to sell their goodies to the Nissan Motor Corp. When only the best, and first, will do!
  12. Hoover, Your left motor mount bracket should be engine blue while your right bracket should be satin black.
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