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  1. Banzai has those connectors NEW for far less. WOW, 2 grand for those cables. I think I have 2 new sets in stock.
  2. The VAST majority of the OK decals were scraped off by the guys in the wash rack before the Z was delivered to the happy new owner. Therefore just about every time I sell one of my reproductions my customer asks me where, exactly, it should go on the right quarter window. Before I give my recommendation I stress that the guys on the assembly line weren't to exact about location. Over the more than 40 years Banzai has been in business I've been very lucky to have a large # of original owner cars go through my shop. A couple of days ago another landed in my shop. It's a blue on blue mid 71 build correct down to the hubcaps. It does have dealer installed a/c. This picture of the factory installed OK decal is an example of what I'm talking about regarding placement! I've also included a picture of our latest offering, 240 tire info decal. Unlike the decal offered by our would be competitor in B.C, ours has the correct font.
  3. Given his history, I just can't believe ANYTHING that character says!
  4. Interesting thing about those Euro dists. They were available from the Comp Dept after the standard units were NLA through the regular parts Dept. This is why I won't reuse a lock washer. Still available from your dealer
  5. Yes, I use 10-12 BTDC @ 40 degrees dwell. I have installed Euro dists when you could still get them from Nissan US and used the same specs.
  6. After being on display in my office for umpteen years the colors, yes colors, were a bit faded. One of my customers very generously agreed to have it professionally reproduced and enhanced. Should bring the colors back. When it returns, soon I hope, I'll post the results.
  7. Yes, model, therefore, market is indicated on a build sheet I have.
  8. I think it's important to remember that all of the Datsun models - Z, 510, 1200, 521 and Roadster - imported to the US during the period being discussed had information decals. I can assure you they were not added at the dealers. That would leave Port of Entry. Again, I can assure you that there were no facilities at the US ports that could have handled such an operation.
  9. I finally had a chance to dig through the archives for those sound deadener part numbers. they are, or were, G5930-89904 and G5930-89902. I last bought any 9/07. I can't remember which is thicker (cargo area)
  10. Banzai Motorworks 1971 240 reproduction on a particularly nice example.
  11. There MAY be as many as 4 different decals for 1971
  12. The underhood emissions/tune-up specs on the BAT car was silver as is my reproduction, as it should be.
  13. I found it funny that those $%^& door jamb bumpers were missing!!