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  1. zspert

    Replacement tar mat

    Nissan used sound deadener of 2 thicknesses. The thickest was used in the cargo area. The 2 part #s are G5930-89902 and G5930-89904. I'm sorry but I don't remember which is which but they aren't very expensive.
  2. zspert

    Lucky day for VIN 147 (HLS30-00147)

    Folks, the original US market 240Z exterior mirrors are still available from your local Nissan dealer. I bought one last week.
  3. I have been using the carpets from Auto Custom Carpets for many years now. Available in cut and loop. Yes, they have the correct whipped edge binding. Only drawback, the have modern gray underlayment glued to the carpet.
  4. zspert

    Replacement tar mat

    Folks, I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble but original sound deadener is still available from Nissan by the sheet. Just need a cooperative Nissan parts guy/gal.
  5. zspert

    ABARTH Exhaust Any comments

    The Abarth systems are quality like quality used to be. They are very close to stock diameter and fit a stock Z well. Yes, they are a bit louder than stock but not like the late model Hondas running around today annoying the population. More like a mellow 60s sports car sound. Just my observations.
  6. zspert

    Electrical Fuel Pump Pressure Problems

    I've included 2 views of the 75-78 gas tank pick up tube filter. You're cruising home on I-5 in your restored 78 280. You've got about a 1/4 tank of fuel. For the first time in weeks traffic isn't too bad. You enter the exit ramp, heel and toe from 5th to 4th and then from 4th to 3rd all while turning hard to the right. What does this have to do with the construction of your gas tank? At the bottom of your gas tank is a large basin and at the center of the bottom of the basin is the pick up tube. The bottom of the basin, in the middle of the radius where the shape changes from horizontal to vertical, are wide slots. With less than a full tank there has to be a way to contain fuel near the pick up tube during hard turns. Without a system like this the fuel would slosh away from the pick up tube and your 78 would stall. 70-74s don't need and therefore don't have the basin system as the carbs each have their own little gas tank called float bowls. You go into a turn, the fuel sloshes away from the pick up tube but you don't stall because the quantity of fuel in the float bowls is adequate to sustain life.
  7. zspert

    Electrical Fuel Pump Pressure Problems

    But zspert, if the pick up tube filter is removed won't I be allowing dirt and other nasty bits to get to my injectors? When our Zs were new they were used almost exclusively as daily drivers but now some 40 years later they lead rather pampered lives as well kept fun cars. I don't know about my readers but my Z is driven about 500 miles per year and kept under a cover in a garage the rest of the time. Also, because my fuel tank went through the Gas Tank Renu process I know with confidence that it began its new life under absolutely the best of conditions. Furthermore, I make it a point to replace my fuel filter every other driving season. No, dirt and other nasty bits in my fuel are just about the last thing I'm concerned about. However, there is an important issue about removing the pick up tube filter that must be considered. The pick up tube absolutely must extend to the bottom of the tank. If it doesn't, and this applies to cars of every color, you may find yourself experiencing an out of gas situation when there are still a couple gallons of gas in the tank. In my next installment I'll go on and on about the main difference between the 240/260 and 280 tanks. Please stay tuned.
  8. zspert

    Electrical Fuel Pump Pressure Problems

    Don't know if this will serve as a silver bullet for your problem but should serve as a silver bit of knowledge for all 75-78 Z owners. The following is my experience/ observation after more than 48 years as a Datsun/Nissan mechanic. At the end of the pick up tube inside the fuel tank of the cars in question is a filter. It is a can shaped metal appendage about 2 inches wide and about 2.5 inches high and is perforated. I have a couple of these filters at my shop but am off today otherwise I would have a picture available. Over time these perforations become calcified restricting the flow of fuel to the pump. I have trained my local Gas-Tank -Renu franchise to cut a large hole in the top of the tank to gain access to the filter and remove it. I'll add more info to this post at a later time but my girlfriend is telling me it's time to get ready for the New Year's plunge.
  9. zspert

    Rubber grommet removal

    Banzai Motorworks supplied the wiper motor sub harness grommets, as well as lots of other reproduction goodies, to Nissan for use on their program cars way back when. They, Banzai, were one of only 2 aftermarket sources Nissan called upon to provide reproduction parts for that program.
  10. zspert

    Datsun 240z engine issues

    I agree with Mark, sounds like one carb is lean. Also, sounds like you may also have a leaking exhaust manifold or manifold to cylinder head leak.
  11. zspert

    Fan Quiz

    Thank you Mike.
  12. zspert

    rear view mirror

    sorry, no
  13. zspert

    rear view mirror

    Banzai Motorworks now offers an excellent reproduction Ever Wing interior mirror
  14. zspert

    1972 240z gas tank hoses available and where??

    Gas Tank and straps should be gloss black. Gas tank drain should be yellow zinc.

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