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  1. Those oil filler cap seals have been NLA for about 2 years. The oil filler cap O rings have been NLA for more than 15 years.
  2. 26th-z - Sorry for the delay getting back to you bit the reproduction parts have been flying off the shelves of late. When the Z Store program started I was offering a pretty good assortment of decals and just a couple of rubber widgets. As the program moved forward they, Nissan, commissioned me to supply a greater and greater number of mostly rubber stuff. They only ever wanted 55 sets, no more. NEVER during my many conversations with the 3 Nissan employees I chatted with or the 2 restorers I also had long conversations with was the number 200 mentioned. Perhaps there is some documentation - real stuff on Nissan letterhead - but I've never seen it. Is there documentation beyond internet chatter? Please, if there is how about letting us unwashed in on it. (not trying to get people mad or upset)
  3. I won't be going. At 70 years old it just isn't safe.
  4. All of the other car clubs I belong to have said "same place same time - next year"
  5. Excellent point Grannyknot. If the bearings have a million miles and are 100 years old the end play is trying to tell you something!
  6. There was a LOT of cross talk about original engines not being reinstalled in the Z Store cars and that a lot of the cars didn't, therefore, have engine #s that matched the numbers on the engine compartment ID plates. When talking about those cars it's important to remember that there were, in reality, 3 iterations. The first batch reused a lot of interior soft trim as Distinctive Industries were not on board the program yet, neither were the Banzai Motorworks reproduction ID plates. Both companies were onboard for the second batch which allowed any convenient engine # to appear on the engine compartment ID plate as they left Banzai without #s. The third batch benefited from all of the DI soft trim and Banzai repro goodies. While I'll plead guilty to going through this # issue leaving out some detail I can say with convection that they bought 55 sets of everything putting, I feel, to rest the often quoted 200 unit target for the program. I also recall a conversation I had with one of the principals involved who told me that due to VERY POOR quality control many of the first batch of rebuilt engines had to revisit the re-builder causing delays, and some confusion, to that portion of the program. Finally I have to take my hat off to Pierre. He and his staff worked very hard to make the program work while under significant pressure and a tight budget.
  7. What have you got to lose, rertorque.
  8. Chris, if the white car is yours you've made a number of mistakes!! Now I wish I could have visited with you!!
  9. Lonetreesteve I wasn't able to have a look, sure wish I could have. On the other hand it might have broken my heart. About 2 months ago I got a call from a salesman asking if I would be interested in pimping for E's new Z car book. When he mentioned that my shop got a mention my ears perked up. He offered to send me an e version for my perusal. I had a look and got a bit hot when he, E, touted up the very characters we've been commenting on while devoting exactly one sentence, or is it two, to the shops that did the Z Store restorations - for very little profit. Go back about 20 years or so. At that time I was supplying Nissan with reproduction parts for the Z Store program. Some I already offered and some they, Nissan, commissioned. This relationship fostered a number of conversations about my experiences as a Datsun dealer mechanic during the early 70's and how the environment was, as I described it, heady. E mentioned that perhaps some day he would write about the US Z scene. On one hand I'm flattered to get some ink for my business while on the other hand don't like being associated with a resident of OK who has such an extensive record of deceit. In short, If one is known by the company they keep then this book may not be in my best interest. However, could it be that a number of the the characters outlined in the book, now well known to those of us that have been in the Z world for more than 15 minutes, should indeed be known by the company they keep? Cheers
  10. SH30-H & DougN you've hit the nail squarely on the head. I have a lot to say about that book, and some back story, but don't have a lot of time in the am so I'll have to chime in this evening. Cheers
  11. Yes, quite the personal "history" indeed.
  12. "mostly the underside" I sure hope they didn't screw up the assembly marks like they seem to do to every Z that slips through their hands. Last time I worked on Paul's car the underside was PERFECT!
  13. Banzai has those connectors NEW for far less. WOW, 2 grand for those cables. I think I have 2 new sets in stock.
  14. The VAST majority of the OK decals were scraped off by the guys in the wash rack before the Z was delivered to the happy new owner. Therefore just about every time I sell one of my reproductions my customer asks me where, exactly, it should go on the right quarter window. Before I give my recommendation I stress that the guys on the assembly line weren't to exact about location. Over the more than 40 years Banzai has been in business I've been very lucky to have a large # of original owner cars go through my shop. A couple of days ago another landed in my shop. It's a blue on blue mid 71 build correct down to the hubcaps. It does have dealer installed a/c. This picture of the factory installed OK decal is an example of what I'm talking about regarding placement! I've also included a picture of our latest offering, 240 tire info decal. Unlike the decal offered by our would be competitor in B.C, ours has the correct font.
  15. Given his history, I just can't believe ANYTHING that character says!
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