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  1. So much opportunity but so many mistakes. In the meantime Banzai Motorworks notches Gold Medallion #4!
  2. Of course anything is possible but both belts?
  3. A couple of pix of the 1/71 the unicorn I have in my shop
  4. Mt. Fuji looked SO MUCH more beautiful before all those wires.
  5. OK Zed Head, etc, here's the unicorn you asked about. I have a 1/71 in my shop - VIN 18437 - getting a well deserved rehabilitation after years of neglect. It has later seat belts with 6 & 7/71 production dates. It has the early visors and a Redwing interior mirror. Want to touch on a subject Carl Beck brushed up against regarding the early years of selling imported cars. In those pre 1970 days import dealers, the exception being VW, were strictly Mon & Pop operations. They often started out as used car lots or service operations that sold imports as almost a sideline. My first dealer sold BMW, Saab and NSU before picking up Datsun in mid 1970. The showroom could accommodate 3 cars and there were 5 service bays. A good month saw 3-5 cars being sold. Dad was the sales dept, son ran service and Mom kept the books. Their necks were stuck way out and it showed. They started in the car business at a smaller facility as a VW and Porsche repair shop. So, you're a Fiat, Renault or NSU dealer in 1966 with 4 cars left on the lot and it's Dec. You know those machines aren't going anywhere soon so what to do. You apply to the MVA and change the titles to 1967. Now you have 4 67s - a very common practice in those days. This all changed with the Japanese invasion of the early 70s. Now you're moving lots and lots of cars, as many as you could get per month. We didn't need a larger showroom as the Datsuns were sold before they had a chance to display them. Dad wasn't a salesman any more, he was an order taker.
  6. Boy, diving into the ins and outs of the 73 model year 240 is a little like trying to get across a mine field safely. According to the service bulletin - pictured - the 73 model year starts in the 9th month of 1972. However the parts micro fisch section that illustrates the new for 73 induction system and my recollection says it really started in the 7th month of 72. Here's where it really gets confusing. 1973 was the first year for Z car heater control illumination. However, again, the micro fisch parts section on the heater says that the new system started in the 8th month of 72. Which is it??? I have an interesting, at least to me, story about the first 73 Z that was sold by the Datsun dealer which was employing me at the time - but that's for another time. Also, 73 510, the last of the line and THE BEST.
  7. I refer to them as 69 production date cars
  8. This reproduction ID plate is a MESS! Just look at the type style, etc. Nissan Motor Corp wouldn't have found it acceptable for the Z Store program.
  9. Are you talking about Z Car Source of Arizona in Phoenix?
  10. Of course one could simply buy one of my reproduction under hood decals and/or one of my door jamb ID plates and cause much havoc in the Z car world while providing much entertainment for dutchzcarguy. Perhaps someone already has done so!!
  11. When I was a young Datsun dealer mechanic, no, not a Tech, a mechanic, way back in the early 70s I was sent to several factory training schools - mostly in NJ - where we were taught that a 12/70 240 would be a 71. Of course there are early 71s and late 71s but that's another topic and Colbert is coming on soon so I have to go. Cheers
  12. Racer X is right on the money. Lot of time spent trying to "solve the mystery" when it's just simply a matter of small production anomalies. I see this kind of stuff in my shop ALL THE TIME. Hear about it from my parts customers ALL THE TIME.
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