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  1. 240 in OZ


    Hi Greg. Would you mind posting the link as I wouldn't mind checking this out. Thanks.
  2. 240 in OZ

    Datsun mirror Part No riddle?

    Hi Craig Joseph here. I did a little research into mirrors fitted to "Australian" spec cars a few years ago. The mirrors you currently have fitted to your car are correct for the very early cars sent to Australia. I believe that they may have been fitted either on the dock or by dealerships; the cars may have been shipped with the holes drilled in the fenders and rubber/plastic blanking plugs fitted. The black bullet type mirrors were original/correct for the later cars till about 72 when the standard door fitted chrome mirror was used through 72/73. The black bullet type mirrors are now NLA from Nissan. The chrome bullet mirrors you see on ebay etc are for a 1600 and not for a Z. While they could be fitted they are not the same height as the original black version. Hope this helps. Joseph
  3. 240 in OZ

    Making a modern power antenna work in an S30

    Any chance of posting a pic and details of the diode used? Thanks
  4. FWIW, Atsugi also supplied the water pump. Joseph
  5. 240 in OZ

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi Kats Thanks for thinking of me and also thanks for posting the Nissan part number of the particular hose as I requested. Do you have any smart ideas as to how to make a copy of the other master vac hose; ie the one which runs from the check valve to the balance tube? Any ideas as to a hose which I could use? Joseph
  6. 240 in OZ

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi Kats The master vac hose which you have for your Z432 looks to be the same for the RHD specification 240-Z. I am very interested to know what the Nissan part number of the "fuel hose" is which you used to make your reproduction. If you could please post the details at your convenience it would be appreciated. Thanks again Joseph
  7. 240 in OZ

    The making of reproduction parts.

    Although this doesnt pertain to the interior of the car, what about the little plastic grease reservoir which is on the steering rack? Anyone playing with this one at the moment? Joseph
  8. 240 in OZ

    The making of reproduction parts.

    Hi Will I dont see this on the list and as it is unavailable, wanted to suggest that it may be viable to reproduce one? I know I would snap one up! Joseph
  9. 240 in OZ

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi Kats Those copy radiator hoses look beautiful; any plans for Mr Nishi to remake them for the S30? The bottom radiator hose for the 432 looks the same as the S30, does it not? I am sure there would be a large market for the copy hoses, but will it take away from the "specialness" of cars like Kats and Bob Speights 72? Joseph
  10. Hi Stephen Many thanks for making the effort to post a scan of the article in question. Hi Chris Does seem to be the same car IMO. Owners name in both articles is Todd and, from memory as I havent read the article which you posted for some time, it mentions that Pierre arranged a set of original style wheels and hubcaps, along with air filter etc, in order to prep the car for the article which you have posted. Joseph
  11. If someone is able to post a scan of this article to the website it would greatly be appreciated. We dont have this mag available here in Australia. Joseph
  12. 240 in OZ

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi Chris I believe that this VZ is (as per Carls registery): VIN: HLS30 00630 Production Date: 01 / 70 Color Body /Int: Red/Black Orig.Eng.Number: Eng. Number: Owner: Auto Garage Motoyama City/State/Cntry: Japan Sold By Z Store: Nissan Charity Auction IZCC Member#: Comments: Offered For Sale At $50K USD e-mail: Date Registered: 18 July 05 Reported by: Kats {Katsuhiko Endo} in Japan Joseph
  13. 240 in OZ

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Hi Kats Nicely done and thanks for providing all of us with an insight into how your car came to be in the immaculate condition that it is in today. Looks like you did the right thing in holding out for that "special" car. Joseph
  14. 240 in OZ

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Kats/Everyone I believe my RHD car has the garage feature of the ignition switch that you speak of but, what is interesting, is that is is not shown in the Datsun 240Z Sports Owner's Manual which was supplied with the car, dated as issued 1st August 1971 (0800050) with a publication No. of oM1E-0S30G2. I am assuming that this publication was as supplied to the LHD market because on page 10 which is devoted to the instrument and controls there is a picture of the dash and the steering wheel is shown on the LH side. There is no hand throttle shown in this picture either, but it is shown on page 13 of the same publication under the heading of "Throttle Control Lever". "By pulling the throttle control lever backward, the engine revolution is maintained at the same rpm without depressing down the accelerator pedal. This lever is retainable in any desired position". The hand throttle control lever is also clearly shown in the picture on page 15 discussing the rear window electric defroster, another feature that none of our cars seem to have fitted. Also of interest is page 17, section titled "Driving with Manual Transmission", which shows a picture of a 5 speed shift knob and 5th gear is also listed in the table of appropriate speed range in each gear. Another anomoly but in the opposite direction! Hope this is of interest. Joseph
  15. 240 in OZ

    Cleaning Plastic gauge windows


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