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  1. JDMjunkies.ch

    Where to go with this rusthole

    I'll add some Pictures from my bodyshop again. It's a more OEM-style solution compared to the one showed previously. which isn't a bad Thing either
  2. JDMjunkies.ch

    FYI - 240Z Dashboards

    Really interessted to see the first Feedbacks on These. the Overall Quality and fitment.
  3. JDMjunkies.ch

    My two swiss S30Z Fairlady Restoration build thread

    Not even sure yet if i will end up with solex / Mikuni Triple carbs but, when i was ordering some parts from Japan and saw this set of Manuals for 10 bucks i just couldn't resist. It's a set of three Manuals / parts catalogue copies in high quality by Mikuni Kogyo corp and Tokiwa (Mikuni / Solex agent in Japan). This one even features a nice picture of the S20 Engine. Now also figoured out the same seller sells new sets with an additional Manual... Still have to read through it though. quite a bit busy atm and can't find time to study all this stuff thoroughly.
  4. JDMjunkies.ch

    Where to go with this rusthole

    Also depending heavily on the location. in most US-places you can easy find better cars. but in snow- and salt-heavy conditions in a country like switzerland a car like this is still repairable. however don't think you will ever get the investment back over the next years. labour is expensive here too. but if you love it - it's worth it i guess.. Yeah i would definitely take it of the rotiserie for that. as you can see in my picture, the car is standing on a chassis-jig (or whatever you call it) and put on a single-post lift. Not sure who you're referring to. but in my last pic it's a single post lift from my bodyshop, and on top of it is the car complete with a full rolling chassis jig / Dolly. I got it off my rotisserie for serious bodywork. for reasons mentioned above.
  5. JDMjunkies.ch

    Where to go with this rusthole

    THe original air channels may be hard to find These days and probably quite expensive. but this is how my panelbeater repaired mine: Before (cheap patched up ugliness): and then:
  6. JDMjunkies.ch

    My two swiss S30Z Fairlady Restoration build thread

    Facebook groups can suck. While there are always guys beeing A**holes on the internet, sometimes you really run into nice people that help you with your needs and do that happily as well! Recently i asked around if someone had a RH rear quarter panel in usable shape for sale, so my bodyshop doesn't have to make one from scratch (which is a lot more expensive over here). And a guy called Crow Aries immediately was in. It took a while to get all sorted out, but he even was kind enough to remove the old paint before shipping (didn't even ask for this!). Thank you so much sir! This is the car it was removed from: After some blasting and cleaning: Needs some minor work but still way better than getting this whole panel made from scratch. With this the RH-side of the car's body should be completed soon Oh and he was also kind enough to throw in a hood rod in the package since it appears that i accidentally sold the one i had.. Thanks again sir. Appreciate to deal with you!
  7. JDMjunkies.ch

    S30 aerodynamics

    here are some more Pictures of Aerodynamic Testing by Alan Thomas (originally found here: http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/236658-1969-nissan-s20-twin-cam-engine-rebuild-7.html#post3352097 ) This time with some scale model cars:
  8. JDMjunkies.ch

    S30 aerodynamics

    I think In this topic of "Aerodynamics", the subtitle of above image (from "the fairlady Z story" (by Yutaka Katayama and Yoshihiko Matsuo)) is interesting, because it tells the measured Cd Drag coefficient values from the "Standard" (Cd= 0,4) and the "ZG" (Cd = 0,37) equipped cars: Sorry for the bad Image quality. scanned with some wrong settings, but will do the job
  9. JDMjunkies.ch

    S30 aerodynamics

    This was actually a joke about the gas fumes always ending up inside the car in Z-cars in the DPAN facebook group.
  10. JDMjunkies.ch

    My two swiss S30Z Fairlady Restoration build thread

    Yes, you're right
  11. JDMjunkies.ch

    My two swiss S30Z Fairlady Restoration build thread

    i guess it's the wrong rubber then. mspeed states it's the "later style" rubber grommet. but yeah, it was just a few bucks so i bought it. @Captain obvious : since it doesn't fit mine. if you're interested, send me a PM, you can get it cheap from me. Cheers
  12. JDMjunkies.ch

    My two swiss S30Z Fairlady Restoration build thread

    Should fit the heater hoses. but have to check it out. Mainly bought it because it was cheap and fitted into the package. got it at mspeed Japan: http://mspeed-japan.com/product_information.php?category_id=7
  13. JDMjunkies.ch

    My two swiss S30Z Fairlady Restoration build thread

    You just have to love the days, when this is in your mailbox (or next to it): But let's start in chronological order. On saturday i decided it's time to get rid of the old paint (Part two) of the lately acquired chin spoiler. Since the weak paint stripper (stronger ones are forbidden now in Switzerland). didn't do anything i got out my CSD Disks and that worked pretty well.. Before: And about an hour later: Yesterday the first package then showed up at the door. A set of Dixcel front disks for the OEM Brakes (for use with the MK63 solid type calipers). I decided to go for the optional black painted center-hubs, just for the looks and to prevent the area from surface rust, which is quite common there... And today some more stuff showed up at my door. Pitworks oil filter (mainly bought it because it was cheap and fitted in the same box for free..) The lately released Hayashi oil filler cap. in an awesome packing that only the japanese can do Set of genuine JAF Emblems (not sure if i will put them on the car, but i liked it). will post some details about this in another post... Mspeed firewall rubber grommet Well and a little blingy Z-keychain (From mspeed), because i didn't have anything to put my keys on and it fitted in the package for free.. Set of NOS brake pads. not interested in the pads themselves, but needed the metal-shims, which i messed up from my original set... Then some reading stuff. Japanese Z-story book. looks promising but have to study it first: Japense (later version) Z432-R & 240Z Race & Rallye preparation manual... has lots of technical information about how to prepare the car and some additional information. Nostalgic Hero S30Z only book. Seems to have some interesting cars and information inside as well... Oh and then a beautiful set of old used but restoreable Enkei mag wheels... Unfortunately the Shirt and Wheels are not for me or my project. I just helped a friend get them here. but because they're nice i thought i'd share the pictures anyway
  14. JDMjunkies.ch

    My two swiss S30Z Fairlady Restoration build thread

    Thanks for your Input. I'll take it with a grain of salt. Meanwhile i've learned that many (especially older) documents are full of mistakes. Even the factory documentation is not 100% correct in some cases but it seemed like it includes a lot of Background Information, normally not found in the official (technical) documents.
  15. JDMjunkies.ch

    My two swiss S30Z Fairlady Restoration build thread

    Time for another update. I lately stumbled on the Nissan / Datsun USA Technical service bulletin about the change of the hatch window rear defroster lines from Vertical to horizontal: Since i had been wondering why my cars (which were built close together) came with two different types of windows, which i figoured out lately, it cought my interest and i started to look closer. Car 1. SNR: HLS30-56801 came with horizontal lines. Registered in March 1972 Car 2. SNR: HLS30-59660 came with Vertical lines.Registered in May 1972 Strange enough, the SNR of my (European spec) cars are one Digit shorter than the ones mentioned in (American) Service bulletin. Both my cars were built in late 1971, but i assume the date in the Service bulletin is not the production date of change, but the release date of the document. Given the lead time of the cars from production to first registration in switzerland, and the lead time from Production change to the release of the Service bulletin. i guess my two cars, built close together just happend to be around the change. Also it is a prove that there is nothing like a "Series 1" car mentioned often. My "older" car doesn't have the vented hatch / side emblems, but it still came with "old" type window. Service bulletin 231 (1975 introduction of the Datsun 280Z, America) also mentions a 6-digit VIN (HLS30-6digits). So i guess we just got a different vin-Block for european cars? I checked both my stamped serials as well as the VIN-plate. Both my cars only have HLS30-5digits Oh and then got some interesting read from the UK. Race & Rally Magazine, Jan. 1993 It features 16 Pages intresting background information about the Works 240Z rallye cars. Including a variety of side-stories around them. Still have to read through it, but it seems very promising

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