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  1. Ok, I bought a couple of these years ago from him and am just now getting around to doing some work on my Z. I'm pulling the diff due to a leak (and likely installing a different one with a higher gear ratio). I was not going to install this mount until re-reading this thread...now I'm seriously considering installing it.
  2. Is yours not inside the booster? It seems that when the become dislodged they are normally just rattling around inside the booster.
  3. I happened to be over near my storage yesterday so I stopped in to have a look at the taillights and unfortunately they do not have the additional bulb. This is quite odd since the car has the switches. I could not get a good look at the taillight sub-harness, maybe there is the extra bulb on there and the taillights have been replaced with US spec ones.
  4. What are you looking for? It will be a while, this is not the first Z on my list to work on (probably #2 though). It will likely be years before I do anything with it.
  5. So was it just surface rust or did they bore the cylinders?
  6. Nope, sorry...I was very excited to have found these when I first got the car and planned on seeing what was involved in making them work if they do not already.
  7. OH! Now that I know what the heck is going on in this post I have a little input. I bought a car several years ago and upon getting it home and going through everything I found I had these switches (and hand throttle). @AZ-240z, now after reading that thread (again as I'm certain I read it back when it was active) I will have to go and look at the tail lights in this Z (it is in storage) to see if it has the extra bulb. How exciting!
  8. @heyitsrama I read your thread earlier today which reminded me about my question. 😉 Here are a couple pix of the two that were replaced.
  9. Several years ago I bought a pair of Spicer u-joints for one of my half shafts, I'm pretty sure I bought them from Black Dragon (may have even still been Victoria British at the time). I now want to replace the ones on the other half shaft and the drive shaft. Is Spicer still a great choice? If so can someone help me determine which one to get (I cannot find any of my old paperwork to pull part numbers from). On the ones I have I can see some blue on them if that helps identify what I have to match new ones to.
  10. Looks like surface rust to me, in which case it would come off easily. If you do have (or choose) to bore the you will need larger pistons (or you could consider sleeving the cylinders, though I think larger pistons would be much more cost effective).
  11. Baby oil seems like the kind of thing that would bake your dash...I know that people use it when the sit out in the sun to "tan" themselves and as there is no UV protection in it at all they fry their skin whether they realize it or not.
  12. None of my Zs are zinc (see signature for my Zs).
  13. Yep, I was going to suggest Datsun Spirit also since you are in VA.
  14. It sticks in my mind that I read a write-up of how to repair the window regulators some time ago. It may be worth searching for ways to repair what you have if you have not already done so.
  15. Let's not forget adding strength to the body as they were no designed to handle that much power.
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