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  1. Here are a few places that popped up with a Google search. https://www.zeddsaver.com/collections/datsun-z-car-id-plates http://www.zzxdatsun.com/catDecals.php https://www.datsunpartz.com/search/vin-plate?cookies_currency=USD&currency=USD&dss=true&price_max=3000&price_min=&search=vin+plate&sort=name https://www.datsunspares.com/en/spare-parts/itemlist/category/3-datsun-body-plates
  2. That is for a series 1 car and he has a 1972 (series 2). @jackmau, if you cannot find someone making this perhaps a piece of rubber or weather striping will do the trick.
  3. In the thread I posted the link to read the first section (just down to the first set of screen shots) of post #11 and pay special attention to Zed Head's post that I quoted. This is where he describes the over all drive ratio for 1st gear and the impact that has on acceleration. The lower the number the slower the acceleration, the higher the number the faster the acceleration...so depending upon the type of driving you will be doing, the type of driver you are (i.e. how you want your ride to "feel") will start to guide you to what is the right combination for you. I hope this helps answer your question.
  4. I decided on the 3.9 ration rear diff and the wide ration tranny ('77-'79). I think I mentioned that in my last post in that thread, if not I intended to and completely forgot.
  5. @muze, I just went through this exercise earlier this year and have a TON of data in the post where we discussed it. Let me look to see if I can find it for you. You may also search this site for info.
  6. Banzai Motorworks has the paint, that's where I bought mine. http://zzxdatsun.com/catRequests.php
  7. Are these NLA from Nissan? I'd check with the local dealership.
  8. At the current price someone is going to get a great deal!! If only it were closer. 😞
  9. I've read where some have sprayed that area with POR15 to seal it up and keep it from rusting.
  10. I remember seeing where someone (probably in this group) has unstapled one and drawn up detailed measurements.
  11. Check Klassic Fab JDM, I believe they do (and even if you do not see it on their website contact them, I think that their site if not completely up to date with what they have available). https://kfvintagejdm.com/product-category/datsun/
  12. I'm not sure I follow. The 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, and 280ZX all had the same size flywheel and clutch (except for the 2+2 and turbo models) as I understand it.
  13. Good to know. How did you determine which one to buy?
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