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    '70 240Z - HLS30-08215 - Production Date 8/70
    '70 240Z - HLS30-06293 - Rusty and has Identity Crisis (must have been wrecked and the back 1/2 sectioned in from a later car maybe even a 280Z)...PARTS CAR!
    '71 240Z - HLS30-018482 - Production Date 1/71,Corvette Yellow, driven under a 4Runner, bought for parts, hit lotto with parts on car, may fix and put back on road

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  1. texasz

    Mikuni 44's

    Also consider Wolf Creek Racing, that's where I got mine from.
  2. Hardway, I'll have to catch up with you after the holidays (not sure if I want 2 or 3 sets). I'm in Cedar Park...what part of town are you in?
  3. Check out this thread, there's a lot of good info in it and from what I quickly scanned I think you do need spacers.
  4. Hardway, I may not have been clear in my last post...I'm interested in the parts also and live locally so no shipping.
  5. Interested. Also, would the fab company let you keep the tooling incase more are desired? I'm sure that they do not keep tooling for very long and it would be a waste for these to be destroyed.
  6. I thought that there was a forum for this though did not see it nor could I find a related thread so I'm starting one. I recently saw an S30 Z car on Miami Vice season 3 episode 11 about 30-33 minutes in (on the TV version with commercials, a DVD version it will be earlier that this of course). In this video it is about 27-28 minutes in: https://www.nbc.com/classic-tv/miami-vice/video/forgive-us-our-debts/n30591
  7. texasz

    Scarab #160

    Yes I said that, unfortunately my Linux admin skills are severely lacking these days and I've been having troubles getting anyone to help without charging a significant amount of money. I have a friend who said he'd be willing to help me this month so hopefully things will all be back up soon. It's not just the Z Car content that is on that server so it's been a huge PITA for me having it down for so long.
  8. texasz

    Scarab #160

    Well yes and no. All of my sites are down at the moment as I am migrating to new hardware and updating the software at the same time. This has taken FAR longer than I ever wanted/expected it to. I will have everything back up, it will just take me a little while. Please forgive the downtime.
  9. I bought from reddat once and that was more than enough. Lied about the parts, description was misleading, shipping has always been very high, and he refused to offer a refund/exchange for the parts. Will never buy from him again.
  10. Has anyone had any experience with Datsun Spirit in VA? They advertise some impressive motors and I'm curious if anyone has dealt with them on anything and what they thought of the experience and products.
  11. These were the kind of pix and info I was after, thank you both. I did not expect so much response surrounding originality and should they be on the car. The question was because I have a parts car that I have to have a way of dragging up on my trailer and did not want to use the radiator support or sway bar and rip either off the car. I have a hook hanging around in my garage (that I pulled from a '73 about 8 years ago) that I wanted to put on for this purpose.
  12. Yes, I agree that's why I have a trailer and need the hook to winch the car up on the trailer with. The name that they are known by is misleading indeed, my intent certainly is not to tow the car by this hook.
  13. You forgot the link to the thread.
  14. Can someone post pix of how/where the front tow hook mounts please? I have the hook (not the flat stock with a hole in it, the actual hook) and need to know where the bolt that holds it in place is located so I can mount it.
  15. Just to add information to this thread, here's a link to some more on the early vs. the late 5-speed tranny: http://www.geocities.com/inlinestroker/ratio.html Note the other physical difference in the picture, one vs. two "ears".