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    '70 240Z - HLS30-08215 - Production Date 8/70
    '70 240Z - HLS30-06293 - Rusty and has Identity Crisis (must have been wrecked and the back 1/2 sectioned in from a later car maybe even a 280Z)...PARTS CAR!
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  1. One additional thought...if I recall correctly the floor pans that MSA sells are from Zedd Findings (please correct me if I am wrong or if this has changed).
  2. Oh wow that's a blast from the past! I had completely forgotten about showcars. Yes these are two different companies and different people. Showcars as I recall offers a variety of fiberglass kits/pieces for the Z, I've honestly not heard that name in over a decade and am not even sure if they are still around...though from what grannyknot says above perhaps they do still exist.
  3. Zedd Findings = company name Charlie = owner founder, he's the man datsunzparts.com = the internet domain (aka website) for Zedd Findings...it is not terribly uncommon to find a company with a URL that does not match their company name Charlie has been doing this a long time and is quite reliable.
  4. Yes I'm looking for the early one, no bushings on it at all, and the bolts that attach it are vertical. As you mentioned, there is a picture of it in my post quoted from someone else though you do have to click expand to see it. I hope this clarifies what I'm looking for, if not please do not hesitate to ask me more questions. 🙂
  5. Another option is to just get rid of the vapor tank. http://www.zhome.com/Racing/FuelTankVaporLineMod/FuelTankVaporMod.htm
  6. Ok, now I'm looking for one of these also. Please let me know if you have one.
  7. I wish I could remember why this it is stuck in the back of my brain that there was something with the early cars vs later ones and having/not having vents. Maybe just poor memory.
  8. I was just looking at HLS30-08215 and it does not have the vents in the seats. It sticks in my mind that the early cars did not have them. Can someone help elaborate on this? @Carl Beck @KatZ @HS30-H or others, maybe one of you have details.
  9. Same reason, you can have air in the master cylinder that gets 'stuck' in there rather than passing into the lines and ultimately to the corners of the car. I ran into this with in replaced all my brake components a few months back. After bleeding the master cylinder I was able to get enough pressure to then bleed the corners and all was good.
  10. texasz


    Have you got a source for these?
  11. These are good points about the master cylinder. What brake booster and master cylinder do you have in the car?
  12. The filter and cover do not just slide straight down and over the backing place. You have to put the filter in the cover then carefully work it on at an angle...lean the top towards the passenger side to get it past the airhorns then straighten it out and secure using the long wing bolts. It is already a very tight fit so your second gasket may be just a tad bit too much depending upon how thick they are. Edit: Removal is the reverse of the above in case anyone else reading this asks. 🙂
  13. I believe that the Mustang you reference was sold as a 1964.5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Mustang_(first_generation)
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