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Z Proto:  The next z reveal
Z Proto. The next Z revel is coming September 2020!
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[2020] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?
What did you do with your Z today? 2020 Edition
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Restoration of 71 240z
Finally getting around to starting a "Build Thread"
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Starting my Wall Sculpture
What to do with that rusty old Z ? Make a wall sculpture of course!

https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/61975-starting-my-wall-sculpture/ #ClassicZcars #ClassicZcarClub #Datsun #ClassicZCars.com #czcc #classicdatsun
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Nissan 400z Rumors
Since the Nissan 370Z has been on sale for over ten years now, the wait for a new Nissan Z car to arrive is testing our patience. Nissan still hasn't officially announced plans to revive the Z car for a new generation, but our hype was recently rekindled when a report claimed the 370Z's replacement will be called the 400Z and be revealed within the next year.


#classiczcars #czcc #classiczcarclub #classiczcars.com #classicdatsun #datsun #classic z #nissan #240z #260z #280z
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280zx Restoration
I'm starting the restoration on my 280zx AE.  I have received some quotes on the process, and I have sticker shock.  May I ask what you spent.

Car54280zx, the restoration is absolutely fantastic, and has set the standard I will try to match.

Meanwhile, a Z432R sells for $805k in Japan
As everyone was watching (what we thought to be) a record breaking classic Z record on BAT, a much more impressive number was made in Japan.
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Series-One Z sells for Record Breaking $310,00 USD
As far as I can tell, this is a new record for the sale of an early-series Datsun 240z.
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2021 Nissan Z: What We Know So Far
2021 Nissan Z: What We Know So Far. A redesign is finally coming for Nissan's iconic sports car, and it sounds promising.

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240z 1960's Testing
240z 1960's Testing https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/63272-240z-1960s-testing/
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S30 restoration straight from Switzerland!
Well hello everybody. i'd like to introduce myself. I'm Nils, coming from switzerland and about two year ago i started work on a S30Z i bought.
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280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration
Hello All,

Mart here,I bought a Datsun 280zx slick roof 2+2.. in or around september 2013..  It's a funny story
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Official 240Z, 260Z, 280Z Car Value Thread!
Official 240Z, 260Z, 280Z Car Value Thread!
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1977 280z Light Restoration Project
Yet another Z fanatic makes progress on his car! Here's some information about his project.
New to the site. Just bought a 1977 280z. Its my second Z, but first S30 and I am ecstatic to get started. It seems pretty common place to introduce new projects here so I figured I would drop a note. 

Current Prognosis: Chassis is in good shape and car both starts and runs pretty well for its age, but definitely needs some dialing in. Going to keep it mostly original and focus on restoring its performance to 1977 spec. 
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New 17"x8" Classic 8 Wheels being offered 1/1/2020.
Hello everyone,

VTO wheels is bringing in 17"x8" Classic 8 wheels to be offered on 1/1/2020.  Available in 0-12mm+ offset (4.5"-5" backspace) in a 4x114.3 bolt pattern. Get 5% off when you pre-order!  Use the code: ZCARCLUB

Search for part number: 517-UDP0LS

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Mr.Uemura wrote a book "making story of  a Fairlady-Z"
In Japan,a very interesting book was issued for all the S30 fans recently.
Mr.Uemura was an engineer of Nissan ,he did great job especially chassis and components layout , not only that, he also was a chief of the test crew of 240Z in the US and Canada Oct -Dec 1969.
So many new facts we see in the book!! I have to tell you soon.
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New wiper blades?
My last Z had good rubber on the wipers so never paid much attention to them, this new car that I'm just about to put on the road doesn't even have old blades to go by, are there ready made blades that will fit these arms or do I have to go to a Z specific store?

Oh, and how long should they be?

Thanks, Chris
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Zcon 2019
Zcon 2019 - Keep up with the members as they talk about the show.
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Member 240z Featured in VTO Marketing
Member 240z Featured in VTO Marketing https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/62321-member-240z-featured-in-vto-marketing/
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“Creating the Perfect Z” - MZR featured on Speedhunters
“Creating the Perfect Z” - MZR featured on Speedhunters

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1970 Franklin Mint 240Z up for Auction on BaT
1970 Franklin Mint 240Z up for Auction on BaT https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/62258-1970-franklin-mint-240z-up-for-auction-on-bat/

Here's the link to this beauty: 


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73 Z brings $52,500 on BaT
Unquestionably a nice example (and very professionally presented), so deserving of a premium price.  Still, it's a 73, where prevailing wisdom (now obsolete?) has said that these should be discounted relative to the 70-71 models.  Overall,  I think we're seeing a solid trend towards 'good' Z's moving up in value by $5K - $10K compared to a year ago.

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Picked up a set of VTO Deep Dish 16's
I picked up a set of the new VTO Deep Dish Minilite-Style wheels.
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A lot of 50 year milestones coming up!
Some interesting ones below thanks to data and images from @kats  @HS30-H @Mike B @Carl Beck & @26th-Z and anyone I missed (BIG THANKS!)
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Z's only a mother could love thread
Z's only a mother could love?
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