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  2. I think the one that’s bent isn’t the one that had the stuck nozzle. It doesn’t look that bad (to my inexperienced and hopeful eye) and everything moves quite nicely now. I mean, I assume the options are get another needle or use it and have it wear faster, requiring a new needle? In wich case, might as well use it, right? For the mean time.
  3. It would be an interesting sidetrack though!
  4. Looks like a nice antenna. Say it is NOS. Not sure what i would pay for a NOS one. Buy it now for $2500. Better "deal" than the guy asking $4000 buy it now for a refurbished one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DATSUN-240Z-POWER-ANTENNA-ASSEMBLY-WITH-BULLET-TIP/274540883377?hash=item3febe96db1:g:fIQAAOSwQjdfjfbE
  5. Today
  6. That diagram is correct. It's just more of the same issue as before where they didn't show the stub harness on the diagrams. The documentation just assumes the wires coming out of the back of the radio are hard-wired. I added the colors to your diagram to show what I'm talking about. I stand by my previous identifications of the wire colors (IN THE SUB HARNESS). They change some of the wire colors at the six position spade connector, so on the CAR SIDE of that connector the colors are different: Note that they don't show the illumination wires on this diagram because they are shown on the dash lighting page instead. But the rest of the colors all work out.
  7. There was a comment after the auction ended by soquelz, who says "I guess when you get to this level of bidding you want no questions about authenticity." And that about sums it up for me too. If I'm going to pay a lot of money for a car who's "value" lies in it's low mileage and it's originality, I don't want it to come with piles of questions about either of those two things. It's a beautiful car. I'd love to own it. But it's priced way out of my range. And it's important to understand the REASON for such a high price. The REASON for the high price isn't simply because it's beautiful. It's because it's supposed to be a 31K mile car that is all original. If it wasn't being sold as a 31K mile car, or being held up as that beacon of originality, it would most likely not command such a price. Much of the VALUE is in the low mileage and the originality. It seems to me that when there are credible questions about the mileage and the originality, the value cannot be supported. I expect this car will be back sometime in the not too distant future. With the correct carbs and plated hardware and correct wheel covers and no overspray and the seats on the correct sides and, and, and, and........ And, a better, more conclusive story.
  8. In theory... Yes. Both fuel pumps are positive displacement types and have check valves on both the input and output sides. Because of those check valves in theory, either pump will allow draw through with the pump not on operation. So, you could pull fuel through the electric with the manual, or push fuel through the manual with the electric. In theory. Problem though is the amount of pressure drop you would get across those check valves, and would the system still be able to build the required pressure in the rail. In theory. Haha!
  9. Ok so I suppose this is one not to get...
  10. Exactly what I thought, that's why I used electrical tape but thinking about it now I like @ETI4K suggestion of hard nylon washers, by using that method there is an air gap so water can't get trapped behind layers.
  11. These floor pans from KF match up with the tunnel really well. No need to slot floor pans and a BFH , they fit .
  12. Yesterday
  13. Go back to something that worked before.
  14. What manuf date is that car?
  15. I removed spark plug number 4 and it came out oily and with the gap closed. Weird.
  16. Yeah, especially on the upper rocker where the escusion plate will be covering them as well. Mama didnt raise no dummy.
  17. I agree with the whole rant! I too have found that section of the pin deformed and it takes very little of that to make the pins really hard to get out. That little lock pin is really not designed to be driven in or torqued to silly values...
  18. I have a working Koito headlight on the shelf. Maybe I'll submit it to BaT😀
  19. Still socially distanced...still getting stopped at gas stations.🤩
  20. For what it's worth I have HLS30-08215, build date 8/70 and it has an E31 block and an E31 head with the 4-screw carbs and the flapper style air cleaner (if anyone reading cases about that info). I also have HLS30-06293, build date 6/70 and it too has an E31 block and curiously enough it has an E88 head with the 4-screw carbs and the non-flap air cleaner. I'd have to look at what HLS30-018482, build date 1/71, has since I have no pix of that engine and it's stored elsewhere. As you can see just from what I personally have there's a bit of a mixed bag on the '70s.
  21. So, I'm still redoing my interior and hooking up the original radio. See pic. I've figured out the wiring for the radio, but it's missing the slide switch. But! There is this old toggle switch under the dash and it looks like according to some googling that it fits an even earlier model 240z. So, I'm confused. Looking for a slide switch that inserts into that radio slot in upper right. But also wondering why this other antenna switch is in my car. Build date was 10/72. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Zed Head


    Thanks for sharing this AK. Sorry that your father, and your family, have been caught up in this mess. Better days are ahead, I hope. The work to find solutions is continuing despite all of the chaos.
  23. I did bushings and wheel bearings. After the spindle pin and rear wheel bearings, I feel like I climbed Mt Everest.
  24. There's a white / blue 1970 on BaT right now.
  25. Thank you. That was my main question. Will not put it back on after paint.
  26. I found where to get new ones but, I don't know the "correct" month/year to put on the build date. I think eventually i will just make a best guess. Haven't made much head way recently. Just buying parts and getting ready to build a frame jig. Any thoughts on sunshine yellow? I think i will end up painting it Lime Green since that's my favorite Datsun color.
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