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  2. Thank you for the honest feedback. The dash looks amazing in your car.
  3. Is your car silver too? What brand of paint did you use? Glasurit (what I have used for undercoats) doesn't seem to have a paint mix code for 1971 Datsun silver.
  4. FYI. I ended up using Frost King self adhesive foam with aluminum backing for the air recirc door on the blower housing. It was just the right thickness and form fits to the door openings on either side.
  5. The design concept is three pulses per crank revolution. Right now it's just using a signal generator on the bench for proof of concept, but if I get energetic, I'll put a variable reluctor front end on it and connect it up the pickup coil on a distributor. In theory, it should work with points. All the math is set up for six cylinders and three pulses per crank revolution. I can get those pulses from either points, or the VR pickup in the later distributors. In theory. Haha!!
  6. I also got the MSA pillar and roof rail parts. The vinyl & padding sections seemed overly wide. That's before I found this wonderful description. Tomorrow I will be following the above directions, hopefully with success. Thank You to podgen & all Z-car owners who go to great efforts to document the activities they have completed. CRShowers
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  8. Man if he can $10 for those dirty brittle random connectors, I’m gonna be really PO’ed that I’ve tossed so many of those.....
  9. You have quite the cleavage Steve! I was in Home Depot today. About half and half employees and shoppers
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  11. I started graphing the John Hopkins numbers last week just to get a better idea of what is really happening in the US with the virus. There is a lot to be learned about the change in death totals in each state that give a good picture of what is going on. From the numbers: New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Louisiana are the big contributors to the daily death totals. New York seems to have leveled off, same with New Jersey and Louisiana. Michigan is going through a bad spell right now. The reason for the drop in deaths for April 5th was primarily due to New Jersey's lower numbers. I would say that most other states were relatively flat with California posting a drop. I think the high projections thought California, Texas and Illinois would be much worse. California is surprisingly low, fortunately. I owe Gavin an apology. Datawise, I try and record all data around 8AM Pacific time, however, New York updates around 10AM so I add them in later. Some states seem to update throughout the day...some just once a day. Wyoming still has 0 deaths. I think that says something about those wide open spaces. I also compared the John Hopkins totals with the Covid healthdata numbers. They are fairly close, but seems like Covid may have taken the weekend off as they are not as 'smooth'. I did not chart confirmed cases, because that number is limited by test availability. I am expecting tomorrows numbers to be higher because of New Jersey and Michigan late day updates, but New York will have the final say. I think the market rallied today because of the one day drop. Don't know if that will continue tomorrow. On the Excel charts, totals are in white, daily change in yellow, start date is April 2.
  12. This car has no keys... [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. The rear bolt probably just needs a socket on a long skinny extension. You might have to stack short extensions and/or use pliers on the extension instead of the ratchet handle.Then the housing might just pop off with a tap or two. Problems there are very common. Just have to get creative.
  14. Hi All, Spindles are sold. Springs and brake rotors still available.
  15. I just received the final components for my Float-Sync tool this morning, and now have roughly 25 sets available for sale. Save yourself $5.00 by ordering directly from my website at Price, including shipping, is $70.95. Product is also available on E-bay for $74.95. Thanks for the interest and the kind words of my previous customers.
  16. Tuning! It is the best part of the rebuild.... you will find the Gremlins and enjoy exponential improvements.
  17. There may also be a British thickness to consider as Nissan manufactured Austins between 1953-1959.... remember BST 😉
  18. You got collets for the lathe? You might be able to run the bolt through the collet (head inside the collet body and threaded end sticking out). If you can do that, you can set your compound on the lathe for the angle you want and cut your point easy-peasy. You can do the same thing with a regular chuck (instead of collets), but collets are easier on threads because of the wide gripping surface. Chuck jaws have a tendency to dent the threads. They work, but it's easy to mess up the threads. However, if you've got an unthreaded shank on the bolt, it may allow a land to tighten down a 3 or 4-jaw. I doubt I have pics of that kind of operation, but I'll take a look.
  19. Wow. That needs to get back to O'Reilly's corporate. I don't do a lot of business with any of the stores, but that's pretty cool.
  20. Positives: - been getting 8 hrs of sleep a night - have time to exercise daily - saving lots of money - no robo calls Not obvious negatives: - internet is slow - kids are driving us crazy Started rebuilding my distributor yesterday, with some motherhood from Captain Obvious. I have enough good parts for 2, a primary (mostly new parts and a backup with salvaged old part). I’m hoping to get one finished today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. 1st - You have series and parallel elements in the way you drew up your circuit. I have spent many years reviewing controls drawings for work, and I have studied the wiring diagrams for S30s for over 25 years. I can recognize a good and bad circuit design. 2nd - The current doesn't disappear. Your circuit is designed wrong. You have the coil in SERIES with the headlight, AND you have the coil in PARALLEL with your path to ground. I read your stuff. You don't understand what you're doing. When I can wire up a circuit per your design and it doesn't work, I think that proves it. You have not shown a workable circuit. If you think you have, wire it up and prove me wrong. Spoiler: You won't prove me wrong. Click here
  22. It looks like this coronavirus social distancing thing is going to last a lot longer than what was initially ordered. In fact, it might be best to take a few months’ supply of food and essentials and escape from civilization … Continue reading → Read more at JNC Magazine
  23. i dont recall my 240sx looking factory on my 240/260z..... if factory is what you are going for might work, i think s2000s had a similar mirror style.
  24. Got the differential cleaned up and painted.
  25. Cleaned and painted the drive shaft I just need a car 😀
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  27. Out of hibernation, still kicking down the road. Dash is cracking up, but no biggie, 🙂
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