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  2. I owe @S30Driver and @siteunseen an apology! Even though me and my friend didn't touch those two connections, one of them came loose and fell off somehow! When plugging it back in I notice the connection is a little lose so I crimped it a little to help hold it in better! Thank you so much to everyone for the help. After plugging the wire back in I was also able to adjust the idle after plugging the wire back on. Drove the car for 10 minutes with no signs of hesitation or bogging even with the tps connected! And I also no longer have to keep adjusting my idle by the looks of things. As a matter of fact the car feels so much faster than before! I really wanted to get this car running asap because she is going to see some autocross action for the first time in 3 weeks. Here's a video of it running after plugging in the connector. It was running lean before I did all the work then started running very rich after at least what my spark plugs indicated! I always put tape on my spark plug wires and number them before taking them off, just a habit I got into.
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  4. @Marty Rogan thanks for the recommendation! I am on Chicago's Northside, but gave a wide range because I am always willing to travel for good work.
  5. Hey Chris, Did you finish that garage yet??
  6. The shaft screws are normally staked. It looks like someone got a little carried away staking that one. the shafts bend easily...
  7. I'm sure Saint Matsuo is chuckling over this thread 🙂 Summer of 69
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  9. Any chance I could convince you to take pictures of all of the unique collar types with calipers between the ears and the bearing mating surface? I’m planning on writing a Pulitzer Prize winning novella on my saga and it would be nice to have some good pictures to go along.
  10. +1 - Don't over torque the bolts. Chances are someone already did. If so, it may leave the flange distorted at some or all of the bolt holes. Check the top surface and make sure it's flat. The metal is fairly soft and if it has been over torqued, the top may be mushroomed up a bit at some or all of the bolt holes. If it's not flat, tap the bolt holes down lightly with a hammer to get the top surface as even as you can. (rest the flange on the edge of your work bench and tap lightly - work your way around each side)
  11. If you drive a car, I'll tax the street,If you try to sit, I'll tax your seat.If you get too cold I'll tax the heat,If you take a walk, I'll tax your feet.
  12. 1. The fronts should be easier. 2. Spindle pins in the rear can be a gotcha, should look up some threads on that, and look into getting a removal tool to assist with it. if you use poly bushings on the tension control arm get a rubber bushing as a backing, sometimes they can be too stiff. control arm bushings are asymmetrical (there's a recent thread on this) inspect the control arms for cracking. Paint stuff while you're down there. 3. diff mounts would be nice, some use RT style mounts. I used the oem bushing, and the RT mount with a cone bushing to remove the OEM strap. 4. More vibrations from poly, although you cant find some of the OEM rubber bushings anymore..... I got the kit from Energy Suspension, you can find $20 dollar off coupons for AutoZone sometimes. 5. If your accountant lets you, i hear good things about the Koni Yellows. I use KYB struts, kinda wish i got the Koni yellows, i was a poor college student at the time. ha 6. I did not drop my subframe, i did one side at a time. I used a piece of wood to hold up the motor if i had it off the mounts. 7. My bushings looked OK, i did not remove them. I cant remember 🤔 I really like the RT mount I cut off 0.5" off the tip of the poly mount, i think @Diseazd recommended it but i could be wrong.
  13. Whether Kaishinsha is spelt in Datsun 240z Engineering and delopment correct is the least of the books concern, it can't even spell in English, Silvia and Sylvia and Toytoa 2000. Also missing the GT bit, let alone spelt wrong. In that chapter /subheading, it talks about "sports cars in Japan after World War 2", yet no mention of the sp311, then straight into the SLR311 (should be SRL311) and as the sub heading is in Japan, surely it should be talking about the JDM model (the SR311), not the export one.. Was the SLR311 used at a test-ride even for the general public at Tochigi plant, more than likely the SR311 was used. The SRL311 didn't develop 145hp unless you went with the option pack ( USA). As Alan says, the version is bowdlerised, and this looks like the result covering the A550X, as what is written is very much trunkated. For start, Yamaha didn't produce the fibreglass body, theirs was in steel. The fibreglass body was made by GK Design (KOIKE Iwataro). I don't know where and how the mistakes were made, but its poor in the two or three pages as examples. I wish I could read 'Fairlady Z Development Chronicle' instead of the English version. (well I haven't read it, as the mistakes put me off).
  14. It its 33xxx it is a 06/71 build date - if it is 38xx it is a 07/71 build date. #42464 seems to start 09/71 build dates..
  15. Also, the new NAFTA 2.0 just kicked in so no duty is paid on orders under $150 CND.
  16. 18 Jan 2012 - Epilog My former 240Z was picked up by the transport company on 31 October 2011. It was crated and staged in Long Beach, California until 30 November 2011, when it sailed for Norway. It was unloaded in Oslo on 9 January 2012, and picked up by its new owner on 11 January 2012. Congratulations, Terje! You've got a nice car, and I'm confident that it will lead a pampered life from here on.
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  18. My old Powerwagon is about 15 years overdue for a new drivetrain. Still plugging away but tired.
  19. Perfect. This one is 24 in the middle. That should settle it. Thanks!
  20. Zed Head


    Won't be too many games in New York state. 22 states are on the quarantine list as of now. The travel advisory is effective at 12:01 am on Thursday, June 25, 2020. If you have traveled from within one of the designated states with significant community spread, you must quarantine when you enter New York for 14 days from the last travel within such designated state, provided on the date you enter into New York State that such state met the criteria for requiring such quarantine.
  21. here's a thread with some good information on installing the pan correctly and the 2 seal flanges are first up.
  22. View Advert Free 280z 4-speed transmission I have a 4 speed transmission from a '78 280z that I swapped out some years ago for a 5 speed. It worked fine at that time, has just been sitting on my garage floor since then. Free to a good Datsun home. Local pickup only. I'm in Lakewood, CA. 310 493 6354. Advertiser Marc_P Date 07/14/2020 Price Category Parts for Sale  
  23. As Mike said, this past weekend was a scouting trip in Nashville for the ZCON organizers. ZCON is still happening, but it will be a little different from past years. The honored guests from Japan will not be in attendance, but Pete Brock & John Morton will be in attendance. Chris Karl from the ZCCA was making arrangements on Sunday for a car to put in the lobby of the hotel. (I happened to hear part of the phone call.) (Maybe) In case you're not on the ZCON mailing list, this was sent out last month: Don't forget that Nissan will have a special presentation at ZCON. Guess what that is. Usually attending ZCON also locks you into employee pricing on a new Nissan until the end of the calendar year, too.
  24. Doubtful unless the linkage to the throttle opener system is binding up or something. Next time your idle hangs up, pop the hood and start pushing on different places on the linkage(s) and see if you can figure out where it's hanging.
  25. I think that the one wires actually have a couple of jumper wires right on the back of the alternator. Where the L and the B and the S connections are. They're all connected together then one wire is run to the battery and harness. So you don't have a charge light and the loads are farther away from the alternator itself. But it's simple.
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