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  2. I believe August 17 to be exact...Take note ZCON 2021 attendees.
  3. I'm going to need a Certificate of Authenticity. 😆
  4. …and it’s a black wire. Thanks
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  6. Vapor blasting gives a very nice original look finish. Here's an example of vapor blasting by a company near me, that provides this service:
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/184562227884?epid=1657456216&hash=item2af8c41aac:g:VGgAAOSwjsxfxv8S
  8. hello! it's been a while. Unfortunately I got caught up with work and other matters. I finally got some progress and discovered other things. My carbs are finally working! I ordered a 14mm color tune kit and I was able to dial in the carbs to idle around 800 and I got them to run a little rich at higher rpms. I found out something however which I don't know about. I did all the tuning on the carbs with the vacuum advance off. The second I put the line back onto the first carb the car started "tweaking out." Started misfiring and popping in the high rpms. The distributor is a single point kind
  9. L Looks scary. Interesting experiment.
  10. Sounds like great Friday night dinner plans to me!!! I was going to say the first round is on me - but NOT with THIS crowd..... I'd have to dip into my 401k!!!!
  11. Speaking of center finders, here is a new cool tool of that ilk that appeared on the ol’ FB feed today. https://www.centerquic.com/?fbclid=IwAR2qYZtaqWD0fYPMFBh5QQUuivk6HbW9_4nqL0SCk1PHutx-C6B4nT2LYQ8_aem_AZBxVPZMyQBRqlSeY_76rQlEL4s4Lbpu5c3QIw0Efp9DDIcEwJj3dOuf_5xhVlkR5e5Yxr72CvqgWUDoomgqObEK5WAORsFvh2zrzCo13nXQgt05YdcFxIWGmVjZMtXM92Y $168 USD. To click or not to click “Purchase now”…
  12. Spamming someone used to be simpler in the old days!
  13. I’ve owned one of these for over 40 years. Used it hundreds of times.
  14. FYI, KlassicFab has a great deal on now, for the battery shelf and surrounding metal, https://kfvintagejdm.com/shop/datsun/battery-tray-floor-battery-tray-datsun240z/
  15. Most local auto parts stores can have one in a day. If any of the hangars are loose or broken the exhaust will be loose, and when it is loose, it can bump into stuff. Did you do like I suggested and give it a shake?
  16. Nice battery tray! Btw.. i remember that i took it also out of my 240z and later on i screwed it into place.. not original i know but it's handy.. especially when i restore the car for the third time in about 2-3 years i guess... (hope..) (will be my second restore of this car)
  17. Assuming someone has registered it online there are a few sources. However, this does not tie into any national DMV database. It's all voluntary registrations. VIN registry put together by @Carl Beck : http://zhome.com/IZCC/ZRegisters/ Also we have a thread started here:
  18. Ruined 71 with Bluetooth. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-240z-178/
  19. Last week
  20. Two words for you my friend- mini split.
  21. You're going to have to give a better description than "no click stop when I flick it with my finger". Make a video.
  22. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/53344-drivers-side-door-locking-mechanism/?tab=comments#comment-623584
  23. Just installed mine from Lift Supports Depot on a ‘71 240z! All hardware included and took 20 min. I did have to source a 8mm nut and washer for the body ball mount thought.
  24. Since the thread quality isn't an indicator of the quality of the potential failure point your worry level should be the same. Your "new" used axle is just as likely to fail as your old used axle.
  25. Hi Dave, I still have my old one laying around somewhere, but I know it didn't have any holes in it like the two 71C trannies I have. Maybe somewhere in the 71B production they started fitting them with the holed versions?
  26. Inline private message sent. Thanks Jim
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