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  1. If only you were on this side of the pond, I have a few that don't get nearly enough use. Thanks again!
  2. @AK260 brilliant! As long as it is not going to impact that delicious delicious torque curve, that is what I am interested in. Thanks much for the explanation on scavenging. Watched a few videos on YouTube which had me spinning!
  3. Hi Guys, Need a little help understanding scavenging and the impact of changing pipe size through an exhaust setup. Is there a negative or positive impact to reducing exhaust pipe diameter after a header collector? Context: I have a stock 1977 280z with L28 and no modifications. I will be installing a new exhaust later this year. I have an MSA 6-1 which features a 2.5" collector and am planning on buying a Zstory muffer which also features a 2.5" inlet. I read on the forums that for an unmodified setup, the 2" or 2.25" setup is ideal for torque due to scavenging/velocity
  4. @AK260 Amazing work! Solved a problem I have been facing for a while with understanding Sean's offering and the different options. Thanks much! If you still have the mufflers and can get an exterior mount, it would be cool to hear what all three of these sound like from outside of the car too while driving.
  5. Going to check out out this week. Is there anything to look out for with regards to the center gearing where the hub connects to the steering wheel? Or with the electrical for the horn?
  6. @Wally There is a guy on Facebook that offers this as a service. Its not cheap, but the photos look good. Links below. https://www.facebook.com/Datsun-240Z-Steering-Wheels-100916391333259/ @Patcon @Captain Obvious Are there any common challenges or problem spots to look out for when refinishing? And does this faux wood refinish like real wood? Looking for a used wheel to put on my 280z, but 100% of the wheels I see up for sale need some TLC.
  7. Hi guys! What is the size of the hose from the fuel tank to the fuel pump on a 1977 280z? The fuel line got a small tear and I decided to replace it. I read on the forum that this line is a 12mm line rather than the normal 5/16, but the 12mm line doesn’t fit. The hose is somewhat snug on the fuel pump, but is very loose on the gas tank outlet and I can’t fit the hose through the cutout in the bulkhead. Thoughts?
  8. The shop is in North Carolina. Came highly recommended by a friend in the Z community up here in Chicago who was driving down to do rebuilds on a few transmissions for his 240z and 510. I believe the owner of the shop is a retired race Z builder. I can ask my friend who made the connection if the shop is taking more work, or if this was a personal favor. You looking for a rebuild @Patcon?
  9. Quick update for this topic! Sent the trans out to a Z specialist in the Carolinas for inspection and rebuild. Main bearing was shot, but otherwise everything else was in ideal condition. Posting some before /after pictures for our mutual gratification. Before: Missing a few: After:
  10. Muzez


    In case anyone needs it, link to example of MSA 6-1 header + zstory JDM exhaust.
  11. Just ordered. Will be here in 2 days! What is so different about this stuff? Good deal re: exterior texture. Unfortunately, it is officially winter here in Chicago and there won’t be a warm day for 3-4 months haha. I tried washing my weathertech liners after I brought the trans back and my pant leg froze. Re Aluminum: I like this idea way better. Will give it a try! If all of this doesn’t work, it might be time to get professional help haha. I have a can of MAP, but have been holding off on using it on the fill plug thus far because there is a sensor 2” away and was nervous a
  12. Quick Update: Still working to get the fill and drain plugs unstuck. Been dosing them with PB Blaster and heat for about a week, but no luck yet. Was thinking of maybe backfilling the warped parts of the drain plug with JB cold weld to form it back into more/less a square. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, I have been stripping away some of the red paint from the trans. Luckily, they didn’t do a great job of degreasing before they applied the paint, so it’s coming off pretty easily. Should have that gone today or tomorrow. One question for you guys: Some parts of the Trans cas
  13. I will have lived a good life if I get to see this thing cross 100k. 🙂 Will probably be around the same time I am teaching my daughter to drive stick (she will be born next April). Thanks Dave! Will take a photo of the plastic wear part tomorrow as well as check for play in the water pump. And thanks for the “clean” bill of health. 🙂 New to all of this, so still learning every day.
  14. @siteunseen & @Zed Head one more thing. You mentioned that I am in the #1 hole. Just saw the #1 below the window you guys highlighted. So what does the #2 indent at the top of the pulley mean just below the chain? Is that where to set the bright chain for the #2 window then?
  15. re “OK” range, that is great! No need to replace parts if not warranted haha. re: “something will pop up” please knock on wood for nothing to pop up haha. I am okay delaying any major issues indefinitely. 😛 I have more than enough work this winter between replacing the fuel injector connectors, troubleshooting the BCDD, finding my vacuum leak, and sealing my exhaust leak haha Contributions are always welcome @siteunseen I have a lot to learn and many hands make light work. 🙂
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