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  1. The shop is in North Carolina. Came highly recommended by a friend in the Z community up here in Chicago who was driving down to do rebuilds on a few transmissions for his 240z and 510. I believe the owner of the shop is a retired race Z builder. I can ask my friend who made the connection if the shop is taking more work, or if this was a personal favor. You looking for a rebuild @Patcon?
  2. Quick update for this topic! Sent the trans out to a Z specialist in the Carolinas for inspection and rebuild. Main bearing was shot, but otherwise everything else was in ideal condition. Posting some before /after pictures for our mutual gratification. Before: Missing a few: After:
  3. Muzez


    In case anyone needs it, link to example of MSA 6-1 header + zstory JDM exhaust.
  4. Just ordered. Will be here in 2 days! What is so different about this stuff? Good deal re: exterior texture. Unfortunately, it is officially winter here in Chicago and there won’t be a warm day for 3-4 months haha. I tried washing my weathertech liners after I brought the trans back and my pant leg froze. Re Aluminum: I like this idea way better. Will give it a try! If all of this doesn’t work, it might be time to get professional help haha. I have a can of MAP, but have been holding off on using it on the fill plug thus far because there is a sensor 2” away and was nervous about the extra heat melting it.
  5. Quick Update: Still working to get the fill and drain plugs unstuck. Been dosing them with PB Blaster and heat for about a week, but no luck yet. Was thinking of maybe backfilling the warped parts of the drain plug with JB cold weld to form it back into more/less a square. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, I have been stripping away some of the red paint from the trans. Luckily, they didn’t do a great job of degreasing before they applied the paint, so it’s coming off pretty easily. Should have that gone today or tomorrow. One question for you guys: Some parts of the Trans case are smooth, but some areas have a texture to them that resembles slightly wrinkly produce. I am assuming the texture is part of the casting and is just more apparent from due to the dirt. Is this something you guys have seen before? And anything to worry about? Most of the areas that have it look like this: This was probably the worst of the sections
  6. I will have lived a good life if I get to see this thing cross 100k. 🙂 Will probably be around the same time I am teaching my daughter to drive stick (she will be born next April). Thanks Dave! Will take a photo of the plastic wear part tomorrow as well as check for play in the water pump. And thanks for the “clean” bill of health. 🙂 New to all of this, so still learning every day.
  7. @siteunseen & @Zed Head one more thing. You mentioned that I am in the #1 hole. Just saw the #1 below the window you guys highlighted. So what does the #2 indent at the top of the pulley mean just below the chain? Is that where to set the bright chain for the #2 window then?
  8. re “OK” range, that is great! No need to replace parts if not warranted haha. re: “something will pop up” please knock on wood for nothing to pop up haha. I am okay delaying any major issues indefinitely. 😛 I have more than enough work this winter between replacing the fuel injector connectors, troubleshooting the BCDD, finding my vacuum leak, and sealing my exhaust leak haha Contributions are always welcome @siteunseen I have a lot to learn and many hands make light work. 🙂
  9. Thanks John! And good luck on the resealing project!
  10. Muzez


    Thanks for the heads up. If you have the contact information for the guy/lady with the MSA 6-1, would love to hear what they sound like. That's the headers I currently have. :)
  11. Hey @Zed Head two quick follow ups Checked the timing today. The oblong groove is just before the location notch. The hole above and to the left is the #2 timing mark so we are in between 2 and 3. Q1: Does the fact that the groove is almost aligned with the notch mean this is something I need to keep an eye on? Or it’s time to change? Q2: There is oil sitting above the 5 and 6 pistons. Is there be a drain back there? Or the only drain is At the front where the timing chain is?
  12. Thanks @siteunseen was super curious as I was working on the cams today. At first, I thought they were drains that were blocked and was panicking but then found a clean photo and was just curious haha.
  13. Cool! Thanks. They are for draining coolant from the head when rebuilding?
  14. Muzez


    Is the video above the Z with the 6-1? If not, would your client be willing to send a sound clip or video? I am in the market for a new muffler. 🙂
  15. Hey Guys, Mechanic has my FSM and Haynes manual for a transmission inspection. Hoping you can answer a curiosity question: What is this part called and what is it for?
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