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  1. Hi Yarb, 17x8" in 0mm offset and 225/45R17 tires will fit with some potential requirement to roll the fenders depending on how low your car is. Thank you.
  2. Hello, Yes this wheel will fit with some fender rolling! Thank you.
  3. Hello everyone, VTO wheels is bringing in 17"x8" Classic 8 wheels to be offered on 1/1/2020. Available in 0-12mm+ offset (4.5"-5" backspace) in a 4x114.3 bolt pattern. Get 5% off when you pre-order! Use the code: ZCARCLUB Search for part number: 517-UDP0LS https://www.vtowheels.com/Classic-8-GTR-17-x-8-Custom-Drilled-0mmSilver-wMachined-Lip-PRE-ORDER-WHEEL-AVAILABLE-1120_p_235.html
  4. https://www.vtowheels.com/Lemans-15-x-7-4-x1143mm-18mm_p_126.html
  5. Hello, Thank you reaching out. The wheels are gravity cast and weights are as follows: 15x7" in 0mm+ offset 4x114.3mm 14.9 lbs 16x7" in 0mm+ offset 4x114.3mm 16.5 lbs The wheel weight will change slightly with different bolt patterns and offsets. These wheels are a completely different mold than the standard Classic 8's , in this mold we sunk the wheel spokes back another inch. While this limited the offset range the wheel can accommodate from 0-36mm+ to 0-12mm+ is allowed the wheel to be significantly lighter. The offsets these can accommodate are intended
  6. New deep dish classic 8 wheels coming soon in April 2019! Official Name = Classic 8 GTR Sizes: 15x7", 16x7" Available offset: 0-12mm+ Available Bolt Patterns: 4x100mm, 4x101.6mm, 4x108mm, 4x110mm, 4x114.3mm, 4x130mm, 5x100mm, 5x101.6mm, 5x108mm, 5x110mm, 5x114.3mm, 5x120.65mm, 5x130mm Price: 15x7" $199.00/wheel 16x7" $201.00/wheel Ordering Information: 15x7” https://www.vtowheels.com/Classic-8-GTR-15-x-7-Custom-Drilled-0mmSilver-wMachined-Lip_p_193.html 16x7” https://www.vtowheels.com/Classic-8-GTR-16-x-7-Custom-Drilled-0mmS
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