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  1. Consigli

    Shell V Power Nitro+

    Whats good for the hippo is good for the Z!
  2. Consigli

    1978 Black Pearl

    Thank you!
  3. Consigli

    1978 Black Pearl

    Shouldn't it also have the alloy wheels? I wonder if the numbers match?
  4. Consigli

    1978 Black Pearl

    Wow! A documented Black Pearl for $2K!
  5. Consigli

    Sold my 1970 this wk, values trending??

    I guess $4,500 is pretty cheap to fix when you drill down into what it takes to do right. If it ups the value on a rare car its money well spent.
  6. Consigli

    Sold my 1970 this wk, values trending??

    May be member "Disepyon" could patch it. He has an English wheel and extraordinary metal forming skills!
  7. Consigli

    Sold my 1970 this wk, values trending??

    That's good info. to know.
  8. Consigli

    Sold my 1970 this wk, values trending??

    So a skilled metal worker can't patch a sunroof hole? The whole roof needs to be replaced? Just asking cause I don't know.
  9. Consigli

    Sold my 1970 this wk, values trending??

    https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/1970-Datsun-240Z http://www.nadaguides.com/Classic-Cars/1970/Nissan-Datsun/240Z/2-Door-Coupe/Values
  10. Consigli

    Looking for specific car(260Z)

    You can carfax the VIN. It might tell you if it is still out there registered. I googled your VIN and did an image search and this came up. You lucky guy!
  11. Consigli

    78 280 Z stock EFI

    I'm sorry you didn't have better luck with your OEM EFI. Its still a good system and was one of the best back in the day. Mine is all original and runs great now. But I did do a lot of expensive work to it such as all new NOS injectors, new connectors, new cold start valve, new thermo time switch, new fuel pump, new fuel dampner, etc. If the other guy doesn't buy the whole system I may be interested in that too so I can have spare parts. Thank you!
  12. Consigli

    1976 280Z Restoration Project

    I like it Mark. Nissan should of raised the bar and done all Z car lines like yours! It makes good common sense and looks great too!
  13. Consigli

    78 280 Z stock EFI

    I have a 1978 280Z too with the stock Bosch EFI. I'm looking for a nice OEM EGR valve & shield. I'm assuming once you switch to carbs you won't use yours. Do you have one for sale? Thanks!
  14. Consigli


  15. Consigli

    I have Fairlady S30-01036...need some advice

    Zed Head we don't want you to go away. We want you to be a team player and a positive contributor. Just write a little direct apology to HS30-H and the "low vin" members who you insulted. Write it here. After all, you did insult them. And they had done nothing to you. So its not their fault they got offended. All the "low vin" guys did was take the time to provide carnutatthebeach with factual, direct and thorough information about his car. It would of taken carnutatthebeach weeks or months to find this info out on his own. They did this new member a real solid and demonstrated what the spirit of this web site should be. And, without provocation, you insulted them for it. So show the new member we are not a bunch of gesticulating hooting monkeys flinging poo at each other. Show him that you can rise above the butt hurt and be the bigger man. Apologize to HS30-H. I don't even know the guy but I am sure he will graciously accept your apology. Get this done so we can move forward, come back and lets get this very informative and interesting thread back on subject.

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