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  1. The cap was badly corroded in place. I went to Motorsport and bought a new one. Took it apart to see how it worked. I drilled holes in the black plastic at the 5 screw locations. Using a channel lock, I pried it off. The keylock center mechanism lifts right out. Had to buy a pricey #9 easy out. Stuck it into the remaining formed steel cap, and with a large crescent torqued it off. Photo attached.
  2. My gas cap is stuck. Previously, I lubed the lock and had a new key made. The Lock/Unlock function was fine, but the cap felt like it was stuck/corroded in-place. When the cap is locked, I know it spins. So, I locked the cap and with a small piece of wood using a hammer, I got it to spin. Unlocked the cap, and it still was stuck. It would rotated about 45 degrees and then stop. I used the piece of wood and hammer, and now it will rotated grudgingly but not un-thread. Has anyone else had this problem, and what was the remedy? I am prepared to buy another cap. I have gone back 10 years in this forum without finding a similar situation.
  3. In another thread, car54280zx posted pictures of a fabulous restoration. The cost of this restoration was not stated, but another member posted that a friend paid $140,000 Cdn for a similar restoration. This 280ZX is now better than new. When this much is spent, is it legal and ethical to reset the odometer? I have gone back 10 years of posts, and this question has not been asked previously.
  4. Zup and dutchzcarguy - Thank you for your input. It is appreciated. The quotes I have are twice the funds available to me ($30K). Obviously, I will need to perform as much work as possible myself. I already have most of the parts that are needed (new, rebuilt, or overhauled). The amount of labor needed will be enormous. But, it has to be done. As I proceed, I may need further advice, and will be looking forward to quality info.
  5. I'm starting the restoration on my 280zx AE. I have received some quotes on the process, and I have sticker shock. May I ask what you spent. Car54280zx, the restoration is absolutely fantastic, and has set the standard I will try to match.
  6. I am new to this forum, and desire to get the collective wisdom from the group. This is my 4th ZX. I purchased a 1980ZX Annv. Edition back in 1993, my number is 577. I started to proceed with a limited refurbishment in 1997, but work commitments, and cash flow stalled my progress. Now I have sufficient funds to finish the job. But a good friend advised that I could easily be underwater as the job progresses due to unforeseen circumstances, thus leading to the question. Current status: On jacks in the side yard. Engine at the long block level sitting in the garage and preserved. Transmission was previously worked on, and is good. Differential needs overhaul/replacement with a serviceable unit. No marks on the body, but the paint is obviously bad. There was some rust at the roof/windshield line which I mitigated chemically and treated with aircraft zinc-chromate. I have been busy purchasing new/re-manufactured/rebuilt/serviceable parts. Meanwhile, have been bead-blasting and painting parts. It will need a complete exterior paint and new interior. The car has been sitting the side yard for 10 years I have made contact with a known 280ZX expert/mechanic to put it back together again. I am next in line. I have estimates for the assembly work, complete 1st class paint, and a complete new interior. I also have been to Hemmings.com and have an idea what it would be worth when completed. I do not have any idea of its worth as-is, or what it is worth parted out. I do have the new gold hood medallion purchased in 1997, which is now unobtainable. My desire is to return the car to its original glory, but with caution and knowledge. I would like to hear from others in the group.