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[2020] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?


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I am gathering components to upgrade my brake system.  I have the Z31 vented front rotors, Toyota 4X4 S12-W calipers, T3 spacers, Mustang GT rear vented rotors, Mustang GT rear calipers and Silvermine Stage 4 caliper brackets.  I still need a Wilwood 1" master cylinder, front race pads, and the fasteners for the rear brackets.  With any luck, I will start in a few weeks.  I will also make a jig to re-drill the rear rotors for the 4x114.3 bolt circle.  With a simple jig, I can easily replace the rotors with only a cordless drill and a few bits.

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It is an interesting part.  Its back edge is the front face of the pinch weld at the bottom of the wind shield.  The back corners fold in where ~ 4 pieces of metal come together at the bottom of the A pillar. There is also weld bead, sealant and solder at those junctions. 

The front corners also have bead welds where the inspect hatch hinge mounts are attached. 

To clean up the part I hack out of the donor car involved some grinding and a lot of spot weld drilling.

Removing the panel from Blue will be fun.  I will get to it when I have the car gutted and stripped down.

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I've had the fuel tank out for de-rusting and cleaning for some time now.  I finally got my son-in-law to come over and help me reinstall if.  I could get it mounted by myself.  Or, I could get the fill hose on the tank nipple by myself.  But I couldn't do both simultaneously without help.  Sorry, no pics.  Still need to finish chassis-side fuel hoses (with see-through filter), hook up the new fuel pump and replace the ignition switch.  Then it's ready to fire up again, and will hopefully run right.

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Battery Bling!  Finally got around to installing new battery terminals that have sat around about 4 months.  I like the way they look and will be great for the eye candy part of car shows but the functionality will require more effort. Instead of just a 1/2" (13mm) wrench,  I'll have to add a full set of Hex keys and a 9/16" to the tool carry kit.  The plastic covers look good too but there's Nooo Waay that I will ever let an Autozone guy replace the battery without me removing them first.



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