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  1. I think at some point my right rear turn signal was working fine. It IS NOT working now. At the 4 prong square connector that feeds the light harness at the rear of the car I have power coming from the front of the car. Check with the test light and it blinks fine when its unplugged....Plug it in a NO flashing. However the Hazard lights that seem to run on the same wire work perfectly fine. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look for a problem. Only think I can think of is there is a separate ground for the Hazards vs the Turn Signal. The front right turn signal works fine, this i
  2. I think that is the one that I ended up using.
  3. Late to the party. I have the same setup as you had. What ended up working for me was the new Diff Mount....the RT Mount (though I modified it so that it hit the top of the diff in the right place)....and a later model Mustache Bar. I can't remember if I used the later model drive shaft but I think I did. It's been around 6 months and I have so many different parts from all different year models laying around. The mod to the RT mount isn't rocket science, I have a welder but am by no means a "welder". It took probably 15 minutes. You will see what it needs if you go this way. The top busing ne
  4. Careful not to break the metal Clips or you will be out $120 for a set of 4 of them!
  5. It was brutal! I've done the best I could and always knew I probably wouldn't end up with a Concours product. That being said I did expect a very nice finished product that I could be proud of....This was FAR from that. My hats off to everyone here that is spending the time and money to get to that level! I can't imagine how long it takes and how expensive that becomes. I had an idea in my head how long this would take and how much money I would have in it......I have doubled both! The guy that ran that shop was pretty embarrassed and did the right thing. In the end they did a nice job a
  6. Had some wiring issues that took me a while to figure out. This car had dealer installed AC, I didn't put that back on though I may change my mind when summer rolls around and I'm sweating profusely all over my armor-all'd seats. Car seems to have plenty of power and it should handle AC without making it sluggish. I had some of that wiring for the AC jacked up and the whole thing with the blower motor wire changing colors was confusing. Somehow I had something connected that energized the radio housing! Wheel Cylinders started leaking, were working fine before but I guess they didn't lik
  7. This is where I stopped taking pictures and got to work. Most everything else was just putting all the parts back on. Still more problems to come but mostly just annoying old car stuff.
  8. All in all I am pleased with the Headers and exhaust from ZStory. I think the problem with the pipe angles has been addressed and the car sounds great to me. This is my first Zcar and I have never driven or been in another but it sounds very nice inside the car and out. Has enough sound to make it tough but not enough to wizz the neighbors off! IMG_5627.MOVIMG_5648.MOVIMG_5649.MOV
  9. At this point it was running but something still wasn't right. It wouldn't idle smooth and we couldn't get the carbs dialed in. Sprayed brake cleaner all around the exhaust manifold and the area where the carbs sealed with the Intake and as soon as the spray hit the engine it would smooth out and run good for a few seconds. We had pretty bad vacuum leaks at the headers and the carb to intake. I feared the headers weren't going to seat up correctly when I was installing them due to the angle of a couple of the pipes coming off the flange. I should have looked over the carb assembly too be
  10. First start up! It took a while but finally got everything flowing and running. NO OIL PRESSURE! Now its been almost a year since this car has run. I didn't have very much time with the car before I tore it all apart but I thought the gauge was fine and I installed a new pressure sending unit on the block. I was freaking out at this point wondering what I had done wrong. We took the filter off and it was totally dry. Oil pump wasn't working. Filled the filter up with transmission fluid and squirted some in that passage and tried again. This time we got good pressure. Ran the engine a bit more
  11. I was dying to see if the engine I rebuilt would actually run. I followed the instructions but I have never torn into the bottom half of anything before. I was very nervous about the startup.
  12. That valve cover is NO BUENO! I struggled getting it clean and eventually resorted to wire wheeling it to remove the old crud that was all over it. Luckily I have a few others and found a place near me that does vapor blasting. That should look a lot better.
  13. Winter is the slowest time for my business so after the paint job was all done and buffed out I was able to spend the next few weeks at the shop putting everything back together. I should have taken more pictures but I was so focused in on getting this project that had suffered so many stumbles along the way done and back home. The hood was an absolute mother to get lined up where it sat down correctly when closed. I wasn't sure if it was my hood or the hinges but we finally got it lined up. This was before the respray though. Didnt want to fight with it after the paint was done and risk
  14. Few weeks later and tons of work doing it right I finally got a proper paint job.
  15. It was BAD! Overspray all over the place, contaminated paint spots. The finish on the hood was horrible. Nothing like Epoxy Primer all over the fresh powder coat on the crossmember I was so careful to get looking as nice as possible.
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