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New wiper blades?


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My last Z had good rubber on the wipers so never paid much attention to them, this new car that I'm just about to put on the road doesn't even have old blades to go by, are there ready made blades that will fit these arms or do I have to go to a Z specific store?

Oh, and how long should they be?

Thanks, Chris


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May not need to be said, but---- that is for 1 blade not a pair.

The part number is good---I've bought several from Courtesy in the last 6 months.


The-z-connexion on E-bay is a solid source if you chose that route.

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Just looked last night--they're gone there too!

Mike used to have those offered as his "loss leader" and sold them at cost as a customer appreciation item.

Now it seems the only "appreciation" will be the cost of them as the current supply dries up!  :angry:

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Yes, even Banzai no longer has them. It's important to remember that Nissan doesn't discontinue an item out of meanness. If an item doesn't sell - those are too expensive, I can get a set of blades from Advanced Auto Parts for half of what Nissan charges - then why should Nissan reorder 10,000 from their supplier? Pure supply and demand.

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The refills are also NLA. I bought the last set from Nissan 2 weeks ago. The container was very dirty and it came from the Master Depot which always means that it is the last of a breed. However, Grannyknot may be right. There may be a refill - does the aftermarket still offer refills? that will work and fit. Be careful as an ill fitting refill could end up scratching windshield!! OUCH! 

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After finding out that 240 and late 280 wiper blades are NLA from Nissan I decided to go on a bit of an adventure checking out what's available on the aftermarket. At least something that might be period looking.

On top is a new Nissan factory 77/78 280 black pin drive type blade,  B8891-N3500. Below that is an excellent substitute from NAPA, 60-018-8 for about $12.00 each. I like these because they look good and the pin drive is solidly mounted to the superstructure and not part of a universal mounting kit. At the bottom are a set of NLA Datsun refills B8891-45090. The last set Nissan had.

At the top of the second picture is a set of Datsun factory blades that I liberated from a 240 with only 9k miles. On the superstructure is printed  "under license from TRICO". Below that is a set of NAPA /TRICO  Classic blades (6-1833). Although they are sold by NAPA and TRICO for about the same money, $9.00 each, and are almost identical, they are manufactured in China. The mounting arm is part of a kit and made from gray plastic. The design of the metal superstructure is nothing like the factory blades but the color is pretty close. Below that is a set of ANCO Vintage Specialty Blades, ANC-20-18. I had a hell of a time locating a set as those dealers indicated on the ANCO site as being near me didn't have a clue. I finally ordered from Summit  for more than $25.00 each. Upon opening the packaging I discovered that THEY ARE THE SAME MADE IN CHINA BLADE AS SOLD BY NAPA and TRICO! Only difference-the superstructure is more shiny. At the bottom are a set of NAPA/TRICO refills and yes, they do indeed fit original Datsun factory blades.  However, the stiffening piece is black. The NAPA part # is 6-1844 and are/were about $7.00 for a set. Given the relationship between NAPA and TRICO I'm confident that they are the same TRICO 44-180 mentioned by siteunseen.                Cheers



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Wiper Blade Arm Wire Metal Original Style  240Z 260Z 280Z 70-76From the ZCarDepot website header: "We carry OEM genuine Nissan and aftermarket parts.  OEM parts will have "OEM" in the title." 

From the product description: "Wiper Blade Arm Wire Metal Original Style 240Z 260Z 280Z 70-76"

I am not sure if this "original style" wiper blade is really available or not. Note that the description does not say "OEM" so I would think that it is from some aftermarket supplier. It is a very close copy of the original wiper from the looks of the image.

Ryan's website allows you to place it in your cart.

Here's a link to the wiper : https://zcardepot.com/collections/exterior/products/wiper-blade-arm-wire-metal-original-style-240z-260z-280z-70-76


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As a follow up, this morning  I contacted Ryan  at www.zcardepot.com and he confirmed to me that the wipers he is offering on the website are not OEM Nissan. He specifically mentions that in the listing by referring to them as "original style".They are a very close copy that he has sourced when the original wiper supply dried up.

As of now these are the closest you can get to the visual appearance of the OEM wipers. He does have them in stock.

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On 2/25/2019 at 2:31 PM, sfm6s524 said:

Here’s a pic of one of the wiper blades I just got from ZCarDepot a few weeks ago. Not sure if the one laying above it is an original or not.

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sfm6s524, which blade did you get from ZDepot, the top one or the installed blade?

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