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  2. Awesome thread Dutch! I’ve got a 79 I’m working on and have been slowly prepping things for platting so I hope you don’t mind questions. Looking at the pictures on my phone I can’t tell if everything was Yellow/Gold Zinc Cad platted or if some were also left clear zinc. Did the heat and under shields come zinc plated from factory? I was thinking the manifold shield and the booster shield were galvanized but was not positive. Same for the under shield but I have not really looked at it yet or done any prep work to it. And I was wondering if you knew what finish was on the radiator over flo
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  4. Grannyknot's explanation is on the right path and identifies a key part of the S30's structure whose importance is often overlooked: the transmission tunnel. Your question seems to be focused on braking loads (i.e. rear-directed loads that occur in the horizontal plane) and your supposition is that the rocker structures are the only elements of the structure available to absorb these loads. Were that true, than the braking loads would, indeed, need to be transferred to the rockers by the firewall panel. Not an ideal situation, as you've guessed. In fact, the braking loads are largely a
  5. https://youtu.be/QzrQgxPVQCU VID_20210919_114808.mp4 VID_20210919_114808.mp4 VID_20210919_114808.mp4 VID_20210919_114808.mp4
  6. I finally decided to replace the gasket for the intake & exhaust manifold today. I also found some clues as to why my previous effort to tighten the intake didn't work. Among other things, I got a really good view of where about 17 years ago I found that a stud was missing near the #6 exhaust. I just didn't have the skills back then to take things apart and put in a new stud. I also found the nut was missing under the #5/#6 intake runners. More on that later. I also had one stud around the exhaust come out with the nut attached. Fortunately, I had spare studs already on han
  7. Ron, maybe some pictures would help Pictures all the way around the hatch...
  8. Any of you guys use the Rockford 430-10 u-joints to replace the original staked in ones?
  9. Read through this and see if it answers some questions. I'm about to leave out for the night but will check back in the morning. https://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/tempsensorpot/index.html
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  11. Sorry I can't help with the question but I sure am glad you're okay and checking in on us Bob! Cliif
  12. did you search here https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1978,280z
  13. What is this hole for in the passenger fire wall. Also is the blower housing suppose to be open like this?
  14. View Advert 1977 280Z 2+2 1977 280Z 2+2, manufacture date 11/76. Original 4 speed with A/C. 77K miles. NYS title with lien release from Bank. Hasn't been on the road since 1991. Good: Fenders, hood, top, passenger door, rear hatch. Glass except windshield (crack on passenger side). Have windshield gasket and chrome strips. Engine will start and run but runs rough, needs fuel injector work and/or engine temperature adjustment to run well. Interior is in good condition, seats are not torn, and all rugs are in good condition with the exception of the pa
  15. It helps to share some of the surprises, especially when people join here because they want to "wake up" an old Z. On the other hand, I haven't been documenting some things like the oil leaks from dried up seals...
  16. Couple more red ones coming up. One has 300,000 miles. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-datsun-240z-195/ https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-datsun-240z-192/
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  18. I guess any type of short steel would work, re-bar or a socket extension comes to mind. The female end would fit on the fin then tap it off with a hammer.
  19. I just spoke with his previous business partner at C7 carbon (they make corvette carbon fiber parts now), they used to pop carbon fiber parts for Scions under the name C12 carbon, but apparently this was just before the guy Paulo split and started RSpec carbon. All these businesses are located in San Diego area and have their parts made in Baja California. Still.... no luck tracking down the elusive Mr. Paulo Sierra or a status update on my parts. Any members down in San Diego that have information on this guy, I would certainly appreciate any help.
  20. Doors and hatch are fitting much better. Still some adjustments to make.
  21. I've sent multiple messages but never heard from you. My email is rlewis1957@cox.net. I can PayPal funds immediately. Phone number is 602-312-4038. Thank you. Randy
  22. I got a good set that is non molested for sale, see advertisements
  23. View Advert 73 flat tops complete with intake Anyone interested for a period correct restoration maybe ? 73 240Z only and I believe 260Z? Make me an offer. They are in good condition, but have been laying for a long time, needs cleaning. im located in europe, I can send overseas paypal possible , contact me through email please Advertiser bartsscooterservice Date 09/17/2021 Price
  24. Maybe she is hanging out with her sisters, Anode, and Cathode.
  25. One additional thought...if I recall correctly the floor pans that MSA sells are from Zedd Findings (please correct me if I am wrong or if this has changed).
  26. Thanks, I’ve been putting in about 4 hrs a day to get here. I got Covid at some point too in the process (yes I’m vaccinated), had to wait for parts, had to wait for powder coating. Tomorrow I’m going to install the flywheel, and clutch on new engine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. Couple details updated on the Z. Working on the exhaust system now, should have that wrapped up soon. For now, much of the body has been reassembled. New/replated hardware used throughout, and picked up an excellently restored set of side marker lights and license plate light from @jfa.series1. Original turn signal housings received a deep cleaning, lens polished, and new hardware sourced.
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