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  2. Got it! Saved until I don't remember where it came from!
  3. "Who? Me?" He asks, sounding a little startled. As if he was interrupted doing something he ought not to be doing...
  4. It as been a while since I have provided an update. So, without further delay, here are some pics of the wheels I ordered from Top End Performance. Steve, if I recall the name correctly, had the best pricing out of 4 or 5 places I checked. You have to order a set of four though to get the price of $266 per wheel. That plus $150 shipping to my zip code... Oh and they were drop shipped directly from Mas at Panasport. My quote directly from Mas, by the way was $341.43 plus shipping for each wheel (including 4 lug nuts) - sooooooooo not good a deal. Size is 16 X 7. It will be a while longer before they see actual use!
  5. Switching to a 280zx 5 speed and am looking to get the 3.9 R200 since that appears to be the recommendation for best acceleration. Currently set up with a R200 3.54 and a 4 speed
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  7. 7tooZ

    Bulb seals

    I have a set of taillights with the harness that are pretty solid. But I hate to break up the set. Let me know if you don’t find an other solution!
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  9. Mike (Banzai) doesn't have a '73 on his website. Mine came from ZedSaver. Sent from my SM-G981W using Tapatalk
  10. The 81 ZX Turbo sold for $32,250. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1981-datsun-280zx-turbo-6/
  11. View Advert 240Z Fuel Rail Series 2 style fuel rail (late 71’s and all 72’s). Straightened, stripped to bare metal, wet-sanded, professionally replated in yellow zinc. While correct for the models stated, this rail can be used on any S30 with round-top carbs. Two of these are available. $225 each, includes standard domestic shipping. International shipping available at actual cost. Payment via PayPal, PM if interested. Thanks. Advertiser jfa.series1 Date 11/30/2020 Price $225.00 Category Parts for Sale  
  12. Just wrote this guy that’s selling the dash portion I posted earlier and this is what he said. If that true sounds like it would be a good unit to work with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Back on the body for some final work to the interior before paint. When the shell was blasted we had all of the sound deadening removed so that any rust underneath could be removed and cleaned up. I wanted to maintain the original look of the floors best we could for this rebuild. To do this we replicated the factory sound deadening pads placed throughout the interior with sheets of a 3M material: Sound Deadening This material comes with an adhesive backed side and a top surface that can be painted. It goes on very easy and can be trimmed down to the correct size with scissors or a box cutter. Once ready for paint the entire interior will get a coat of sealer followed by the silver base color and clear.
  14. View Advert Zstory JDM Blem mufflers For the month of December, several blem units are offered at the price of usd$190 shipped to your door (tracked and insured) also including the clamp and two reinforced straps necessary to fit it ! Slips over a 3.9'' straight exhaust pipe end 2.5'' entry pipe leading to 2x 2'' slanted and vertically stacked exit pipes Blem is an extra fixing bracket welded on than ground off - please study the photos Normal, current price shipped is usd$280 but out of stock until late January* with another batch in March *when parts prices and shipping will rise. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Advertiser Sean Dezart Date 11/30/2020 Price $190.00 Category Parts for Sale  
  15. I use one of these when I'm balancing carburetors and setting the idle. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002LZU7K It measures RPM and dwell, though I haven't played with the dwell function (despite the fact I should). There are lots of other meters that can perform these tests.
  16. Ok, two boxes packed. Instructions enclosed. One box contains 73 240Z Power brake booster, the other contains two 79-81 280ZX Power brake boosters. I only intend to use one of course, but these are valuable vintage parts and someone should be bolting them on something so I am having them all done rather than putting them on a shelf where they languish and rust away. If you need a 240Z power brake booster for your restoration or you need a 79-81 280ZX power brake booster for your restoration or upgrade, PM me. Oh! I also have a 15/16 master cylinder I took off that was in good shape. It isn't rebuilt and it isn't new but these are hard to find so PM me if you need it.
  17. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supercharger#Aircraft
  18. In this one I removed the hatch glass and started breaking down the rear suspension. Hopefully the last dismantle video for a while...
  19. Hi guys, sorry I have been AWOL today. Was at the junkyard and then getting a much needed shower haha. @Zed Head and@grannyknot I have the N47 head so I should be fine. Thanks for the catch on the square mounting being okay. They never show what the ports look like in the photos, so I was looking at the rounded shape of the mounting on the new MSAs thinking that was the differentiator. Was thinking "man I am screwed" @siteunseen and you can use that gasket on aftermarket headers as well? Will update the thread with photos once they are installed. ;) Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  20. That's what I've gone by, hospital beds. The other is politics.
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  22. I'm assuming that you want to leave the T/C bracket attached to the lower floor pan rail? If so then cut the engine bay rail about a 1/2" above that seam weld holding the bracket and rail together, pull the bent rail out and then you have lots of access to the top of the T/C bracket to cut and grind off what is left on the bracket. It's nice to see you tackle this job John, you'll be driving her by next spring.
  23. To loosen the fill plug, I suggest heat with a 3/4 drive to 1/2 reducer (https://www.amazon.com/TEKTON-47823-4-Inch-2-Inch-Reducer/dp/B000NQ4R4G) and 1/2 drive 1/2 pipe plug socket (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006L23ILO). That way you can use an impact gun or breaker bar safely on the fill plug. By the way, using the socket and reducer combo only works if the transmission is out of the car. There isn't enough clearance in the tunnel to do this with the transmission in the car.
  24. Ok, so I have a little nugget for any other wagon owner out there... So this is the factory gas cap. Pretty much unobtanium. The last one I saw a year or two ago in Japan for $350 or so So this is what I'm working with The cap is obviously very visible and it would be nice if It pretty much filled the space. So I was googling around and I found a thread, I think it was on "The Realm" that mentioned a Stant gas cap. A G26...so off to Ebay It fits the filler neck fine and appears to seal Once I had the G26 you can find the vehicles it is supposed to fit. 57'-61' Chrysler, Dodge, DeSoto, Plymouth station wagons. Bingo!!! Then started looking for locking gas caps for those Marques We have a WINNER!! Merry Xmas to Cody... It has that factory applied red paint ring on it. It doesn't match and I may try to strip it off and polish it. We'll see after he gets it...
  25. DC871F


    Me as well, which I'm sure most here did also. My interest was really older Oval window Beetles and 240z, 280zx. By default of now almost 3 decades of focusing on those cars, and years of buying cars and parts, I could probably finance my restoration of my 240 with just selling my parts, but I'll gladly buy more for the build and keep my hoard.
  26. Yea, its hard to tell 305 and 510 apart from looking at individual pix on the internet, would be great to be able to see both colors side by side in the same pic....same lighting, same camera, etc but probably next to impossible :-) The jury is still out.
  27. Yeah I suck...and I own a 69 in that colour... what do I know.
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