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  2. I continue to track down hardware and run it through the process of glass bead blasting, followed by vibratory tumbling with stainless steel bits. And now, I have experimented with another round of vibrator tumbling using corn cobb and Semi-Chrome metal polish. Interesting results with that last one. Some of my hardware came out of the stainless round of tumbling looking a bit dark. On the left here is a "dark" bolt after I hit it with the dremel tool and wire brush. You can see the shiny, lighter silver part. My theory is that the parts in that batch didn't move around fast enough to keep oxidation from making them dark. The right amount of water and citric acid needs to be in the tumbler or the action is "too slow" (I think). Anyway, I experimented with adding corn cobb media and metal polish, along with a bit of laquer thinner for kicks under the theory that it would tamp down the dust a bit and not cause oxidation (rust). After tumbling for a few hours, here is what the dark hardware looked like: They are notably lighter in color. Additionally I blew them off with compressed air, immersed them in a jar of laquer thinner, and blew them off with compressed air again. Close up pics: After all of that, I still ended up using the dremel and a wire brush on the bolts. I am still thinking about a solution that will polish the parts without doing each by hand with a wire wheel. But, at least the amount of time with the wire wheel is low after the other treatments. The box of hardware is getting more and more full. 🙂 Shuffled a couple of times for pics:
  3. Okay, I found an old thread showing that the check valves that screw into the pump are NLA. I then found inline check valves. Where can I install one of these? Does it have to go between the tank and the pump, or can it go between the filter and the fuel rail? It seems like it would have to go before the pump. I'm guessing the pump loses prime which is why it takes so long to start. Has anybody installed an inline check valve and if so, where did you put it? https://www.amazon.com/Automotive-leader-Return-Petrol-Aluminium-Accessories/dp/B07GYMDN4F/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=5%2F16"+fuel+check+valve&qid=1614656494&sr=8-8
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  5. Just looked at motor sports website. Looks like 240z clutch parts are out of stock. I’ll ring them up tomorrow.
  6. If running a pertronix and the stock coil on a carbed L28E is the BP6ES-11 the right plug or should I run the smaller gap on the BP6ES?
  7. WOW Nice light wood colour! Love it!
  8. Yes the front closet to the radiator is #1. The windshield is #6.
  9. What's the latest on getting fuel pumps rebuilt anyway? I went through 3 mechanicals (the OEM and two cheap knockoffs) before I finally caved and installed a little K&N electric pump near the tank. I can hear the clicking sound of that electric pump in my dreams now so I really would like to go back to a mechanical unit at some point. Last I heard people were trying to figure out how to scavenge the one-way valves from some new units to put into the body of the old units to make some kind of best-of-both-worlds-frankensteins-pump. Anyway, let me know if you find a good source for reliable mechanical pumps - I'm interested.
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  11. Yep, that's what I did to bolt it back on. I follow a similar sort of pattern as head bolts, alternated back-and-forth, starting from center.
  12. Sure thing, let me know how it works out. I'm still academically interested in what the root cause is here but so far my curiosity hasn't been as strong as my desire to drive my car.
  13. Yeah that's a good idea. You might need to put a very small resistor in parallel with the potentiometer, otherwise the current through the pot will be super low and subject to whatever the impedance is in just the wiring. The goal would be to make the current flowing through the pot+tach the same as it used to be, but to also get some extra juice by pulling in extra current through the low-ohm resistor that's in parallel. I'm not sure when I'll have time to source the parts and try this, but it sounds like good experiment.
  14. Two additional photos of 19769's front carb reveal screws #3 and #4. Although this doesn't prove that your friend's VIN 19270 came with 4-screws, the two cars were built in the same month and quite possibly in the same week...
  15. 19 minutes of bidding and it got to $16,500.
  16. Working very quickly. Nice stuff!
  17. Since your profile says you're up in Fort Collins, have you reached out to https://www.zccc.org ? It was one of the best clubs with the most helpful members I was fortunate to be a part of when I lived in Denver years ago.
  18. Driveshaft lengths are the same for the Datsun (Nissan) 4 and 5 speed transmissions........at least for the common swaps through 280 ZX.
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  20. Happy birthday to Mario Andretti, 81 years young today.
  21. Ah thank you, I will try this and let you all know if I have any luck.. Thank you very much for all the info! 🙂
  22. I'm a bass player, and the Soviet era basses are pretty comparable to cars like the Yugo. They might run, but using them for their intended purpose isn't rewarding.
  23. Check to see if you have a ZX distributor. I think the ballast resistor gets bypassed when using a ZX distributor. An easy way to ID is if there's a "matchbox" on the side of the distributor, it would be labeled something like E12-80 or E12-92 (don't believe those who tell you E12-80 is the only one that works).
  24. Posting just to get some key words in this thread. I searched "zkars pressure plate" and nothing came up. It should now.
  25. I just installed the Newark Auto Products carpet kit in my early 260Z. The 7-piece kit is correct for originality but I am installing the 11-piece kit - or most of it... I actually like the carpet pieces for the sills rather than the vinyl it had and I'm not quite sure if I'll use the trans tunnel carpet piece - it's not supposed to be in a 260Z and I LOVE the small diamond pattern vinyl that the 260 has. (I personally don't care for the "large diamond" pattern vinyl of the 240Z's and would replace that with carpet in a second - but that's just me...) However, I really like their kit and definitely recommend it.
  26. Got it yesterday Dave! Thanks! Clean enough that I was able to squirt it with prepaint prep and primer it right out of the box.
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