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  2. In the US phone/data plans can be a bit expensive. I ordered a few of these https://www.apple.com/airtag/ I’m going to tape one somewhere in the car. It gets updated when other people with iPhones are nearby. Battery lasts a year, and don’t have to pay for any service fees. @AK260 don’t you have a 123ignition? Those have ignition kill security built into it. my problem with some of these devices is that I don’t trust the people that are operating the backend networks, how do I know that they are not misusing my information, it looks like a service from in China, what
  3. I have sand and dirt between the rubber gasket (shim?) and the glass that I would like to clean. Is this as straight forward as it seems? Anything to watch out for putting it back together? Thanks! Steve
  4. I replaced the insert springs with new ones, but the inserts are NLA. I looked carefully at the springs and inserts from both the 1-2 and the 3-4 synchro hubs and they seemed fine. But I replaced the springs anyway. Sent from my KB2005 using Tapatalk
  5. Myrtle Beach, SC area. No gas to be had. Thousands of HD riders here for Spring get-together along with many beach vacation travelers. Those who need to go home on Friday because of the new arrivals that come on Saturday along with those who are driving here from up North are all asking themselves, "where can I find gas"? Prices were starting at $2.69. What will they be soon?????
  6. Thanks for the pump-up, DZCG....all good points! Just wish there was a "Local Mikuni Guru" who I could consult face-to-face who can point me in the right direction and feed me with knowledge of all the tricks. I will call Dave when I gather up enough good questions to ask.
  7. I believe an article was posted up a while back about thus car. It's on Copart now with a 13,800 BiN price if anyone is interested https://www.copart.com/lot/42979401/clean-title-1978-datsun-280z-or-portland-north
  8. Beer. Is there anything it can’t do?
  9. Here’s a great write from my buddy in the UK who recently did this job - it would be very beneficial for you to read it .... https://zclub.net/community/index.php?threads/valve-stem-oil-seal-replacement-without-the-faf.28265/
  10. I have not tried one in the other either, just looking at the pic's it looks like the mount holes are further back as the 260/280 box is notably different.
  11. It has been proposed that either today's fuel is not the same as in the 70's, or that the electronic components in the ECU's have aged. Either way, without a time machine your quest might be impossible. The AFM's from MSA seem to run rich. So one of those might get you closer. But might cause problems if you need to pass emissions. Good luck. I think that I already commented on the 180 versus 150 measurement. I don't think it matters. "Approximately 150 ohms" just means there should be "some" resistance.
  12. It is indeed an order final bosch pump. I have another one which has the blue connectors which was a later aftermarket version I believe. The noise in the cabin is quite excessive. Loud whirring. Fuel pressure is good though.
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  14. View Advert Sets of 87mm L28 Flat Top Pistons FS Have a used set of six (6) 87mm (+0.040) Flat Top Pistons & Rods for L28 for sale - $180 + shipping for the set. Plus a new set of Hastings Chrome Rings for this set of pistons - $100 + shipping Also have a new set of six (6) 87mm (+0.040) Flat Top Pistons & A87 Rods for L28 complete with ARP 9mm rod bolts and rings for sale - $480 + shipping Contact Jim Myers Advertiser Jim Myers Date 05/12/2021
  15. Mine was stuck at half after I got it. About 20,000 miles later it started working again. The small 1/4 gauge has always worked.
  16. Update to the spare set of rings...These are manufactured by Hastings, not Deves...Sorry for the error
  17. That's one of the many free FSM downloads this forum has.
  18. Costco has the Quickjack 5000 on sale again. https://www.costco.com/quickjack-5%2c000-lb-capacity-portable-car-lift.product.100460313.html
  19. Hey Roberts280z I see you are in Houston. I’m up in Conroe just wondered how far away you are. I have a 77 280z and I’m lookin into installing A/C on mine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Oops, sorry my friend. Originally had Ryan and changed it to Jeff because of Charles's earlier post. I'm guessing Ryan is correct? Somehow I missed the bumper were stainless, takes care of any corrosion issues. I like watching your videos by the way... Cheers
  21. Carbon deposits won’t cause engine overheating. A cooling system that is not well maintained will. Radiator passages clogged with rust and mineral deposits will. A water pump with a corroded impeller will. I use Techroline, the additive that Chevron puts in their gasoline. It can be found in better auto parts stores. Warm the engine, then introduce it through the carburetor while working the throttle by hand (as it gets into the combustion chamber the engine will stumble and want to die, don’t let that happen). Just as the last of the Techroline is getting s
  22. Here's a picture of my former car #7184, which is now in the Boston area. When I had the car it was red and had an L28 with twin Webers. However, I had the car's original matching numbers engine short block. The new owner is restoring the car back to its original 920 Safari Gold and he was kind enough to send me this picture of his paint guy spraying the car. The car's original matching-numbers short block was carefully placed in the rear spare tire well and held down when it was transported from my home in Colorado and back to the East Coast.
  23. The 78 is a little different but the premise is the same. All the fusible links start with a hot from battery positive. I took a fuse block and fed each circuit to one of the fuses from the hot common. I also added relays for the headlights, horn and starter to keep current out of the dash.
  24. The hood looks exquisite!
  25. PLA might hold up if you just need to use it a couple times, and there's not a ton of torque applied to the fastener. Can maybe increase the in-fill density to 70% and give it a try. Can you post up some photos of the oilpan when you get it off? Interested in some photos of how it was made.
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  27. That is really good news. I'll wait for the pictures. Thanks.
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