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280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration


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Hello All,

Mart here,I bought a Datsun 280zx slick roof 2+2.. in or around september 2013..  It's a funny story,

Always looking for a Datsun z or zx one day Bart (Yes, from bartscooterservice also here on the forum) told me there was a 280zx for sale in a town near his.

These days i'm not working anymore because of a accident  at work and a later flattening a motorbike against a tree....  :crashh:

But after Bart told me there was a 280zx i wondered if it was still that one i remembered from the '90's when i was at that Nissan sub-dealer for his burglar alarm inspections, i was a service engineer at that time..

It was a blue car put away in 1993-94, in a storage in the back of the garage!  In 2013 the owner stil recognized me and confirmed me that it was stil the same car!  It has 119000 Km on the clock and was not driven since 1994, The engine was started every year and that saved it..

After i saw in how good condition it was, (compared to a lot of terribly rusty rustbuckets) i bought the car!  I went to pick up the car in January 2014  and did all the mechanical work in 2014 and 2015. Now the car is stil at my Painter who did/does al the welding also for me.  At first he told me the car wil be ready in may but now he says June... Don't matter to me, only thing i care for that it is done the right way!

Now i'm prepairing al the parts to put back on the car.. (Made hundreds of pictures..)  I got a question:

A Datsun 240z has a rubber part around his tailgate hinge, i found no rubber near those of the 280zx?  Is there no rubber cover seal ?  When the hinge is taken out there is a big hole in the roof edge, when cleaning i can imagine that there can get a lot of water into the roof causing a lot of trouble?

If there is no rubber for the hinge, i think a peace of inner tubing of a bike can close it, putting it in between..

Like to here your solution!


Pic.1 before restoring  Pic.  Pic.2  ready for paint.  NOTICE: the stil perfect "welds" under the rear lights.. in europe these are always rusted away, here...stil perfect..  also the bottom of the car NO welding needed! Awesome!!

Pic.3 front ready for paint.  PICTURE 4: the holes in roof for the hinges tailgate..






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Hey Mart,

That ZX is going to be a beauty ! I'm curious after the end result...

Nice work from the body shop :beer: .

About the hinge seal, that's a good one, need to do some information digging on the internet here.., I wouldn't have a clue either. You have alot of books and manuals, doesn't one of them say anything about a seal there ?

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That is an interesting part to me.  I don't think I've seen them in any of the Zs I've had.  Mine are missing but it doesn't cause any problems that I know of.  I don't park them outside though?

Vintage Rubber has them for $130.  I won't be buying anytime soon. :D


Image result for 280z hatch hinge rubber


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Thanks Bart,  we will see.. Painter says june... I say September HAHAHA... Ready next year... i don't mind.

In the serv.man. of the 280zx there is no rubber round the hinge like the 240z has!  I would like a rubber that leaves moisture outside the roofline.

Rep, thanks for the picture!

Site,  those are for a 240z not a 280zx.. don't think they will fit.. but anyway, thanks for your contribution.

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Here a list of parts that are ready to go, or are already in the car....

New antenna original HARADA!


New generator..


Passified headlight holders


Tankrubber inlet






My other pride


My even bigger pride! complete history and like new.. never restored original twinturbo  now after 25 years still original exhaust, 3th set of tires , 3th battery, yes ... complete maintenance history and all the books. In the Netherlands this car with auto gearbox costed Fl.177.300 Guilders.. in today's money.. round 80000 euro! pfff...i was told the taxes then were 50000 guilders!!!   PFFF.....


Shiney b style parts.


As new handles

IMG-20160607-WA0009 (1).jpg

gearbox stick. with new bushings from Japan!


The windscreen lower edge. restored.



20160524_171741 (1).jpg

dash  (and part of my size 12!  haha)




Restored parts


restored parts. passified.

20160406_181634 (1).jpg



Headlights.. not this one.. i found 2 brand new H4 ones on my attic last week!!


rear lights. type 1 .. 280zx

20160421_171829 (1).jpg


onother pic.of the b style parts


restored under hood light.


doorlock restored.

20160323_135916 (2).jpg

these covers come on the car

20160329_142454 (1).jpg

Every nut and bolt in about a 100-150 boxes.


lock tailgate

datsun 280 007.jpg

New and old grill. type1 280zx

datsun 280 014.jpg

Clutch master cilinder

datsun 280 039.jpg

4 restored wheels ..


datsun 280 137.jpg

Shiny plate between engine and gearbox

datsun 280 139.jpg

datsun 280 324.jpg

New and old waterpump.

datsun 280 369.jpg

Ah... the old one, for reserve.. new one is already in the car..




2014 foto's mob.samsung 381.jpg

New parts

2014 foto's mob.samsung 522.jpg

Valve clearance was after 119000km stil less than 0,05mm off on 10 of 12 valves! 2 i could not set them better!  This engine is just driven in!



280zx 010.JPG

Brake Mastercilinder.

280zx 015.JPG

Still very nice , very hard to come by covers. ivé had high offers for these...

datsun 280 044.jpg

Wheelnuts the right one is for 280zx wheels.


Other stuff i have in store...

datsun 280 858.jpg

These i have new!  for 240z L24.  see also next pic.

datsun 280 864.jpg

Ive got 6 Brand NEW pistons orig NISSAN !!  5 times the left one 1 time the right...  it has a different oilring!  Does sombody know if that would make a difference when tthey come all 6 in the same engine?  as said, these are (not oversize?) original pistons 240z!   (hihi make offer?)

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The dark spots on those pistons are original lube and a bit of storage dirt after more than 25 years!!  Also have a brand new slalom camshaft.. in orig.box, (What's left of it..)  it has .475"lift and 275* Duration.  On the end it say's : "Datsun"

The lobes had a sort of beige cover on them but after i lubed the shaft for storage it became shiny steel... odd..


Number on the box say's: 99996-E1031.  Offers are welcome but.. If Mike (from Wheeler dealers) pay's $600 for a referb.. you may guess the price of this original Datsun Racer part...





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  • 8 months later...

Have you messed with any of the suspension bushings yet?
Perhaps yours are not in need or replacement.

My next big project for my running Restoration '80 ZX is to replace all of the suspension bushings and steering parts.

I haven't quite decided whether or not to go with the poly bushing/ rubber bushing combo, or just stick to rubber as its not a track car.

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My car has 119000km on the clock (only 74000 Mls!)  and the bushings are reasonable..  But i will put new ones in in the near future..  With my 240z i used all Original nissan rubber..  never used those hard poly bushings.. i don't want those!  Much to stiff..  I've seen a poly bushing go very wrong in a 300zx suspension!  The suspension had suffered a crack..   I don't race these cars on a track so to me a comfy ride is what i prefer..

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Today i got almost 400 pictures (!!) of the 280zx body, doors, hood, front wings, hatch... and so on .. sanded to the metall, and already the lower parts in bodyshoot.. (anti stonechip..)  !   These were made in the past 1-2 year.. by my painter. (and welder.. because he liked to do it himself not that i can't weld..)  There were just a few spots that needed some welding on this car. Most work was around the front window, some *&%$#^%... had put in a new front window glass without preparing it in a good way!..  Those edges were very rusty!!  But it's all taken care of.. (sorry pic's are on an other laptop.. you see some later..)

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I've got a question.. here in europe a 280zx has 2 different types of brakepads and cylinders in the rear, one till 1980-81..  and one after...  round that time..  i had a bad rear wheel suspension arm so had to get me a good one, the brakecylinder mount is different so i had to have those aswell!!  my question is there difference in brakerotor over the years on the rear of a 280zx?  much apriciated!

I've got a as new set arms and brakeparts now from the latest type 280zx eurostyle.. (1982-83)

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