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    1981 280 ZX purchased brand new on January 12, 1981. Currently has 25,500 miles on it. Engine is an L28E. Serial 535372 with a P79 Head. Manufacture date September, 1980. Color code 093 Lt. Brown.

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  1. Car54280ZX

    Brake Line Color or Finish

    Greatly appreciate the comments. I have located a LOCAL source that will match paint color and put it in a spray can for me. So I'm working on that now, before the engine is re-installed. Lot of parts yet to be re-installed on the engine.
  2. Car54280ZX

    Dashcam Recommendations?

    OMG! We can't loose your Z !! Just glad you saved it! Hope you have good antique car insurance. I'm also looking for a dash cam. Hopefully others can contribute for the benefit of many others. Time to put it into the garage for the winter?
  3. Car54280ZX

    Brake Line Color or Finish

    Wow. Your parts look like they have been coated with the yellow cadmium, having a slight iridescent tint to them! That makes sense since a lot of my parts have the yellow cadmium / yellow chromate coating with an iridescent tint. The green on my brake line parts might be part of the remaining yellow cadmium coating. I will check around further with a Nissan parts store to see what they might have. As far as a cocoon, yes that's definitely on my list before the car comes back to my garage. I could kick myself a thousand times for not doing it 15 years ago when it still smelled new inside. If I would have used a cocoon 15 years ago, I wouldn't be spending all this money with the complete tear-down, cleaning and polishing parts! So far I have $20,000 USD invested and it's now going back together. This was always my second car and I never drove it like I should. Very hard lesson learned. Are you happy with your cocoon? Who makes it? And would you recommend it. I'm thinking I will definitely need humidity control even in the cold weather. My house is 89 years old and is one of the few 1929 era houses with an unheated attached 2 car garage. And yes, it's all brick masonry and the central Illinois humidity is high almost all year long. So, I plan to get a cocoon and put it in the garage with constant humidity and temperature control. Here are some other photos taken on Friday.
  4. Car54280ZX

    Brake Line Color or Finish

    Thank you for sharing the photos! I believe (now) that I'm looking at an olive green tint. Yes, there is a lot of road salt in Illinois. I only drove my car twice in snow and ice, once from the dealership in January 1981 and once in February 1981 and never again in rain, snow or ice. But, It did sit in a damp farm house garage for 15 years. That's what caused the spotting on the brake lines and fuel lines. Do you have any idea of the color specifications? Thanks again!
  5. I'm steadfastly trying to restore everything on my 280zx to original stock condition as much as possible. And, the restoration crew is putting things back together now. I have attached two photos of the brake line that's under the engine compartment and I'm trying to determine the original color of the brake lines. Can any one help with identifying the original color of the brake lines? It looks like the brake lines have a green-ish color. The white spots are probably from dampness and corrosion. Engine an drive train are out. Yes, they already scratched the new engine compartment paint job. But, do you have any idea what the original color of the brake lines are? And is it paint or is it a baked-on finish?
  6. Car54280ZX

    Firewall and Floor Sound Deadener for '81 280ZX

    I finally gave up looking for new firewall material. I just scrubbed the rubber surface to get it super clean and set the insulation side out in the sun. After installing the sound material, the original one went back in. I just hope the faint musty smell doesn't come back.
  7. Car54280ZX

    Firewall and Floor Sound Deadener for '81 280ZX

    That's really nice stuff. I'm going to pick up at least on roll of the ULTIMATE material.
  8. Car54280ZX

    Firewall and Floor Sound Deadener for '81 280ZX

    Hot diggity dog. There we go! Where did you get this material from? Looks much easier to install. Looks like it could be used on the floors, too. I found a company in California that might be able to get similar genuine firewall material in roll stock. Its a store that sells restoration parts for Pontiacs. I found an ad on their site showing a firewall for "1974 1978 Datsun 280Z Firewall Pad with Ultra High Definition Rubber" and I am in the process of seeing if this material is available in ROLL STOCK. Crazy thing was this posting was on a California Pontiac Restoration site on EBAY that I can't specifically remember the name but I will let you know! Copy what I have in quotes and do a search on eBay. See the post that I found.
  9. Car54280ZX

    Firewall and Floor Sound Deadener for '81 280ZX

    I love wheee!'s postings!! Thank you soooo much for pointing this out to me!! I have been going through them. I'm on page 32 of 84 and I'm being careful not to miss anything. I saw his photos of the floor boards and what a mess. So far I haven't found any items about the firewall material in the first 32 pages, but I'm still going through them. VERY HELPFUL. Saw the fuel that he pulled from his tank. Mine looked like that, also. A completely full tank in my case. My tank has been re-lined but I still need to clean and paint the exterior. Fortunately my 280 ZX just sat in a farm house garage in central Illinois for 15 years (while I was working in Chicago). Garage has no heat, no humidity control, and no mouse traps. I've had it in a humidity and temperature controlled shop for restoration for 11½ months. The guys let me be as involved as I can, so that's good. It's just that there are other cars in their restoration shop. After seeing how long wheee! has been spending on his, now I'm not too concerned that mine is only 11½ months into the process. I should probably plan for 12 more months at least. Mine is rather rust free, but still it's a big restoration for me. Any additional comments are greatly appreciated!
  10. Car54280ZX

    Firewall and Floor Sound Deadener for '81 280ZX

    That would really be awesome! As long as it doesn't smell musty and stinky. There are some black clips and some white clips that stick through the engine wall (firewall) and clip to the engine side of the wall. They sort of look like these photos. I'm not sure how to arrange payment and shipping address since I've only been on this forum for a few months.
  11. Car54280ZX

    Firewall and Floor Sound Deadener for '81 280ZX

    Thanks Patcon! That’s a really good series of posts. I found a vendor in California that sells firewall insulation for earlier Z’s and I’m working with them to see if I can just purchase the rubber base with the insulation in a roll. Then I can cut out the holes and heat-press the edges. Photos of my smelly firewall insulation are attached. Both rubber side and insulation side.
  12. Car54280ZX

    Firewall and Floor Sound Deadener for '81 280ZX

    Thank you Patcon! Can you give a web link? Thank you??😲
  13. The firewall pad on my 1981 280ZX has been cleaned by a fire restoration company but still smells musty. I'm looking to replace it but I cannot find it anywhere. It has the normal insulation WITH a heavy rubber backing. Does anyone know if there is a seller that has this kind of material in ROLL STOCK so I can just cut the holes myself and mold it to fit with my heat gun? Also, I saw ZUP's post and photos about floor deadener material that he bought from a Porsche website. Like ZUP, I'm trying to bring my 280ZX back to original stock condition. Does anyone have other recommendations for floor insulation / sound deadener? Looks like there is some very thin tarry (sprayed) material on the floor (not in may places on the floor). I'm thinking about leaving them and painting over it before re-applying a new layer of deadener. I bought the car brand new in January 1981 so what I have found is ORIGINAL.
  14. Car54280ZX

    Aluminum Valve Cover Cleaning

    Great news to report on valve cover cleaning. I’m using a variety of chemicals and I’m constantly watching it, never walk away when doing this. I’m using “Zip-Strip” Premium Paint and Finish Remover, Mineral Spirits in a chemical spray bottle and a very fine powdery cleanser called “Bar Keepers Friend” with water. Results are amazing. Takes the lacquer / cosmoline off and beneath is a very nice aluminum surface. I still need to get the cosmoline off the edges of the letters on top of the valve cover and do more light scrubbing with Bar Keepers Friend before I spray it with Sharkhide aluminum cleaner and then with Sharkhide aluminum protectant. Here are a few photos. More to come.
  15. Car54280ZX


    Very nice. I need to get one of those for my Z. Manx now it’s getting close to installing the dash. More fun.

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