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  1. My feb '71, 240z has the same coil. still working now for 49 years..
  2. Finally... Yesterday my Datsun 280zx slickroof 1979 2+2 got inspected for the Dutch APK (english-MOT or German-TUV.) It Passed! Here some of the last things i installed, after some... eh.. a lot!! of wax in the doors i installed the carts, they are 41 years old, can you believe it? (the pre owners were pretty good to the car.. they cared..) A clear feature of a early 280zx, (chrome is nicer in real then on picture.) extra attention to the original foam in the middle of the pic... the door is still dripping waxoil.. :-0 sticky plastic against sticky plastic so the mechanism can move! this spare wheel casing plate got some new foam.. The rear window installed, even the rear heating works! (The installation of the stainless was no pain in the butt, thanks to a rubber treadment that made everything slide inn! πŸ˜‰ ) First you put in the stainless then the window into the hatch. Rear roof cover installed.. (still the original one.) Then there was the front glass.. When testfitting with a "college" he hitted the edge but we thought it did'nt hurt it.. A small crack became a big one... so.. this was the car's 4th windscreen.. i had to order a new one.. AAARRRGGGHHH !!! See the crack coming from the corner.. I forgive him... it can happen to anyone.. A Pic for future screen installers.. πŸ˜‰ (sorry can't rotate the pic..) A clip, normally they are on a strip, 7 in top and 9 in the bottom of the screen. BTW.. the windscreen was for a fairlady 260zx... i've never seen one hahaha.. it does not exist! Still to install.. these.. where they go? not the faintest idea.. wheelwell? RTFM! And then i was at the shop with suddenly 2 cars.. nice set hey?? Finally at home (Half a mile hahaha) It rained a bit, cleaning has to be done, some of the waxoil sprayed over it accidently.. When i drove to the APK (MOT) i felt that my giant friend (NOT!) Danny the first painter (who did'nt paint!) had uninstalled the steeringwheel with a hammer? It says clearly on a sticker on the wheel: DO NOT HIT WITH A HAMMER! But hey.. he's a butthead.. clearly.. so i'm looking for a new bearing or steering column assembly.. again some extra costs because one thinks to have found someone who can do it for a few bucks.. (He was a son of a college of a friend.. told my friend if he knows someone for a job next time... say NOTHING!! Now this restore is coming to an end.. i can say that the costs were a bit more than thought at first but all and all it was within budget.. It took from buying till this day almost 7 years.. They went by fast.. Later on i will put some pic's here from a clean car in the sun...
  3. Yeah, That's one of the diff's of a US. and a euro car. the whole seat looks different and i see sometimes leather seats in de USA? Or is that fake leather?
  4. Here my seats, how they look after 39 year (now 41 years old). I'm following this topic, because i think that these seats will not stay good after i go to use them dayly.. As the s30 cars become more expensive the s130 series wins in popularity.. i'm sure. πŸ˜‰ I think the day that a manufacturer gets more into reman. parts for the s130 is not far away!
  5. There are some pic's from my seats, but they did'nt need any repair or so, just cleaning, i cleaned them on a very hot day with lots of soap and a high pressure cleaner.. keeping distance ofcourse otherwise i would distroy the fabric..
  6. Are you sure? I was told that it's tricot, whatever that is.. it's a bit elastic.. (see my seats in my restore topic, restauration of a 280zx slick roof 1979.)
  7. I think there are few original windscreens tinted left.. They were replaced after all these years..? All 240z's in europe were with blue tint.. I believe those in the States had untinted when specially ordered untinted! So there are VERY very VERY few delivered that way.. I think it's more easy to find a needle in a GIANT haystack!
  8. Lots of parts installed this week, all in good used or new state, it's nice to see that it's finaly going to get ready.. The windscreen is still not in but we are going to do it ourselves.. (as we say.. if you want it done the right way.. you have to do it yourself... oeps.. ) The guy for the windscreen is not showing up, he says he got no clips or anything to work with so have started the job by putting in some clips and did already a test fit and then you can see there is not much overlapping.. "glued" the clips i have in with some rubber sealant.. After some good research, how to fit it, I'll put the windscreen in myself with maybe some help of the shop owner. I got all the professional stuff for it handy so i should go well. I also installed the door rubber, it's like new stuff and been in storage a long time. Very nice soft rubber that fits to the door glass perfectly! Rear side windows.. Some super nice side covers!! Front parts installed! Bumper stay.. (with a tap in it for cleaning up the thread.) inside the chassis where the stay go's.. without the NEW wax.. (was wax'ed a long time ago..) And with wax on! Installed! The front ready..
  9. The only thing i can say about it is that i hear that when you store those clutches horizontal for some time the oil gets into places where it can't get out so the clutch is engaged all the time.. solution is to open it and let the oil flow back or so? i opened an old one ones, and there was thick oil in it, used some wd40 to make it more fluid and it workes good, in action for years now! (I always store them vertical..)
  10. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH !!! BART... your a sleepy guy to! πŸ™„ WE ARE RESTORING A 280ZX with the X! S130 Z XXXXXXXXXX ! HERE... unbelieveble..πŸ˜‰ A 280zX does NOT have a seal! Most of it is SEALANT! It only uses a set of 2 rubber strips to keep the stainless in place! (no not chrome, its stainless with some extra chrome IN it.) btw the glassguy wasn't there yesterday.. he'll be there today (i hope?) forgot his appointment πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ He's an older guy, should know how to do this! (soms lijkt het wel een bejaardensoos in de shop hahaha translated: sometimes it looks like an old peoples home in the shop HAHAHA! 😁
  11. Yep, those are plastic covers for the front fender, i put them on last week! Held by the small round clip.. So there is no seal visible when all the stainless is on. Thanks again! (today the front screen is going in.. i hope..)
  12. Normally i wouldn't recommend this but as i welded the car a new bottom.. (long ago..) i was sure this would go O.K...
  13. Terrapin Z , Thank you very much for your efforts, I've seen those before, and my car had the same stuff under the stainless strips.. I thought it was'nt original and something those Carglass guys used to put in his 2th windscreen ( there was no longer an original screen in my car when i bought it.. the rust around the screen was also the biggest problem of my 280zx.. the screen was thrown in.. not installed! thrown at the car! and that was why the whole window edge was rusted away..) I wonder if the edge of that plastic (with sticky tape) comes from under the stainless and is visable? So there is a sort of rubber edge visable on the outside? but not on the glass side.. You could see the openings (for bending) then on the edge of the stainless? Think there is some rubber sealant over it? still a bit unclear.. but i think we get it right tomorrow! The glass guy has a lot of experience! Thanks again Terrapin z !