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  1. I'm sorry i don't have the numbers here, my fiche reader is no longer here.. but you can find the numbers on the internet. So Bosch has sold it's name also to the chinese junkmakers?
  2. Hahaha... See.. Amazon JUNK.. Read the review at the bottom of the page... This one costs $45,36 AND IT'S JUNK! It says the starter was installed and lasted not 10 starts!
  3. Why do people think they can get a good starter for 20-30 bucks? HUH????? I sold new originals for 100-200 euro and i knew they last MANY years! The other day... a commercial from amazon here in the Netherlands.. Oh thats cheap... OH thats cheap !! YES BUT IT'S ALSO JUNK!! Are people that stupid? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!!! it has been that way always, it will be that way forever... Last saterday i sayd to my supplyer of autoparts.. i need 2 new pumps for the front and rear windshieldwashers AND I DON'T WANT THE CHEAP $^!# FROM THE INTERNET.. Now i bought 2 pumps made in france.. No offence (to the french readers here) but i would've liked made in Japan more.. Are these good... i will know in 10 years? When i "restored" my 240z i put in a brand new original 240z starter. when i restored my 280zx.. i put in a brand new original 280zx starter. How many times have I been stranded on the road in the last 30 years? With 8 different z or zx's only twice.. once because there was less fuel in the tank as the 240z fuelgauge tried to tell me.. and once the 300zxtt had a problem with it's ignition power transistor (a very common problem i was told later, there was a mod for it.). My advice: do like me, save up enough money to afford the better part! Otherwise you keep on having problems one after the other and then one day, you really gone hate that effing car. To me, a list of JUNK! It's impossible to get a good starter for those prices!
  4. I found some pic's on the net that are the supposed parts one would need if he wants to check a 1979 280zx EFI system.. This is a J25400-32 I read i need a J24500-36 adapter to check a 280zx s130 1979 model.. On the sticker it says J25400-30 ? huh... On my analyzer is a blue overlay. I need the red overlay with DATSUN on it.. But i could use some tape over the blue overlay and copy what's on the red one haha. (i bet there is not much difference.)
  5. I know it's on the net, thanks but i meant find it here in my house.. i always prefer the original manual over a copy on the net. It would be very nice to test a 280zx system, but.. I need the adapter J25400-36.. and i don't think i'm going to find that one... Maybe i can change one of my J25400-12 adapters in a J25400-36. anyway i got other things to do.. recovering from a hernia i had over a month ago.. happy i can walk again haha.. Make a copy of the net anyway, thanks again CO!
  6. If only i could find that damn user manual...!! ( I don't know if i got the right overlay but do know that i have the wrong extender. I got j25400-12 and i need something like j25400-32 or so.. i red that long ago) oh.. i have the extender twice (same j25400-12) so i could exchange one.. On the other hand.. i asked myself.. why 2 the same types with this analyzer? Is the older one (single one with a serial number!) defect and now theres a new(er) one with the analyzer? Maybe it's an idea to open up a extender to look for damage.. yeah the older one with serialnumber 4009.
  7. another 2 pic's.. These with the only overlay.. J25400-11A.
  8. I saw a datecode on a powertransistor. week 05 '79.. so the machine is of 1980 or so, the microprocessor was still in development.. i think? Hihi, yeah.. i had it with the manual, and it was laying IN between the case halves.. i thought.. it will get wrinkled this way and i left it out and thought to read it some time.. now i can't find the EFFING thing? oh well.. it's somewhere in this house.. ;-) I think so... i have a brand new NISSAN CONSULT, bought from a Belgian nissan (sub?)dealer!! To check my 300zxtt i thought.. but it won't work. It's a complete case with all the special cables, leads everything! Not a scratch on it... but the only thing it does is "peep peep peeeeep.. when you touch the screen.. THAT was something special in 1990 !!! A TOUCHSCREEN!!!! I ones opened it with a friend who (maybe?) has worked on the development of your smartphones processor! ;-) (Samsung) We could not get it to work after a new back up battery and some power from a transformer. :-( I need the servicemanual for the servicemanual-tool haha.. you any idea where i could find the circuitdiagram of a nissan-consult 1 ?
  9. I think there are always things to improve on any (hobby) car but i have a small "still to do" list of things.. One is the rear carpet and upholstery stuff.. As my upholstery guy is a busy man and i'm not afraid of trying to do it myself i got to it. this is terrible.. the old part... cleaning! Much better.. new upholstery by... me! Cleaned the box. Next part.. cleaning was enough. Good to go! Rear part.. not bad for a first time .. The end result. (I installed the original (!) 41 years old carpet here!!) The radio and cassette deserve some extra attention/explaining in a 280zx.. these are the ones that where put in the Euro version (1979 in this case) a radio from clarion in mono, speaker in the dash ( mid.top ) For the cassette player in this case a Clarion unit. But can also be a Hitachi? I think i have seen both.. The cassette is in stereo.. The speakers are in the back near the rear seats .. So funny, you can play the radio and cass. simultaniously! Working on some rims of 45 years old now.. tested 8 of them on a balancer and they were good to go.. to the sandblasters.. (me again... haha) (The 9th rim was a bad one and just in the pic (lower one) for to show the difference!) Lower one has some damage.. maybe i could weld some alu in but i got 8! good rims.. so don't think i'll do that in the near future.. Years ago i bought a analzer for a datsun.. in a very nice condition, don't know how it works, think i need another extender so i can check a 280zx EFI system.. i got 2 extenders type: j25400-12 and i have done some investigating and need another one.. the number of that on is escaped me... A real electronic guy always want to take a look inside hey.... @Captain Obvious Here the extender... wrong one.. (for a datsun 280zx.) No idea were these go.. Since the first of July drove about 500 km's with the 280zx and i must say it drives very well, there are always things to improve and one is the idle speed of it. When cold it's 1000-1200 rpm and go's to 600-750 rpm depending on how hot the weather is and how warm the engine is.. but there is to much difference so i think i'm going to put in some new sensors and maybe even check (the computer) for old capacitors and such.. It never stalled on me but it was sometimes close with just 500-550 rpm's. (It could ofcourse also just be a bad connection on one of the sensors.. It's parts under the hood are all 41 years old and i take my had off for it doing so well!
  10. The L28 is i think the most wanted z engine at the moment (of the L series), also a reliable engine. Over here i would buy it in a flash! For that price, only a good gearbox is more expensive than that! You plan to rebuild it.. if it was stored dry and sometimes turned and oiled.. it is very possible to NOT rebuild it. also.. nobody can look straight through the engine or gearbox, so it's always a gamble. Look for damage and wear, a bad cam says a lot of miles and a expensive rebuild..
  11. Hahaha... same here... I also very much like the ads for car battery's after i just bought one... ughh.. 🤮
  12. Btw there IS a relais and some contacts in that schematic.. contacts left and relais coil in top mid.. get yourself an electrician who understands car electrics
  13. Don't sell the bear before you have killed one... is a dutch saying i thought about when reading your trouble.. 3 things.. first make pics and second make pics and third... do i need to say?...
  14. It would really surprise me when that came out of any Z... (maybe it lay in the trunk, but not a nissan/datsun part.) Aren't that in fact two peaces? 😉 Maybe a giant doorcard clip hihi...
  15. Does anyone have a pic of a not yet disassembled light switch? (because that's what you need 😉 )
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