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  1. I'm , as you know, also busy in the engineroom and i know that i many years ago also took out the tray out of the 240z. I didn't weld it back.. in stead i took a set of big steel selftapping screws. That way i can always take it out as it is a bit of a fragile spot!
  2. Hey Cliff, "and NOT going completely" i asume? 🙂
  3. Cleaning up the engineroom was my last task on the 280zx, and it's slowly taking place.. I'm rarely in the garage to work on it.. my gas heater is broken down and with these natural gas prices.. I'm busy with electric heaters.. And for the time i have no solar collectors.. thats also expensive..(High electric bill.) As energy prices overhere also exploded we are all in the race for those solar collectors! And YES also made in Holland is an option! So i'm more often seen behind my pc..pfff.. Also my energy level is a bit low these days.. So i looked up my 240z and 280zx op Hagerty's and it seems that the 280zx is following the 240z's lines.. (I restored my 280zx just in time it seems!! ) Datsun 240z 1971... Datsun 280zx.. Double the price in one year!! My 240z is not an "excellent" car but i have more than enough parts to make it that way already in storage for years.. I finally assembled the engine in October.. was to sick to do anything in November.. Here some pics of the result. Still hanging upside down.. Inlet plus injection.. underside Taking out the old broken bolts with a good heatup by welding it... it was a easy job! New bolts installed with some red (very tight) lock-tite. And some new self locking nuts. Assembled the under the hood light also.. At this time the engine is ready to go back into the engineroom, i have to clean that up first, paint the inner fenders and just give it a good clean for the rest of the parts, most are already done. As it is a daily driver it has a black anti rust bottom and i leave that as it is, also on the lower beams in the engineroom. (I took off a bit of it from a brakeline and... surprise surprise.. the olive green ORIGINAL Nissan brake line paint came out looking brand new!)
  4. Or you can simply re-name this thread.. I know it's possible!
  5. Yeah.. thats why "Made in China" is not getting into my house.. if i can help it. No matter the costs.. Like the Americans like theyre own, i want euro stuff haha..
  6. Yeah.. but i think it's very sad that there are DeVILBISS guns that are completely fake.. they are a registrated trademark, can't they take those counterfeiters to court?
  7. Yeah.. hadn't really thought about it.. btw How do they renew them? On a lathe and get all the steel out and put in a new steel liner? I can imagine they take most out, and weld the new one in on the edge and clean the edge by putting it in a lathe and make a nice edge? Heatshrinking could be a bit dangerous i think.. because these things can get very hot and the steel could come out the aluminium casing? Maybe a bit of both?
  8. If i take a close look at the pics... ( of whiteheadperformance) there is a steel drum in the alu drum/casing? (they will last even longer?) So they are a remake? Years ago i bought a set from someone that had a Datsun original set used on.. i believe the car brand was TVR? He had only drilled the 4 boltholes a bit bigger and they fitted.. (I only have to fill it with some small rings to use it on a 240z again..) If all the cooling fins are decent they can be reman. by whitehead i think maybe they are interested in some cheap old drums..
  9. A new dial front is nice but the counter is still in miles... or is there a gearset that changes this as well?? I never heard of this set..
  10. I never had to weld it but i can imagine that i can weld it with my aluminium welding mig? (the right gas (Argon)) Just put in some stainless wire? Oh btw.. that clamp right behind your pre muffler .. give it a turn your scalp will be thankful 😉
  11. Yeah, It did sound like something like that... at first i wanted to ask if you had the connectors on the battery attached haha... Glad you found the problem!
  12. Hi, I don't think it's essential to connect the heater stuff.. but look into a serv.man www.xenonzcar.com and find out.. You must have forgotten a major connection as nothing works.. i once had a battery clamp on the battery but it did not make contact at all! it was connected but made no connection.. a tippical example of a small oxide layer on a battery connection that made everything powerless. Get yourself a multimeter and follow the signal 12v.. put your minus on the chassis and start with plus ON the battery pole.. the clamp.. the fusebox.. and and.. so on..
  13. Ah... the Knob outside... No i don't think i have more then one. (like to keep it myself.sorry.)
  14. Sorry Sean but i have no clue what your looking for, can you put a picture up here from the part you are looking for? (i googled your "boot lock press" but still have no clue.. Is it the lock from the boot? upper or lower? both??
  15. Unique.. Unrivalled.. Unsurpassed! I cleaned out the dictionary hahaha... pristine! In one word perfect! You hit the nail right on the head!
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