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  1. Let them know! Mc.Laren sucks!!! (although i would like such a nice car in my frontgarden, just as an garden object!)
  2. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/645045/1973-datsun-240z/ Try this one.. giant story about lowering the roof.. (only problem, i got a message that this site was not accesable due to european regulations protection of data )
  3. Test if there's voltage of about 12v on the motor. You probebly need some new brushes in your motor... a possibility..... after 47 years? 😂
  4. Maybe, some adjusting is in the height of the door by loosening the stainless edge.. Nice write up Grannyknot! When alining you can also use a piece of paper to check air tightness (on trunk important related to exhaustgases coming in to the car!)
  5. Maybe you had it (the car) on a 2 post lift without the doors in it? (People don't laugh) (read other questions..haha to know what the *** i'm talking about) There can be some tension in the doors, it's a lot of trail and error to fit the doors back in, Don't over tighten the bolts, at first tighten them just enough.. they could set themselves in a sertain direction.. It cán take easely an hour (or a few...) to do a door correct.
  6. Nice lift, but i will Always use a 4 post lift for my z cars.. esspecially 280zx and 300zx.. they are so heavy that they bend a little on a 2 post lift.. you can't open a door on a z32 when it's on a 2 post lift.. yeah.. opening is possible but try to shut it... And.. should i say it... oh well... ofcourse you did what loads of mechanics do.. you put the 240z on that lift in the wrong way.. it should be lifted on the 4 jack-stand points.. not under the floor.. (for as far i can see, your's is not lifted on the jack-stand places.. (see manual..) sorry.. (with the last MOT of my z32 the mechanic almost did this to my z32, (Lift the body front by lifting it on the thin sheetmetal floor!..) That's why i'm Always with my car at a check.. I freakt out and told the chop owner that i did not want that mechanic (idiot) near my cars! )
  7. I restored a 240z wheel with new mahogany, when you take away the (in this case) foam.. there will be a 1/4 inch (6,35mm) thick steel ring in it.. (i made out of 12 pcs wood a brand new steeringwheel that i'm using now for over 10 years. it has 8 coats of laquer (how the hell do i whrite that.. hahaha)) Still looks like new and one of my proud accomplices (huh?? ) yeah that! haha.. (NO don't want to start up a translating prog. 😉 )
  8. Haha.. yeah! like they do with engines in boats/ships!
  9. Haha, good one.. but a radiator and some coolingfluid would be nice, then he could give it a longer run and high rev's!
  10. Let my say first... can't help myself… but emmmm.. SO YOU DO HAVE FLOW! I'm just not not kidding.. again… sorry. To your question, i don't have any experience with webers.. and i'm gonna keep it that way.. 😜
  11. I also noticed a difference in color.. (They have been cept in a box in the dark and conditioned.) one day i'll install these as they are on my 240z (i hope) and we'll see what happens !!
  12. Nice Carl, Thanks.. So the 240z has 2 different spring rates in the front.. i learned something! 😉
  13. As said earlyer, these Koni's are new old stock. I've heard that these were the shocks that where used in the south african rally cars? About my spring pic.. I'm 98% shure it's the Original Datsun 280zx 2+2 1979 (rear) spring.. I think technicians can tell what type of spring it is using the 2 colored spots on them, if someone could explain more i like to here it!
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