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  1. dutchzcarguy

    Looking for 240, 260, or 280zs in the $500-$2000 range.

    In europe you could only find them in the toy shop for those prices
  2. dutchzcarguy

    Re keying door locks

    Oh.. so easy… if you're a handyman(!) .. Take apart the non working locks.. take your key that works on everything else.. now put that key in the non working lock..(after you have taken it apart..) now look at the plates (about 4 ?) change the plates from place, so they are flat with the surface or almost.. now if you have made the combination as flat as possible take a grinder and grind them flat on the round cilinder.. can be done with a file but a grinder go's faster and easyer.. now put your locks together again… Can't believe i tell these secrets! 😉
  3. dutchzcarguy

    Torque specs link mounting braces

    If not specifically mentioned you could Always use the universal amount of torque for that M8/M6 bolt? (don't know what metric bolt it is but there are universal lists for torque)
  4. dutchzcarguy

    Interesting early Z on BaT

    I'll have to check. My buddy owns it. If it has, it will have a fat headgasket.. (or no flattop pistons, like in a L26 (euro)) I think that when i tested a E30 on my L24 it had a compression around 1:12 ?? or even higher, after a few runs the gasket went... And i installed the (revised) Original E88 back on it.. was in 2007..(car ran fine it just needed new gaskets and seals then.) till today it runs beautiful but after 48 years the pistonrings are getting very old.. Last year i went to a dealer in Germany and i drove it over 200km/h on the German highway and i think i have blown a valveseal or something.. (broken a pistonring? comp. is good at all 6) , since then it uses a bit to much oil.. ( my 240z is up for an complete overhaul after i finish my orig. dutch (euro type) 280zx 2+2 slick roof..)
  5. dutchzcarguy

    Interesting early Z on BaT

    Does that L24 have the E30 head? I've got some of those.. Once had a L26 in a 240z with a E30 on it! Worked well that combination.. Later on i tested a E30 on a 240z/L24 but the compression was to much hahaha… (the starter had a hard time to start it!) i think it could have worked with a fat copper (selfmade) gasket!
  6. dutchzcarguy

    83 280zx turbo half shaft CV's

    I've read it yeah.. you've took it to the garbage can.. Hihi..
  7. dutchzcarguy

    Little Ol' School Teacher

    Hihi.. the funny thing is.. you see that on the pic (start of vid) ? On the front tire? That RIM is on the right spot there.. but the tire is wrong on it.. now the rear wheel is wrong on it .. the rim is a lefty on the R side... In the first picture, the rear rim's are sitting on the right spot! and the fronts are wrong Hihihi… am i the only one that see's that? (look at design..) The problem is Always that tireguys take one wheel, go to the machine, put on a new tire and go to the next wheel and exchange it. I ones heard from a guy that had mixed up this on a twin turbo.. the wider rear wheels were on the right and the smaller ones on the left!
  8. dutchzcarguy

    Little Ol' School Teacher

    Nice car! It must have had 4 new tires between the making of pic 1 and pic 2! (start of vid1) How i know?? look at the wheels!! as Always those tireguys where sleeping again!! L stands for LEFT and R is for… now you know…. aaarrgghhh….
  9. dutchzcarguy

    280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration

    Still waiting for the painter to paint my 280zx... Last month he had an accident … broken pols/hand and some ribs… After many other jobs that were more important (to him!) i told him i've waited long enough… next year the 280zx 1979, becomes 40 ! years old and has to get finished ! So i told him it needs to finish before april! I hope he get's it or otherwise i WILL get it home and finish it myself (have done painting early myself..) In the meantime i found a rear bumper that i can use, sandblasted the inner beam and busy with the chrome (stainless) part. Bought myself an English wheel! to get the small dents out. Only thing i'm looking for is now the analog clock (or set of 3 meters) and the gearstick knob.. that is.. the top plate of the knob with the double H with gears1 to 5 and R.... The old one was a bit vague.. (this knob is very light bleu fake leather with aluminum plate on top with black letters and double H pattern.)
  10. dutchzcarguy

    [SOLD] JDM/Euro S30, 260z, 280z rear lights

    I'm just cleaning a set for sale.. condition as new... can make some pic's .. not for cheap..
  11. dutchzcarguy

    Merry Christmas!

    Maybe you will buy your wife some day a automatic hoover.. i think that will be a much better gift!
  12. dutchzcarguy

    Z Cars On TV And In Movies

    Old series.. Forgot the name.. look what's in front parked..
  13. dutchzcarguy

    What kind of headers are these?

    If it's in good condition.. i'm oké with that! You live in ...Eugene? that is somewhere in de US of A ?? My.. living in the Netherlands.. far far away… 😉 (Think i better can ask Alan from france to send me a new one.. because of the shipping costs.) But Thanks anyway!!
  14. dutchzcarguy

    What kind of headers are these?

    Hey.. Pochie.. Do you have trouble with remembering whats Left or right? (socks..) FUNNY !!! 😂 btw NICE HEADER... CAN I HAVE 10 OF THOSE FOR 500$ PFFFF... 🙄

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