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  1. Is the 240/260 lens the same as the 280 lens? thats my question.. if yes i might have one.. but can't promise but i think i've seen a lose one in my "pile" 😉 and they are overhere not so crusty hihi... (due to climate.)
  2. When i click your link... never had this but...! It says: OfferUp doesn't currently serve areas outside of the US So, i can't see that 280zx with V8.... oh well.. i asume i don't miss alot.
  3. Me myself , no, because it was already done.. (on the outside) but i did the inside.. NEVER use slip over stuff.. it's a bad way of "replacing".. it's covering up a lot of ****. Always take the rusted parts out and replace them.. Btw... are you making your own chassis ?? I think you are replacing every piece on that car? 😮
  4. I really don't know.. maybe i should ask / investigate.. There are a few marinas nearby.
  5. If i convert it the fuel in the Netherlands is about 10 dollar a american gallon.. And it has 5 or 10% ethanol.. I had to install a new injector TWICE already... is it that ethanol that breaks the injectors?? It looks like the ethanol is anything but a lubricant and the injectors get stuck and the windings get burned and then they fail... grrr... I can't get any ethanol free fuel overhere.. unless i pay around 20 dollar a gallon..pfff... (4 euro/Ltr..)
  6. Nice write-up of making a steeringwheel! I had the same idea.. then.. in 2007.. I thought i like a "fatter" steeringwheel but to buy a wheel... it probably would also not be thick enough.. so i made one myself.. One of the most important things is: use very dry wood otherwise you will have crack's in it later on and wast your time. I drove the car about 25tkm and it's still as new. The costs were around 200 euro, as i had to buy a good (quality) milling machine, some mahogany wood from a very good quality and some laquer.. it took me 36-38 hours.. as i'm not that fast.. (disability)
  7. Haha, i felt addressed by "lange" hihi.. In Dutch "Lange" means "Tall" sometimes people called me by shouting: "hey Tall one" In Dutch: Hé Lange !! haha.. That "soft inside" does that also apply to the girl? 🤣 (She reminds me of that ABBA woman Agnetha Fältskog!)
  8. Use 2 component glue between the steel and the wood.. and .. use some professional wood glue between the wood. think that's the best way. That's what i did TO!! (Also out of mahogany!) (They are in my 240z now for 15 years and working perfect.)
  9. me too... I see that you made it exactly like me! ( in 2007) was i your inspiration or...? exactly same system, 6 on front parts and 6 on the rear, i made the front parts over the steel inner ring.. the rear parts are massive. (mahogany wood) I also did this because of my big hands.. i had no fun with the tiny orig. 240z wheel.. (iirc, i had this "making of a steeringwheel"explaned somewhere on this site i believe.. 🤔
  10. Hahaha... the first 240z i once bought in 1991 had a hitch! I sold it for 50 guilders haha! It was a original Dutch delivered one and VERY crusty bottom.. I still sell parts from that car! 😉
  11. I tried to find it on line but couldn't find that pic... of may 2022.. I always found it a bit of a mistery why 2+2's are less wanted, and cheaper.. I like them more because of the place behind the wheel is bigger.. and as i'm 6-4 i need some place haha.. When i took out my 280zx 2+2 slick roof for the first times.. i got Many wow's and Aww's, even from roadworkers.. shouting: NICE DATSUN !! 🙂
  12. I only saw one and it's Bart's blue 240z , @bartsscooterservice and he has it directly steel on steel iirc. Maybe he can give you a pic of it.. 😉
  13. I've seen some different ways of putting it on a 240z, the best way.... Is to take off those weights called overriders, and put them on the garage wall and stick that front bar to them.. that way your 240z looks much better and weighs a lot less and... is FASTER! (I'm just kidding.. you make your car look like you want.. for me.. all that junk on the bumpers is only weight to carry around and it surves nothing.. sorry!! )
  14. You probably have the usa hazard switch witch has many connections and the turn signal go's through that switch. it can be the culprit. A euro hazard switch has only 3 connections, a usa has 8-9 wires! (has to do with the fact that one single light is used for brakelight and the turn signal and hazard.. were the euro only has to switch the (orange) turn signal lamps into hazard lights.
  15. Test this one in a pot of water on your stove, start with cold water and slowly make it hot.. at one point you should see the sensor switch.
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