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  1. I remember something.. The weight on the front springs is different (on a 240z) and therefore these springs are on a different setting? Do some investigation.. the orig. springs of a 240z front have different strength's.. (not interchangeable)
  2. All i know of a viper it has a big 8,2 ltr engine.. put some new sparkplugs in it.. (they are all old anyway.) and interchange the ignitioncoil that's on the #2 with #3 so if next time the problem is in #3 the ignitioncoil on #3 is the culprit. (i think this engine has no distributor anymore?)
  3. That pulley (where the fan normally is on) is a bit out of line? The belt looks a bit of a ghostbelt on that pic. haha.. it's there but not completly it looks like it disappears.. You know of course those carbs are not the original ones? If it's a engine that was never apart it's time to take it apart completely and inspect every part. (install all new gaskets and oilseals!) If it's a euro version block it probably has a E88 head and about 162 hp. (But with these carbs that could be a bit less or more..) As it has a starter on it, you could do a compressiontest before you buy it, that should be around 10 Bar. (155-160 psi) and best is that every cylinder has the same pressure. Watch out the engine could get a bit jumpy when you get the starter running.. take out al the sparkplugs.. look if there was extra oil in the bores. it will influence your compr. data.. Bring a good flashlight and a full battery. 😉
  4. I agree, no L motor has that.. so this engine was already restored at one point. I'm surprised and very happy that a 16 year old is restoring a 240z!! Also .. NICE pictures, i now think you did'nt bite off more than you can shew.. Most (very) young people start an resto but never finish it. You'll get it finished i think!! On the rubber and poly stuff.. I personal HATE the poly.. rubber is MUch more forgiving.. the poly makes it to stiff. I have seen broken suspension, just because the poly was to hard.. did not give. I don't know where you live in NRW but i'm a few km of the city Goch/Kleve. Dld. I think it's fantastic that you restore a Datsun when thought of "a cool car" I drive a 240z now for 20 years (restored myself.) and is ready for another restore haha.. and it's the small boys that walk on the hand of their mother that shout: OH MOM look at that BEAUTIFUL CAR! 👍 I had that more than once. (These little boys grow up to restorers haha) Also people that start to video the drive by hahaha... With my just restored 280zx (on this site: 1979 slick roof 280zx) people spontaneously stop and say what a beauty!! (It's almost impossible to drive that car without someone complement it or getting a thumbs up.. once a roadworker shouted realy loud: Nice DATSUN! HAHA.. The most i'm excited about people who now are starting to put some thumbs up when they see me drive my almost as new 300zxtt !! I drive that car now for 15 years (only in the summer) and the only thing i got was a jealous look! People are clearly changing their opinion.. Show us your progress, we all love pictures! AND.. if your not sure how to do something also let us know, we (all) are here to help.
  5. You have a 1973 240z engine L24? YOu know that these engines have flattop pistons that just come above the deck of the block? there was a service newsbulletin telling that these heads of a 1973 are different so watch out.. Btw.. Your a student? (I have never seen a student with the money for a restauration of such a car) .. have you thaught this through? Don't think "ow it's easy" .. There is a firm here in the Netherlands .. it sells 240z wrecks!!! for 10-15000 euro.. and about EVERY part needs to be repaired or renewed.. There are a lot of people that look through a pair of pink glasses at their cars but don't realise that these resto's cost a LOT of money. (I hope yours is not as bad..) ≥ Datsun 240Z (bj 1971) - Oldtimers - Marktplaats.nl I always tell people if you want a good reliable car you have to invest the money for a new car.. otherwise you will have a lot of brakedowns and exasperation. (irritation to the MAX!)
  6. Not much indeed.. few milli amps but very high voltage.. so P=U x I gets still a few Watts to burn into the plastic cap.. 😉
  7. A friend of my has one restored to new for 1500 euro's and lives near NRW Germany.. I told him and he contacts you for it.
  8. Your blinkers could be rusted badly.. they look fine but the rear part can be very bad ( the ones in the front fender) making a sort of short circuit that will dim all your lights.. just a guess, but seen with other cars..
  9. I always hear doors and bumpers are realy difficult to get.. surprised me not to see those on the list? (i hoarded those a few manny years ago hihi..)
  10. Yesterday i looked for some ink for my printer, today i get buried under ink commercials.. pff .... I just ignore them..
  11. I read Something nice said in the reactions on the page of the blue twotone 280zx, It sayd: "It was a nice counterpoint to my father’s ’78 280z and like Road and Track once said if you like the 280z you will probably love the 280zx." Last year i ended my 280zx restore and i drive my 280zx now.. the 240z sits in the garage, waiting for it's 50th birthday .. haha.. (Next feb.)
  12. Oh i'm sure it's a zx thing to work with only 1 rivet. It's glued on.. but nissan thought that's not enough, so to take it off you need a drill. (if you want it intact) But my point was that i never see these ID plates in euro version (Z & ?) - ZX's, they only have the chassisnr under the hood and there is the only one because it's NOT on the dash either!
  13. Are you sure those are sealed beam? i only know of Koïto's as a headlight with bulbs (H4?) in them.. I've got a new set of Koïto headlights for a 260z and fit also the 240z but i nderstand these are very rare (meaning expensive)..
  14. And... Am I the only one to see that this Z is upside down on the hood !!! ????? DETAILS DETAILS..... 🙄
  15. Oh i think it's more of a 106.500 miles car.. (The letters on the stick are completly gone.. not after 6500 miles) It's a good looking car.. the only trouble i have with those zx two seaters is i don't fit in there.. the seats in a 2+2 are much deeper. in a two seater i'm hitting the roof! (i'm 1.93 mtr.... what is it... 6 foot 5?) This plate has only one rivet!! (My 280zx 2+2 which is a euro version never had those plates in the door-opening.. No euro 280zx had that plate aparently!
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