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  1. dutchzcarguy

    original jute for 240Z wanted

    It has been a long time ago when i saw that stuff.. can't say that it was so thick! At the most a 1/4 inch? (6,35 mm!) You also want to pay the shipping if it has to come out of europe? 😀
  2. dutchzcarguy

    72 240z choke handle

  3. dutchzcarguy

    72 240z choke handle

    https://www.totalzparts.com/product/datsun-240z-choke-knob-for-interior-console-1970-1971-nos/ but you want the smaller one? with lefty ear...
  4. dutchzcarguy

    280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration

    Thanks BGM !! ...but the costs from the us to eu is...pfff... does someone out of europe has one? a 3 meterset out of a 280zx dash..??
  5. dutchzcarguy

    Slalom grind cam

    Yuup! It's a very very RARE part! When i heared that Mike from Wheeler - Dealers gave out $600,00 for a regrind.. this Original part must be worth a lot more.. oh well.. as we say overhere, it does'nt eat bread! (leave it on the shelf.. 😜 )
  6. dutchzcarguy

    Slalom grind cam

    Halfway in my 280zx restore i have pic's of my Original 240z slalom camshaft it's new in it's Original box..what's left of it.. haha.. but the part is new! https://www.classiczcars.com/uploads/monthly_2017_05/20170510_102253.jpg.ed3dfa3d7ec0362bbbaac036e06b5996.jpg
  7. dutchzcarguy

    280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration

    bump.. still looking for a clock! or assembly!
  8. dutchzcarguy

    280ZX Stalls and Restarts an Hour Later

    Nice car for a few penny"s! was it hot weather? I ones had that problem with low fuel on a hot day, it's getting to hot under the hood and fuel evaporates in your lines on the engine and it stops.. after some cooling you can start it up again.. At low fuel the fuel gets hotter and you end up with to hot fuel.. this is not the case so fast with a full tank.. also has your car the fuel injector cooler, that plastic tunnel thing over the valvecover? that also cools the fuel ..
  9. dutchzcarguy

    For Sale 91 Nissan 300ZX Pearl/Carmel Excellent Condition

    Car's like this z32 are undervalued.. people don't know much about this car i think, it looks like a "normal car" but it was ahead of it's time. You (whee) think it's rare in canada..? Ivé got now for the 11th summer a 300zx z32 twinturbo overhere in the Netherlands and in also very good and beautiful condition, got it for sale but no real interest in it. i think we have to wait another 5-10 years haha.. Here we had Dutch guilders before the euro and i got a price mentioned in the historie of my car of Hfl: 173.300 guilders.. about 2,5- 3 guilders was a dollar at that time! so you cam count yourself Lucky not to live in europe.. Funny story about the perfection of a 300zx z32... Many years ago a (british!) friend and i , we went on sunday Always for go karting.. he drove a Porsche 911 and i my at that time nonturbo 300zx z32. One day i sayd, you can drive my car, i know your a good driver.. but he hesitated.. after some insistence he sayd oke.. Now you must know this 300zx was an american import with miles not km's… on the clock.. He drove onto the highway and there is the speedlimit 120 km/hour.. Oh yeah he drove 120! I askt him carefully " how is it driving"? Oh oké he answered! I askt him if he would pay the fine? what fine? he said… well yeah uhmmmm… it's double funny because your british but you are driving almost 200 km/hour.. IT'S A MILES COUNTER YOU *%^$#!%^&…. I think this is the best compliment a car can get!!! Later on i askt him : coudn't you tell.. you overtook all those cars! …. No he wasn't thinking... just enjoying the ride Haha... 😜 Wilson i hope you sell that car. but you have to take them for a ride.. (another warning is in place.. I have seen a few twinturbo's with over 200000km on the clock, they have a worn limitted diff and if a inexperienced person go's onto the highway with it they go full throttle and turn right into the guardrail! ) At first i Always drive my own cars and let them look and listen.. i Always prefer to sit aside of the driver when i buy a car.. you can look and listen to the car and see what kind of driver the owner is! And if it's very serious drive a short distance to check the pedals and the lot..
  10. dutchzcarguy

    1990 yellow 300 ZX for sale

    yeah.. nice car, but the tire guy was (again) deep asleep when he did the rear wheels… 😜
  11. dutchzcarguy

    260z Body LEDs

    Hahaha.. yeah.. money money money… but look at what a new switch today will cost you.. WOWWW! i think you want to invest in low current lights..
  12. dutchzcarguy

    260z Body LEDs

    Hi, I think adding a big resistor to make the flasher work is not the way to go.. now you can finally unload the switch and you go ad more current to it! Look for another flasher (from a more modern car) that works with those small current lights.. your switches will last a lot longer. 🙂
  13. He's (C O) restoring a flattop carb ??? (in that pic.) HEY! Nice 260z end muffler.. i've got the 240z middle peace in new condition in storage.. i think it's the : 20050-E4100 also in black! (Nichira made in Japan)
  14. dutchzcarguy

    [SOLD] Early metal fan for sale

    Thanks man, Although i have a lot of parts it's Always possible i need something.. As you may know i'm restoring a 280zx first year in the Netherlands and when that one is ready (next year..) i'm thinking of restoring my 240z for the 2nd time haha after 20 years driving it! Have'nt made a list yet!
  15. dutchzcarguy

    [SOLD] Early metal fan for sale


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