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    owned 8 z cars 240-280-300. NA and TT..

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  1. dutchzcarguy

    Ignition circuit wires all smoking

    Could it be because you have isolated the coil from ground with that paper/cardboard in between the coil and it's holder? if the black wire is a bad ground.... And.. What brand do those wires smoke? ... sorry i could also not help myself.... 😜
  2. dutchzcarguy

    280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration

    The painter is still busy.. meanwile i have a question, is there somebody that has a good set of dash meters, i'm refering to the 3 -meterset in the middle of the dash.. with the analog clock. shoot me a pm if you have one for sale with a pic and price, and condition it's in.. Thanks! (It's for a 1979 280zx )
  3. dutchzcarguy

    Without Limits. The Nissan GT-R50 prototype

    And it's probably their last one! UGLY !!!
  4. dutchzcarguy

    280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration

    The few bushings i need are in my cellar! my suspension bushings are (see Pic's above.. ) in good condition, also are the new suspension arm bushings..
  5. dutchzcarguy

    280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration

    Here some pic's from the "old" suspension-arm, it clearly did not have any anti-rust treatment.
  6. dutchzcarguy

    280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration

    I wouldn't bet... Thanks for the reply, but don't bother, if the old brakedisk does not fit , it's simple, i have to get me a new set!
  7. dutchzcarguy

    280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration

    I've got a question.. here in europe a 280zx has 2 different types of brakepads and cylinders in the rear, one till 1980-81.. and one after... round that time.. i had a bad rear wheel suspension arm so had to get me a good one, the brakecylinder mount is different so i had to have those aswell!! my question is there difference in brakerotor over the years on the rear of a 280zx? much apriciated! I've got a as new set arms and brakeparts now from the latest type 280zx eurostyle.. (1982-83)
  8. dutchzcarguy

    Good sunroof manufacturers?

    Hahaha... yeah... but i drove one and... i could only turn right.. not left.. my knee was in the way! ... i'm 6 foot 4 (around 1.93 mtr..) i don't fit in that basket!!
  9. dutchzcarguy

    Cleaned pistons and other parts

    @Captain Obvious I have the same one in my 240z.. were can i get or see the better one? With my last service (valve clearance check) these tubes were OK. Should i replace it? (When i'm ready with my 280zx this 240z get a restauration or is sold i'm still not shure what it will be..)
  10. dutchzcarguy

    Cleaned pistons and other parts

    The oil ring has a play of 0.3 till 0.9 mm maybe he mixed up top with oilring ring gap...
  11. dutchzcarguy

    Cleaned pistons and other parts

    yeap... and 0.219 can never be the average of 0.249- 0.332 0.29 is more in the range.. also the point on the wrong spot hey...
  12. dutchzcarguy

    Purchased my First S30 Today!

    Yes, can be in de States..don't forget that the 260z was for sale in europe till 1978! There was no 280z overhere! I know of a 1979! 260z.. it was a car that was in a dealer's showroom for a long time and sold in 1979.. so in our books (Year of putting it on the road with a licenceplate..) it's a 1979 car. Here in europe the 280zx was the car that came after the 260z.. I Always thought the 280zx and 300zx z31 were the black sheeps... But they are also starting to get more expensive.
  13. dutchzcarguy

    Purchased my First S30 Today!

    HUH ?? In europe you buy a set of wheels for that.. and they are ugly ones!!! PIC's !!!! wanna see that parts car!! (kidding!!) good luck! and welcome here..
  14. dutchzcarguy

    DIY Home Built Vapor Blasting/ Honing Cabinet , wetblasting

    OHH.. yes you can... if your garage gets to small... and you store carparts in your home.. I TELL EVERYBODY IT'S ART IN MY LIVING..
  15. dutchzcarguy

    Ads appearing on top of content

    Here is how i see it... @Mike adverts all over the text.. And Yeah i'm looking for a new amplifier.. Hench the hifi corner hahaha... but no.. not funny...

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