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  1. dutchzcarguy

    1974 Datsun 260z

    hahaha.. LMAO Reminds me the time an celebrating HONDA dealer had the new Prelude for sale, it was the one with everything on it, the most powerfull type.. the director/salesman hassitated to let someone drive it.. he came to me (this was in the '90's ) and he said: you drive a sportscar, i need someone to drive that car, you don't have to be buying.. just that people see this car on the road.. now, i did and just before a roundaboud there was a road to the right.. i took that one very fast and he ( the salesman)... sitting in the pass.seat.. was breaking very hard.. Hahaha he thought i was going for the roundabout, then my speed would indeed be a bit high! we laughed it off later.. And on topic... zedhead, you can also see the way the windscreenwiper is placed that this is a LHD car.. still laughing about those passenger brakes haha.. he was stamping at nothing..
  2. dutchzcarguy

    country of origin of HLS30-00957

    I've never seen a datsun with a SU-carburator... they use Hitachi's HJG AND HMB TYPES..! 😈 (sorry zedhead, i don't know where you got that info..)
  3. dutchzcarguy

    1974 Datsun 260z

    To me it looks like the 3 (L26) and the 5 (chassis) lookes non Original? Maybe need a better pic or eh... glasses ? Hahaha...
  4. dutchzcarguy

    1974 Datsun 260z

    serial number: 01356? or is there a 3 behind that? if not.. one of the early 260z's ? (it looks like there is also a faint 3 behind the enginenumber?) I've got an engine for that car.. but no free spot in my garage … at the moment... pm me a price.. (incl. sending it to the port of Rotterdam Netherlands)
  5. dutchzcarguy

    L28 TDC questions

    Sorry, but if you have not done this before.. first buy yourself (or download) the service manual for that particular engine.. without a serv. manual you can NOT put something like an engine together in the right way..
  6. dutchzcarguy

    Quarter window lower rubber glass to door seal

    These are the correct parts? they are different on l and r.. these come from jdm-car-parts.com and are 19 dollar a steal! (in euro prices! it's a steal..)
  7. dutchzcarguy

    HELP 240z leaking oil!

    Oh well.. i've got new (seal) and used parts (shaft (parts)) for that…
  8. dutchzcarguy

    commercial on tape...

    Listen at 8:25 min. drive a Z !
  9. dutchzcarguy

    HELP 240z leaking oil!

    No one mentions a bad bearing in the end of the gearbox? What happens after the "repair" .. putting in a new oilseal at the end of the trans.. this seal will wear very fast and you'll end up with the same problem.. check if there is any play in your driveshaft that is coming out of the gearbox.. just a mm is enough to break your new seal that the seller now is putting in.. You got a bad leak there and i'm not surprised if you have/had to put half a litre of oil into your gearbox to fill it up. Keeping it topped of is very important.. (after you got the car back from repair check the play by shaking the driveshaft just behind the gearbox.. there shoud be NO play. do this also after a good run-in of the seal, say 100 miles..160 kms..? i bet it will leak again by that time if the bearing is bad..)
  10. dutchzcarguy

    OEM AM Radio- Will it add value?

    Just wanted to remind… in the States there was the Hitachi the Original radio.. in (Most of ) europe there was the CLARION the Original radio in the 240Z ! It had only AM.. 5 pushbuttons.. and a scale with DATSUN and CLARION on it. sold one last year for 300 euro... (to me it's crazy..) He offered it.. and i could'nt resist.. Here in the Netherlands there is almost no station on AM anymore.. to test the radio i had to use a transmitter that covers the entire range. After 40 years it still workt fine. only a new bulb was needed for the scale.
  11. dutchzcarguy

    240Z pulling to the right when braking

    As the disks are the same.. put the left on the right and viseversa.. if you really don't know anymore what to do.. The problem changes.. it's the disk.. Also i want to ad.. the smallest bit of grease on (one of) them can create that problem.
  12. dutchzcarguy

    Bumper Woes

    N3300 says.. it's for a 260z? (does it fit a 240z anyway?)
  13. dutchzcarguy

    Bumper Woes

    I wonder.. is it possible that you miss these parts? (I've got these for sale..) They are used on some USA 240z cars? this is not a european car part for as far i know.. I've seen them on ebay (feebay) for 100 euro and in bad condition.. these are almost like new, or as they say: in super beautiful and perfect condition...pfff... ( the rubber is after all this time (in storage for more than 25 years..) still soft and in good condition.) (At first i thought it were wrong ordered new parts, but you can see were a nut or bolt has been sitting so they are used i guess but in great condition.) Are these used only on '73 US. cars? Are these those "inserts?
  14. dutchzcarguy

    280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration

    PARTS WANTED, Preferably out of europe... I'm looking for a inner bar and … if it's a perfect one.. a chrome piece (stainless steel..) of the 280zx rear bumper. It has to be the 1979-1981 type. The later one ivé got but that one does not fit directly into the rubber cover.. Also there is a "hight" difference in the bar. (when laying on the hollow side.)
  15. dutchzcarguy

    Datsun 240Z antenna NOS Harada

    It (The HA-11D) comes close but is not the Original 240z antenna.. Length differs and top... sorry.

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