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  1. There are many LS swaps in your country, You did'nt give a lot of info on your car but i asume you have a 280z or zx, as they get more expensive it's better to keep it stock. I think a lot of those people who have done the V8 swap are more and more regretting they have done that and did'nt keep the L-series engine. So.. restore the engine yourself for a few hundred dollars! You learn alot and if you don't know what to do or how, we can help you do it the right way, just ask.. remember, there are no stupid questions there are only stupid "students" that don't ask!
  2. Most carpeople don't do that they always refer to left and right seen from the drivers seat.. You could say: seen on the left IN this picture.. otherwise it's confusing. Hihi, i'm glad an english man does also not know a word for those "thingies" 🤣
  3. Hihi... take your time, these parts are in stock for over 30 years hahaha.. a few days more can't hurt. @Zup Hi Jim! Your next on the list 😉 Question, These fillers are used only on 240z? or also on 260z? As you might expect.. these are rare pieces (very long in stock) and have theire price.
  4. So those are the filler pieces i got.. Nice, Thanks! If @Dadsun don't want them for the right price (PM me.) these NOS parts are for sale.
  5. Maybe a "specialist" on USA type 240z's can chip in, could it be that you are missing these? (The Euro version don't have these..) (I got a set of these, they came from a garage here in the Netherlands and are about 35 years old but new old stock. A technician ordered the wrong part...it happens!) I've seen these go for 200 dollar a piece! and were in worse state.. If this is what you need you can make me a offer, but remember the shippingcosts are also high, if interested i could get you a estimate on shipping costs.
  6. You need some rubber round thingy's to close those 2 holes in the front, orig. euro cars have them. these are about 3mm bigger then the hole is and stick out about 2,5 mm. And are a bit conical.. Here on the rear bumper to see, they are the same.
  7. You fixed it! It looks very good now!! Btw.. your left and right was wrong.. your bumper was offset to the left not the right.. when you look to the front of a car.. on the left there is the right side and on the right there is the left... confusing hey? ( Always look at it if your in the car sitting behind the wheel.)
  8. When i look at picture 58.. i see a car with a very bad floor.. and then pay so much money for that ?? Where is it gonna end.. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-154/
  9. WHAT?? is he saying on 0:12- 0:13 sec..?? it changed the what?? the wohww? the wuwww..??? HUH ??? i can't understand 😉 Put 0:12 - 0:13 on replay it's funny! BTW... how he puts a 240z on a 2 post lift.... if it was my car.. i would have kicked the guys ar** really REALLY HARD! (This car must have new (stronger) floors otherwise you would destroy the car, orig. floors could not hold the car that way that well!)
  10. I would go back to metal forsure! My painter (pro) advised to go to metal because you would be working on a very old surface and you don't know what it's going to do with the new paint chemicaly.. I would not gamble! take it off! Use a 60 sandpaper on a rotary it go's fast. other painters say do not use chemical stuff to get it of because you have to clean it very well and then still you find it back in the new paint.. they say.. 🙄
  11. You use a FET? I would go for a thyristor.. And a fat heatsink.. 👍
  12. In the first post you talk about a mechanical fan. I'd stick to that it's simple and reliable.. You could like i did open up the old clutch mechanism. These old clutches dry up and need just a little bit fluid to work again.. i personally opened a 280zx fanclutch (Clean it thoroughly first.) and used a bit of wd40 to get the mechanism working and closed it up.. you don't need a lot of fluid.. (Nice to see how the fluid locks the mechanism as it gets hot.) When installed it should go no further then 1/2 or 3/4 round when you give it a good try to make it go round. The clutch engages
  13. Thanks Site! Never had to use it.. the screenshot is with zoom function on 100% as sayd at 125 % it gets smaller and on 175 the full witdth is used but the letters get very BIG.
  14. At 100% i get 3/4 screen and on 125% (what i normally also did..) it gets smaller! to 2/3 of screen.
  15. I got it like eurodat, just 3/4 of the screen, on the right 1/4 is a grey unused part. on a desktop with windows 10 and microsoft edge.. To get whole use of the screen i have to zoom 175% and then the letters are very big..
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