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  1. Here is the 1971 warranty book: https://www.ebay.com/itm/224162794233 Keith
  2. View Advert Seat screws and washers I am in need of two (2) chrome 240Z seat cap head screws & washer. (These were used on the Series 1 (Type 1) seat to affix the seat cushion to the seat side bracket. Please check your spare parts collection to see if you have some to spare. Thanks, Keith Advertiser zed2 Date 08/31/2020 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1970 Model 240Z  
  3. Time Left: 1 day and 8 hours

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    I am in need of two (2) chrome 240Z seat cap head screws & washers. (These were used on the Series 1 (Type 1) seat to affix the seat cushion to the seat side bracket. Please check your spare parts collection to see if you have some to spare. Thanks, Keith


  4. Republic Engine is a co-locator shop at Texas Retrosports. If you left them a message I am certain they will call back. Keith
  5. I spoke to the owner last week, there is a problem with Google. Give them a call tomorrow. (They have 3 240Zs in the shop right now!) Their facbook page (https://www.facebook.com/texasretrosports/?eid=ARDxbiUNJ7CmAvESqCnPKjm5tiz6fa6gcbQrJLtMsZaviUMD4MxeDesDIUCZ6ugGhICE2qJoXW8ZK4Bx&timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=100000172742483&fref=tag) has my 1970 240Z on the first photo and my blue 1966 520 down the page. Keith
  6. zed2

    Seat restoration

    Left seat bottom completed
  7. Texas Retrosports 2637 Oakland Ave. Garland TX 75041 (972) 278-7651 They have deep knowledge of the Datsun Z Good luck. Keith
  8. Anyone have recent experience with bidding / shipping agents? Thanks, Keith
  9. You should consider the paint work first. Prepping the car for paint should uncover any prior body damage. At that time, you can assess whether the car is worthy of your investment of time and money. If you decide the car is worth the investment, complete the paint work then move on to the interior. Are you planning to change the exterior color? If so, then a thorough repaint requires doors, hood, hatch and engine removal. Good luck (and add photos to your postings to let us know how the project progresses). Keith
  10. Logical explanation! Thanks, Keith
  11. Different size molding to accommodate different size evaporator tank. These may not be 100% interchangeable from a molding perspective. Thanks, Keith
  12. Can anyone identify the model years these two different trim panels were originally applicable? Thanks, Keith Type A: Type B
  13. I am interested in creating the clear vinyl seat protectors for the later model seats. Per my research, the Type 2 seat was used for the post-1971 240Z, 260Z, and 280Z. I have attached a photo of the protectors that I believe are appropriate for the 1972 240Z. According to the parts manual, the reclining bracket part numbers 86470-E8800 (left) 87470-E8800 (right) - outboard and 87480-N4500 (left) and 86480-N4500 (right) - inboard were used for post-1971 240Z thru June 1976. I need confirmation what location(s) the seat protectors show below are configured to fit. Thanks for your help. Keith
  14. Hey!  I would like two sets of your clear plastic seat protectors.

    Christopher Wenzel

    5818 Wildwood Avenue

    Sarasota, Florida 34231

    cwenzel@earthlink.net should be my PayPal ID

  15. View Advert 1969-1971 240Z reproduction clear vinyl seat protectors Since these clear vinyl seat protectors are no longer available from Nissan, nor are reproductions available from existing fabricators, I sourced a large quantity of clear vinyl material to fabricate reproductions. These are for the 1969-1971 seats that do not have the recline mechanism. Set of eight (8) as shown in photo, (plus close-up photo) Material is same gauge/thickness as original Photos show: Set of four (4) original, aged and yellowed clear vinyl seat protectors and set of four (4) reproduction clear vinyl seat protectors. . Set of eight (8) reproduction clear vinyl seat protectors - what you would receive upon ordering. The pricing is $39.00 shipped to a CONUS address. Shipping will be via FedEx Express Saver, insured, with tracking. If you are interested in a set, please PM me your full name, mailing address and Paypal address. I will then send you an invoice. Note, these are time consuming to produce. Therefore, I will only send the invoice when the set is available for shipment, production timefame as noted below Thanks, Keith Note: The last time I offered these was January 2019. So if you plan on needing a set before 2021 please order now. Orders accepted in the first available production timeframe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Maximum sets available with 1 week production timeframe - 5 sets (Sold out) Reserved: Don P - 08/13/20 delivered 08/20/20 - 1 set Christopher W - 08/13/20 delivered 08/21/20 - 2 sets Hank M - 08/13/20 delivered 08/20/20 - 2 sets (thru Facebook) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Maximum sets available with 4 week production timeframe - 3 sets Advertiser zed2 Date 08/12/2020 Price $39.00 Category Parts for Sale  
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