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  1. I am still seeking guidance on Model Year or Production Timeframe the chain feature was added to the early style cap. Thanks, Keith

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    Since these clear vinyl seat protectors are no longer available from Nissan, nor are reproductions available from existing fabricators, I sourced a large quantity of clear vinyl material to fabricate reproductions. These are for the 1969-1971 seats that do not have the recline mechanism. Set of eight (8) as shown in photo, (plus close-up photo) Material is same gauge/thickness as original Photos show: Set of four (4) original, aged and yellowed clear vinyl seat protectors and set of four (4) reproduction clear vinyl seat protectors. Set of eight (8) reproduction clear vinyl seat protectors - what you would receive upon ordering. The pricing is $48.00 shipped to a CONUS address. Shipping will be insured with tracking. If you are interested in a set, please PM me your full name, mailing address and Paypal address. I will then send you an invoice. Note, these are time consuming to produce. Therefore, I will only send the invoice when the set is available for shipment, production timefame as noted below Thanks, Keith Note: The last time I offered these was September 2021. So if you plan on needing a set before summer 2022 please order now. Orders accepted in the first available production time frame ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Maximum sets available with 1 week production time frame - 4 sets Reserved: John C - 1 set - 01/18/22 - Shipped Ann B - 1 set - 01/18/22 - Shipped


    Plano, Texas - US

  3. View Advert Door lock cylinder with "3011" code I am trying to assemble a lock set that uses the "3011" code. Please let me know if you have a spare "3011" cylinder available. Thanks, Keith Advertiser zed2 Date 05/04/2022 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 197 Model 240Z et al  
  4. Time Left: 1 month and 8 days

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    I am trying to assemble a lock set that uses the "3011" code. Please let me know if you have a spare "3011" cylinder available. Thanks, Keith


  5. They are original to the car. I do not want to restore them….only original once. Keith
  6. January 1970 production car jack and chocks: Keith
  7. Since Kimberly Clark (KC) discontinued the Evolution 4 fabric for car covers, the only KC fabric appears to be BLOCK-IT NOAH Barrier Fabric (not as sun/wind resistant). Has anyone purchased an outdoor car cover within the past 18 months which they are satisfied with the material? Thanks, Keith
  8. zKars, What is the application process to prohibit the installed tape from unwinding from the covered wires? Keith
  9. Which electrical tape do you prefer for wiring harness repair/maintenance? Please add the reason(s) for your preference. Also, please let me know if there is an alternative choice which should be added to the poll.
  10. Sorry, no spare box lids. Keith
  11. zKars, If you can provide additional information about the missing strip, I may have the part in my spares: https://www.flickr.com/photos/53116286@N07/51718901792/in/album-72157720208645992/ Keith
  12. HS30-H, I understand your observation. I am a bit confused however, since the USDM Series 1 were shipped to the United States (US) without carpet and padding. The carpet and padding were cut and installed in the US, therefore why would US fabricator make accommodations for Japanese market forward seat mounts? (Unfortunately, I do not have access to "Japanese market forward seat mounts" to compare the measurements of the bracket locations and the cutouts.) The mystery is not yet solved! Thanks for your input! Keith
  13. HS30-H, The photo in Post #120 is the USDM left side, noted by the heel pad on the floor mat. Thank you for your explanation of the circled cut-outs. Keith
  14. Kats, Are you aware of any JDM floorboard stamping that would necessitate the jute cutouts indicated by the red circles in the photo below? Thanks, Keith
  15. Jute in Serial No 4684: This is the earliest VIN jute photo I have found. Baring any other information, I will create my template based on the above. Keith
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