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  1. How about a full respirator suit when shooting paint. Nothing like sacrificing workers' health! Keith
  2. Kats, My 1969 Patrol L60 has a 3.956 L pushrod motor. (The L Series is a "modern" engine, never envisioned by the Patrol designers.) Keith
  3. I did not buy the Prince toolbox. I too am always on the look out for tools, however I concentrate on Standard (non-metric) tools that were originally included with my early Datsun projects. Keith
  4. Kats, Interesting your tool box is tan (bamboo), similar color to my Patrol box. There is also a gray color Prince box: Keith
  5. So is it more common for the capacitor to be mounted in the plug or on the radio circuit board?
  6. When removing the antenna cable from the back of the radio, the male plug broke. The plug appears to have a capacitor with the natation “180PF +-10% 50V”. What purpose does this capacitor serve? Thanks, Keith
  7. I am installing NOS storage covers and want to minimize the possibility of them breaking at the fastening knob. Has anyone devised a method to reinforce the cover edges? Thanks, Keith
  8. https://www.jauce.com/auction/s1061618198
  9. Beautiful, even the seat vents look authentic. Keith
  10. Can anyone identify the model year application for the application coolant "T" connectors (CTC)? Thanks, Keith
  11. Can anyone identify the model year application for the left throttle bell housing pivot (TBHP) ? (The right TBHP appears to be from a 1970 240Z.) Thanks, Keith
  12. What is the production period this pan is appropriate for? Thanks, Keith
  13. Is this jute sewn to the carpet of your Dec 1971 US 240Z? Also, heel pad appears identical to mine shown in #138 above. Keith
  14. Kats, I believe the "L" vehicles had some "luxury" features, including the driver and passenger floor carpeting. My 1970 circa heel pad is shown below Please post a photo of Watanabe san’s car's heel pad. Thanks, Keith
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