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  1. Would you (and your spouse) rather have a 21k-Mile 1971 Datsun 240Z Series I or $310,000? Don’t think too long about the answer! Keith
  2. Page number should be “JFA-20”?
  3. Interesting comment. I believe early USA delivered vehicles had a 11 mm ball joint shaft. (Later vehicles had a larger shaft due to ball joint failure.) Keith
  4. zed2

    1st gen seats

    What are the three holes on the seat base used for? Thanks, Keith
  5. New Year’s Day we will cut the slits in the cargo deck carpet to accommodate the luggage straps. What will you be doing? Keith
  6. zed2

    240z Seat Strapping

    Bonzi Lon and fuzze, Do you have a close-up photo of the original Nissan fastener/rivet used to attach the original rubber seat strap to the seat clip? I am most interested in the head shape (positioned close to the seat foam) and the washer/crushed fastener end that is positioned on the opposite side. Thanks, Keith
  7. From my research all 1970-1978 had the protectors. The later model 240Z seat that had the reclining mechanism had a different shape to the clear plastic, but same gauge material. Keith
  8. The WSJ is very restrictive on access to their articles. Try this link: https://amedpost.com/when-datsun-met-corvette-sparks-flew/ Keith
  9. National attention from an authoritative publication. Enjoy reading the Wall Street Journal. Keith https://www.wsj.com/articles/when-datsun-met-corvette-sparks-flew-11569942100
  10. To clarify, my quest is for the 2-3/8" metal clips...not the fastener (rivet) or the hog ring. Thanks, Keith
  11. The clip material diameter is 1/8". It would require considerable time to create a jig to hold the steel rod immobile for the tight bends of the clips. Keith
  12. I need sixteen (16) Datsun 240Z seat strap metal clips. Does anyone have a resource to share? (Zeddsaver will have some stainless steel ones soon, but I prefer to continue on with my project in the next couple of weeks.) Thanks for the referrals. Keith
  13. I have a set available. See: 1972-1975 Fuel cap and ring (new plating) Keith
  14. zed2

    original jute material

    Any recent development to report on the Jute topic? Thanks, Keith