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  1. Put a bottle of champagne in the fridge. When 2019 arrives we will reinstall the horsehair jute on the floor. Awaiting the carpet kit from Seatz which will have the original heel pad and carpet clips. Keith
  2. zed2


    Did your 521 truck have the J13 motor or the L Series? I am hunting for J13 parts and any help you can lend is appreciated.


    Do you have any internal engine parts for the

  3. I am having the car painted by a local shop, they did some work on my 300ZX several years ago and it still looks great. I opted to stay with 920, much to the chagrin of my firend who said white, red or black would be "great" looking. Having acquired parts for this project since 1987, I figure I should keep the car as original as possible.

    The car has a Jan 70 production date, so the vin is pretty low. Mileage is less than 40K and the only non-oem parts (other than the dealer installed A/C) I could recognize when we disassembled it were the battery, four (4) tires, seat covers, radio speaker, exhaust system and prior 920 repaint.

    I hope to have the car back in November (just when the weather turns damp and cold!).


  4. Howdy zed2!

    Your car is coming along "right fine," in no time it'll be on the

    road with the joy of owning and driving overcoming your in-

    vestment of time, effort, and money.

    Are you doing the paint yourself? That #920 looks great,

    that is the color of our #13 car. I got "blessed out" recently

    forcalling it "butterscotch," I know that "Sahara Gold" is the

    real name for it. I've heard it called a lot of things, some not

    too complimentary.

    Whatcha got for a VIN #? I see those flow-thru outlets on the

    hatch which tells me it is lower than about #22000 (I don't

    know if this is the '70 you cite in your User ID block....) If it is

    the '70, you must come in lower than #10000.........

    Used to live in Belton, but the wife is from Syracuse, soooooo..

    Take care, Pardner!...talk to ya soon........

    All Z Best,...............Kathy & Rick

  5. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to socialize with other Z owners in DFW. I work all week and spend the time with my family on the weekends.

  6. Hey I go up close to you for the weekends to record in cedar hill.....I also get alot closer when I record in frisco....Do you ever go out and ride with other Z owners in the DFW area?...

  7. zed2


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