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  1. I have a set available. See: 1972-1975 Fuel cap and ring (new plating) Keith
  2. zed2

    original jute material

    Any recent development to report on the Jute topic? Thanks, Keith
  3. zed2

    1st gen seats

    Kats, I have obtained a sample of a light blue/green cloth. Do you still have the original cloth on your seat bottoms to confirm the color match? (If so, I would mail you a small sample for verification purposes.) Keith
  4. January 2019 orders completed. Thanks to all. I have to research a way to simply the production, these pieces require custom cutting and it is very difficult to make all precise cuts. Keith
  5. zed2

    Seat restoration

    Please see the classified if you are interested in a set of the reproduction clear vinyl seat protectors. Keith
  6. Since these clear vinyl seat protectors are no longer available from Nissan, nor are reproductions available from existing fabricators, I sourced a large quantity of clear vinyl material to fabricate reproductions. These are for the 1969-1971 seats that do not have the recline mechanism. Set of eight (8) as shown in photo, (plus close-up photo) Material is same gauge/thickness as original Photos show: Set of four (4) original, aged and yellowed clear vinyl seat protectors and set of four (4) reproduction clear vinyl seat protectors. . Set of eight (8) reproduction clear vinyl seat protectors - what you would receive upon ordering. The pricing is $38.00 shipped to a CONUS address. Shipping will be via FedEx Express Saver, insured, with tracking. If you are interested in a set, please PM me your full name, mailing address and Paypal address. I will then send you an invoice. Note, these are time consuming to produce. Therefore, I will only send the invoice when the set is available for shipment, maximum 1 week timeframe Thanks, Keith
  7. Machined a punch to stamp the holes in the seat clear vinyl protectors on 12/31/18.....closing out the year working on the Z.
  8. zed2

    1st gen seats

    Kats and nix240z annd others, What type of material (canvas, linen, duck cloth, etc.) was used for the light green material? This material appears in the photos that accompanies the the three (3) rubber straps. Thanks, Keith
  9. Put a bottle of champagne in the fridge. When 2019 arrives we will reinstall the horsehair jute on the floor. Awaiting the carpet kit from Seatz which will have the original heel pad and carpet clips. Keith
  10. zed2

    Seat restoration

    This project is getting more involved. One of the rubber guards that protects the seat track from dust/debris was torn. Original on the right, replacement on the left. Too many hours on the seat project!!! Keith
  11. zed2

    Seat restoration

    Zup, I have not competed the seat restoration as I am awaiting the seat guards from 240zrubberparts.com. I don't have an update on the "Japan Imperial Army Green" paint yet. Keith
  12. zed2

    Seat restoration

    hiyabrad, 7tooZ, Zup, I am going to produce sets (8 pieces to a set) of the seat protectors for the 1969-1970 seats in mid-January 2019. The pricing will be: $38.00 for the first set, $30.00 for additional sets mailed to the same address. Shipping will be via FedEx Express Saver, insured, with tracking. Once I have fabricated some sets I will create a new post in the Classifieds offering them. Thanks to all. Keith
  13. zed2

    1st gen seats

    When will a set be available for me? Thanks, Keith
  14. Has anyone disassembled the Takata TK-656 seat belt buckle? if so, what is the procedure? Thanks, Keith
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