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  1. THE ROOTS OF MONOZUKURI: CREATIVE SPIRIT IN JAPANESE AUTOMAKINGhttps://www.petersen.org/the-roots-of-monozukuriA wonderful exhibit with many original, unrestored vehicles. Sadly, no 240Z was on display, nor in the Vault. A must see if you are in the LA area. For you Tucker fans, Number 31 is in their workshop having some electrical fire damage repaired.Keith
  2. zed2

    Rubber Bushing Set

    @Henfree, I compiled the list using parts manuals, old purchase receipts and postings in this and other forums. I can only confirm that the list is appropriate for my 1970 240Z. I make no assertions that the items fit other years. Keith
  3. Unpacked several recent purchases for install on the Datsun on New Year’s Day.
  4. zed2


    It is my 240Z more photos at Keith
  5. I have two spare fuel cap and trim ring assemblies. One had the provision for the retainer chain, as seen in the eyelets of the Fuel Cap #1.jpg photo. The other assembly does not have the provision for the chain. Does anyone know what production period these assemblies were originally installed? Thanks, Keith
  6. zed2

    [SOLD] 240, 260, 280, 280ZX Many cars for sale

    Any Nissan Patrol or Datsun 520 parts in the collection?
  7. zed2

    Fastener sizes

    Excellent reference guide. Thank you for posting. Keith
  8. Perhaps Jim or I already know the car...we both talk to may Z owners. Keith
  9. zed2

    Series 1 Looking For Some Love

    Jim, Price dropped from $4400 to $3950, I guess the market is cooling! Keith
  10. Consider 3M™ Wire Harness Tape 5078, Black, 1.0 mm http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/3M_Automotive/OEMs/Product_Center/~/3M-Wire-Harness-Tape-5078-Black-1-0-mm?N=4607+3292658863&rt=rud or Non-Adhesive Harness Tape http://www.wiringharness.com/harnesstape.htm Keith
  11. Planning to rebuild the seats in 2017.
  12. Dan, Thank you for the update. Having read/reread this thread offer the years it would appear that there is no one who makes a repro kit that is accurate "right out of the box". Maybe someday an enterprising Z enhauasist would pick up the torch and coordinate a group buy on an kit. Keith
  13. Please let me know if you have one to trade. For a discussion of this emblem, please see http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/10355-very-rare-240z-emblem/?page=1 Keith
  14. Has anyone color matched the red/orange jack handle with an off-the-shelf aerosol paint? If so, what is the manufacturer and paint product number that was used? Thanks, Keith

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