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  1. Zspert, Just curious, did you take a look at the pictures from Instagram on my last post from yesterday that shows the underside of the car?
  2. Hi Guy, Thank you for pulling for me during the auction. Unfortunately, it was a very competitive auction and I had reached my budget limit. When I was bidding on the car, I thought that if I happened to win the auction that I would go the paintless dent repair route, then drive and enjoy the car for a few years and then maybe, just maybe consider doing a full restoration. However, it's all for naught since I didn't win.
  3. The car sold yesterday afternoon for $43.5k. I really loved this car and I bid up to $36,240.00 which was my budget when you factor in BaT's buyer's fee, transportation costs, Colorado sales taxes, etc. To be honest, I don't think the car is worth $43.5k-plus. I also think that since the auction really heated up towards the end (like a lot of them do) the winning bidder probably paid more than he originally intended to. I would be curious to see what the winning bidder's plans are for the car: Stay with the original paint and have a professional remove the dings and match the original paint and blend or do a complete restoration? What would your preference be if you won the auction?
  4. I've never seen a 240Z with the "passenger handle" on the driver's side before on a 240Z until this Dutchzcarguy pointed it out on the subject car and now on Siteunseen's Z. Maybe it was by design that Nissan made both the right-hand drive and left-hand drive doors to accommodate a passenger handle for either side depending on which side of the car was the passenger side? Obviously, the subject car and Siteunseen's car had the handles installed sometime after the cars were new or perhaps a handle was installed by the dealer when new as a "dealer option". Very interesting - I guess you learn something new everyday when it comes to Z-Cars.
  5. Here's some more on the Franklin Mint Car including the aforementioned underside shots:
  6. The Franklin Mint 240Z sold again. On Instagram over the last few months or so I saw that it was in the 240ZGuild's shop for the last few months having some work done (mostly the underside) and was also displayed in their showroom: Well the Franklin Mint car has found a new home with a great car family on the East Coast where it will be placed in a beautiful car collection, while also being driven and on display in various places. While not getting too far into the sale details for obvious privacy reasons between the Buyer and Seller, we can say the sale price was an obvious next level six figure sale based on recent record sales, and will continue to rise as the value trend continues climb for Top Tier and Historic Examples. This car has been a pleasure from start to finish, and it has been a pleasure for the 240z Guild to help facilitate this re-home to a great car enthusiast family.
  7. Yes, I just read about the sale on Instagram well. I also remember seeing on IG that the car has been at the 240ZGuild for a few months getting some work done to it (mostly the underside) and was displayed in their showroom.
  8. Good eye! No, all 240Zs only came with the handle on the passenger side.
  9. Good catch on the wheel arches and the missing seams! I took a second look at the BaT listing and there were no driving videos, only a single video of the engine running. Amazing how someone can drop over $77k on a car and not see it in person or at the very least have the ability to watch a driving video. Caveat Emptor!
  10. Frankly Charles, I was very surprised to see the car go for over $77k. I thought that it would probably go in the high 50's at the most. The final selling price confirms how a complete quality mechanical & cosmetic refurbishment on a California 1970 240Z can go for nowadays. As far as the '70 Sunshine Yellow 240Z is concerned, it is a very solid car and is very close to original condition. However, the body of the car has a lot of dings in its original paint. The eventual winner may just restore the car rather than trying to repair all of the dings and other imperfections in the paint as well as redo the interior. One thing's for sure, is that the car would make a great candidate for a complete restoration. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1970-datsun-240z-51/
  11. This beauty had a had a complete cosmetic and mechanical refurbishment. Here's the link: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1970-datsun-240z-55/
  12. Do you think it will go for that much? I realize that it has a relatively low VIN at 2207 and has its original matching numbers engine, a 49-year history with the second owner of the car, documentation and the seller states that the car has its original paint, but $30k-plus? Now I know why Siteunseen laughed! As the old saying goes, I guess you can't blame a guy for trying 🙂
  13. I really like this 240Z! I like how original the car is including its original paint and most everything else. In fact, I liked it enough to place a bid on the car earlier this afternoon. I will bid a little higher, but that may not be enough to win this '70 Series I car.
  14. Here is the video of the running engine that the seller sent to my phone a few days ago: VID_20190626_2035301.mp4
  15. You make a good point, Mark. There are always exceptions. Highway miles don't take their toll on cars as much as daily use city driving. And you never know, the car could have had sheepskin covers, which were popular in the seventies that preserved the vinyl seats.