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    '71 240Z: Purchased in AZ in 2007. Rebuilt original matching engine. 904 White with rare Blue interior. Professional bare metal paint restoration, refreshed interior, re-chromed bumpers, etc. This car was my third refresh project since 2004. Previously, my son and I refreshed a '71 918 Orange/blk int as well as a '72 904 White/blk int and both of these cars also had original matching engine numbers. Presently, my latest '71 is the only Z I have at the present time. I had a '72 while I was in college in the late '70s & early '80s and my wife had a '79 280ZX when I first met her through the ea

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  1. An even better camera angle on this beauty!
  2. Love the Skylines, they are such rare and beautiful cars!
  3. Yes, someone got a heck of a deal for only $800.00! I just hope that the buyer plans to restore this solid car and not cut it up, that would be a shame if that were to happen.
  4. A project that got started, but still has a long way to go. I briefly spoke with the seller and it's # HLS30-17493. If I'm not mistaken that would place it as a 12/70 build date, making it a 1971 model year car, but still a Series I. Here's the link: https://asheville.craigslist.org/cto/d/fairview-1970-datsun-240z/7093578052.html
  5. We look forward to hearing from you and please post some pictures!
  6. As long as the Klassic Fab product is at least as thick as, or even a little thicker than the 240Z's stock metal and has a more accurate stamping and better fit, I would prefer it over the other products available out there.
  7. Madkaw, Just curious, have you received floor pans, seat rails and frame rails you ordered from Klassic Fab yet? Steve
  8. Lonetreesteve,

    Yes, lester 0078 was in quick like a bunny, and took my (now I know) badly underpriced steering wheel.

    Richard McDonell

    1. lonetreesteve



      I'm sorry that you were taken advantage of by that poser. 

      I noticed that Lester 0078 had just 1 post, which was to buy your steering wheel and he had a 0 Classiczcars community reputation rating. 

      If you have more 240Z parts to sell, please feel free to make a post and ask the members what a fair price would be to ask for each item. That way, it's fair to both you and the potential buyer. 

      Take care,


  9. Now the asking price has actually fallen to $800.00 and the seller wants cash and carry. Any members in the Tucson or Phoenix area? If so, someone hurry up and buy this solid Z!
  10. Not sure why it was deleted last night, but it's back, this time for only $800.00 and the seller also added a few more pictures. https://tucson.craigslist.org/pts/d/tucson-datsun-parts-car/7089896771.html
  11. I just checked and the car is still available for only $1,000.00. https://tucson.craigslist.org/pts/d/tucson-datsun-parts-car/7083772784.html "Can’t put it back together or use it to replace parts off a rusted out Z. Already been asked a few times for the roof and tail section, I will not sell car in pieces if you want it buy it and cut it up yourself." Heaven forbid that someone would cut this solid 240Z into pieces!
  12. This car keeps getting less every day - it's now down to only $1,000.00! https://tucson.craigslist.org/pts/d/tucson-datsun-parts-car/7083772784.html
  13. There's been a number of pictures posted of Datsuns being unloaded off a ship and parked at a U.S. Port. This is a picture of 1972 model year 240Zs and 510s being loaded on a ship in Japan.