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  1. NVZEE

    AZ auction action

  2. NVZEE

    Re: MCK Recaro LX seats

    Their seats don’t come with brackets/sliders, but you can shop google or ebay for sources. Wedge is a common brand: http://wedgebrackets.com/nissan-240-z-69-74-seat-brackets.html
  3. NVZEE

    AZ auction action

    I’m in the quiet end of the state - thankfully 😉
  4. NVZEE

    AZ auction action

    ‘73 didn’t sell at $26,000. https://russoandsteele.com/vehicle-details/?show_vehicle=173761&current_index=3&total_results=464&tsauction_id=200&=&caryear=&caryearto=&search_text=&page=featured&showpage=18
  5. NVZEE

    AZ auction action

    And jdm ... 🙄
  6. NVZEE

    AZ auction action

  7. NVZEE

    AZ auction action

  8. NVZEE

    AZ auction action

  9. NVZEE

    AZ auction action

  10. NVZEE

    AZ auction action

    How about a thread to collect some of the Scottsdale results? Here’s useful info to get the ball rolling from Hagerty. They even have an app for iOS: https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/01/07/2019-arizona-auction-week-guide
  11. Like everyone else, PLN had good days and bad days ... Chuck Ritz photo - Road Atlanta GT1 race, 1983 SCCA Runoffs
  12. NVZEE

    Brad Frisselle and the Z

    From Vintage Racecar, here's an article on the IMSA racing icon (photo credited to Dennis Gray) https://vintageracecar.com/frisselle-and-the-z
  13. Latest details on the VARA event this month include an autocross and J-car show: https://www.vararacing.com/california-speed-fest
  14. NVZEE

    '71 on Seattle Craigslist

    Online comments elsewhere suggest there are more details to be concerned about than just the condition of the car ...

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