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  1. I put in the speakers I got and here are some pictures. I also took pics of what I assume are OEM speakers. The back side of the one I pulled is the first picture. They screwed right in no issues at all
  2. Also https://www.desertdatsuns.net and reach out to cgsheen on here
  3. Stainless of course preferably one handed down in your family. You know the ones you don’t use tucked away in some cabinet
  4. I would weld a spoon bowl over the holes because the curvature of the spoon will create a Venturi effect at higher speeds and aid in redirecting the fumes back out while creating substantial downforce for road racing. Ok not really but would be a good conversation starter
  5. If you can get OEM noise might be coming from a restriction in the line or in the filter I would check that first
  6. They sell the labels new I am assuming you mean the key code label but they sell others also https://www.zeddsaver.com/products/copy-of-datsun-240z-260z-280z-rear-hinges
  7. If you ever want to borrow a welder or come over and weld I have one and I am in Gilbert did my floor panels/frame rails and tons of other stuff with it. Just let me know. unfortunately I was too late for the panel bond posts
  8. I went with these but I won’t know if they fit or sound like yet I ordered on Amazon https://rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/r14x2/ as soon as they are in I will give a review but probably won’t be until Christmas when I get some time off
  9. The only math I know is gas pedal+foot=speed
  10. Can you register it as a classic car on insurance and bypass emissions we can in Arizona
  11. Ok I looked up those Pyle speakers so I could get the dimensions that gives me a good starting point. I normally don’t even have music on but when I take my kids on rides they like to have things to listen to
  12. There is room in the factory spot for a speaker on the 78 there is a spot on both sides right next to the seatbelt retractor on I guess that’s the B pillar
  13. I am looking for a pair of 4” speakers for the spot below the quarter panel windows on the 78 280z anyone have a suggestion for what they have or like for that spot. I am not sure how deep it is and also looks like I can’t have a tweeter that extends past flush or it would hit the panel cover
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