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  1. If you drop the oil pan down a little first it might come out without any damage 50/50 I would say. Some people use a dab of sealant up in the corner between the head gasket and the front cover and that might make it so you need to replace it
  2. Does the noise change with RPM? Does it only happen while in gear or also while in neutral?
  3. Do you still have your old pump? Put it back and start it and listen did it change anything then you have eliminated the pump as the issue
  4. fast crickets are the secret to more HP. Keep that a secret you are not supposed to tell people about the fast crickets.
  5. It’s not really cryptic NMC and JECS are two different manufacturers for the same part. Some people say you can interchange them and it’s the connector to the AFM that matters. What are you trying to solve that you think you need to swap out what was in the car?
  6. Correct, not sure what the question is or you just wanted to let us know but here is more information
  7. All 4 were smoking? They are on different systems so that is odd
  8. Weld a nut on it would be my route
  9. That’s actually the outlet where the thermostat is. But what bolt did you break.
  10. Ok this is a good question. That is part of a metal strip that goes Around the outside edges of the oil pan this was to prevent dimpling of the oil pan and gasket distortion by evening pressure of the bolts. The little metal piece on the side is where the exhaust runs so it is basically a small heat shield.
  11. We’re those the 8 inch hooks
  12. Starting a list Hotwire, slip it into neutral and push onto trailer, dig a hole underneath and let it drop into secret underground garage, helicopter lift via straps, tell tow truck driver to take it to your house, slip the owner a pill during dinner then take the keys, via hot air balloon lift but need to work out logistics. Bash out window and find the hidden key under the visor and start it, Hope it’s a race car and starts via a flip switch…
  13. Do you want to know all the ways possible or just the top 5
  14. If you don’t like reading and are more visual there are atleast 20 YouTube videos that show this process. I made this even easier How to
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