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Project Boondoggle (or, so I went and bought a Z!)
I've been lurking here and some of the other Z boards for a while, and after wanting a project car for basically my entire life, I finally pulled the trigger a couple weeks back so I guess it's time to join; hope y'all have room for one more!
So here it is, my new 1978 Z, as it looked when I brought it home:
I scoured CL for a while and any reasonably-priced cars were getting snatched up in hours.  I checked out a handful of cars in my desired price range and 
they were all projects well outside my budget or capabilities, so when I found this one I jumped on it.  It looked pretty good, and I knew it would be some work, but have uncovered some unexpected surprises in the last couple weeks.
The starter died when I brought the car to the shop so someone more qualified could take a look at it. It failed smog with an illegal cat, gross polluter numbers and an EVAP leak, and almost every nut and bolt I take off has revealed some bodgy-at-best repair work by previous owners.  All part of the fun!
I have a lot of plans and a whole lot of work to do, and I sure am grateful for all the helpful folks who have already walked this path before me.
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[2017] What Did You Do To/with Your Z Today?
Planning to rebuild the seats in 2017.
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Thinking about installing an BMW M6 engine in my Z
I have a 1987 M6 that I have dumped thousand$ into but there is no market for them at the moment so instead of selling it for 30 cents on the dollar I was thinking about keeping the freshly restored S38 (inline six 24 valve, dohc) engine an 5spd and part the rest the car out.
I've done the measurements and it will fit nicely into a Z.
What do you guys think?
Would I be creating too much of an odd ball?
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The official "Post pictures of your wheels" thread
Approved by the powers that be, here is the offical thread for posting pictures of your wheels.
Enough talk, lets see your wheels!
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Kenmeri coming to USA very soon.
Yep Finally I will own a GT 240K ......My friend bought this 240K from Astralia  and he will convert it to Left Hand Drive and do all the body work and interior plus mounting a 280ZX drive train and then ship it to USA from UAE (Dubai)....here is some pictures so far and I will post as they come from my Friend Sultan In UAE.......
This picture when we tow it from the original owner...

When it arrived to UAE Dubai...


The work started   strip and convert to lt hand drive.....




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1970 240Z Differential Mount Help Please
Hi all, I need reminding please of what the threaded holes are for marked 'A' on my 1970 240Z differential mount . Also, am I correct in saying that the small steel plate marked 'B' goes between the mount and the insulator - it's been some time since I dismantled it but I'm pretty sure it does. Thanks
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Bought # 4858
"So honey , I bought another Z today" 

instant response ," you've got to be fu@£NIH kidding me "

anyone else have this conversation-lol

Anyway, didn't see this one coming but it's landed in my lap. # 4858 , 5/70 build date. Still not even to my house yet and I've spent a total of 15 minutes looking at it.

Too many unknowns to answer anything specific , but it's definetly fixable . Actually in pretty decent shape- respective of its age. 

Update this when I get it home . 

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1976 280Z Restoration Project
Hi everyone! My name is Mark and I will be restoring my 1976 280Z coupe HLS30-271295 starting this year. I look forward to your feedback and help as I am sure most of you have a lot of experience with restoring your own cars! I am hoping you will all chip in and help me avoid some common pitfalls and mistakes along the way.
I will post photos and updates as I go. For now, these are pics of the day I picked up the car in Calgary in March of last year.
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