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  1. Roebling road June 1st 2018 90 degrees, afternoon start time, slippery..... Sloppy driving, but sooo much fun!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boe5EcOWr3I
  2. HI Ksbeta, Imagine my surprise, to see a car that sat in my barn for several years. An ebay find for me, that overwhelmed my available resources at the time. I drove up the driveway a few times, but never on the road. Surprise split with the wife in 2007 sent this car north. Don't think it was ever in my name, But I to marveled at the receipts that showed history in Georgia. Having remarried couple years back and preparing to sell old house and barn with 10 years of 240z stuff scattered about, let me know if you need any early z parts....I have most items. Heading to the scrap yard with many parts that may bea hassle to ebay. Seriously. Just give me a shout. Love to put these parts to good use. David
  3. RIP Enrique, Great source of encouragement over the years forme in so many ways. Powerful, yet very fair man. Prayers with family, and other friends.
  4. Carl, I've only had a word definition problem with Troy years ago....He's gotta be treating people decent to have stayed in business as long as he has...FWIW.... Just make sure you have a clear agreement with what he considers original...and you will likely be happy with what you purchase.... David Spillman
  5. dspillman

    06ARRC Grid

    Sandwiched between Huffmaster and VanSteenburg
  6. dspillman

    arrc o7

    Need some wider spacers.....
  7. www.aptfast.com ... I have not used this product, but close..... I agree with post #4.... This type radiused horn or something similar is worth whatever you have to pay......stock horns are better then no horns.... will make a difference. David
  8. HI Mark, Iffy go-fast parts are painted black and therefore nolonger visible in this deminsion...... Congrats on the Well driven, great running car Greg. Car looks awesome!!! David Spillman
  9. :bulb: HI Sean, FWIW, I struggled through 3 SCCA weekends with a engine that would rev great til 5,000 RPM and then stumble badly..... Turned out to be a bad brake booster seal, allowing air to be drawn into intake manifold, screwing up mixture.... reversed check valve ran like a champ. Plugged off brake booster line, not a good fix for a street car, because pedal effort is quite high without the booster, but worth a try.....PS...would be kinda staring at you in the face as ur Dad said!!! Good luck, david spillman
  10. I haven't read every message on this thread, but I had similar problem with a high milage car.... Part of problem was pin and hole in top of clutch pedal was worn to being paper thin, and had a ton of free play before master cylinder moved at all. Check it out. Please excuse if this was mentioned earlier David
  11. Having an all out engine built early on would be great.....I personally would spring for rebuilding stock bore engine yourself......rings, bearings, freshen up the head, if money is any kind of issue. Yes, you can get a decent 40 over "ITS" engine built for you any where from $3000 - $13,000......how fast$$$ can you go?.... HP ranging from 165-200 at the crank......How important is that last 10 horse power$$$$$.........But your fresh engine will be for naught if you haven't spent much time on the track....Worry about the engine last....Money spent other places will do more good now......Shop around a little for a built car, I just picked up a nice car, with trailer for under 10,000 grand........Less expensive then a all out engine from Sunbelt....which by the way are worth every dime...... David
  12. HI Jay, Get on the track with a safe car....cage, belts, just any kinda cheap tires. Get a decent coil over setup, with 300/275 F/R or maybe 325/275....spring rates, bilsteins Get on the track for at least a year, get a little seat time, then worry about building a engine.... Stock can be fast, and fun as well. Fresh valve springs, buy a new cam from nissan go racing..... ITS cams should be stock....leave those half inch lifts jobs for E-production!!! Have fun, talk with the other Zguys on the track, listen to their opinions. It will save you a ton in time and money. Good Luck!!! David Spillman
  13. Mackamans is a stepped header that could be made to look acceptable....Welds are a little rough but is quite functional...I'll send you a picture when I'm back home. David
  14. Hi Mark, I'd go as small primaries as you can find for a stock 240, on the street, unless you plan on really winding it..... That being said, if you are interested, I do have a couple of stock manifolds, you're welcome to check out if needed...and Mackamans stepped ITS header...that could be bought for a bargain...the stock manifolds are even less if you are looking that direction, I think I owe you for a windshield anyway. I'm sure you've seen the write up by Katman years back comparing headers to the stock 280 manifold...I think maybe 2 HP/Torque difference? Over on Zhome.com....... Quieter/heavier....vs.....2-3 HP, louder "maybe a good thing?" Headers do look cooler as well. Personal preference issue David
  15. Looking for seats? I have one pair of 2006 RSX Type S Seats on my shelf, should fit both ZX and Z..... Son wrecked his Acura, totaled out, I bought back from Insurance...Only have 6500 miles on em. Son is fine, but now driving a Jetta!! $300 for the pair, plus shipping. Bunch of stuff I need to sell. David Spillman