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  1. Thanks. I do have the auto darkening mask, so there's that at least. And yeah, I also learned through trial and error to keep the wire short! Off the top of my head I forget the diameter of the wire I'm using now.
  2. Yeah I got a copper backing piece the other day... Sticks on with magnets. Too late for this particular spot unless I start over but will come in handy as I continue... And yeah the rest of the car. This was the first place I started welding on. As I feel more confident I am seriously considering the gas welder. I feel like if I get it now, my skill level won't do it justice yet.
  3. Mine is a dedicated flux core welder, so I don't have the option of reversing the polarity and adding gas. I'm coming at it as an absolute noob. I was an ASE Certified Master Auto Technician 20 years ago but I never got into welding in any meaningful way. My future son-in-law is a professional stick welder and he showed me a couple tricks but MIG/flux isn't his strong suit. I'm certain that it's the thin-ness of the metal. It's 20 gauge cold rolled steel. This welder is capable of a way higher duty cycle than I'm using it for here. I fully acknowledge that, as a newbie,
  4. Just wanted to offer an update on this, because as I get closer to using the hood support piece I'm going to have to decide on how I will weld it in. I've been going very slowly in the replacement piece to repair that huge rusted gash, and it's messy (I'm still a newb) but getting there. In places where it wouldn't interfere with the hinge support I reverted to patching rather than butt welding, because I was blowing a lot of holes. The question I'm struggling with is... Should I get a spot welder to do this, or can I weld it in using my mig (flux core) welder?
  5. Yeah the tracking info on the shipping company's website estimated delivery for December. I guess that was wildly inaccurate... but I ain't complainin'!
  6. I certainly will. It'll be a while though, package tracking estimates delivery in December... Cost was $100 including shipping. The part itself was about $66. (Ish... exchange rate being what it is.)
  7. Thanks for the tips, guys. Made a deal with Woody for the part. Can't wait for it to arrive!
  8. Oh sorry I misread your prior post. Thanks!
  9. It actually isn't just yellow paint. It's a rust sealant that came in a few different colors. I'll look into this silverfish you mention though, since it would be nice to not have to grind the sealer off before I start cutting and welding to fix the rust. It's a '77 280Z.
  10. I sent Woody a message last night. Can't wait to hear back.
  11. Yeah I looked over it and they don't seem to have that particular piece, but I am bookmarking the page because there's plenty of good stuff there. I'm probably going to ask my father in law to get me in touch with the other one, since he does have FB.
  12. And me without a FB account. Bah. I think I've heard of that one. I'll see if I can piggyback off of someone else's FB to contact that one.
  13. So I started repairing the headlight support but the front frame piece was mangled worse than I'd hoped. I suppose I can repair/fabricate it, but this is not my area. Does anyone know of a vendor that makes them? The yellow paint is to seal up the clean metal until I get back to work on it... whenever I can carve out the time...
  14. So it was attached with pure bondo in big chunks. No welding, thankfully. What's underneath wasn't as bad as I feared, but it's still bad... especially on the passenger side. What I found truly bizarre is a bunch of crumpled mesh... like from a screen door... embedded in the bondo behind the passenger side fender. I have no words.
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