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  1. I switched to brass bulk head fittings and added a fresh water rinse. Excited to get back to using it. I also added an LED from Amazon. We use this same Model at work. LLT 2Ft LED Light Fixture 18W Vapor Proof Tight Light 1350Lm Commercial Ceiling Tube Light 4000K Bright Light Under Cabinet Lights-Сarport Light-Warehouse Lighting Parking and Garage Lights-Waterproof https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BW7HFNY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fab_-7vCFbZAQE040
  2. Some L series piston porn for your Thursday viewing pleasure. Originally the ceramic coating had some issues. I reached out to the company eagle suggested and they fixed them for me. Much better coating job. Contact IA coatings: https://www.facebook.com/iacoatings/
  3. I finally got all my vintage SK throttle bodies from japan. I’m super happy with the casting and the overall design of them. The inner fit or choke they use is pretty interesting. Without its 47 tapered to 45mm. Oer actually still uses the same design, and I can buy different inner fits. The right 3 are 40mm throttle bodies. The left 4 are 45s. I believe it’s the same casting. But actually sleeved differently not machined. Luckily one has a D shaft end and my tps sensors all work on it. One of the vacuum accumulation block things even has either a map signal or a iac valve in it. Pretty darn cool for something so old. I really like that they look a little more Mikuni/ dcoe carb. The stacks are super beefy.
  4. I decided I hate the Sound of my compressor. Plus it is a pile of junk. I splurged and bought a rotary screw Schulz 4008. Which is a pretty small footprint 60 gallon 7.5hp unit 69db and 25 cfm. All the larger compressors that could handle the cfm were huge. To run vapor rig you really need a minimum of 18cfm. But really 25cfm. Hopefully this is the last compressor I have to buy in my life.
  5. I have never had glass. Prior it was plexi. So it got scratched and broken. So time will tell.
  6. I have been working on some news mods for my rig. I also brought it home for the first time. It’s been at a buddy’s auto shop for a long time. Mainly fresh water rinse and a access door that isn’t also the viewing. I got some new tempered glass and a stainless stand for it. Rinse is super important to keep media in the cabinet. The pump comes stock with a odd 45 degree elbow, which makes it’s hard to fit in a container, so I got a new straight one off their webpage
  7. I designed and made my own coil bracket based off of blakes. Here is the info.
  8. This is my first motor build, I am having a little fun. Rebello and my builder are friends. I have rebellos pistons, valve retainers and rods and bearings.
  9. Yeah, there are 100 little things you can do to the motor, each doesn't affect much, but added up they could. Time will tell.
  10. Rebello pistons just got back from ceramic coating by Performance Coatings, Inc. No clue if it was a good idea or not. But we decided to give it a try. Ceramic on top, anti scuff on sides, thermal barrier on bottom. The color is more of a bronze then the picture is showing.
  11. I have socks, stack filters etc... most of the time I don’t use much.
  12. I can design the box to flow correctly, really this is just a fun project. Lots of info about air needed for HP. I honestly like the looks and sound of raw stacks.
  13. No. I plan on some sort of stack filters. Maybe someday something like this
  14. Maf doesn’t work with ITB. If i used a intake box it would. I will use tps for most load tables.
  15. A few of you may know this. But last year I designed and made a coil on plug bracket based of Bryan Blake’s ford coil on plug design. It uses the Nissan coil head used on the Nissan GTR R35. Works perfectly, bolts on and you can even buy a very nice pre made wiring harness from platinum racing products. Coils are fairly cost effective. Takes a specific boot (2-3 actually work) to work. It’s one of the best coils on the market. I believe only the AEM coil beats it. Basically he took my design based off of his, then fixed some of my issues and is now selling them. Bottom pictures are my bracket installed on my 240z. Email Bryan to place and order. Eventually he will sell on eBay. bryan@blakemachine.com
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