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  1. Thank you! Trying to make it a blast to drive, tinker, but also I can go back to bone stock fairly easily.
  2. I got my stock series 1 tach to work with coil on plug. Basically it senses the pulses in the voltage, just like stock. Works perfectly.
  3. No. Just a N42 block bored. I’m not chasing a ton of hp. The 3.4+ is a lot of work and $. I actually think I will be at at 3.16 or something. But that sounds dumb. So 3.2L
  4. From Rebello I got titanium valve retainers, pistons, rods, bearings etc... I will be using a ported and bigger valve E31. Machine work will all be done locally. Crank repair and stroke was done by Marine Crankshaft.
  5. No. I think a fully built Rebello motors are 8-20k. I didn’t get a Rebello kit. Just parts we needed. 10:1 is the goal. I will only use ethanol free premium.
  6. 3.2L engine parts arrived from Rebello today! JE Pistons, Eagle rods and king race bearings. Rod bearing clearances are spot on. Marine Crank did a fanstatic machining job on my extra long stroke LD crank.
  7. I had a tick and I added zinc to the oil and it went away. No clue why, but sounds awesome now.
  8. Some interesting data, https://www.huffpost.com/entry/best-coronavirus-face-mask-materials-new-study_l_5e99b576c5b6a92100e63129
  9. Pretty good news from a stanford study on antibody tests. https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/04/20/feud-over-stanford-coronavirus-study-the-authors-owe-us-all-an-apology/ Infection rate is way higher then expected, but death rate is close to .12-.2%. So much much lower. So covid moves faster through the population, but is less lethal than thought. Amount of deaths are still so high because of it's infection rate. Still puts total deaths at 400k for the US alone.
  10. Wow, what a strange reaction to my comment. I am sorry I commented. My friend is some sort of researcher for the cdc. He was my roomate in college, Biomedical Engineer was what he was studying then, but I don't know his exact role at the cdc is. I doubt he is a security guard. I stand by my comment that a knitted mask with visible holes is stupid though:) I hope you all stay healthy and aren't hurt too bad financially by all of this and fingers crossed for a vaccine somewhat soonish!
  11. I don't know what his exact role is at the Cdc. I could ask, but I literally don't care. What he said makes perfect sense. Are you a virologist? Doctor? Research PHD? Government publish incorrect guidelines all the time. If they said wear a face mask as a reminder to wash your hands and not touch your face, would that work? No it would not. I am just saying that the ghetto face masks people are wearing are stupid. I saw a knitted one this week at our grocery store, which is literally doing nothing. Then you have face-shields without face masks, doing absolutely nothing. Most don't even cover the mouth at all. Legit mask obviously help, even some of the homemade ones are very nicely made and I assume they help (20% is still better then 0%) My friend is an ER doctor at a major hospital in Portland Oregon and he posted a picture of the positive pressure hazmat suit he is wearing at work. So I am guessing that is what it actually takes to make sure you don't get it. Even then, my guess infection rate would be 0-5% (I am not an expert). I personally believe that herd immunity is our only way out of this unless we can find a treatment or a vaccine. All the other measures are just going to slow the spread. But they spread will still need to happen. I am not a doctor, expert, PHD etc.... I personally wore a mask at the hospital this week, but I didn't at the local hardware store visit over the weekend. I hope I get it sooner then later, then an antibody tests will allow me to move around more. I think testing is key, and I hope the government sees the same soon. This news is awesome: https://www.geekwire.com/2020/univ-washington-ramps-abbott-labs-really-fantastic-test-covid-19-antibodies/
  12. My close friend works at the CDC, he was on the ground for Ebola and was warning me about covid in late December/ early January. Most masks people are wearing are 0-20% effective according to him. He laughed at scarfs, handkerchief etc... then you have people not covering your nose, wearing Half shields etc... then improper glove usage. I see a lot of shields here with no face mask, but my area only has 3 confirmed cases, so we are lucky. He said that people are being told to wear masks for a few reasons. First and foremost it helps you not touch your face. People feel like they are helping and continue to spend money and move about. Then you have legit masks that are way higher percentage. I hope they are more available soon and that’s what people end up wearing more often. I personally don’t think most of us are going to get through this without catching this virus, masks and such will slow the rate down, hopefully enough for our hospitals to give the sick the best possible chance, also every second we push it back, is a second longer for treatments etc.. But I think we need to come to grip with the fact that we need to get it, then protect the at risk as much as possible. I had a crazy idea, find out the least lethal strain, then give that to young and healthy people In a controlled fashion as a way to jump start Herd immunity. While still not overloading the hospitals, kind of like a ghetto/ shitty vaccine, but this would end up causing a lot of deaths, so maybe it’s not a great idea? But how long can the world shelter in place? I think we don’t have much longer till people rebel and or people will be broke. Fingers crossed some genius is figuring out a vaccine quickly.
  13. Engine builder is removing the casting flash and de-burring the block today. Getting ready for Glyptol coating. Pretty neat.
  14. Well we finally got a block that passed sonic testing. It took 4 to get one that can handle the 88.5 pistons. N42 for the win! Thanks Andrew Kazanis! It’s going to be a sweet motor.
  15. Custom radiator overflow tank by jac_specialties@yahoo.com Pretty tiny, but it fits nicely.