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  1. I have an updated sensor I would sell cheap that I have left over for it. Shoot me a message.
  2. I am going to attempt to move my FPR to the drivers side and use it. That way I am hard lines under the car. I will T the return from 7mm to 5mm and return via the stock 5mm line and the 7mm vapor vent line. Then use the 5/16 to feed the ITBs. Hopefully it works! I bought some 7mm efi fuel hose from belmetric. So that should give me a good amount more flow. Hopefully my push lock fittings work with it. My FPR mount was waiting to fail, i cut a lot of the strength out. So I will need to fabricate another and put it in my stock coil spot. Should end up looking pretty clean and simple.
  3. Ok. So that is a 7mm. Which really means 9/32 hose. But I can’t really find a good 9/32 efi hose. So it would be 1/4. Which isn’t big enough for return. But if I T’d the 1/4 to the 3/16 stock return it should be big enough? It wouldn’t take that much more work. Thoughts?
  4. Man that would be cool. I will look harder. I can’t say I have ever seen another line. I have a series 1.
  5. I don’t think I have an Evap line? I have feed, return and brake lines running to the the rear of the car. I’m trying to only do bolt on mods to my 240z that can be removed. I could remove the smaller fuel line and replace with a larger one. That could be a mod down the road
  6. First major setback. The return stock hardline is too small and is causing pressure to build up. Lowest I can get is 75psi. My plan is reuse the 8mm fill line as my new return then run 3/8 new flexible hose from the pump to the fuel rail. Then 5/16 line from the FPR to the 8mm stock line back to the tank. Then Y the 8mm (5/16) hardline to stock 5mm return and the 10mm tank vent.
  7. Here is the original.Pm I can send you one, that I would rather not share. http://www.tuning4performance.com/documents/Mikuni -44-PHH-SM.pdf
  8. Engine bay is wired Now to hook up the fuel pump, keyed ignition and tach
  9. I sold my tirple Mikunis for a lot a lot of money, I won't come out even, but it will be pretty close. As far as the wife knows, it will be even:) From the videos the noise they ITB is similar, I think the main difference will be the noise that the accelerator pump gives the car. That growl. I would guess that will be gone.
  10. No I will not use a heat shield. I have a ceramic coated header, hopefully it's enough, the engine bay is normally not that hot, I will test and see how the ITB hold up and see how heat soak goes.
  11. This is basically how it will look. I might try some c clamps to clean up the injector wiring.
  12. Thanks guys. I got pretty far but I didn’t finish. Tedious work
  13. Injectors are wired. I can’t tell if that was fun or not. But I’m proud of how it turned out. Matches my coils pretty darn well. Now the easy stuff is left. Hopefully I will get that all done tomorrow.
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