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  1. I think I have used 4 shops over the years. Most are the same. I currently loving TFC in Oregon. Prep is key.
  2. No I don't plate at home. I send it off, zinc is cheap to have done. I have been sending car parts off to zinc for a while now. I found a shop I like and just ship them boxes of parts. Works great.
  3. Well the original oil pan seal finally died. So I pulled the pan, zinc’d the pan bolts and powder coated the outside of the pan. The inside black material is pretty good condition. It’s come off a little at the edges. Now to get it on without too many scratches.
  4. The ebay wire loop style clamps work well and look fairly accurate.
  5. Interesting fact. My late series 1 has a attachment for the hand throttle on the pedal, but doesn't have the mount for the cable.
  6. I can control individual spark dwell with sequential. Can you do that with wasted?
  7. Wasted spark is fine 99% of the time. I went with full sequential, just because of how easy it was, 3 wires and a cam sensor. I think it added 150$ to my install.
  8. Fuel system is finished and works fine. How i have it is exactly how a lot of OEM tanks are setup. So I doubt I will have any issues. She is running rich, but the gas smell is down to a normal level now. I am very happy with that aspect. Next big hurdle is cold idle and dialed in tune. You can tune around it, but without a IAC, it's going to be a balancing act. My car has been 32-35 degrees when I have been starting it.
  9. I have a blake coil bracket, brand new and a hoke crank trigger kit brand new I need to sell. I have both tooth counts for it. Either 60-2 or 36-1. It's for a stock 240z dampener. So most likely the one on your motor. You would then need an ecu and the ford coils for it. Pm me if you are interested. Haltech has a stand alone ecu for just the coils/ igition or edis6.
  10. Well my stock original 1971 series 1 tach works with my fully sequential r35 coil on plug Efi system (haltech elite 750) . I literally ran the coil positive out from the ecu through the white wire with a red band then out to the coils through tachs white wire with a black band. Nothing else was needed. Added about 15” to my entire positive for the coils. I like how the tach feels and reacts the same as it always has. This would work on any 240z tach and a rb swap or aftermarket Efi with COP and fully sequential. I don’t know if it would work on wasted spark or not. Thanks Dirk Stoop for pushing this way vs the others. Where I got the idea https://www.viczcar.com/…/9515-getting-a-240z-tacho-to-wor…/
  11. I finally got my fully sequential ITBs to fire and run! She is a little rough. But pretty amazing base tune and help from Richard Boyk! I can’t wait to get a fully dialed tune running. Worst part is my fuel pump is super loud. FullSizeRender.mov