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  1. The heat shield on my 71 series 1 was clear cadium . That was from my zinc shop that had a harder time removing it.
  2. I have been zinc plating for a few years, I have used 3 shops, sadly I have zero local options. I ship via priority mail. Usually comes back in a week or two. Whatever shop it is, chat with them about prep. My current shop wants pretty minimal prep unless it's painted or rusty. Also will they do small batches? I prefer smaller batches for say 50-75$.
  3. Well I had to pull the hatch vent cover to get to the some of the parts for zinc. The cork had turned to the oddest goo/ glue. Anyone have a foam seal they used for this spot? Needs to be thin 1/8th? Also the tiny brackets for the vent had paint coming off so I had them powder coated. Should outlast the z body:) Only a tiny bit of surface rust in the vent area. I am thinking about converting the rust and doing cavity wax. Thoughts?
  4. Well they work! I need to tune their tone, it's kind of an odd mix of old and new.
  5. I will have to find the thread. I’m not restoring mine. But just making it nicer. Someday I might acid bath it and paint it right. Who knows.
  6. Original wiring harness sticker. This was up by the horns. Pretty neat to find after so many years.
  7. Horns are rebuilt. I used gasket maker instead of the paper seal. Now time to remove all the original tape from the front wiring harness and redo it.
  8. If you remove the pump housing, one larger phillips (JIS) screw hold the jet holding block assembly in. It's always a tough screw for me. Probably my least favorite on the carbs. When you install it again, put a tiny bit of grease on the threads. Cheers
  9. Door, hatch and horn parts are back from zinc. Also tons of nuts and screws. Zinc day is always the best.
  10. I took the door strikers off to send out for zinc. No rust behind!
  11. Good question. Either laser cut paper or gasket maker. I honestly don’t know yet.
  12. I spent an hour taping off the horns to protect the electronics. I then media blasted them. Then took them to a auto paint shop. The rears are single stage 2 part black paint. The grills are powder coated bk06. Just like the rest of my z.
  13. So I believe the horns came with green zinc on them. Or maybe part had no coating? I decided on powder coating the fronts in black, the backside of them has some deep pitting and I would rather not zinc them. Plus I think gold zinc in the front will look goofy. Then inner parts you see gold zinc. Then back with all the electronics will just need to be media blasted and a nice 2 part paint. I can't figure out a good way to take it apart.
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