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  1. That’s an option. I kind of like the goofy series 1 stuff most people don’t know about. Like me, till yesterday Shortening the driveshaft is the easier route. My overall plan with my z is crate everything that I take off and make everything easy to go back to stock with. Like my stock trans could be back in a few hours at most. Stock diff would be the same.
  2. I have a series 1. Which I guess means that my diff is further forward then later years. That’s why the series 1 driveshaft is too long. I will cut down an extra series 1 driveshaft I have.
  3. Ka is in. But I cut down a driveshaft had it balanced and powdercoated. I just used some measurements from posts but they are super off from my z. I really want a 4 post lift. Working under a car on jack stands sucks
  4. Finally got the ka trans. This is a low mileage (500) miles trans. Been sitting on the shelf since 1989. I found it on some parts website. Vapor and some zinc and it’s looking amazing. Bell housing mods are being done Emerish racing.
  5. I got the starter put back together. Hopefully it works! Sure looks nicer.
  6. Osgiken clutch is in. Big thanks to Zgarage for the kit. Install was a breeze.
  7. She is in. Gosh I hope it works nicely and I didn’t screw up! I really like how the half shafts hades turned out.
  8. Well shimming the r-180, backlash, pre load and wipe pattern took most of a couple days after work and most of a Saturday morning. I think I took it apart 20+ times. Finally happy with the wipe pattern. Luckily I didn’t have to change the pinion shim. Edit: I think in a perfect world I would have had a special tool to set the pinion nut at the factory 125-150ftlb. Then used different shims to get the bearing pre load perfect. But I had no way, so a couple of hits with the impact is what I used to set pre load, I found that info on here and a few youtube videos. It's not precise at all, just hopeful the factory had it correct enough. A bunch of site posts and a few guru told me to just reuse the pinion shim and move on. Everyone basically told me backlash is the most important. Ended up with 5 thousandths for backlash give or take and then ring side backlash shim if .05 and other side of .07. Total inch pounds is around 8-10 on the pinion. No carrier I had around 3 inch pounds for the pinion. This is worth paying someone to do. Just FYI. I had fun. But super frustrating.
  9. I wanted to send it back, since it was so blue/ purple, I decided to just live with it.
  10. Nos 240z starter solenoid score. eBay 9$ shipped! Time to rebuild the starter.
  11. I screwed something up in the trans rebuild, it becomes tight with the front cover on, plus I guess I love spending money, so I decided on the KA swap for my 240z. This is a longer tail shaft on the trans, so it should fit in my series 1 better (no cutting), plus the 1st is better gear ratio and 2nd is slightly better. I found a 1989 240sx trans, with 576 miles on it. It's been in storage inside since 12/01/89! Zinc is still in tact. Paid too much for it, but hopefully it's good. The shop tested all the gears and syncros. Troy Emerish Racing will do the bell housing mod. He is just about as cheap as my local machine shop, plus has done a ton of them. Using this info for reference http://zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/240SX5spd/Transmission2.htm http://zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/240SX5spd/Transmission2.htm
  12. Stainless lines and steel fittings is very nice. I wouldn't do stainless with stainless, I had to tear a brake line kit in my bronco for that reason. Plating is super super cheap, find a local shop, you will be surprised. I would guess all the brakes and fuel lines would be 50$-75 for me to have plated. Can you get all yours off? Proper brake line wrenchs, heat and time and I got all to break free but 1.
  13. Hopefully shimming the r180 and getting it installed this weekend. Looks pretty amazing. I ended up getting new side bearing holders. They were 18$ from Subaru with seals. Which seemed too cheap not to replace.
  14. Nice. TFC has been great. I am making my starter pretty (vapor) Plus my r180 cover. Starter will get a nos solenoid, then some zinc and some black paint. I can’t get the side screws out so they will get painted. Should look nice.
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