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  1. Pretty proud of how these vintage SK throttle bodies came out. All new zinc, shafts and butterfly’s. I can’t wait for them to sing on my 3.1L
  2. I rebuilt this 82-83 turbo distributor today. New bearing, all new zinc and a new z31 cas. only issue so far is the Cas disk I have might be bent. also Cas turbo upgrade method #2. This is for a 82-83 turbo distributor. Instead of using long nuts and bolts. I thought this would be a cleaner install. Drilled out the base to allow m5 jis screws. Then threaded and tapped the maxima cas
  3. I doubt he remembers any of the details on it. What exactly are you after? Honestly it should be super easy for them to do. Bring a stock dizzy with you, then tell him to make the jeep dizzy look like the stock dizzy. That's really all I did. I also have car at my house, so I can take measurements if needed, but again, you don't need any of that. Just copy a stock distributor. I think you are over thinking it.
  4. 280zx alternator installed. That was easy! I found a rebuilt 60amp. Which tested at 65. I like the internally regulated aspect.
  5. The block color was scanned and then matched, from pictures it looks a little light, but hopefully in person its perfect. It's hard to judge block color, mine darkened with time/ age, but the parts with none of that the blue is pretty light.
  6. Stroker update!! Final assembly and paint
  7. I would say a max of 300$-500$ a carb in that condition. That looks to be a mikuni intake which is worth another 300-500.
  8. I have been dreading this repair. Trying to figure out why my passenger window won’t roll up. I got so lucky on this car. Zinc is somehow still intact on my series 1 door internals. I can’t see any real rust. I think the front slide is frozen. That’s all that is wrong.
  9. Tps adapter for throttle bodies or carbs. The idea is to turn the stock throttle shaft down on one end to 6mm. Then this threads on. IMG_9238.mov
  10. You aren’t getting the full signal for the motor. Your just tell the ecu exactly what stroke it’s on.
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