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  1. I checked fuel level and adjusted, also went down on the main jets. Didn't change anything. I ordered a 123 dizzy. So hopefully that gains me some adjust ability I didn't have before.
  2. I got my Innovate LM-2 AF meter. I was around 9-10 at idle with my jet settings, so I dropped it to the lowest jet i had. Still reading right around the same at 9.8 or so. Could spark/ dizzy issues be causing the AFM to read real rich? I tested the LM-2 against my other cars and they are all in the high 13's and 14s. So I think its right, also my z smells real rich and it has some carbon build up. Any reason why the jets wouldn't change AFM? I have some smoke now as well, which I am real hopeful is just excess gas. It dissipates quickly. Hard to tell what color it is.
  3. Looking snazzy. I went with stainless black lug nuts. I also have the raw stainless, it's a hard choice.
  4. I should get the o2 meter today. Hopefully the tailpipe reader works well enough, or it will be time to get the welder out.
  5. Thanks! Gosh I hope it's a u-joint. Nothing is loose. I did remove them all when I did the last round of zinc. So that is a thought. I am just hoping its not something super important or hard to repair. I bought an portable o2 meter, I think my carbs aren't happy. I have a feeling i have them too rich.
  6. Yeah, the classic bronco world (i own a 1977) is totally more expensive for all parts. All brake kits are in the 2-3k range. Stoptech and Zcar got together and designed up this package.
  7. So BBK kit by ZCarGarage is literally amazing. Honestly it’s the best stopping power of any car I have ever driven. Pedal feel is great. Clears everything nicely. Wants to throw me through the window. I’m not an expert, but I think the bias feels amazing. E-brake setup works well but has to be set. Also you have to move the e-brake springs to a lower mount. I decided I wanted this setup for now. I want to park her on a steep hill and see how the e-brake holds
  8. Same Ebrake I have on my zcargarage e brakes. Seems to work great.
  9. Well test run didn't go well, I have a strange crack sort of sound when I got from stop to forward and back and also a slapping sound at higher speed. Trans seems to shift fine. It's a little too modern feeling, I am thinking it might be better without the short throw shifter. Hopefully it's something dumb. Noise doesn't seem to be coming from the trans or the rear end. Rear end doesn't whine. Which I think is good.
  10. I got married last week, so progress slowed down. Hopefully driving it this weekend. The e-brake is in. Basically attached right up. I used a simple C clip to hold it in. It doesn’t need it. But I thought it would help. I need to adjust it currently it too many clicks up, the goal is 5-6 the e brake calipers lock the wheels down crazy tight. I have installed the master. I found a write up on here about bench bleeding. I tried this method. I really liked it. Zero air left in. I’m going dot4 race fluid from stoptech. My favorite drive is a 10 mile 2k vertical hill climb to my local ski resort. Brakes get hot on the way down. I hate brake fluid. Hate it. Somehow I got some in my eye.
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