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    I owned a Datsun Dark Blue 1971 240z from 1977-1982. Bought it for $2400 with 42,000 miles. Never used in winters and eventually sold it June, 1981 after our1st child was born (for the same price I bought it for - $2450 with ~63,000 miles. My 240z interest was renewed as I purchased my 2nd one (Orange) in Oct. of 2006 and my 3rd one (Green) in July of 2007. Both recent 240z's are 1973's, Orange 11/72 and Green 9/72. Moved from MN to NY in '08, sold the Orange 240z and kept Green 1973 240z, HLS30-124668. In 12/2010, purchased my 4th Z, a 370z Sports Package in Black Cherry w/6spd Manual.

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  1. Hi ..thanks for the comment.. I actually had all my bumpers re-chromed with all new rubber as well. I am just not too enthusiastic about drilling holes into the front bumperettes to attach this. That's the only reason right now.... I may regret it at some point!
  2. Bump ... price drop ... $50 plus shipping.....
  3. Bump .. price drop... $20....plus shipping.
  4. Bump .. price drop $30.
  5. Bump... price drop .. $65 plus shipping.. of OBO..
  6. moritz55

    [SOLD] Heat Shield - 69-70 , Refurbished

    I have decided to remove this item and keep it with a 2nd set of SU 4screw round tops. It is no longer for sale.... Many thanks Duffy!
  7. moritz55

    [SOLD] Heat Shield - 69-70 , Refurbished

    Bump.. price adjusted accordingly.
  8. For sale is New Carpet Padding for 1970-78 240z thru 280z Coupe.... $40 plus shipping or OBO. I purchased this New from ZCarSource for my 240z and did not use this. This is 3ft x 9ft - 2inch area, 1/4inch thick, compressed to 3/16inch thick. Enough material for One(1) Coupe. Link: https://zcarsource.com/carpet-padding-240z-260z-280z-280zx-70-83-coupe-new If interested call/text Mark... 507-208-0140.
  9. Decided to NOT sell this and rather keep it as a spare with my extra set of 4screw SU roundtops. ... tx ============================================================ I am selling extra parts I have acquired, thus this Heat Shield for sale. It's ceramic coated by Performance Coatings in WA. It's a special Cerakote 2000 degree coating and the application alone was $75.... Thanks Duffy for the help!!!!! Asking $150 , OBO ... includes shipping to 48 continental states. Call or text Mark: (507) 208-0140 .
  10. For sale is a NOS 1973 Front Over-rider bar, 30-1/4 inches Center-to-Center holes for mounting to top of bumperettes. Comes with instructions for mounting and all hardware in original box. Will repackage in additional box for shipping. I'd like to get $85, or OBO with free shipping... to 48 Continental US. Message me or text Mark at (507) 208-0140 ... Note: I bought this New one to install on my front bumper after I had it re-chromed, but decided to NOT install it. This Front Over-rider has never been installed, see pics.
  11. Updated prices and description.
  12. I am selling Refurbished & Calibrated Hitachi 4screw Round Top SUs with E46 Intake Manifold/Balance Tube, heat shield and fuel rail. See the pics..... I had acquired 2 full sets of 4screw SUs, Intake/Balance tube, fuel rail and linkages as I moved away from the 4BBL Holley config. Just finished the conversion so this extra set is for sale. I'd like them to go to a good home for use as I finally begin to get rid of many extra parts I accumulated on my car refresh. I am willing to take OFFERs for the complete bundle. All Prices below for the items include shipping (within 48 continental states) and am willing to mix items below differently based on what someone can use. If interested send an email or call my cell: 507-208-0140, Mark. Descriptions: 1) SU's are 4screw Round Tops, rebuilt by ZTherapy including CAD plated linkages & throttle springs. These are early 4screw Round Top SU's with the fuel bowl drain allowing easy fuel bowl height when setting up the SU's during installation; will include clear tubes for real time fuel height validation when installed and initial tuning. Fuel Bowls have been calibrated to 0.055" gap between Float top and sill of fuel bowl cover (per ZTherapy & Spec). Both carbs have ZTherapy SM needles installed ... Price $650 .. OBO 2) Refurbished E46 Intake Manifold and Balance tube with CAD plated ports and PCV valve. (Includes ceramic spacers and new gaskets). ... Price $300 .. OBO 3) Desirable Heat Shield Powder coated in Black... Price: $150 ..OBO SOLD ...4) '73 Fuel Rail, refurbished. It's been clear epoxy coated so it's impervious to solvents/fuels/oils. Price: $150 ..SOLD..... Any questions please email of call me... thanks Mark.
  13. Bump... updated items, description and price...

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