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  1. Great advice everyone. I should have some time tomorrow to try and eyeball a few things. I'll report back. Extra thanks to Zed, that pic will surely help. I'm not nearly enough familiar with all the lingo and location of everything yet. Speaking of lingo, Pilgrim i laughed when i read linguistic lubrication lol.
  2. dutch come on man, that's the AWESOME button! 🙂 The guy i bought it from mentioned the radio was shot, probably just an old button he had laying around. I'm also missing the button on the hazard switch and it doesn't work. Mark I'll try that next time i can get her started. It's going to be another rainy day out here 😞 I noticed there's a summer winter valve on the air intake. i downloaded the manual, says over under 60F to use that. Any opinions on where that stands?
  3. Mark to me it sounds like the front. More on the passenger side but the driver was thinking he heard both sides equally. Not sure if you could tell from the video but the sound was right there kind of behind the wheel.
  4. Thanks Mark I'll give that a try. So no pumping pre start or part of the start? The guy that dropped it off says pump her three times and skip the choke. I was like ummm no I don't so.
  5. New owner of a restored series 2 and here's a video of the long haul driver dropping it off at my house. It made an odd clunk as the wheels climbed the curb so I had him roll up a few times to capture it. Can anyone point me in the right direction from this video? Is this something to worry about? I haven't even driven it yet, just arrived yesterday and raining so I can't tell if the suspension is suspect. Suspension Clunk.mp4
  6. LOL, that was the dealer video that finally hooked me. Still waiting to make my own. Here's some more pics. Seriously everyone thanks so much for the compliments. This is truly a community feeling.
  7. Thanks all, I feel welcomed already! I added my vin and build to my profile but not sure I put it in the right place? Pointers? I started her up for the first time and man those chokes are fickle lol. Going to take a while to get used to it for sure. I wasn't able to get her out of the garage yet because of the weather but hoping to tomorrow. I did notice she seems to be running super rich or maybe that was just the choke and she'll lean out the longer I let her idle. Anyone have some tips for choke starting and how long to let her idle? It seemed as soon as i started feathering off sh
  8. Thanks! I'm dying to get my first spin, at home with the little one waiting for the wife to return. It's like waking up before your parents xmas morning and sitting by the presents lol.
  9. Hi everyone, Richie G here recent owner but long time lover of Z cars. Child of the 70s and my first introduction to the Z car was a friend who had an original 240Z (not sure which year I was so young). When I turned 18 (1989) I bought my first Z a 84 300ZX that was rather rough but I loved it. Babied it for 10 years then needed to sell it as i moved to CA for work in 99. Here we are over 20 years later and the wife let me buy my dream car, that original 240. I just picked up a beauty, matching numbers fully rebuilt engine with interior restored. Has a few cosmetic things here and there
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