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  1. I wondering if it’s possible to replace the cable and swage end fittings in one of these repro units. I was comparing the one I have to a repro parking brake cable for a newer Nissan, and the newer one has a coated cable, but the swage fittings look the same. The cable appears to be the same diameter. I’ve seen hand tools for swaging on fittings, but think it is dubious that a hand tool would provide the necessary crushing force to make something that survives repeated pulls of the lever. No one in my area has the right press for this kind of thing. But if I could find some reliable
  2. I was sitting and contemplating my parking brake situation, and it occurred to me that it may be possible to change the ends of the cables to connect to the maxima calipers properly. The Maxima had cylindrical ball ends on the cables rather than the clevises the 240z has, similar to these: When I have a chance I’ll measure and see what would fit. I’m looking around now to see if there are kits to replace these, but I could probably make them out of steel rod. It’s just a question of making them stay on. Maybe welding them would work if I can’t find a reliable clamping mechan
  3. That’s what I’m using. The thinnest ones I’ve found are 3mm plus the foam tap they stick on with.
  4. So now that my brakes are stalled out again, I am contemplating what to do about my wheel situation. Recap: I have 14x6" Shelby Cal 500 slot mags. They are just ever so slightly too tight to allow the balancing weights to clear the maxima calipers in the back. I bought some low profile balancing weights that are 3MM thick and cleat the Toyota calipers in the front, but the back is still an issue. I am not into the idea of shaving the maxima calipers to accommodate wheels that I have always planned to replace some day. I'm writing this post mostly to collect my thoughts in one place, but c
  5. Are they close to the color of the rear panels around the tail tight? Any chance they’ll come in 8”?
  6. After reading these links, I think fabricating a bracket that corrects the errors of the kit is the solution. The only other option that doesn’t involve modifying the cable is buying the Silvermine brackets, which might give me the same problem in the end.
  7. Got another conundrum: The after market e-brake cable I got from Z Car Depot is not fitting nicely with the rear caliper kit I also got from Z Car Depot. Funny that, given they market this kit as working with the factory e-brake cable and this cable as working with no mods, but I digress... The slot for the spring clip is very close to the brace on the cable that makes it clamp to the bracket. Not surprising and I should have expected that. You can see how much thicker the Maxima bracket is above. I’m going to have to cut some new slots for the spring clip. I’m not excited
  8. Damn! I was hoping they would be 13.75” or wider. These won’t fit over my rear calipers. Sad times.
  9. So this is interesting... The fittings on the bottom of the ZX master cylinder are m16x1.0 to m10x1.0. I am not seeing anyone selling a fitting this size online (mine look like crap) but I also haven’t looked that hard. I’m going to check my 240z MC and see if those are the same thread sizes, but at first glance they are definitively different hex sizes. Edit: I found them for the Willwood 1” MC, if anyone needs that, but I am pretty sure they are SAE male ends: http://trs-store.mybigcommerce.com/direct-wilwood-master-cylinder-to-datsun-brake-line-fitting/sku
  10. So I know this is a slightly old thread, but I have a slightly different direction from what’s been mentioned that might work with bigger brakes. I have maxima calipers on the back and Toyota calipers on the front. The 14x6” rims I have fit but the wheel weights the tire shop used hit the calipers. This made me realize that a Datsun rim isn’t going to fit, so I am looking at getting a 2007 Nissan Sentra spare tire rim (PN: 40300-ET077) and fitting a Yokohama Y870B - SIZE: T135/80D16 tire to it. This should be similar to what @SoCalJim uses but closer to the stock tire diameter. I hav
  11. Okay, I was able to accomplish a few things this week: I received and installed the hatch bracket from @zKars and put the strut in. This made it a lot easier to get the final alignment of the hatch done. I polished up the storage box handles I got from @7tooZ (photo taken between for comparison) And I cleaned up the 280ZX master cylinder I got on eBay I have lots of cleaning on the MC parts to do and various rebuild parts coming in the mail, so that will take a while. I should be able to get the brakes totally finished b
  12. Thanks, but I want to stick with the ZX-sized tanks. I found a set on eBay and picked them up. They were more than I wanted to spend but I will have them Wednesday, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  13. So, I’ve been collecting random brake parts, and one of the things I grabbed was a 79 ZX master cylinder. I am planning to rebuild it, and I have everything, but the reservoirs look... questionable. They still hold fluid and don’t leak, but they aren’t pretty. I know it’s a long shot, but what are the chances I can get a NOS pair from someone who’s been hoarding a set in their basement? I actually only need the big one (46090-P6500) because I have a little one that is close to if not exactly the same as the original (46091-U0502). Its either that or I reuse these or get some t
  14. This is what I was referring to: https://jdm-car-parts.com/products/datsun-240z-260z-280z-rear-hatch-glass-reproduction-no-international-shipping?variant=13934211694701
  15. Has anyone had good luck using a 260 or 280 rear glass in a 240 to solve this problem? A cursory Google search tells me the grid is the same and the only difference is that the glass is 5mm thicker and would need a different rubber seal, but I’m sure it’s more complicated than that. If it works maybe that opens up the available used parts enough to be able to just replace it. at this point I’m thinking I’ll polish the grid off and forgo it. The only other option is the series 1 reproduction, which is $850 before shipping. While I like the look of the vertical grid, I don’t like it that mu
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