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  1. Thanks, Jim. Yeah. My vapor line is substantially different. I bought the one for the ‘73 and didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to figure it out. There are some hard to see but usable photos here that will help. I think I need to get the brake lines in before I continue with the fuel lines, plus it looks like I have a few things wrong with how it’s mounted right now.
  2. Any chance you can post a few photos of how this vapor line is secured to the engine bay? I’m trying to figure out how to rout it through all of the insulator clamps that hold it onto the car. I found this build log that has some usable photos, but the vapor return line is significantly different from mine. I’m thinking these Classic Tube lines have some incorrect bends, or they are at least twisted.
  3. Okay, thanks. I’ll find this and mount it and see if this vapor pipe mates up to it. However, I was planning to delete my emissions control devices, so not sure what to do now.
  4. Yeah, I’m missing the main supply line. The euro setup deletes smog stuff. Does anyone know if this line crossing to the left is the right vapor line or will work? Pretty sure it’s the ‘73 one, but my car didn’t come with this line and I don’t see the mounts. I’m having trouble finding clear photos or diagrams of where that line mounts and attaches to the engine.
  5. Okay, so I think I really goofed it. Looks like I’ll be ordering a whole new set of lines. Z Car Depot has three lines: Fuel Line Stainless Steel Tank to Carb 240Z 70-72, $179.00 Fuel Line Vapor Stainless Steel 240Z 1972, $179.00 Fuel Return Line Stainless Steel 240Z 70-72 , $149.00 Major bummer. ___ The questions I have now are these: Can I use the ‘73 return line I have? Do I need the vapor line? What do I do with the lines I have?
  6. Okay, I’m stuck on something: I bought my stainless fuel and brake lines way back, and now that I’m trying to get them in, they aren’t looking right. Here’s a shot of how I have them right now, but I can’t find any good photos to verify that this is correct. The main fuel line is bent in such a way that it ends up on the left side, but that looks wrong to me. Isn’t that line supposed to go along the right side with the return line? The bends just look wrong to me. This all looks like a mess to me. This is supposedly the ‘73 kit from Z Car Depot by Classic Tube, which I’m realizing now was probably a mistake because I’m going with a ‘72 Euro configuration for the fuel system. But there are other issues beyond the engine bay. The fit is just poorly. can anyone help me figure this out?
  7. Back to the sound proofing, my dad went with Quietride for his mustang. They have a Z kit pre cut for just under $700, which seems steep but saves time. It looks like the required amount of Dynamat sheets would be $160 to $200 if I went with Amazon or something similar, and then I need the foam, which I haven’t priced yet. Noico makes an 80 mil butyl deadener that is $65 for 36 sq/ft. I need to look into it more, but I’m really curious what the story with that is.
  8. Yeah. I think I would be driving it if they had gotten it done in the first year, or at least ready for the engine.
  9. Very cool. Thanks. How did you do the headliner? I’ve been puzzling over how to make a smooth surface that the vinyl liner will stick to.
  10. So moving on from that (while waiting for them to finish the three pieces they forgot to shoot and for a bottle of touch up paint for a few small spots in inconspicuous places), I’ve sorted all of my hardware and am planning out the reassembly process. I’m thinking I’ll start with checking all of my suspension hardware torque, then mount the steering rack, then hang the fuel and brake lines in the tunnel. After that I’ll lay down the Dynamat. Curious if anyone has done a really extensive soundproofing job. I’m looking at emulating Sound Deadener Showdown’s approach, although they went out of business.
  11. Was quoted $10k and six months. Paid $16k and took three years. Granted, there were some surprises, but mostly created on their side, like when they waffled the hood over-blasting it so I needed to find a replacement. It was just not a great experience for me. Maybe that’s because my expectations were off, but they didn’t manage my expectations at all.
  12. The car is home! Its been... and experience? A saga? A trial? I’m not sure what to call it. The work is beautiful, except where it isn’t. There were a few things that needed to be fix after it was done, and then a few things that needed to be fix after that, and then some things that are being fixed now, and some things I’m going to just have to let go. After three years and many dollars, I’m really happy to have it back and be moving onto the next step. Here are a few more shots from before it came home: IMG_5843.MOV IMG_5844.MOV
  13. Google says no one has posted anything about the Pro TunerZ intake manifold/fuel rail + throttle body kits on this forum, so I thought I would, and also ask what people think about these vs the Jenvey ITB setup. Pro TunerZ L-Series Intake Manifold /Fuel Rail / 75mm Throttle Body Regular price - $799.00 (plus injectors) vs Jenvey Nissan Datsun L28 Throttle Body Kit Regular price - £1,373.00 The Pro TunerZ kit comes in 90mm, too. I am going to run SUs for a while but I’m curious about the FE options. I know the factory NA FE systems won’t work with my cam, so it seems like these are what I’m left with.
  14. Couple more pictures just to keep the thread alive. Not much progress, but with the quarantine it’s nice to seem ANYTHING happening. I found a couple of small issues in my last inspection (some undercoat overspray on the top and two bare spots in the front wheel wells). In my experience (4 cars) this is better than usual at this stage. Once those things are fixed it gets wet sanded and bugged, then it comes home. Also, I’m really please with my decision to close up the antenna and hood Ornament holes. *** So here’s the question for today, do I just reverse my disassembly process as I had planned, or is there some better order of assembly people recommend. I was going to start with fuel and brake lines, then put in the differential, then start the wiring process.
  15. Hopefully just on to get the room to temp. Once my car is out of there I do not care. You have no idea. He’s had it for two and a half years! Yeah. Well, matched to a panel, so maybe not perfectly 918.
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