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  1. I am interested in this specifically! It is the opposite of what we normally hear about, and this compared to the full system should isolate the impact of the header on performance. Any first impressions? if you have dynos for all three setups I think you have data that tells us what Z Story gets us (or doesn’t), which can be quantified and also assigned a dollar value.
  2. 87mm bore The crank is from the L28 F54 block, so factory 79mm The L24 rods are 133mm long The pistons are designed around these mods and the P90a head and relieved for valve clearance. Edited my previous post for clarity.
  3. Here's a quick recap of the engine @Takhli is building me: F54 block with 87mm bore L28 Crank with factory 79mm stroke L24 connecting rods (133mm long) P90a head converted to static rocker pivots CompCams Stage 1 camshaft Custom JE pistons designed for 9.80:1 compression and relieved for valve clearance Round-top SU carburetors on a European balance tube Various other optimized parts (flywheel, etc.) Deleted smog system Things I may do in the future (if I don't do them for the initial build): Replace the mechanical fuel pump with an electric one Switch to FI Switch to COP/DIS
  4. I did not know that. Everything I’ve read about this pushes the ‘79 specifically. It’s been maybe 27 years since I rebuilt a distributor so I kinda forgot how they work. Clearly I wasn’t paying attention that day in class. I’ll dig into it. i still want to know what people are asking for one, though. What I’ve found online isn’t great, but I’ve found a bunch of scrap yards quoting $40 to 125.
  5. When I looked at the advance curves spreadsheet that Walter Moore put together I saw that he recommended against the 80-83 distributors because the mechanical and vacuum advances together were potentially dangerous, so I was prioritizing the 79 in my search. However, I have found one or two errors in that data so maybe it’s not the case.
  6. I’m starting to research my options for the ignition on my car and the ‘79 distributor swap is one of the paths I might take. Since total cost is a factor in this, I thought I should see what they run. Do any of you have one in good shape (preferably with minimal to no refurbishing required) to sell? If so please send me a direct message with your asking price. I’m not ready to jump on it yet, but finding one here and getting a good price could push me into a decision.
  7. I’ll admit that I’ve only been looking for about a week and haven’t posted a WTB in the classifieds, but so far I have not been able to find a rebuilt ‘79 at any price. In an effort to get back on topic and make this thread helpful, here are some questions to the guys who lost the distributor: Why did you do it (frustration, experimenting, parts availability, etc.)? If you were starting from nothing and could choose anything, what would you do and why? Was a DIS “worth the cost” to you (someone dependent on your previous answers, I guess)? Are there any big flags we should be aware of before choosing the DIS path (outside of the technical details of doing it correctly)? Did anyone revert to a distributor? Why?
  8. @siteunseen, This thread? Back to my question above: given the options I listed and the additions from @Zed Head, are there any general recommendations or categorical options? The ‘79 distributor seems very hard to find, putting it in the same bucket as any S30 distributor. The HEI options seem interesting, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be nearly as much work/money/time to get it going as the COP/DIS options. Obviously the specific parts chosen can drive up costs, but I’d love to hear from someone who has tried a few or several options. I know there is no “best.” Just looking for sign posts to point the way.
  9. Oh, cool. I’ll search for it. @Zed Head, thanks for filling in the gaps!
  10. Question for @z32 fairlady: why are you considering this modification? The reason I ask is that I am also considering it, and your answer may help me clarify my own situation. I’d like to just do this once. Right now I have an engine being built with no ignition system at all, so anything I get will be new parts. I’m trying to make the right (for my situation) decision the first time. The new engine is an F54 block with P90A head converted to mechanical (non-hydraulic) rocket pivots, running a stage 1 cam and rebuilt SUs. I may convert to DCOE FI (Jenvey) or the like later. For posterity, these are the options I’ve identified so far: A 240z distributor (hard to find, hard to get parts, solid performance) A 240z distributor + Pertronix (easier to maintain, no real performance improvements) A ‘79 280zx distributor (requires a particular base, strait forward if you have the parts) A later ZX distributor (no balast resister, hotter/better spark, tach won’t work, needs a recurve, vacuum advance is “wrong”) Mallory Unilite (no longer manufactured, hard to find, no vac advance) GM or equivalent HEI distributor (available anywhere, requires machining/fabrication/module/etc.) 123 distributor (great performance, poor quality control, several failures documented in this forum, tunable on the fly, set and forget) COP + DIS (great performance particularly at high RPM, damned expensive, requires a pro to tune, clean look, as far from “period correct” as you can get) I’ll put this question to the group: if the points distributor is on one end of the spectrum and the DIS is on the other end, how does one find the sweet spot for their car?
  11. Ah damn! I wish I had seen that before I did the wheels. I didn’t know that it was supposed to be non-metallic. They would have looked better like that. Okay, so Dupli-Color CBFM0360 it is. Thanks for the help guys!
  12. Okay, so now that the rack is done, I have two projects in flight while I wait for the car to come home. One is the rear exterior panels. I am testing various paint strippers on one piece right now and intend to paint that whole set up with rattle can paint. I think I remember someone saying that Duplicolor HWP102 Graphite is the right color. That’s what I used on my wheels, but I need to do some research to make sure. The other project is a ground up, from scratch wiring setup. That one is going to take a minute. Here is my current list of things I’m thinking of doing to car that would need to be considered for this: Air conditioning Electric fuel pump 123 distributor or DIS Alternator upgrade Gear-reduction starter Lithium battery Fuse-box upgrade Swap cigarette lighter for 12v plug Tachometer or full gauge set upgrade (if necessary) Radio / Antenna delete Driving / rally / fog lights Turn signal circuit mod Headlight upgrade LED lights throughout 3rd brake light USB plugs to charge phones Power for a Bluetooth speaker Electric radiator fans Seat warmers Sat Nav power Just some thoughts for now. Gotta get on the research. Any suggestions, tips, or word of caution are appreciated.
  13. Done. Everything specs out to the FSM. Just need to attach and lubricate the outer tie rod ends. ...
  14. Bought another Moog OTRE and finally got the right part, so I’m back in business on the rack. Should be done by Monday. Hoping to have a progress report on the body by Thanksgiving. I passed on your comments regarding the door, so we will see if he’s receptive to those ideas.
  15. My body shop is telling me that it only happens on the driver side. They want to cut bottom of the door and reshape things so that it mates all the way around. I have asked for pictures.