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  1. Hey, 

    You still around?  Like your wheels and I am thinking of buying a set.  But 205 tire is quite the stretch for 8" wide wheels, isn't it?  Ever have any issues?


  2. inline6

    240z body parts for sale - Atlanta area

    I have quoted FedEX for a couple of people and it has been expensive. I've heard that shipping by passenger bus (they will put big packages in the storage compartment below) is much more economical. But, I think you are still looking at numbers like $80 for a hatch, maybe less for a fender, probably more for a hood. Charlotte, NC 28208 is 250 miles from me. It makes more sense from a shipping standpoint to get a pallet and ship all the items at once "LTL" (less than truckload) truck freight. Freight shipping would probably be less than $200 for a hood, hatch, fender, and both headlight housings. I am holding onto the hatch with the vertical defrost lines for now, as I may need it for my current project. Just thinking outside the box, I have a sandblaster and potentially could sandblast small areas of interest...
  3. inline6

    240z body parts for sale - Atlanta area

    Updating with some pics of the hoods - this is hood #1 from desert climate - not even surface rust inside the front structure. The mounting holes have been slotted by someone which I didn't notice until taking pics. I have come across that before on another hood - it's an easy fix (mig weld and file) - $300 Hood number #2 - acquired in Virginia in the early 90's from a 1972 240z and stored inside since ($300):
  4. Some of the 600+ plus pictures show before and during rebuild... So, some of what you see might not be finished product. That said, I agree that Motorman's is nicer. The record price for a "stock" 240z on BAT won't stand for long.
  5. The seller is a regular. You can spend some time and look over his prior auctions. All the content is still there. He follows the same general formula for each sale. You might we wise to copy it. Also, there are a couple of Z collectors with deep pockets that hang out there. If more than one gets really interested, it's game on.
  6. REALLY! I've been watching BAT a lot over the last few months and purchased a 240Z through the site. I've looked this one over and it doesn't seem like it is THAT much better than the cars that topped $40k... I mean if it is at $45k with 7 days to go, I estimate closing price will be above $70k. That is what I mean by THAT much better. Motorman7 - you thinking about it?
  7. It's at $35k. What the hell...
  8. inline6

    240z body parts for sale - Atlanta area

    HA! (I knew it would be ridiculous) Screen capture below. Sorry. I also have heard that Greyhound is a good option on large items, but I'm guessing base on what I have heard that it would be $70-$90. Just a guess though. A Greyhound station is 4.8 miles from me. You should contact them with the below package dims and weight (probably 20 lbs instead of 15) and see what they quote.
  9. Hi, What did you pay for the Just Dashes dash restoration? And were you happy with it? GLWTS (good luck with the sale)
  10. inline6

    240z body parts for sale - Atlanta area

    Didn't get a chance to do this yet. Should be able to tomorrow.
  11. inline6

    240z body parts for sale - Atlanta area

    I can. However, I don't get any kind of shipping discounts and would have to see about buying a box for it. It is likely to be oversize and therefore, expensive to go FedEx. If you provide your zip code, I can grab the info from FedEx online and at least let you know what that cost would be.
  12. inline6

    240z body parts for sale - Atlanta area

    The fender is still available. I don't have a spare driver side one though. Garrett
  13. inline6

    Bumper guards

    Ok, I need 71. Thanks.
  14. inline6

    Bumper guards

    What month and year are the guards from?
  15. Price drop: $250 for all (four wheels only), $300 with tires.

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