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  1. G5930-89902 is discontinued. This one brings up a diagram at this site which is not a 240Z, but still shows it is available: G5930-89904. It may or may not be. I've ordered items from that site that have a price, but turn out not to be available any longer.
  2. inline6

    WTB 510 door hinges

    Ok, it looks like I have two rights, a left and a spare spring. These were from a four door sedan (my first car - RIP!) Been in storage since 1987. From left to right above (1, 2, 3...) This is 1 - passenger side, all good (2 views follow): This is 2 (note a bolt replaced the pin for the upper mechanism - I never noticed that before and again two views follow): This is 3: (driver side, and 2 views follow) So, you need what, a left, and a right, and the spring? Garrett
  3. inline6

    WTB 510 door hinges

    Hey, I've got some 510 hinges in a box. Mine came from sedans. Are they the same part numbers? I can take pics for you to see.
  4. I had this dash restored more than 10 years ago I believe. It is a series one from my personal car, made in 12/70. Here are some pics: I've never installed it in my car. I was not 100% happy with the dash when I got it back from Dashboard Restorations. In fact, it was my second attempt with them, but they couldn't get the quality high enough for my needs. However, I am pretty damn picky. So, I sourced a New Old Stock dash for my car instead, and put this one in storage. Here are some more pics and some details regarding the issues I had with it: The hazard and blank opening above. Once the hazard switch is in place, I am sure there will be no issues with the lower opening, but the upper one isn't quite perfect: This curved area on the left and right below the 3 middle gauges has some slight imperfections. I tried to show them as best I could with the lighting and angles of the pics. There is also a slight bit of dye that has rubber off (grey spot). As I understand it, the vinyl used by Dashboard Restorations years ago was grey, and then dyed black. That is easy to touch up. More pics: As you can see, it looks pretty nice. There are a few other things though. The gauges fit really tight. This was a common complaint with Dashboard Restorations dashes. I have had the gauges in before, and they do fit, but they are a tight squeeze. Also, the glove box door doesn't fit quite right in the top corners. The corners of the door lid are sharper (shorter radius) than those top corners for the opening in the dash. And finally a few more pics showing where some more of the dye rubbed off (again - easy fix), inside edges of the glove box (need to be glued down better), and a few bumps (imperfections) on the strip that goes down the right side of the center control panel: Shipping by Greyhound "station to station" is about $120 from GA to CA. You will need to pick the package up at the station, but they typically are open long hours, so it isn't usually an inconvenience. If you are closer to me, it will be less. Fed-Ex is too expensive. Priced accordingly. If you've got a daily driver that needs a dash, jump on this before someone else does. Garrett
  5. For sale are some original 240Z emissions parts which are, of course, discontinued and NLA from Nissan. All of these were taken from a 72 240z around 1997 and has been sitting in a box in my garage. All prices - add for regular Fed - Ex for shipping. Original air pump with mounting bracket (and mount bolts). Spins freely by hand with no noticeable noise. No noticeable play in the shaft. $80 AB-Valve - or Anti-Backfire valve according to the factory service manual. T fitting and 6 OEM hose clamps - you get what is in the pictures. $30 Altitude compensation control: $20
  6. Thanks. I put a lot of bubble wrap in to protect it and hope the new owner receives it in same condition and is really pleased with it over the years.
  7. Update pics of the fender after sandblasting the lower corner. One or two pin holes and some pitting, but otherwise this is very nice. A fender like this saves you lots of time on body work prep instead of one you have to section in new metal, metal work, etc. --> $250 plus shipping Just as fyi - the problem of rusting through in this area on our Z fenders can be eliminated by altering the back support a bit. Cutting out some of the back support to allow debris and water to drain/fall down, instead of getting trapped and accumulating here is possible without materially altering the strength of the panel. Cut the support for better drainage, sand blast pitted area, epoxy prime or other treatment to seal and you're done.
  8. Saw this new dash show up on ebay recently as well. Amazing - there are more of these out there.
  9. Yes, a real shame. But, vinyl is very repairable. Once mounted, with a high quality repair performed, this dash will look the 100% new OEM dash it is, for years to come. I sourced another OEM dash off of ebay back around 2004. It is in my series 1 Z in (pic in avatar) and it hasn't cracked in the 15(?) years I've had it. Even high quality replacements like those from Vintage Dashes do not replicate the OEM one 100%. So, I am thinking the final sale price will be higher than the $800-$900 range. We'll see I guess. Garrett
  10. Hi, That's my dash in the auction. In the box without padding is how I got it, but I will be packing it far better, better supported to keep it from flexing and with plenty of soft packing to keep it from moving around in the box. I got it about 6 months ago... and didn't realize it had a crack until I took it out of the box to take pictures for the auction. Hard to say what caused it, but I think it happened because in storage there was pressure pushing the center console opening wider at the bottom... Anyway, I am doing a restoration and will be going with a Vintage Dashes one - a series 1 style to match the one in my car. If they weren't available, I would use this one instead. Garrett
  11. Bump - and status update: Sold one hatch and I am holding onto the other one for now (I may need it after all). One hood still available $300 (other one is probably sold - I just need to provide a shipping quote and receive payment) Headlight housings (metal) are reduced to $80 each. Fender still available $250. Next time I sandblast some parts (in the next week or so) I will sandblast the lower corner and post pics. I have had good luck shipping large items via Greyhound - much cheaper than FedEx or UPS for large items.
  12. There is no indication of the manufacturer, or a "dot" lable or anything like that in any of the corners? Without it being clean so it can be examined for pitting, windshield wiper marks, etc, I've got to pass. Thanks for your efforts though.
  13. Both new or near new condition and source (etching) are important for the windshield I source for the car I am currently restoring, as it is going to be "frame off" (never have liked using that term)... "every square millimeter being redone" - restoration. However, with windshields being very rare at the moment, that makes the value of yours go up, doesn't it?!
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