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  1. 16" Rewinds, zero offset on my car with 205/55 ZR16 tires. Excellent fit within the wheel wells, no fender rub. Also very close to the OE tire diameter for no significant speedo error. Purchased at Discount Tire with tires, look for rebates or other promos. Discount was willing to negotiate a bit because it was a full package, it pays to ask.
  2. So close. I could put the male plug on it and it would do just fine. I do have the right relay (but its ugly), so I can either exchange housings or just put a plug with new male pins and new shell and even get the right pin in the right position using the correct relay as a guide.
  3. Personally speaking, I have gradually learned to be more pragmatic. Plenty of replica stuff on my cars. Perfect is the enemy of good.
  4. To find a new one is unlikely. After several years of observing e-bay, etc. I found a very nice one for my 73. Philip's suggestion that you clean, polish and re-plate yours is a good solution. The metal housing can be removed easily by prying the retaining tabs up from the backplate. Yellow zinc plate should be used. As SteveJ states, without the flat tops you don't need it-----for you it is cosmetic.
  5. Thanks PCon! I don’t need a darn thing but I spread the news...
  6. If you don't have flat top carburetors, you don't need it.
  7. Like these.... I was looking for a pic. of my E41 with the 2 inlet parts but found these.. now on my 240z for over 20 years.. restored 2007.. (got a set but it's for a Original 240z euro engine i've got.. lying around…?)
  8. The other thing is, I bet they go cheap
  9. Didn't see any factory six cylinder 914s in the group. I think you're right about it being a batch from a shop or, more likely, a collector that lost his storage space. One of the cars had several bumper cones stashed on the passenger floor - nice parts to have & getting hard to find. Sheetmetal looked fairly rust free and not wrinkled on most of them. It would be fun to know the story prior to them showing up at Copart. Nice find! Dennis
  10. i'm hoping to sort this now i've some 'car time' coming up. along with buying another full set of bearings.
  11. I run the Rota RB's 15" 7" wide & +4 offset, no spacer with 205 60R15's which come out to pretty close to factory height so speedo also is fairly accurate.
  12. Just a note here, but I recently solved a wheel shake issue by buying spacers that were actually flat, unlike the POS cast pot metal ones I was using that were anything but flat. Zero offset seems to work on most z's. If the ones you like only come in small + offset's then a thin spacer can make up for that. I'm talking +12mm and smaller. Assuming tires = or under 225 in width to fit inside the fenders.
  13. @kats Kats, I hope you and your family as well as your cars are out of the way and stay safe ahead of the approaching typhoon Charles
  14. Kats that's good to hear. It is a very large storm...
  15. Hi gundee , is your splash pan non-hole type or with holes type ? If it is a non- hole type , it is period correct for your car . But I can’t say it came from a factory or a dealership . Like sports optional parts and even standard parts which are not for US and Canada might be able to be placed an order through the local dealer ship , a scenario that someone put the splash pan at the local dealership or at the individual garage could still be existing. Kats
  16. https://www.ebay.de/itm/ORIGINAL-DATSUN-ANSAUGKRUMMER-INTAKE-MANIFOLD-FOR-DATSUN-240Z/222962824399?hash=item33e99eb4cf:g:nDAAAOSwbJla6cnS
  17. and make them black while you are at it--------------
  18. @zed2 , a member on this site, reproduced these some time back. I bought a set of them---they were nicely made. He may still have some if you are in need. A PM to him may answer that question.
  19. Using a British/Canadian term https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cable_gland btw Happy Thanksgiving ?
  20. Any proximity to the thyroid gland? Autocorrect can be a PITA!!!
  21. Excellent insight. In fact, I talked with Bruce at ZTherapy today and he made the same point. The link is particularly helpful. I think it takes a bit of an artist to make a smooth curve like that. But one thing Bruce was clear about is that this is not rocket science.
  22. I took apart the proportioning valve today. I had the inner seal backwards. I am getting fluid to gravity feed from the rear wheel cylinders. I think when I bleed the brakes tomorrow it will be OK. The type B collar for the transmission is coming tomorrow. I hope to be on the road Sunday.
  23. New original style frame rail repair parts for Datsun 240Z. Replicas of the original floor support frame rails are now available at Z Car Depot. We went to a lot of effort on these to make them as close to the originals as we could. These are .060" thickness which is a little thicker than the original fram rail metal so we were able add strength but maintain the same proportions as stock. We made the gussets and the straight frame rail in two pieces because if you are keeping your original floor boards or replacing them, the fitment will be a little different. Once welded together they can be dressed to look like one continuous part. https://zcardepot.com/products/frame-rail-sheet-metal-replacement-240z-70-73?_pos=2&_sid=13acc1eea&_ss=r
  24. Yes, they were used on the 1970 model year. Kats has an article in the archives about restoring original seats. Very good reference.
  25. https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/56726-heater-core-alternative-escort-core-into-260280/ I saved the link in case my used core ends up being bad.
  26. I agree with you Alan. There are so many people involved in the development of a product, each with their ideas, visions, abilities and influence. My posts above are from a very high level as per what a "bean counter" in Nissan would see and steer the company. All of those who put their heart and soul into the product each had their own dreams of what they were creating. We are the lucky ones to enjoy it! btw: Even the internal Prince/Nissan rivalry that made its way into the S30's evolution makes for a wonderful history of a great product. I love it all and this forum that keeps the spirit alive and well.
  27. Would you say that the styling/design/engineering accommodated other markets/contemporary variants, or not? Rhetorical question: How about other models, or was the S30-series Z somehow unique? NB: I'm not saying that the S30-series Z was conceived, styled, designed and engineered mainly as a Japanese market model (who would say that?) but that the cars themselves - and the components they are built up from - tell us that the "Made For The USA" story is more of an advertising slogan than anything else. If you've seen all the contemporary variants in the metal and examined them closely, I don't see that you can think other than that these cars were very cleverly designed and engineered to accommodate several different contemporary variants and markets. Just like pretty much all of Nissan's product of the same period, in fact.
  28. What you want is an early Euro or Canadian balance tube, the one without all the bosses for mounting emissions equipment on. I had a Canadian car, 03778, that had the Euro balance tube, as all the early Canadian cars did. I would guess that maybe the Japanese Fairlady cars had that kind of balance tube also. I had a spare Euro balance tube that I got from the UK a few years ago but sold it. I would try placing want ad notices in those countries. You need persistence and patience. They are very in No America.
  29. My February 72 built 240Z has one. I purchased my car used from a Datsun dealer. It was a trade in from the original owner. I doubt the dealer or the original owner added it. I would say it came from the factory like that.
  30. If you can get them looking like this to start off with you'll be way ahead. If it ramps up like Evel Kinevel's it's out of whack. The best thing to do is get them opening and closing right side up not upside down like the Just SUs DVD shows. Those are Grose jets and we get the much more sensitive needle valves. I fought this for a year before I figured it out. Car runs better than ever now.
  31. Looks like the collar got shipped to Minnesota instead of Denver. Not sure when I will receive the collar.

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