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  1. Zup

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    @madkaw Durnit--I'll miss meeting you too! I wish a speedier recovery for you. Maybe Branson next year.
  2. Zup

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    @240260280 @zKars @bpilati You guys will be missed for sure---really couldn't wait to meet Jim Karst for the first time and to reunite with Brian Pilati, Philip and Janet. Heading out with our small entourage tomorrow morning. Will try to help fill you in with a few posts, post ZCON Atlanta
  3. Zup

    240z radios

    I believe the stock early 240z radios in the North American market were all AM Signal Seeking Hitachi units. Probably sometime in 71 and certainly in 72 and 73 they were Hitachi AM/FM units. All were mono--none were stereo, but I think also by then you could order from the dealer cassette units as an accessory.
  4. Zup

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    @Captain Obvious @GGRIII Meet you flattoppers in Atlanta-----might be the largest gathering of us ever at a ZCON! C.O and Gary---sure hope that your fuel issue is resolved and is not complicated by the loan to me C.O. made of the fuel nozzle gauge and removal tool. I will return them in person with many thanks and hopes that they are not too late! My fuel and resultant drivability issue revolved around a NOS Nissan/Datsun power valve that was assembled incorrectly from the factory. One of the diaphragms was bunched up and perforated as a screw hole was missed!! Never would have thought it. Wrong, right out of the box. Jose, my mechanic, and I never could get the idle adjusted rock steady and the car would hesitate and lose power at inappropriate times--- especially at low speeds. (sharp low speed cornering and acceleration from stoplights) Inspection of the plugs fed from the rear carb indicated an over-rich condition that could not be compensated. I'm confident now that these flattops are performing the way they were intended by the designers. The throttle positioner works properly and the EGR functions as it should. Coolant temperature sender and thermostatic valves all work as intended. It has taken 2 years, but In a nutshell, the engine has never run this well before---smooth as glass---I never knew what I was missing and cannot wait for the drive to Atlanta! Safe travels! See y'all there!
  5. What he really needs is a competent mechanic, as he does not posses and has not learned the skills himself! There have been so many issues with this car the owner could , by now, have paid a Z specialist an all expenses paid vacation to Panama for a month to work on the car and he would come out $$$$$ ahead. Especially if you make any accounting at all for aggravation. My trusted mechanic, Jose, is from Honduras and cut his automotive teeth as a child learning firsthand from his grandfather and dad what it took to keep cars and tractors running dependably and indefinitely. They were extremely poor by U.S. standards and there was no running off to the dealer or parts shop for anything but the most vital of components. They ingeniously made do with what was on hand. I am constantly amazed at Jose's ability to read complex technical information in ENGLISH and comprehend what needs to be done, step by step, to effect a proper repair. He does not assume, jump to conclusions, or deviate from his methodical approach. Mechanical devices don't run on "maybe", hope, and wishful thinking. The Moderators have my permission to flag this rant as "Not Constructive".
  6. Zup

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Yes @wheee! ! Plan to come to Branson next year if you can't make it to Atlanta.
  7. Zup

    240Z SU Carb Linkage 70-73

    The 73 center linkage is shorter in length than the earlier linkages. They are not interchangeable. I am not sure about the center linkage to throttle rod length, but hopefully could measure it sometime this weekend.
  8. Zup

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    Great shot!!
  9. Zup

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    We're IN Jim Smirlies (S30driver), Kagy (wifey), Tavish (the varmint) and I will arrive on Sunday the 14th driving the 720 miles down from N.W.Arkansas through Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama into Atlanta. We are booked into the extended stay portion of the Sonesta on the ground level. Look for the NWAZCC banner on the canopy tent and the little white fuzzball---We can't wait to greet each and all you guys. Thanks in advance Steve for all of the hard work you've put in to this awesome event. Looking forward to a week of Z'z and the drive to Helen!
  10. Great info in that table!
  11. Hello Zup! 



    Zedy here.  I am installing my 5 speed finally and when I dropped the starter I realized how amazingly ugly it was.  Is their a place that restores starters or sells OEM starters in mint refurbished condition! ?

  12. Zup

    Maxima emergency brake brackets.

    @zcardepot.com Hey Ryan, A little feedback with issues----thought you might want to know. Good info above--worth the read to completely understand.
  13. Me 2--- ---no prep time this week. Safe travels Captain! @madkaw Hope your surgery goes well and you recover soon and completely. Hope to meet you at Atlanta!
  14. Zup

    Windshield Polish

    Would that polish be Cerium oxide?
  15. sooooo-- metal shavings master, are those early flat top bottoms that you've reworked? are those bosses you've tapped through where the (later versions??) heatshield with spacer would normally go? Nice way to drain for storage for sure---- As a side query: Do the later stepped floats fit the early integral fuel bowl chambers?

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