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  1. Zup

    Seat restoration

    @zed2 Within the coming year.
  2. Zup

    Seat restoration

    @zed2 Hi Keith, I am doing the same, but the plastic pieces from my 7/70 240z were missing. I would like to purchase a set also. If you don't want to get into that, could you send me a kit with paper or cardboard templates for the earlier version? See you at Branson Zcon 2019?? Zup
  3. Zup

    Rebuilding wiper mechanism

    @Randalla I used the circular anti-corrosion felts for battery terminals. They came pre-punched for the terminals to pass through. They came several to a package and although they were Christmas-y, (red and green), they worked well for me. I slathered them in Lubriplate bearing grease, working it into the felt and then re-assembled. Four years later the refurbished wipers work as new.
  4. Zup


    Tide has come in.
  5. Zup

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    That is Mandatory! Alternatively (and optional), there is the Missouri version of the re-enactment of the East African Safari run which is restricted to Gold Cup winning cars only. @MikeW
  6. Zup

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    @Captain Obvious Something Bruce neglected to mention in this diddy: We passed a non-descript modern green Mopar while we were at acceleration. Bruce says'' You just poked the bear!" Not seeing any Smokies, I don't know $hit about what he means. He says----"That's a hellcat and I know the guy!" About then the hellcat screams up to the right and disappears into the exit ramp as C.O. is waving out the window at the driver. He had made up about a mile in 6 or 7 seconds.
  7. @jfa.series1 Who did that beautiful re-plate work for you Jim? That is a perfect example of superior workmanship, methods and results.
  8. That just has a proper ring to it for these Z'z Thanks for the legwork @zed2 !
  9. Congratulations Rich and also to the gentleman who purchased your car. He got a extremely nice example of a stock restored 240Z!
  10. 50K with ~8 hours to go. Rich--Your work is so much more thorough and correct. 26thZ and Patcon nailed many of the flaws in the current BaT Z. While I agree it isn't couth to disparage a nice car, you would think 50K would get the correct battery cables, spindle nuts and firewall grommets, etc.---sheesh! I, for one, agree that your offering will indeed set a very high new mark on BaT. You've become one of the most pre-eminent restorers of these cars! Sooo glad I've met you in person!!! You are Awesome!!!!
  11. Hey Keith-- The greenish color you need for the seat sliders is the same as for the horns. (I might add that it is correct as well for the heater blower and heater blower housing) @CanTechZ started an interesting thread some time back and I added my experience with trying to duplicate this color in it. The aerosols I used were Rust-oleum products readily available at Lowe's or Home Depot: You'll have to experiment a little to get the right combination of camouflage and oil rubbed bronze as I described in the thread. I think it will be what you are after. Colors don't show up well in the photo above or from the 2015 photo in the thread, but the greenish bronze combination is very close to the original color used on the components of the rails, horns, and heater box blower motor housings. Hope it helps. Zup
  12. Zup

    240z body parts for sale - Atlanta area

    Hi Garrett, I sent you a PM last night. Zup
  13. Zup

    Zcon 2019

    To emphasize to all --- The ZCON judged car show and the ZFest (People's Choice car show) will be held INDOORS in AIR CONDITIONED COMFORT at the Hilton Convention Center. This will not be like it was with the sweltering heat at Memphis in 2015 or at Austin in 2017. It might be hot outside, but baby its going to be COOL inside! Can't wait to see you guys again! Come on down for some Ozark hillbilly hospitality!!
  14. Can't understand peoples prejudices against them--- 1973 bone stock 240z with flat tops and points distributor 104 mph on the back straight at CotA in Austin TX 2017 120 mph personal best on a long straight going to Road Atlanta last week 24.4 mpg averaged over ~1600 miles round trip AR to ZCON 2018 and back (not hyper-mileing) Dedicated choke circuit for cold mornings I'm happy with the flat tops---yes they are more difficult to set up properly as the primary adjustments are all internal and can't be done with the carbs on the intake (floats and fuel nozzles), parts are scarce and expensive, but once that it is done I see no reason why they would not perform for a very long time with little additional service required. Many of the reported problems with them is due to a lack of routine maintenance of the engine in general. (valve adjustment, timing, plugs, points rotor and cap) If the quoted Dave Epstein was serious with his comments I wouldn't let him near my car----
  15. Zup

    432 EB.jpg

    @kats We needed you for a proper evaluation of this one!

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