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  1. Zup

    240z Seat Strapping

    @kats Zed2, Seems Kats had some very nice clear photos of the re-webbing in one of his many authoritative posts.
  2. Timely post for me (and anyone else interested in a correct stock restoration) that you made here Philip-------and exactly as you said in your reply just now Charles!! How would you describe the finish as shown in the photos of this NOS valve cover?? Raw aluminum, as from the mold, satin finish??? Do you think there were any additional treatments or processes used to remove casting flash or surface/ finish irregularities? Attached is the judging sheet I received for entry of Zilver, my 1973 240Z, at the 2019 ZFest/Zcon held in Branson this past summer. 1 Zup Daniels 240Z stock.pdf The most difficult point deduction for me to understand regarding the comment of the judges was regarding the finish of the valve cover. ENGINE and ENGINE COMPARTMENT Comments Deduction 2. Engine block / oil pan / cylinder head valve cover finish blasted 1 My query is this: What is one to do? This photo is from engine restoration prior to Zcon 2015 in Memphis when I entered Zilver in "240Z Street Modified" class----before I made the conversion back to the original flat tops. After 47 years of accumulated use, (being subjected to oil changes, valve adjustments and all other manner of possible maintenance issues) certainly most, if not all, valve covers will need some form of restoration back to "as from factory" condition. Paint, polish or plating are obviously not correct finishes. At the time of my restorative efforts I chose to have the cover bead blasted with a very fine USED glass bead. It almost had the consistency of flour and the cover was gone over several times until there was an even surface appearance and texture. Satin finish---no gloss or swirl---it looked very much to me like the NOS example you linked above. I then applied GIBBS BRAND OIL to the cover liberally, several times, removing the excess after several minutes so there was no pooling or surface wetness. The GIBBS penetrates into the pores of the metal and (because it is there first) prevents the entry of anything in the way of water, other oils, dirt or combustion soot from adhering or accumulating and its anti-corrosion properties prevent oxidation of the aluminum (white spots or flaking). A simple rinse with Dawn detergent mixed with water over the surface followed by a thorough rinse from the garden hose with clean water, allow to dry, and a re-application of the GIBBS oil has maintained the cover for the last 5 years. Zilver is no "garage queen". The car is frequently driven locally and has been driven from N.W. Arkansas to and back from each of the Zcons attended. (Memphis, Austin, Atlanta and Branson) I don't know of any other way. In agreement with what Charles said above----What would the judges have us to do if not bead blast???? This is not "sour grapes" or meant to be a slam on the judges but----- BE REASONABLE!!!
  3. and make them black while you are at it--------------
  4. To find a new one is unlikely. After several years of observing e-bay, etc. I found a very nice one for my 73. Philip's suggestion that you clean, polish and re-plate yours is a good solution. The metal housing can be removed easily by prying the retaining tabs up from the backplate. Yellow zinc plate should be used. As SteveJ states, without the flat tops you don't need it-----for you it is cosmetic.
  5. @zed2 , a member on this site, reproduced these some time back. I bought a set of them---they were nicely made. He may still have some if you are in need. A PM to him may answer that question.
  6. Yikes!! Glad to hear that it didn't get into a vessel and cause any major blood-letting! Be Well my friend!
  7. I couldn't agree more with Jim! we've missed you Zedy!
  8. Heartened to hear that you are OK Capt'n. As has been said above--it could have been a lot worse. Take care my friend!
  9. The splash pan may help with engine compartment temperatures, but I can testify from personal experience in Zilver that it helps keep the front end from floating at high speed. I believe it helps reduce turbulence (engine and firewall) in the front which results in decreased up-lift. Once the pan was installed, at speeds of 100+ steering became much more stabile.
  10. AC/Delco Friction Modified transmission fluid----
  11. Not to dissuade you, but are you looking for a good reason to not do it?? If you are expecting the finished "restoration" to look, drive and feel "as new" you should be prepared to spend what a new car would cost. Probably more.
  12. Excellent! When does this go to market??
  13. I totally agree---beautiful car Rich---very nice. Looks like you'll both be ready for Branson ZFest and Nashville next year---no problem. Looking forward to seeing it and you. together.
  14. So glad to see your post Will. I consider you a giant among the "old guard" CZCC posters that were the early inspiration for me to follow. You, 26thZ, Bambikiller, Enrique, Beandip, Arne----you know the crew I refer to. High hopes that your health issues improve and that we hear from you more often. It would really be special to meet you and extend a handshake in Nashville next year! All the Best to you Will! Zup
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