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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-240Z-Float-Bowl-Suction-Chamber-Carburetor-Screws-Set/164620649300?hash=item265427c354:g:xhYAAOSwbGdfe3R~
  2. Entirely understandable----I was in the same boat as you. My 73 came to me with the Weber carbs. They were the first thing I removed. I converted to round tops and was extremely happy with them. As time passed I wanted to return to completely stock and then had to learn and understand the flat tops. It took two years and I received much help from other members on this forum. In retrospect, I like them and I'm glad I did it.
  3. As Steve replied, your 260 is yet another example of the factory flat top carbs being ditched. In your case, as was often the case back in the day, the carbs were replaced with Weber downdraft carbs. Extremely common. There is another thread currently discussing the conversion to round tops that will give you more insight into your options and required changes regards the round tops: You can keep the Webers and rebuild and tune them, go the round top route or ----my personal favorite----find a set of flat tops and restore them. I would caution that going with the flat tops is NOT an easy path.
  4. +1 on Vessel Kagy, my wifey, got me a set years ago----part of the "must have" tool collection.
  5. Mart, I am leaning toward the Japanese Imperial Army green as being the correct color. None of the several Z cars I have owned and / or dismantled over the years has shown evidence of yellow zinc or cadmium plating. The color is the same as the seat slider mechanisms. I've never seen or heard a definitively sourced statement as to what is actually correct. @kats may be able to inform us
  6. If you want "original" carpet I suggest Chester and Herod. They were the original suppliers when the 240z came with rubber mats. Speak with Jim, if you call. He was there when the Z carpet thing happened all those years ago. and to the best/ last of my knowledge he is still there. Ask for samples---he will send them. If you want a higher quality carpet, upgrade to their wool----$$$------not original. '
  7. I've ordered a few of these. Yep---they are real. You might want to snag one while they are available. A lot cheaper than a rebuild, IMO. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Datsun-70-72-240Z-Crankshaft-Pulley/113864791592?hash=item1a82ded628:g:kucAAOSwEC5dYZRA They are drilled for balance just like the originals and have tapped holes for the additional pulley groove if you need it for A/C.
  8. You are correct, but I think it is a safety/liability thing with Steve. Many, many Z owners do not purchase a battery with the correct terminal configuration for their car. The simplest way around this issue is to isolate both terminals against arcing with the covers. If you don't want/need a cover, just remove the offender. Yes---Steve will make whatever is shown as "out of stock" if you contact him through his website.
  9. Available from Steve Nixon at https://www.240zrubberparts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/7319377 Not cheap, but perfectly reproduced.
  10. Your pre-plating prep will be rewarded handsomely irregardless of what the plater might do. Your prep work is outstanding. Nice tip on the screw heads. Did you ever find another one of the early style clamp you were looking for?? (LMK) I want to express a word of caution about your choice of a plater. I used Sav-On Plating and overall I was not very happy with the results.Your mileage may vary, --- just saying---no slam on Rich or his beautiful results on Bob Russell's blue 73 that he did before the Orange. Your restoration is way beyond nice. Not a time for "screw-ups" and disappointment now. I would look for a plater closer to home so that I could oversee the results more easily and communicate my expectations directly. Shipping and "batch" minimum charges get to be expensive when done "cross country". I know now. I have thought of contacting Jeff Palya at http://paltech1.com/ and inquiring if he would agree to having his plater do future work for me. I've had him do flat top and round top carbs for me in the past and the plate-work was awesome. Might be a path for you to explore.
  11. No. You might inquire with your mechanic what his reasoning is for that statement. Yes. If what the mechanic is referring to is not as Cliff describes in his posts above regarding the float bowl lids, I haven't a clue as to what he's talking about. So----how is it running? Any issues?
  12. Ssshhhhh-------------- Mine is sleeping.
  13. Being such an apparently stock 30zxtt, you already know the answer to your query. $$$.00 Beautiful car Mart!
  14. You (and your Z) ARE golden Jim! Is that your latest trophy win? Happy Birthday from Zup and Zilver!
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