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  1. Cheap-arse alternate----I've successfully used that aluminum air conditioning foil duct tape to cover the reflector. It has adhesive on the back, can be applied as an overlarge strip to the reflector and the excess trimmed with an x-acto knife. Polished with metal polishing compound it has pretty darn good reflectivity, especially if you spray paint the housings white before assembly.
  2. 240260280 and grannyknot got most of these right--- but I'll add 1. Hatch cargo strap band 6. Accelerator rod to throttle linkage spring 11. Pre-installed appearance of an ignition lock security screw (un-snapped) 8^P----your blurred photo is a hoax
  3. The quality of your reproductions is unsurpassable! I have ordered and installed several sets of them and could not be more satisfied. I waited and asked for years for someone to make these available and you stepped up and finally did it beyond expectations. Thanks Randy for all you do and----yes---- I'm interested!!
  4. What is the diameter of the early clamp you need? I have a few of them and could sort through and maybe find what you need. You've done some very impressive work. Paltech does do very nice plating--as you said, probably too nice. He was the only one I could find anywhere to restore the plating and finish on my flattop carbs for the 73. ZTherapy wouldn't do it. When I got them back the floats, jets and needles were not adjusted properly, but eventually I got that done. Just saying, be sure to check them before your install. Sure you are eager to fire them up! Continue updating us with the build. Do you think it will be complete for Zcon2020?? Hope to meet you there.
  5. This is messed up. Vin # to 021000 in May of 1970???? My July 240z is Vin # 0007032. Then it jumps to Jan 1971-----what about June, July, August, etc.???? Just saying there's a big typo here.
  6. Kats, Could it be any one of these?? https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/ferrari/dino?page_size=60&pub=hsx
  7. What???? I can't un-see that post Kats-----don't tell us you are serious! The end of time must be nearer than I thought.
  8. That downpipe is quite the downer on such a beautifully preserved Z! Couldn't take the time to address it, or was it just too disruptive to remove and restore the finish?? Not a big deal I guess---preserved patina at best. I agree Charles---it will be interesting to see where this one lands. I think in the upper side of 60K---as you said "softer". Maybe Jim Frederick would hazard a knowing appraisal??? @Jim Frederick
  9. Zup

    Factory Horns

    Thanks Dan for providing that link. A nostalgic trip down memory lane for me, seeing posts by @DeesZ, @rtaylor, @Arne, @Mike B ,yourself and many others. Can't believe that was 10 years ago and wonder how everyone is now. Lots of good information in that thread and really the beginnings of the horn discussion. I looked and looked for a seller of the Aervoe camo spray but never could find one.
  10. Zup

    Factory Horns

    Yep---it is a fairly dark olive drab green color. I haven't found it as an in-the-can spray, but approximated the color closely by using Rust-oleum Camouflage Green with a very light overspray of Rust-oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. You'll have to go back and forth with the spraying between the two to get just the right shade, but you can compare your result to the seat rails and heater box and blower for correctness since they were the same finish----at least on the earlier Z cars like yours (6/70), Mike's (?/70) and mine (7/70). The beginning of the discussion was started here by Mike ( @CanTechZ ) @zed2 Keith described it as Imperial Japanese Army green and gave the formula for it here: Imperial Japanese Army Green color match by Sherwin-Williams Oil base semi gloss
  11. That's the most thorough hoover job I've ever seen!!!
  12. Finished booking rooms for the Arkansas Jims. Funny---before you couldn't get 2 double beds---now you can't get King size. Some things aren't quite right but maybe it will get sorted. Kagy (the wifey) and the 2 white furry varmints are hanging-on for the duration unless they get 11th hour cold feet.
  13. Jay reproduces the downpipe as well. Can't believe he hasn't developed and offered the resonator/ mid-pipe section yet! Hopefully he will in the near future.
  14. Zup

    The blue 510

    Make that COLD STORAGE---
  15. Courtesy of an unfinished project I still intend to do when I enlisted the incredible help of Jim Karst @zKars Jim compiled this 18 page .pdf of photos with description of the number required, size, thread pitch and length for many of the fasteners as removed from a 12/70 240Z (if I remember correctly). 2 large boxes with altogether about 60 lbs. of parts. s30_Hardware_pictures.pdf Some techie may be able to open the .pdf and display them in a sticky post for easier access on this site. alas I am too challenged to do it myself.