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  1. Not to dissuade you, but are you looking for a good reason to not do it?? If you are expecting the finished "restoration" to look, drive and feel "as new" you should be prepared to spend what a new car would cost. Probably more.
  2. Excellent! When does this go to market??
  3. I totally agree---beautiful car Rich---very nice. Looks like you'll both be ready for Branson ZFest and Nashville next year---no problem. Looking forward to seeing it and you. together.
  4. So glad to see your post Will. I consider you a giant among the "old guard" CZCC posters that were the early inspiration for me to follow. You, 26thZ, Bambikiller, Enrique, Beandip, Arne----you know the crew I refer to. High hopes that your health issues improve and that we hear from you more often. It would really be special to meet you and extend a handshake in Nashville next year! All the Best to you Will! Zup
  5. @Volkmeister PayPal has been sent sent for S30driver (Jim Smirlies) BCDD kit. Thanks! Jim D. zup
  6. I absolutely agree---much better anti-corrosion and lubrication properties than WD-40 in my personal experience.
  7. Here's a nice stitched panorama of the Zcon judged car staging the night before the show. (Photo courtesy of Kim Taylor--- author (with collaboration) of the first ZCCA judging rulebook.)
  8. Hi all--- Sorry not to have replied sooner---I was immediately back at work and had to travel to several states for several days after the show. Missed so many of you, good friends!! I can't begin to tell what an honor it was to compete with Rich's immaculate fresh restoration of Bob's (Jayhawk's) Z. Rich is a master and a gentleman. His meticulous attention is preserved as archival documentation in this thread for all to see and emulate. As I conveyed in a PM to Rich, I had always wondered how a "rolling" restoration would fare with a fresh restoration done very well. I feel those hopeful thoughts are somewhat vindicated and I am relieved now that it is possible. I have always thought (and think Rich would agree) that the stock restoration of a 73 240Z was one of the most difficult challenges of all due to the many unique differences found in that particular model year. (bumper rubber trims, flat-top carbs, emissions, hoses and water plumbing, thermostat housings, electrical relays and switches, cigarette lighter, etc., etc.) The chance to compare, apples to apples, 2-73 240Z cars at a Zcon was huge for me. Rich and I shared several corrections that we each made to our cars before the judging. It just doesn't get any better than that in friendly competition! As Rich said, had he more time and a few parts the outcome could have well been reversed. We both made bonehead mistakes which we have learned from and will try not to repeat. This Zcon was so special in so many ways. Big Congratulations to my dear friend Jim Smirlies (S30driver) for his 1st place in daily driver. Fiona (his 77 280Z) never looked so beautiful since I have known him (and her). I wish and wish that those of you that we not able to attend the Branson event will attend and be seen at Nashville! It is just 1year and 2 months away----Let's GET READY!!! Zup
  9. Zup

    2019 ZCCA Branson

    Hi Randy-- So good to finally meet you in person at Branson Zcon2019! I too would like to purchase your book, but only if you sign it and date it for the Branson Zcon2019, please! I kept trying to get away and find you again while there, but just could not get it done! Absolutely fantastic that Brian , Keith, you, your book, and all those Scarabs were there and on display with their proud owners ------one for all time for sure! Most memorable! PayPal on its way! Best Regards, Jim D. Zup p.s.--I love those taillight trims you made available---they are PERFECT!!!! When are we going to make pointy tip antennas???
  10. Zup, Great to see you at ZCON 2019. I left early hoping to retrieve my Z for People's Choice show.

    Did not make it for People's Choice show either.

    I'm wondering if you won the top award in the Stock class? You deserve it!!

  11. My 7/70 and 10/70 240z cars have this version with the tab and hole. I have no idea, what was the hole for. I've never seen photos showing anything mounted there. Jim A.----care to do a 73 fuel rail as you prepare these for plating?? The one I have is certainly restorable----just kinda grungy. It has captive plastic insulators that form a thermal barrier from the metal legs conducting heat from the engine mounts. I'd sure like to send it to you and I'll cover the expense for its restoration..
  12. Dang---- I will really miss seeing and talking with you again Bruce, Gary, Charles and Cody, Steve J., Gary W., Wayne, Mike W. and Alex and so many, many more that may not make this Zcon. Great recent memories, but more to come next year at Nashville! Yes---the torch will be carried by Rich, Bob and I! Can't wait to get with you guys at Branson!!!! Safe travels in your journey East!
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