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  1. A photo confirming some of Carl's information. On my 6/73 build date 240z the radiator core support to hood seal attaches to a spot welded fin which matches the rise of the hood profile. (just to the left of the hood prop rod)
  2. Beautiful car!! So glad you have joined the crew and look forward to many interesting posts from you in your ownership of this gem. Magnificent paperwork! You've got a real keeper.
  3. If you mean on both sides, they didn't. They were installed as shown in the photo, but just the driver side. Mono. Many owners added a second speaker to the passenger side just so the sound was less directional. The original Hitachi 4 ohm speaker in my 73 still sounds like it's 73 and gives me a very nostalgic feeling listening to 70's rock as I roll on down the highway!
  4. Yeah---I learned a lesson from him. His name on your glove box lid inner panel WILL cost you points! Ask me how I know. You'd think you could get a +1 for schmoozing--------not so.
  5. @gnosez @HLS30 @26th-Z Hi Rich, You know my thoughts on this particular subject, but it would be great to hear from experienced ZCCA judges. I have shown my car at ZCCA judged events both with and without the fuel line insulation (which was a part of the V kit----- a factory authorized modification for the 73 model year 240z cars). At Memphis and Austin----No insulation = no point deduction At Atlanta---Insulation = 3 point deduction, but the deduction was taken twice = 6 point deduction Engine & Engine Compartment Item #1. Radiator/ Fan, Fan Clutch/ Belts/ Hoses/ Clamps (the 3 point deduction comment was "not stock, heat shields on hoses") Engine & Engine Compartment Item #5. Emissions System (air pump, tubes, hoses) (the 3 point deduction comment was "heat shields") Of course I knew nothing of this until I received the judging sheets about 5 months after the show! (Judging sheets attached below) Nevertheless, I reviewed the TSB "Modification Plus" describing the parts and procedures which did not get published in their entirety until August of 1975. (attached below) It is apparent that as ongoing problems were experienced by owners, there were a series of modifications and adjustments that were endeavoring to fix the issues---not just one but many. (orifice restrictors, power valve changes, electric fuel pump installation and heat shield insulation wraps, etc.) Even the Hitachi carburetors were significantly redesigned/ improved, as over the time period there were at least 2 versions (with a middle version that was sort of a mix of both the earlier and the later) The insulating heat shield wraps were of 2 types, as described on page 14 of the TSB. At first it was a black "tar like" tape wrapped with bright adhesive foil, and then the more commonly seen asbestos glass fiber insulative material covered by an aluminum coated asbestos cloth. I've come full circle and will be removing the insulation from Zilver in preparation for the show in Branson this July. 1973 240z 1974 260z fuel system modifications.pdf Jim Daniels 2018 Atlanta Judging sheets Stock (1).pdf
  6. I pretty much agree with all of that. To us aficionados of collecting and accurately restoring, the build date is everything. It is what determines the correctness of parts associated with our efforts For the tax man and DMV it's the year of first title issue, and is usually the only paper document kept that goes with the car year after year.
  7. @Mike As for the pump, I actually purchased a NISMO unit on Ebay for the reasonable (?) price of ~$120 at the time. Seems now they've gone up a little--- https://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-NISMO-High-Flow-Volume-Fuel-Pump-Universal-17010-A7601/192911304386?hash=item2cea68e6c2:g:h9QAAOSwighZg0vC The bracket as shown in the posts above---- I don't know where to source----- but the pump bracket installed on 73 240z cars will correctly mount this Nismo pump, the Jidosha Kiki or the Mitsuba pump. The Mitsuba FP3 pump was my first choice as it was the version originally installed on my 73. I later enlisted HS30-H (Alan) to help me obtain a Mitsuba clone from a British website, as the seller would not ship to the USA. I wish to thank him again for his generous assistance as middle-man! I might also mention that all of these pumps perform well, but are pretty loud in operation, as the bracket mounting transmits a good deal of sound to the chassis and therefor to the passenger cabin. Additional rubber cushioning of the bracket helps to isolate the vibrations from the pump..
  8. Regarding the idle issues and settings----if you haven't used it. 260Z Carb Adjustment Manual (1).pdf With the flat tops you need this and I would stress that you follow it exactly from beginning to end. It should resolve any issues. (Don't worry that it is labeled 260z carb adjustment---they are essentially the same as the 73 version)
  9. Hi Rich, Yes, you are correct, the center linkage length is specific to the flat tops. I have spares and will send it along if you need. p.s. Small point of a different sort---Turn the vacuum servo diaphragm 180* so that the inlet from the throttle opener control valve assembly is to the rear as you face it.
  10. I'll second what Careless said here. Art Singer in Rio Rancho, NM is the person responsible for bringing this to market in the numbers seen now. It used to be you made your own, the basic pattern and idea has been around for a long time. Art started making them several years ago and selling them on E-bay. Al Allen (California Datsun) offers them now for an inflated price. Art doesn't care, as Art sells them to him. Art will be at Zcon2019 in Branson. What a character! He reminds me so much of Mario----as in the video game by the same name. When you see Art at Branson, yell out loudly--- Art never pays! It's a inside joke among the "repeat offenders" at Branson. I'll clue you in when I see you there. Art is also--more importantly-- the graphic designer, chief editor, be-all, do-all of ZCCM. (Z Car Club Magazine) ZCCM is a bi-monthly publication dedicated to the Z, loaded with very good photography and interesting story bios of Z car owners and their cars. Available on-line (6 issues) and as hardcopy (3 issues). www.zcarclubmag.com This is the end of my "in-thread" commercial for Art-----now back to your regularly scheduled topic programming.
  11. Beautiful work! A rebirth for this one!
  12. Nice purchase at a very nice price! Don't know if it will take all of that upward bow out---- try using the lower mounting hole shown in your second grill photo (the one with the horn visible in the photo). Something I noticed, not related to this issue, but look closely at the third photo in the original listing. (The one taken from the passenger side rear quarter looking toward the front of the car) It appears in the photo that the door is misaligned at the lower trailing edge of the door with regards to the top of the rocker. The bottom edge gap of the door should be consistent from front to rear and the rear edge gap should be consistent from bottom to top. It may be perfect, but the photo makes it appear not so. I don't know, just saying. Maybe check it out to be sure? Might need a little tweaking.
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