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  1. The "@'s" were to request help from members here that know electronics inside and out. They will chime in, if necessary, in due time.
  2. http://www.zzxdatsun.com/catWiring.php You would have found it Rich, but thought I'd give you a link to it.
  3. What head unit do you have? All else fails----- @S30Driver @SteveJ
  4. Here's the instructions: Harada MX-1_MX-2_MXB-2 instructions.pdf
  5. Pretty sure you have a Harada MX-1 power antenna. Happen to have a NOS one right here with the instructions. I'll do a multi-page .pdf at work of the instructions and post it up here for you later today. Zup
  6. So glad to see proper black ignition wires. No red, green, yellow, or blue for this one! Lookin' great Mr. Rich!
  7. Thanks Jim2! And Charles, and Gary and Guy.... Had the best Birthday ever! Such good friends came to celebrate here at home and many thanks to you all for your wishes and influence in my life----you really are so special to me. Kagy (the wife) gave me a button to wear on my 70th that said--- In dog years...I'm dead! Well... closer for sure... but not yet... thankfully! You guys are the best!!!
  8. Congrats! A really nice acquisition ConVerTT! Completely unrelated to the nice quarters----Hard to tell for sure from the photo but, I am totally amazed that the speaker appears to be intact and undamaged throughout all of the cutting and transporting encountered in getting them to you. Pretty fragile item that is! Let me know if the speaker doesn't fit into your future plans----I'm a sticker for original stock parts.
  9. http://vintagerubber.com/datsun-nissan/240-z/ and http://www.zzxdatsun.com/catRubber.php
  10. Agreed. I've never seen a blonde wheel. Might be that color shifting lacquer they used in 69/70-----
  11. Hello Zup! 



    Zedy here.  I am installing my 5 speed finally and when I dropped the starter I realized how amazingly ugly it was.  Is their a place that restores starters or sells OEM starters in mint refurbished condition! ?

  12. PM sent Mark regarding your 71 part out

  13. Zup

    Zup's ZCON 2015 photos

    all of the photos I took at the Memphis show
  14. I think that this is the original formula by Ditzler as stated in Wick Humble's book "How to Restore Your Datsun Z Car". I think Ditzler merged with, or was taken over, by PPG. Ditzler Duracryl DDL 2862 Argent with quite a bit of suede additive. 1 pint DDL 200 units DX265 300 units DX 264 Thin 100-150% and spray fairly dry. Regulate air pressure to the high side Make sure you keep the paint mixed in the cup Don't expect any gloss as it shouldn't have any Unmask as soon as the paint has "flashed over" so you don't run into problems when you remove the tape. Do a Google search of "Ditzler Duracryl DDL 2862 Argent" and you'll see this has been discussed several times. HTH Jim D. "Zup"
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