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  1. Zup

    Ol' Blue... current status

    This is like saying hello to an old friend that you've missed for a long time. I expected to see a photo showing your feet under the car up on wood blocks used for jackstands with a tub of grease in your hand. Beautifully brutal shots of Blue in the massive winter you have there, yet followed by the lush greens of a new season. Memory lane. Thank you Phillip and Blue!
  2. Zup

    Too rich for my blood

    Battery cables not original. Those blue PU sway bar end link bushings are a complete buzz killer along with the exhaust patch complete with the famously "original" worm gear clamp @JSM mentioned. Nice car but wtf---why nose dive it on minor details if you are asking top dollar. All dressed up in a tux and a booger hanging off your nose!
  3. How true!! Zcon 2018 in Atlanta is coming up next! I hope to see you and Janet and many of the CZCC gang there my friend! Can't wait!!
  4. Welcome Rich! It was a pleasure to meet you there my friend. It WAS hot, but enthusiasm and camaraderie won the days. I feel much better now that you have joined in with this CZCC crew---you are in very good hands. Follow the discussions and ask away any questions you may have. A wealth of cumulative knowledge is at your fingertips if you get stuck. "Search" is your friend, but just ask if you can't find an answer and someone will assist more likely than not.
  5. Branson ZFest 2018 is yet another of the most significant moments in my life-----memories I will keep forever. The unqualified pure "goodness" of the Z community we are all a part of is alive and most evident here. Thousands of dollars were raised in charity for impoverished children---providing food and basic hygiene items for those in need in the surrounding area. Organizers and volunteers of this annual event of 15 years tirelessly and unselfishly devote time and energy to make this one of the best weeks of the year----- such a departure from the daily myopic "me" world in which most of us exist. To those in attendance I thank you for restoring faith in human kindness toward those less fortunate than us. Poverty and need exists all around---even in the shadows of the shows and promoted attractions that fuse to make Branson glisten. To anyone contemplating attending next year or in the future ---- may I please encourage you to come---it is like nothing else and your definition of FAMILY will change forever. On a lighter note, may I dangle the lure of an inside Air Conditioned ZCON held in the heat of July!! When was the last time you did that??? Sure to be fun for all----endless Z conversations for the guys and lots of shops for those disinterested or ambivalent ladies! So please--- make plans now to join us next July for ZFest/ZCON 2019!!!
  6. Zup

    Harmonic balancer

    As Cliff said www.zcardepot.com or https://damperdoctor.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=datsun or http://datnissparts.com/front-crankshaft-pulley-harmonic-balancer-l24-l24e-l26-l28-240z-260z-280z-280zx-810-910-maxima-12303-p8111/ Not a cheap part, but it will work and you will probably be done with it for your lifetime. You'll need the associated crank bolt and timing indicator if you go this route. Another alternative is to send it off for reconditioning to these guys: Dale Manufacturing (Salem, Oregon -- same town as as ZTherapy) offer a rebuild service at $115 (plus 2-way shipping) based on you supplying your core for them to refurbish. Another option: https://datsunspirit.com/shop/ati-harmonic-damper-kit/
  7. Zup

    Identify relay

    @Zs-ondabrain Contact Dave Irwin with your harness issues. He'll probably be less expensive than a purchase from E-bay and you'll wind up with a cleaned, fully functional harness. Dave is a Z Electrical Hero!
  8. Zup

    Identify relay

    @krZing Your photos confirm that it is the seat belt warning as @SteveJ said in the above post. That is the same as is found in my 73 240z in the same location.
  9. Zup

    What is this ?

  10. Zup

    Where to go with this rusthole

    Good used fenders shouldn't be too hard to find if you decide to go that route. @zKars might be able to help out a fellow Canuck---he's in Calgary. Reproduction fenders--no personal experience with them but at least available---shipping may be the larger problem. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Front-Steel-Fender-Left-Side-For-1970-1978-70-78-Datsun-240z-260z-280z-S30/253567983616?fits=Model%3A240Z&hash=item3b09d46000:g:AJ8AAOSwklJa1ju1&vxp=mtr
  11. Zup

    240z Radio Knobs

    @JSM @nix240z Steve Nixon makes excellent reproduction knobs. http://www.240zrubberparts.com/apps/webstore/products/show/4425143 www.240zrubberparts.com
  12. Zup

    SUs and pumps

    Confirmed by an alternate source: Page 24 in How to Rebuild Your Nissan/Datsun OHC Engine by Tom Monroe states -- Torque the cam-sprocket bolt 86-116 ft-lb (12-16 kg-m).
  13. Zup

    SUs and pumps

    @Richard McDonel Glad to help and find that the issue is resolved for you Richard! Those Kyosan Denki mechanical pumps are very rugged and reliable---it just made no sense that one would go bad after sitting in a box and then only being run for 20 minutes or so. No--there's a story behind this------ Carl Stahlnecker (Bambikiller) was a respected member of this forum many years ago before his shockingly sudden death. I still dearly miss Carl. His numerous posts were among the most informative I have ever read. Carl really knew his stuff about Z cars and was always very helpful, but often opinionated and direct. His screen name--- Bambikiller--- came after an incident between his 240z and a deer. I ran over a frog one rainy night in my 240z and lamented the poor amphibian's demise. In homage to Carl I suppose, I chose "Frogsquisher" as an adjunct to my screen name Zup.
  14. Zup

    SUs and pumps

    I'm no expert either but a new fuel pump should not "go bad". Some thoughts-- You mentioned the engine is a rebuild---did you do the work of re-assembly? Double check your eccentric on the end of the camshaft. Make sure it is securely tightened by the camshaft bolt. The eccentric is what gives the fuel pump lever arm its pumping action. Make sure the fuel pump lever arm is riding on the eccentric when you have the pump installed.
  15. @kats @Mike B Finally pulled out my wheel chocks from storage. Here's what I found in the 2 sets that I remembered having. 9K and OD neither have punched markings Found one jack.Still looking for the other jacks------buried in a box somewhere-------

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