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  1. Compare Michelangelo's David with 3D printing. He's been wrestling with Eiji. SOOOOOO happy that Nissan reached out to you Jim! They for sure found the right car and guy in those photos!
  2. +1 on the black wires and Denso as the replacement! Colored wiring in the 240z is a no-no for me too----but I'm a bit stodgy that way. I use the original Sumitomo, but they are much more difficult to find. Glad to hear the Z is running well---it sure looks great! Got a name for your new addition to the family yet??? 🙂
  3. I've heard that many times in my life. Nowadays though everyone wants to know if I'm related to Stormy Daniels. I tell them she's my ex.
  4. This has been discussed by @kats and others previously---I don't recall there being a definite conclusion reached. But you are right---it would probably work for a camera mount.
  5. Welcome Jim! We now have another "Jim"! I think that makes about 5 !!!!!!!! @zKars Jim Karst @S30Driver Jim Smirlies @jfa.series1 Jim Arnett @Zup (that's me) Jim Daniels and now @VaCat33 (that's you Jim) You'll be best friends with Jim Arnett for sure. He likes Safari Gold!
  6. A Tabco replacement arch is only ~$125.00 here in the States----even with labor a pretty cheap fix. Should have been done properly the first time for sure.
  7. I looked at the photos in the link---nothing showing the under carriage or engine bay. Buyer beware!
  8. Duh---thanks--I guess. Third times charm? Shame, shame---looks to be pretty nice otherwise for a screw up like that to appear. Makes you wonder about the rest of it. I had no idea that rear side markers weren't a Dutch requirement---learned something new! Thanks for the teaser Mart!!
  9. It's 7:04 right now where I live in ARKANSAS. Time zones---- That rear quarter doesn't look right---am I getting warmer???
  10. I just saw the lack of a rear side marker light! Ha--funny how our eyes are so blind to our brains. It's early here in the U.S. One cup of Java isn't enough yet.
  11. o.k. Mart-----how about--- the driver side rear view mirror As a side note---that is some pretty unusual topiary in the second shot. I've never seen anything trimmed to that shape before!
  12. Zedhead, I'm thinking a lot of that shine is from a ceramic coating. A lot more shine than stock but it is "modified" and it is a lot easier to keep clean.
  13. Sage that you are Carl, I remember many years ago you predicting the rise in Z values. All you pronounced has come true and appears to have more headroom ---not even a pandemic can dampen. I agree the 72 that Jim Fredrick purchased was an excellent buy at $37K, but think it was cosmically meant to be----the story, history and the reunion of Dan's Zs at Z Mecca. Perfect closure. But the difference is always about a particular car, a particular day, a particular set of buyers that just happens as it happens and is what it is.
  14. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-240Z-Float-Bowl-Suction-Chamber-Carburetor-Screws-Set/164620649300?hash=item265427c354:g:xhYAAOSwbGdfe3R~
  15. Entirely understandable----I was in the same boat as you. My 73 came to me with the Weber carbs. They were the first thing I removed. I converted to round tops and was extremely happy with them. As time passed I wanted to return to completely stock and then had to learn and understand the flat tops. It took two years and I received much help from other members on this forum. In retrospect, I like them and I'm glad I did it.
  16. As Steve replied, your 260 is yet another example of the factory flat top carbs being ditched. In your case, as was often the case back in the day, the carbs were replaced with Weber downdraft carbs. Extremely common. There is another thread currently discussing the conversion to round tops that will give you more insight into your options and required changes regards the round tops: You can keep the Webers and rebuild and tune them, go the round top route or ----my personal favorite----find a set of flat tops and restore them. I would caution that going with the flat tops is NOT an
  17. +1 on Vessel Kagy, my wifey, got me a set years ago----part of the "must have" tool collection.
  18. Mart, I am leaning toward the Japanese Imperial Army green as being the correct color. None of the several Z cars I have owned and / or dismantled over the years has shown evidence of yellow zinc or cadmium plating. The color is the same as the seat slider mechanisms. I've never seen or heard a definitively sourced statement as to what is actually correct. @kats may be able to inform us
  19. If you want "original" carpet I suggest Chester and Herod. They were the original suppliers when the 240z came with rubber mats. Speak with Jim, if you call. He was there when the Z carpet thing happened all those years ago. and to the best/ last of my knowledge he is still there. Ask for samples---he will send them. If you want a higher quality carpet, upgrade to their wool----$$$------not original. '
  20. I've ordered a few of these. Yep---they are real. You might want to snag one while they are available. A lot cheaper than a rebuild, IMO. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Datsun-70-72-240Z-Crankshaft-Pulley/113864791592?hash=item1a82ded628:g:kucAAOSwEC5dYZRA They are drilled for balance just like the originals and have tapped holes for the additional pulley groove if you need it for A/C.
  21. You are correct, but I think it is a safety/liability thing with Steve. Many, many Z owners do not purchase a battery with the correct terminal configuration for their car. The simplest way around this issue is to isolate both terminals against arcing with the covers. If you don't want/need a cover, just remove the offender. Yes---Steve will make whatever is shown as "out of stock" if you contact him through his website.
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