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    Series 1 1971 240-Z. As original as possible, down to the original "D" wheel covers. I've owned it since 1975. Second owner. It was the first Z sold by the dealer. I need to drive it more!
  1. I saw OEM blades offered on Ebay for $200 within the last few days. Too rich for me, but get them while you can.
  2. sfm6s524, which blade did you get from ZDepot, the top one or the installed blade?
  3. Thanks for the reply. If I have to take out the center console, I've done it before. (And, I have some work to do on the heating/vent controls.) I see the process is very easy, but I didn't know that the bushings were still available from Nissan dealers! After many years of "careful storage" I am getting mine ready to potentially sell next year. Just want to make it as desirable as possible. It's places like this forum and people like you that are going to be a great community of help. -Dann-
  4. I need to replace the shifter bushing in my early 240Z, manufactured 8/70. I know that the very early Zs were different from the slightly later models. I suspect I have an early transmission, but I'll confirm that later. What I am particularly interested in is the gaining access to the bushings. Is it necessary to remove the center console or can they be access from beneath the car? I think of taking out the console to be a real pain, so if I can avoid it, so much the better. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  5. What is your design goal? To maintain originality or to modernize your 48-year-old car? Personally, faced this question in 2000, I went original as possible. Your goal may be different. Are you installing electronic ignition? Larger wheels and tires? Changing up the suspension or adding Bluetooth? If you are doing these things, your decision is made, go with the LEDs. Otherwise, confirm that you are getting the best light possible from the original system and leave the LEDs to other uses.
  6. I too have a '71 with an original dash without cracks and I agree that keeping the original is the best approach. That said, I'm wondering what you have done to maintain your dash. My car has had very limited exposure to sunlight. I've used your standard products but have also slathered it with clear petroleum jelly (Vasoline) at one time. I think this year I may use 303 or stick with Vaseline! What have you done?
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