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  1. The dental floss tycoon had it pretty close.
  2. I think i remember reading that she was a member of QAnon. They believe that Satan worshiping cannibalistic pedophiles are running a global child sex trafficking ring and plotting to take down Trump, who is secretly fighting them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QAnon
  3. OK, I'll keep an eye out. No rush..and apologies @Zed Head for hijacking the thread.
  4. Any plans for those bumpers? My chrome ones are pretty rough and I don't really like chrome.
  5. Oliver finally updated his website haha. Man that place is like Disneyland for Z enthusiasts. It is truly unbelievable the the stuff he has out there. He moved from "downtown" Snohomish out into the country a few miles. I've gotten some things from him, good guy, and very knowledgeable.
  6. Did you get HID headlamps? If so, how do you like them? I have my engine out for some re work and engine bay cleanup, now might be the time to upgrade.
  7. I don't think I can candle another snowstorm like Ozzy is telling us about.
  8. This showed up about a day or so ago. it's far from you but at least it's out of the rust belt. It's nicer than mine haha. https://offerup.com/item/detail/1024459053/
  9. I think I have a '77 intake manifold on my P79 in the ZX. It doesn't have the webbing. Perhaps I'm wrong, and it's an earlier manifold. But if he doesn't have the webbing it'll be slightly easier to get the exhaust manifold bolts out..I remember the EGR tubing giving me lots of problems when I first got the car before pulling the original motor. Edit: I must have a '75 manifold, there is no EGR. The webbing is what makes the exhaust manifold bolts so tough to get out/replace.
  10. "get out there and live your life" he says. This is pretty disturbing. https://komonews.com/news/local/dozens-gather-in-vancouver-for-no-mask-shopping-event
  11. At $180 it might be one of the cheapest modifications you can do.
  12. I have a bit more than usual oil consumption due to my deleted and blocked off BCDD. But, I'm going to guess yours is intact.
  13. I could swear I saw that car driving around not far from my house a few weeks back. i recognize the rear quarter panel and Datsun pickup rear light? If so, then it runs which is a good start.
  14. Pictures are good. Take pictures of the engine bay and folks will most likely report if anything looks to be missing or awry. I have an '80ZX I bought as my 1st Z car back in 2016. It's been apart and back together several times. It's a driving project. After driving it all summer it's off the road again while I install aftermarket EFI to replace the original Bosch FI. The cars are quite reliable, but are getting old, so things like fuel injection and suspension are potentially a problem area. But, perhaps you bought a nice one. I bought an abandoned mess that someone's ex wife piled a bunch of wine boxes on in her garage.
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