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  1. Did you ever check the dipstick to determine how much oil had been consumed in what amount of time and or mileage? If it was around 600mi since rebuild, was there break in oil still in it? I guess that's kind of irrelevant, but what I'm asking is, How much oil did the engine lose in the 600 or so miles since the rebuild in actual quarts?
  2. Mine was built in November of 1979, a few months before the O2 sensor got Incorporated. I plan on getting some headers from MSA, and welding the O2 bung closed. I appreciate the replies on this. I have a few months to decide what I'll do. All the big things add up, but the little things like head bolts and hoses and exhaust manifold studs and injector holders and seals all add up quick. I need a second job to feed the sickness haha. Sent from my Coolpad 3310A using Tapatalk
  3. I have all of the equipment, both electrical and mechanical, to direct transfer all items from my completely intact 1980 manifold over to the 1982 P90/F54. Minus the ECU. Budgetary constraints prevent the purchase of standalone EFI. In other words, I'm using my original 1980 ECU. I liked the idea of the earlier manifold because it does not have all of the connections and lines and EGR equipment, so cleaning that area up seemed easier and more tidy with that manifold. Aft of the throttle body, the cavity that runs forward to aft along with the car, is wider than the 1980 manifold. Meaning more air must go in there before moving through the 6 individual passageways to the intake ports on the head. Perhaps this means nothing. My concern is that this will cause problems I can't foresee, such as the ECU leaning or richening it out, or something to that effect. I can transfer everything over directly and know it'll work, or clean it up for looks and maybe end up with some poor running condition. Or I can just clean up and delete things from my 80 manifold. Edit: I don't have the 1982 ECU. Just my original 1980 ECU.
  4. I guess I'm not expecting to gain better performance, more like avoid unwanted, adverse affects. I'm mainly interested in cleaning up the engine bay. Looks like it's a moot point though, as I do have a ZX TB. Haven't attempted to fit one on it..it does still have the TB from the previous owner's '76 280 though..
  5. Began an archeological dig to replace the heater hoses. Sent from my Coolpad 3310A using Tapatalk
  6. For a great price(a few beers)I have acquired this intake manifold from my friends '76 280z. It was in use before he changed to carbs. He says he bought it from a guy who said he got it from California Datsun. Who knows. What I like about it is it is perfect for deleting all of the rats nest items I plan on deleting along with my engine build. Will the fact that this manifold has capacity to move a higher volume of air affect anything when installing to my P79? I will be using my stock ECM along with stock cam and all EFI componets. Sent from my Coolpad 3310A using Tapatalk
  7. Sorry for the delay. I actually had to fumble around to figure out how to do this in Windows paint. It's truly unbelievable how incompetent I am when it comes to operating simple software. Now that I look at it, it does resemble a floor mat of some sort.
  8. Is that rebar welded to the side of the intake manifold?
  9. Pulled the tired old original engine out of the ZX in anticipation of getting my head back from the machine shop. I'm not quite ready for the new engine yet, but I figure this will give me plenty of opportunity to clean up the engine bay and deal with that miserable power steering fluid leak that's been there since I got the car. Looks like I'll need to replace the coolant hoses to the heater core that run through the firewall. They all but disintegrated upon removal. Sent from my Coolpad 3310A using Tapatalk
  10. I think at the end of the day when I ask myself, why would I want to lighten the flywheel?, The answer is to get quicker revs, and a bit more responsiveness. But since I drive it pretty regularly, I'll need to strike a balance between stop and go drive ability and quick revs. it's definitely cheaper to keep it stock. I'll probably end up having the machine shop take it down to 20lbs and keep an Excedy OEM clutch and spend all my saved money on exhaust.
  11. I'm slowly obtaining parts for my F54/P79 engine build. The block is all stock, no mods, and the head will be shaved .080 with the appropriate shims/spacers/valves. Stock cam. Not in any rush, I'd rather wait and save money for parts I want than rush it into the car. That being said, I'm beginning to think that my original plan to buy a lightweight flywheel/stage 1 clutch won't be that good of an idea considering the amount of traffic in my area. I use my Z daily in the summer, and while I take it out regularly for open freeway drives when everyone else is off the roads, It sees work commutes alongside Subaru's and Teslas. How light can I have a machine shop make my stock flywheel before I need to go beyond the OEM style clutch?
  12. If you are able to post a video with audio, that would be the quickest way to get in the ball park for troubleshooting.
  13. While you're in there might as well check wheel bearings/ball joints/tie rod ends/idler arm and replace as necessary. Edit: It shouldn't deter you, but be prepared to notice a very slight decrease in acceleration, or the perception of reduced acceleration when switching up to wider tires from stock 14" sizes.
  14. I'm going to go look at this unknown year Datsun truck this afternoon. The seller is a person of few words. And what words are utilized are often misspelled. They say "did I mention the transmission is out". Not sure if that means it's in the bed or gone completely. Assuming everything is there, and rust is at least manageable, how much are these trucks in this state worth? I don't have high hopes, but it's something to do on a Friday afternoon after work. Sent from my Coolpad 3310A using Tapatalk
  15. Reptoid Overlords


    Of course. Ellensburg is quite a ways from where I am located, or I'd go check it out. It's a college town with about 20.000 people, so hopefully someone on here can take a look at it for you. Best of luck!
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