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  1. I just took everything out of the old N42. Those screws came out without any trouble, and I believe that engine has never been apart. No sign of thread lock.
  2. What appears to be the same person has two Z's for sale as "parts cars". The yellow shows up twice in different parts of Seattle, listed as a 240, and another time as a 260. Not sure if it's real, but the both are claimed to be running.
  3. eh nevermind, maybe from one of the coolant lines from the water jacket on the other side of the block?
  4. My '82 housing had the TVV in it. I wish i took pictures from before I removed that engine from the car. I probably am totally wrong, but I want to say that the valve cover breather goes into a fitting attached to that, as opposed to the earlier valve cover breather to throttle body.
  5. So that's what those are supposed to look like. Here I thought the paint was supposed to be peeling, rust in the quarter panels, no battery tray, and holes in the floorboard. Always wondered what the seats were supposed to look like without covers on them too.
  6. Is the PCV system connected in the stock configuration? Crankcase breather tube to PCV valve on bottom of intake manifold/ Valve cover breather to throttle body.
  7. Welcome. You will find a great deal of information and perhaps the most knowledgeable group of individuals on one forum pertaining to Z cars on this site.
  8. My '80ZX has bent up frame rails from the PO using the wrong jacking procedure.
  9. I'd say the chaved out Mondeo. There's some right sights knocking about.
  10. It is quite odd how it's all just been downplayed. "No casualties, Iran is standing down". Back to consuming and watching YouTube influencers. If I didn't know better I'd think the whole thing is rigged. Guess I'll go put my aluminum foil helmet on.
  11. Went to the gas station as soon as I saw the news. Edit: As a former service member and Iraq war veteran, my thoughts are first and foremost with our Frontline coalition solders, Marines, airmen and sailors. Not on my fuel bill. But it sure might suck.
  12. The way I understand it after refreshing the F54 engine I have in my car(ZX), is that when you go venting to the atmosphere the EFI cars, you create more positive crankcase pressure. This is certainly true if venting the crankcase breather to the atmosphere, but it seems like I saw somewhere that venting the valve cover breather to the atmosphere also creates problems. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I believe the best possible configuration of the PCV system is the original way, as designed by Nissan. Perhaps the addition of a non vented catch can is an improvement.
  13. I ran 20W50 Valvoline in my original 210k mile engine. That engine has since been replaced, but it reduced oil consumption when it was still in the car by a noticeable amount. I live in a cool climate, and would just always let the car warm up a bit longer than I would now that I'm using 10W30. When I started tearing that engine down, I noticed some scoring on the crank bearings that would otherwise be making noise under operation if I were to have used lighter weight oil.
  14. Your coffin will need to be at least 2 feet off the ground to get a proper transmission removal.