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  1. Yeah I'm almost glad to see people driving 50mph on the freeway in the far left lane again. Brakes on uphill.
  2. I meant to say no vacuum advance. Wasn't paying attention to what I was typing. With Vacuum advance, It will ping under load. I am trying to work out a fuel delivery system that will communicate with the ignition system to deliver optimum performance with a bit more cam. It'll be a rabbit hole but one I think I can climb out of.
  3. If I wanted to run programmable EFI say, Megasquirt's MS3 EVO, would I also be best served to run a wideband o2 (I have pre o2 ECM)and aftermarket ignition system such as the Crane XR3000? It's a bit over my head, but it hasn't stopped me in the past. The reason I'm considering going nuts on this stuff is because while my engine runs wonderfully, I just don't think I'm getting the full potential of the high compression modification. I'm running NGK lower heat range plugs with my distributor advance base timing at 10 degrees and no advance. Haven't had time to modify it. Pump 92 octane fuel. I've gotten it so that it doesn't ping under heavy load. https://datsunspirit.com/shop/megasquirt-ms3-pro-with-8-wiring-harness/ https://whiteheadperformance.com/product/fast-crane-xr3000-electronic-ignition-kit-datsun-240z-260z-280z-280zx/
  4. Saturdays I like to take out the Z in the early A.M. when there is very little traffic out. When I went out this morning I made it about 5 miles before I realized I could only really see about 100 feet or less in front of me because of the smoke here. At 60mph running up on someone going 40mph and hardly being able to see their tail lights. Again, my plight is trivial compared to those in real danger of losing their homes, but if local businesses are closing just because of smoke, I can only imagine the pandemonium in areas close to the fires. My thoughts are with everyone in that predicament.
  5. Yet another round of wildfires in California, Oregon, and Washington. I am seeing a lot of smoke in the greater Seattle/Puget Sound area, which is a nuisance to work in, but some folks are losing their homes and lives. I hope those here in the path of the fires are safe.
  6. You will need to look into programmable EFI if switching to anything bigger than a stock cam. At least that's the way I understand it.
  7. Condolences. Words don't help most of the time. But I understand the feeling.
  8. I guess that means watch out for Rainier beer as that's where all the hops come from.
  9. I'll need to mess around with the spacing a bit, I was too eager to hear it through the freeway tunnels to get it perfectly set. But no, it isn't too low at all.
  10. Installed Zstory JDM muffler on the ZX. Under the shabby body is a pretty well sorted car. Now it sounds as good as it runs at least. Thanks @Sean Dezart now i can start stripping paint!
  11. https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/cto/d/port-orchard-1975-datsun-280z/7129406440.html Can't tell from the ad if the LS1 is going with the car. At any rate, It's a cheap shell for anyone with a spare L series and trans or whatever laying around.
  12. I got a timing chain oiler for my D21 pickup KA24 from these guys several years ago. I imagine they are still around. http://datnissparts.com/stock-thickness-120-lash-pads-datsun-nissan-l4-l6-l16-l18-l20a-l20b-l24-l26-l28-13218-y7000/
  13. It might be useful to post some pictures of where the header, or exhaust manifold are. You have the ability to put audio on the site, so maybe get it started and record the noise you are hearing. I see a good bit of grime on the engine in your picture, no offense. Mine looked like that too when I got it. I remember my intake/exhaust manifold gasket had failed when I got my car as well..also the exhaust manifold bolts were so loose that they were almost removable by hand(they would've come out by hand if you could get your hand under the intake manifold).
  14. I just went to check this out. I took some EFI parts and relays, but otherwise it's driveline is complete. Mileage unknown, interior is in pieces. F54/P79 that was allegedly running for some time in the recent past. 5 speed/driveshaft/rear diff are all there. Sounded more like vacuum leaks/EFI problems than bad rings as mentioned in his post. He seemed like a decent dude(early 20's) with a desire to mess with Z's, just ended up with a basket case. https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/d/lake-stevens-scrap-parts-1981-datsun/7121584319.html
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