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  1. Can't tell from the ad if the LS1 is going with the car. At any rate, It's a cheap shell for anyone with a spare L series and trans or whatever laying around.
  2. I got a timing chain oiler for my D21 pickup KA24 from these guys several years ago. I imagine they are still around.
  3. It might be useful to post some pictures of where the header, or exhaust manifold are. You have the ability to put audio on the site, so maybe get it started and record the noise you are hearing. I see a good bit of grime on the engine in your picture, no offense. Mine looked like that too when I got it. I remember my intake/exhaust manifold gasket had failed when I got my car as well..also the exhaust manifold bolts were so loose that they were almost removable by hand(they would've come out by hand if you could get your hand under the intake manifold).
  4. I just went to check this out. I took some EFI parts and relays, but otherwise it's driveline is complete. Mileage unknown, interior is in pieces. F54/P79 that was allegedly running for some time in the recent past. 5 speed/driveshaft/rear diff are all there. Sounded more like vacuum leaks/EFI problems than bad rings as mentioned in his post. He seemed like a decent dude(early 20's) with a desire to mess with Z's, just ended up with a basket case.
  5. This is the system I have been considering when switching to a hotter cam. I haven't read anything bad about it, and it seems pretty plug and play. I'd love to know how to tune with things like Nistune and such, but the truth is I don't. The FAST EFI kit allegedly tunes itself after roughly 50 miles.
  6. Reptoid Overlords

    New guy

    Is that penetrating oil on the side of the block under where the manifolds were?
  7. Thank you guys for the input. I have my original N42/N47 engine from my '80ZX disassembled and on the stand. Once all my house stuff gets in order I was thinking of installing flat tops in it. Better yet having a shop balance them to a lightened flywheel. That head could use a new valve train anyway, might as well install a bit hotter cam and have it on deck for future use. That motor can produce similar compression to my .80 shaved P79 currently running in the car, and I can leave the perfectly good running engine alone.
  8. I read something about a Smithfield ham processing plant somewhere in one of the Great plains states having the same situation. They ran the plant knowing people were sick, then abruptly shut it down when it got out of control.
  9. As of now, my EFI system is functioning properly. I drive the car almost every day, and I realize that I am modifying and potentially make an otherwise good running engine run poorly, as stated, at certain RPM's. I almost feel that while expensive, the FAST EFI kit might be a good thing in this case. I can remove all of my stock components, unmodified, and store them. This is a future possibility for sure. I'm in the process of buying a house, so I'll likely be broke 'till the end of time.
  10. I've seen a few threads regarding aftermarket cams running OE fuel injection. I'd like to briefly revisit the topic. What would the drawbacks be to running a .480 .480 274/274 cam with my stock fuel injection? My engine is an F54 stock internals with .080 shaved P79 with stock cam and valve train. I would replace all necessary valve train components to meet new cam requirements. Thanks for input . I know it's a kind of old topic, but I value current experience here the most.
  11. I've been running my .080 shaved P90 for around 3500 miles now. I love it and haven't had any problems with pump premium fuel. Edit: oops I have a P79 not a P90
  12. I drove from the north Puget Sound to Tacoma in just over an hour starting at 6:00AM this morning. On a weekday at that time, that trip would easily top up at around 2 and a half hours or maybe slightly more with all the traffic, starting with Boeing in Everett, through the Miserable downtown Seattle commute, South Boeing field, and so on. I was in a 40 foot International box truck with the cruise control on I5 in downtown Seattle at 6:25AM. Crazy times.