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  1. Yeah I understand. Good on you, man. The late '80's were my early teens, wish I had learned some decent work ethic instead of how to be a troublemaker. That came later. Congrats on the new job, now is indeed a good time to be in the paint industry.
  2. If you are anything like me that means stealing your dad's car to take you and your skateboarding punk friends to a Bad Religion concert, wrecking it on the way back doing doughnuts trying to impress girls?
  3. Try OfferUp too. It's what all the kids are using haha
  4. Sometimes i feel like where I live I'd have an easier time navigating the system if I got all hopped up on Fentanyl, shot someone and then stole their car, as opposed to shooting someone who stole my car.
  5. Just in case your engine has been swapped with a later ZX motor or Frankensteined out of a later head/earlier block, look on the passenger side along the bottom of the head for the head identification..It'll likely be N47
  6. It'll depend on which head you have what shape the exhaust ports are.
  7. I believe it’s coming here to the US and soon. It's already on the west coast. The homelessness and the drugs are in the driver's seat.
  8. Thank goodness there weren't video cameras in everyone's hands when we were younger..
  9. I think two threads are running the same conversation?
  10. This is the best picture my cheap-o phone can produce. But It's Z Car Depo's Fuel Injection Rail Kit with Regulator: https://zcardepot.com/collections/fuel-injection/products/fuel-injection-rail-kit-with-regulator-efi-280z-280zx# My car is a 1980 ZX like dutchzcarguy's car, which means I had to install the fuel pressure regulator remotely in the engine bay. The S30 can have the fuel pressure regulator installed in tandem to the rear of the fuel rail as pictured in the link above. The fuel rail will accommodate stock injectors or 14.5mm "o-ring" type injectors from newer F
  11. My dad bought the Nissan D21 pickup i now currently daily when it was brand new in 1993. I have just simply maintained it, no mods, other than just lowered 2 inches. Most have ended up like this:
  12. The Beru cap that came with the distributor lasted almost 2 days without losing the center diode. Luckily for me, the car wasn't running when it happened. I was re-installing it after cleaning up the install when it popped out while attaching the coil lead. The Bremi cap arrived later in the day(a whole 2 days early). I installed it and went for a 30 mile drive. No problems. Smooth as butter. It's already been said, but I'll say it again..Don't trust the cap that comes with the 123 ignition distributor. The distributor works great tough. The BREMI cap # 8017p is r
  13. Yes this was most helpful. Save yourself the trouble and don't read past post #8. I used copper sealer on a Victor Reinz intake/exhaust manifold gasket and wrote a 1200 word dissertation about it haha. My friend and I were making our own jalapeno vodka in those days.
  14. On a budget? I'll bet these'll do https://www.ebay.com/itm/124681185423?hash=item1d0793e88f:g:JnAAAOSwSthgd1eM Or be the envy of your social circle https://store.jenvey.co.uk/throttle-body-kits/nissan/nissan-datsun-cknn03-1
  15. So my patience isn't as solid as I had hoped it would be. I went ahead and ordered the 123. It came today, and within an hour and a half, it was installed and the car was running again. There are several resources regarding installation, so I won't babble on about it, suffice it to say that it was easy, and the video and write up supplied by @AK260 was indeed a big help. Many thanks to all who have replied and helped here on this subject. That being said, I put a conservative tune on it and drove it around a bit, roughly 15 miles. I didn't want to chance the Beru cap exploding.
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