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  1. I did just loosen the pressure plate and re position the clutch disk. I believe I ended up putting the transmission in gear as stated above as well.
  2. Made a delivery to the University District in Seattle, and parked in front of the Beta Theta Pi house was a pretty pristine ZX complete with iron cross wheels and silver hood. Something you don't see around here very much anymore are Z cars parked illegally on the sidewalk in frat row. I think mine is too low to make it onto a sidewalk.
  3. Again, I could be wrong about that, but this is the "bunny ear" position on cyl no.1 TDC compression stroke. I'm fairly certain cylinders 2-6 will do the same when they are at TDC on the compression stroke. Hopefully if I'm wrong, someone will chime in and say. Sorry my memory degrades as the beard gets whiter. Last time I checked valve lash I believe I just felt the compression as I turned the engine, but your leak down needs to be a bit more precise.
  4. Some free 4cyl blocks, parts and head https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/pts/d/lynnwood-free-datsun-nissan-motors/7535031653.html
  5. You can put your finger or a rubber plug over the empty spark plug hole for the cylinder you're working on. As you turn the engine towards it's compression stroke you'll feel the pressure push against you. You should also be able to see the position of the valves for that cylinder. I might be wrong, because it's been awhile since I did a leak down test on mine, but the cam lobes possibly have the "bunny ears" look for all cylinders at TDC compression stroke just like when observe no.1 at TDC.
  6. Looks like it's time to get into laser printing.
  7. My ZX was bought at University Datsun in Seattle by a man who at least went to one Blizzard of Oz concert judging by the tickets found under one of the seats. He divorced his wife in 2003, she ended up with the car, commuted to her work at a local grocery store until the rear wheel bearings made too much racket. She then parked it in a garage, over time piling boxes and old VHS tapes on it. I found it when I worked for an appliance installation company when we replaced her garage freezer. She sold it to me for $200. I drove it home that day. It wasn't happy about it.
  8. I removed the baffle plate off of a 91 Mazda B2200 valve cover to clean and recondition the PCV system. Those have screws and RTV. I used the urethane sealant and it's still holding up after 20k miles or so.
  9. https://www.viczcar.com/forums/topic/17814-e88-efi-head/ Looks like maybe the Aussies got them in their Skylines too
  10. Those were on my '80 ZX. When I went to prep for paint I removed them by drilling out the rivets. Wish I hadn't. I put Bondo in the holes and painted over it like that. The car has plenty of Bondo so I guess a bit more won't hurt.
  11. If you don't have any luck, you can call this guy Oliver. I've personally been to his facility many times. The amount of whole cars and con ex boxes of parts is staggering. https://zspecialties.com/
  12. I have T3 coilovers on my ZX. I like them a lot. They are also very communicative regarding the specs you want, how long it will take to build etc.
  13. Since I'm on vacation from work with nothing better to do, I toyed around with some higher numbers. I seem to remember you working with these and assume you know more than me haha. You're right, I was missing out on a bit more power. A pretty noticeable difference. I'm not sure how I got that it was pinging once I 1st installed it over a year ago. The engine was still braking in and maybe i dialed it down to be on the safe side, and old age setting in made me forget to try more advance? Who knows. Anyway, for the sake of the OP's research, here are my new curve settings:
  14. I want to say that around 35 degrees it starts pinging? I think I went with 28 as a safe number, but I can't recall my logic now to be honest.
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