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  1. Did you ever get the hanging idle sorted?
  2. Possibly because it sold a few hours after it listed, or maybe the site is broken. It was a '76 2+2 in at least decent shape from the pictures for $1,000.00
  3. Might be a decent project for someone looking for a 2+2 and don't mind waiting on a title. Or a parts car. https://offerup.com/item/detail/ad118712-01c7-3097-ad68-f1ad1ffdda5c
  4. I used Toyota black FIPG(form in place gasket) on mine. It's holding fine after 1,000 miles at least, and the PCV system seems to be functioning fine. I'll bet that if I went and pulled on it with a bit of force it would break the seal though.
  5. Excellent thanks for the follow up. I ended up straying far away from my original plan. Went and got a bigger cam, FAST efi, and totally rebuilt the bottom end along with the head. I ended up with the Fidanza flywheel and stock Excedy clutch.
  6. I wish I still had my Vision Street Wear T-shirt.
  7. Glad you didn't burn anything up. I caught Holley 750 on a 350 in an '86 Suburban on fire once. Had a fire extinguisher and caught it, but that initial sight of fire sure does wake you up.
  8. At least the Mustang II is only a $7k car. https://offerup.co/FLWDUjFM8hb
  9. Could it be that the valves are wrong? I could always be wrong, but wouldn't a taller valve require a thinner lash pad? Maybe it's got L28D valves? https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1983,maxima,2.8l+l6+diesel,1211230,engine,exhaust+valve,5328
  10. Thanks! Nothing to speak of. I installed some T3 coilovers a few weeks ago, and put a few pictures on the what did you do with your Z thread. I love them. Spendy, but it sure does zip around corners. I am driving it while it's still nice weather, then during the winter i will try to figure out wheel offset/tires and replace the turbo wheels. I'm thinking of Rota Shakotan or gold Rota RKR. I did end up with a Honda scooter with a 70cc kit and a Mukini carb.
  11. I have the Fidanza flywheel/Excedy OEM clutch on my high(er) compression F54 with a .480 lift cam. It's great. And holds just fine. I don't have too much in the way of sound deadening in my car, so I noticed a little more noise from the transmission with the lightened flywheel. But after a week or so, I stopped noticing it.
  12. Here's some guys with S13's that seems to have the same problem. Seems like they are leaning towards the ECU being from an automatic car used in a manual transmission application. https://zilvia.net/f/showthread.php?t=533340 I remembered stumbling on it while troubleshooting a low/rough idle on my D21 pickup years ago, but the single cam and dual cam intakes and throttle bodies are different. Turned out to be crud on my temperature sender.
  13. The oil pressure gauge in my ZX sometimes reads near zero while cruising, then pops back into the normal range. It's a brand new rebuilt engine with a brand new Hitachi oil pump. It is not, however, a new oil pressure sender on the side of the block. it just goes all wonky sometimes. It does make me nervous seeing it like that, but I'm confident that it's getting constant oil pressure.
  14. I've seen some of the new Defenders around. Sadly they are mostly a fashion accessory in this part of the world, and will likely never see their true capability off road. Glad the name lives on. They look like they come from the future.
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