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  1. Hey LTS, Thanks man. I like to drive around and listen to the AM stations. I live very close to Auto Trim Specialists. They gave me a good quote for a vinyl top on an a Chevy Impala once. A few years ago they wanted $150 to staple on a pre made motorcycle seat cover and I haven't been there since. I have been using Rema Upholstery Services. They are at I270 and I76 in Thornton or Commerce City. They did a good job. Not perfect, but they replaced the straps on the bottom, there are no wrinkles, and the vinyl is very secure. They greased the tracks too. It wasn't necessary, but I separated the seats and removed the brackets because I wanted to clean them. I dropped them off on Monday and they were ready on Thursday. They charged $350. The owner is a good guy you just have to call first to make sure he is going to be there. The dash has a crack right in between the temp and fuel gauges. There is also a silver dollar size spot that has flaked off. You can barely see it in the picture, but you can't see it when you are sitting in the car. It is in a good spot. Look me up if you drop your seats off in Denver. Bill
  2. Update! And a few questions. Put in some work on the interior. Cleaned it and got the drivers side window working. Put in new clips on the door card while I was in there. Picked up the seats from the upholsterer and installed them. The seat covers and foam from are from MSA. I was impressed with the quality. I ordered a window crank and door pulls from JDM parts and they were garbage. They are getting returned. I hope to find a better quality replacement for these parts. Had the car out today. It was a nice day for a drive. I took the car up I70 and it was hot outside. I have been able to shift up and downshift into third without grinding. I have to let the RPMs die down before I up shift and I have to double clutch at low rpms. I will still change out the fluid. I am getting excited to rebuild the suspension and steering. It rides like a 50 year old car. I wanted to test the power going up the hill and check the temp. It did well. The gauge got almost to the P. It is usually between the M and P during regular driving. I don't always trust old gauges and senders but I think I am ok. The only way to know for sure is with an thermometer. I attached a pic of the transmission shift seal. It is leaking pretty good. The fluid level is correct. Also, it looks like the trans is leaking from the seams where the trans splits. Is that a common leak spot. Do I need to drop the trans to fix those two leaks? Are the differentials in these cars noisy? Mine has a bit of a whine above 60mph. I changed the gear oil to redline and the old stuff looked good when I drained it. Thanks again for all the responses. Bill
  3. Yo dudes, thanks for the nice complements. Lots of people The paint color is 905 and the vin is 35549. I was doing some reading about the syncros. It seems like people have had good luck with different fluids. I have enough M90 redline left to do a flush. I may try flushing with redline and then switch to the GM and then try the Kendal fluid if need be. I won't be tearing into the car until the fall so I will have time to try a few fluids. The rear suspension is pretty bouncy but doesn't seem to sag. I will replace the rear struts do most people replace the springs when they rebuild the struts? It looks like z car source has a kit with springs and shocks. There is a car show this weekend in Aurora that's put on by a Colorado Z club. Unfortunately due to rain last weekend I had to postpone my patio tear out and can't make it.
  4. Thanks man. This forum looks like a better fit. This car is too nice to modify. Some of the paint is original but I don't know how much. I polished the wheels last night and spent 4 hours buffing the paint and polishing the chrome today. I hand polished it using some light compound and then put a coat of wax on it. It came out nice, but it is still a 20+ footer .
  5. The last receipts were in 2008. They showed a new battery installed and a locked up rear wheel cylinder. The car was not safe to drive and the PO declined to have the wheel cylinder fixed. Mary Beth said her husband could no longer drive the car about ten years ago. The story jives with the receipts. She said she would help her husband into the car and he would run it in the garage. She finally remembered that he stopped sitting in it because the car ran out of gas. I think that's why it started so easily for me. I will have the transmission out this winter and will take a look. The car was driving in the 1990s. I live on Holly and Evans. It could have been the same car. Small world.
  6. Hey Guys, I was sent here from the Hybridz forum. They said you do more factory and stock cars so it might be a better fit. I wanted to introduce myself. I bought this car 2 weeks ago from an old lady down the street. It was her husbands and he bought it in 1973. The build date is 6/1971. He never drove it in the rain and kept it nice. It hadn't been run in 7 years and hadn't left the garage in 10. I put gas in the carbs and tank, aired up the tires, fired it up and drove it home. It has 98k miles and service records since 1973. I have never owned a z before. I have been reading a bunch and getting familiar with it. So far I have changed the tires, belts, fuel lines, trans fluid, differential fluid, brake fluid, shoes, pads, and unstuck a brake cylinder. I have some interior parts coming to freshen up the interior. I polished the wheels today and tomorrow I am going to buff out the paint. This winter I am going to do the trans and differential seals, suspension, bushings, steering ect.. I am preparing a laundry list now. Aside from the suspension, the car runs and shifts well except when downshifting into third. It grinds every time, no matter what I do. None of the other gears grind. My buddy suggested double clutching but that hasn't worked. The fluid in the trans was thick and smelled like gear oil. I put in red line I think the PO used the wrong fluid. I was reading that the wrong fluid can damage the syncros. Is there anything else I can try to make downshifting into third smoother. Bill
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