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  1. If I had that sort of money, myself, I would rather order a MZR build Z from the UK. Plus what I always wanted, a 66 GT350 Mustang. And still have a few bucks left over. Or my friends Ferrari 288 GTO before he sold it.
  2. Road and Track calls it an 'absurd' price. But then admits at the end the price makes sense. Well maybe for some people it does I guess.
  3. An Obsession.
  4. There is a early 72 near me that has the vertical defroster lines. It has only 2,600 miles on it. He just drives it around the block once a week during the summer. Still has the original tires on it.
  5. gundee

    Rota RB Help!!!

    Many sellers on Ebay sell that same style lug in what ever finish you want. I bought a set of black ones there. Work great.
  6. I ran 215/60-14 fronts and 225/60-14 rears on lower springs with no rubbing issues. In my case though the wheels were 14X6.5 with +13 offset. 14X7 zero offset could have rubbed. Hard to say.
  7. I think I mentioned this before in another thread. I had this issue with 5th gear when I installed a 280Z 5 speed in my 72. Tried other shifters but still the same. Then I learned that there is a 280Z shifter that has the shorter end like the 280ZX shifter shown. After installing that it was perfect. No grinding a notch needed. See if I can find my photo of it.
  8. I can tell you that back in the day this was a common issue. The slotted mags sold back then had a pretty good negative offset. This made shimmy a real problem on 240Z's. Owners spent a lot of time and money to fix. Back then it was a combination of bad wheels, bad offset and poor tire quality I firmly believe. Best to go to zero offset or plus offset on a Z car.
  9. I can attest that on my 1978 5 speed transmission you have to have the correct shifter or 5th is a no go. I chased my tail trying to find out my issue. I was using my 4 speed shifter. There is a difference between the two. Completely solve the issue.
  10. You had a aftermarket collar being the issue? News to me. Never saw a aftermarket collar. Who makes that?
  11. Mine is the early style. No ribs on the front side. I still like it after all these years. I do believe one hole was not covered after install, but was taken care of when I got it repainted.
  12. Your gallery shows on my desktop.
  13. My February 72 built 240Z has one. I purchased my car used from a Datsun dealer. It was a trade in from the original owner. I doubt the dealer or the original owner added it. I would say it came from the factory like that.
  14. Also do check on slave cylinder rod movement. I have seen hydraulic failure before with a new stronger pressure plate. Usually with very old master and slave cylinders. One or both sometimes. They cannot hold pressure properly.
  15. If the pressure plate is the same height as the old, then the existing collar would be correct as I see it. The B collar is needed for the same pressure plate for the later transmission because the B transmission bellhousing measures at a different depth.