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  1. Maybe this MSD 8830 noise filter can help if you suspect that issue. When running a MSD ignition it does the following. When the MSD draws current, it will draw through the Noise Filter instead of directly from the battery, so all other accessories that operate off 12 volts, like the radio, fuel pump, or the engine computer, will be unaffected by the MSD.
  2. Gotta love it when people change the cars color and do it only half way. The good news is it will be easier to repaint back to red. Although still expensive. https://www.ebay.com/itm/334381826608
  3. Available if you can use them. I do not have any part numbers on them.
  4. Yes that is correct. Here in the US before they offered a Z 5 speed we took the bellhousing off the 240Z 4 speed and put it on the roadster 5 speed.
  5. I have a new second gear for a FS5C71B. Cheap. What gearbox is yours?
  6. Are you sorting out wiring circuits under the influence of something we should know about?
  7. If you purchased the 1.5 ohm or the 3 ohm coil will determine if you use the ballast resistor. The rest is pretty straight forward. My tach works just fine.
  8. I also have an original kit still in package. I may have some duplicated depending on cost.
  9. I seem to remember there being a gold colored kit for the root beer colored cars.
  10. Oliver said it was Running? Good grief! Hate to see what condition the other Z was.
  11. A Dremel is a great investment. I have used mine more than I ever thought I would. I used my Dremel to cut a coil off a set of coil springs once. It cut through that coil in no time at all. I was very impressed.
  12. Then did it run when delivered? Or are you saying it does not run as delivered.
  13. Yikes! Looking at this photo I can see somewhat the condition of your car. All fixable but will take time and money. For the time being, if I were you, I would put all talk of transmissions and A/C on the backburner. Concentrate on getting the car drivable so you can further see what your needs are. How are the floors and dog legs? Suspension? Engine condition? Exhaust system? Some of these important things need to be looked at first.
  14. This one just sold for over $100K. Nice. https://www.hemmings.com/auction/1971-datsun-240z-883659?fbclid=IwAR0hVKsk24dcp2jaHbCDk8kxKv30YbKtFpGs6G3xG51f1rD7aInJSHVmVfE
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