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  1. Here is the gland nut from the 1970's Red Koni's. FWIW
  2. This is how mine turned out. Not sure if satin clear would look better than the gloss clear. I painted the spokes same as the tail light panel. I like it and can always go back to black anytime.
  3. Good idea. I have bookmarked that link so I can study it. Thanks.
  4. Got more wires than shown in wiring diagram. So many guys have taken apart and rebuilt column switchs I thought loads of info. here on this. I guess I was wrong. Very interesting. I will wring it out one way or another. If wire colors matched its pretty much a no brainer.
  5. I seem to have some wires left to connect and not sure what goes together. I knew I should have taken a photo before taking apart. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Yes I did paint the spokes, but not black. As an experiment I painted same color as the tail light panel.
  7. Well I pulled my steering wheel to refinish the rim. After cleaning and steel wool It looks like this. I may just use polyurethane on it like others here. I think that will still keep some patina. In some areas with very little wear, I can definitely see it has a cherry color to it.
  8. This is the one I ended up using for my 240Z. Fits and works perfect. https://strongarmliftsupports.com/hatch-lift-support-c4313
  9. CNN is surely further left than that chart shows. They and MSNBC are unwatchable for me. Not news. All leftist opinion.
  10. Received my second Moderna shot 4 weeks ago. No side effects at all. Minor arm soreness on the second but none on the first.
  11. My old Koni reds came with a regular nut and lock washer. I have removed and reinstalled several times over the years changing springs. No issues. I do not think I would use the nyloc nut in this situation. With the piston top being cut half, I can envision the nylon sometimes pulling the nut sideways enough to partially cross thread. Now there is metal in the threads and when removing I think that further jams the threads to fully strip. When I look close I don't think any of the shaft threads are any good. They are about totally gone at the bottom. I would recommend to K
  12. The steering wheel cover looks good. Interesting. Its just that back in the 1970's I never saw a 240Z with a steering wheel cover installed. They are more common now. I worked in a Datsun dealership parts department and there was no Datsun supplied steering wheel option offered I ever saw.
  13. Where did you get that idea? That is not what the washer is for.
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