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  1. Any one here have the Toyota solid rotor S12+8 caliper set up on their 240Z? Do you like them? I finished the install on mine. Going to try them out. Should be back on the ground soon. Removed the backing plates instead of trimming. Need to finish the bleeding.
  2. We have all been there to some extent. ? https://classicmotorsports.com/articles/how-simple-upgrade-240z-turned-full-restoration/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=What+s+Next%3F+The+New+Wave+of+Collector+Cars&utm_campaign=CMS+Daily+Newsletter+Automation+Email
  3. Took a photo. They are a bit smaller diameter but work. Most buyers likely never noticed. Vogtland really did not do a good job of making them the correct OEM diameter.
  4. I got mine from jdmwerks too. They fit well on my 72. That black spring looks really big wire diameter. Is that supposed to be stock? They look heavier than the Vogtlands. To me anyway.
  5. No, mine is a L28 with MSA 6-2-1 headers.
  6. Mine has an older MSA system that I changed their turbo muffler for a stainless Magnaflow. Mounts angled like MSA shows. Muffler is Center - in/Offset - out. Nice tone and no drone at all. No center resonator needed. Still need to shorten the hangers more to tuck it up.
  7. Tent photo looks to be the 280Z tub. 280Z tail lights
  8. That looks to be the new 280Z tub he built to match after the 46 BRE car was destroyed.
  9. Find a store with this line of Rust-Oleum spray. I was looking at this one. Looked pretty good.
  10. gundee


    Things could be a lot worse IMO. Hillary the con artist herself who lies even on a good day could be at the podium. Thank God not!
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