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  1. Mine is the early style. No ribs on the front side. I still like it after all these years. I do believe one hole was not covered after install, but was taken care of when I got it repainted.
  2. Your gallery shows on my desktop.
  3. My February 72 built 240Z has one. I purchased my car used from a Datsun dealer. It was a trade in from the original owner. I doubt the dealer or the original owner added it. I would say it came from the factory like that.
  4. Also do check on slave cylinder rod movement. I have seen hydraulic failure before with a new stronger pressure plate. Usually with very old master and slave cylinders. One or both sometimes. They cannot hold pressure properly.
  5. If the pressure plate is the same height as the old, then the existing collar would be correct as I see it. The B collar is needed for the same pressure plate for the later transmission because the B transmission bellhousing measures at a different depth.
  6. Here is another version of same collars I had in my files.
  7. He caught me shooting a photo of him at Road Atlanta. Boy did I get a dirty look. Another person I know said he got the finger doing the same.
  8. OK, I'll bite. Where is the Parkinson 280Z car then if this is not it? Sold or still in Randy's posession?
  9. This Z car RPM calculator is really good.
  11. You should not need any mallet. It should easily move forward by hand and not tight. If not, you have to find the problem. Head warped? Towers not torqued properly?
  12. I am on my second Covercraft. Fitted for a 240Z. The first one I got was from MSA and made by Covercraft. Don't know what they sell now.
  13. The FSM drawing is correct. And the Captain's car is correct. Yours is not correct. Ball joint bolts to top.
  14. Great. Like I said earlier, your description sounded definitely fuel. Ignition issue is a totally different sound.
  15. Did you ever change the filter inside your fuel pump? Most are not aware there is one in there. Assuming you run the factory 260 pump.