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  1. Jeff, I put a comment on your video. Looks like the big issue you have is too much spark advance. I can tell just by the way it runs and by the way it sounds turning over. Back timing off until it runs best. Been thru this same issue on mine and others cars. Try it and let us know.
  2. This is a photo of my 14" Minilites made in the early 70's. Yours are different. Minilite has these markings on the front side.
  3. Here is photos of my front Konis from the 70's. What we had to do was just grind a small taper at the bottom as shown for best fitment.
  4. What is going on with this ball joint? Is this before you finished assembly? It does not look seated yet.
  5. Just two? Mine has six. Also had no pattern or instructions.
  6. Since this is the case I would rule out the reaction disc from the initial installation. Also in my case the missing reaction disc caused the opposite brake condition. My brakes became very touchy and want to grab with little pressure on the pedal. The normal modulation was gone. See what you can find. I do have another suspicion based on what you describe as well.
  7. I put this tire on mine. H-speed rated. Excellent grip. No noises. 480 A-A rating. Price is half of others. https://www.1010tires.com/Tires/Ohtsu/FP7000/205-60R15
  8. I went with the 205/60-15 size because that looked to be the closest to the oem diameter. With a 4:11 differential ratio i didn't want to go to a smaller diameter. Slim pickins in this size though.
  9. Was not aware Koni outsourced their services. I did in fact buy them new in 1978 and I still have the receipt. I am in no way going to pay someone else $400 plus to check them. I will chalk it up to another lesson learned. Thanks anyway.
  10. A. Why would not the US Koni rebuild and test facility no have fixtures to test a simple common design Koni? B. Why buy new? These are a lifetime replacement warranty.
  11. I took this around 30- 35 years ago and never saw it again, anywhere.
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