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  1. You not going to run AC?
  2. Yup and Yup! Very, very impressive.
  3. Cars to me always have a temperament so to speak. Which Z is the least temperamental and which one do you go, no not again!
  4. Interesting, maybe someone swapped dashes? Do your vins match everywhere. My interior is set up like the pics here: https://hymanltd.com/vehicles/5796-1971-datsun-240z-coupe/
  5. 4/71 should be 2nd pic with astray. My 5/71 is.
  6. What’s great about a driver is you can enjoy her! Welcome to the fun.
  7. JSM

    Engine Dolly

    Where are the lines of trans! Thanks for posting this. Makes me feel better.
  8. Does anyone know if US cars came with tools or was it an option?
  9. At least it’s in! In the end the engine doesn’t care about the V grooves. 🙂
  10. You going to finish it for the 50th Anniversary Z car convention?
  11. You need to do a write up Mike! The 7-11's were amazing there. Because i'm such a cheapskate and I don't like losing 3% of my money, I opened up a bank account with TD. They have no international transactions fee's. Having a wife that is uber anal about "clean" vs neat, i'd say most of Japan was very neat. I did witness uber anal clean though in some scenarios. In Shinjuku, we would wake up to a mess everywhere. By about noon, it was all picked up again. Starbucks had this sesame chicken vegetable wrap that was amazing. I would have loved to met Kat's, but knowing my family as I do, that would have been selfish of me.