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  1. JSM

    '76 280z Part Out - Orlando, FL

    James good meeting you. Love the 71!
  2. Heck, I’ve seen 280zx for sale for a good while in the $3500 range. I’d offer $400 honestly. Ask first what he would like to feel him out, then make your offer. He may say he wants $5k and you know not to go any farther. If he says $1000 or less, then Use your HS excuse. You can always go up, but once you make an offer your stuck. I don’t buy into the concept of my offer insults someone. It’s my money, if they don’t want it they can pass. I looked at vehicle today the guy wanted $2k for. It had lots of issues. He told me he had 100s of people inquire, offers of $1500 to $500 and I was the first one to show up in two weeks! I mention this as it was something a seller shouldn’t have divulged. It was more than I wanted to get into so I asked what the best he would do? $1750. I passed.
  3. At one point when I had one Grundy, they asked for a photo of my garage. I have Hagerty now and they asked for photos of prior cars. Oddly on my current 240z nor my 300zx, they asked for nothing. My 300z that is isnsured is but ugly and has 5k worth of insurance (I only paid $400 for the car).I think it was the least I could get.
  4. JSM

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    I must have been 5 or 6. Dads 73.
  5. Mike watching too. Looking at going in August 2019. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  6. ... BRE Nose spoiler, $32! That is a neat receipt. Interesting the radio is AM/FM. Thought maybe there was a receipt for the upgrade.
  7. Curious in this advert, the one car has no paint protector on the bumper and no bumper rubber whatsoever? Vs the 432 has it? Also notice the holes for the bumperettes, but no bumperettes? Interesting to not see the paint bumper protector in so many restorations?
  8. JSM

    Speedhunters does ZCON

    Great Job Steve!
  9. JSM

    72 240z radio wiring

    I thought there was a single wire coming out of the harness towards where the back of the radio would sit. Find the wire that has not voltage to it with the lights off. When they turn on it should be powered, IIRC. It's fairly short I think. I found mine because one night I was driving and sparks where shooting out of it as It was grounding against the chassis! (No radio, race plate or heater controls installed.)
  10. Man If I were local I would grab them in a second. You may want to place on your local Craigslist for faster response and or facebook.
  11. JSM

    Perfectly legal pot

    What are you taking it for? I don't partake anymore, but if it were legal, maybe. I'm hoping by the time I'm in retirement it will be legal. Smoking something though with no fun effects, is like having sex with no happy ending!
  12. Send some cold down here please. We are stilling sitting in the 90s.
  13. I couldn’t justify it. If you need strength for a high HP build maybe, but the final drive for a standard ZX trans in 5th was lower than 6th gear for the 350z. It wasn’t much lower but still. The option is nice though.
  14. JSM

    78 280z Severe Driving Problems

    That is the one I have. If you want it, I'll ship it to you for you to try. If it works, pay me what you feel if it worth. If not, you can ship it back.

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