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  1. JSM

    300zx ---> 280zx

    Are either of them Turbo cars? If so, grab the R200's. They are gold. Assuming they are 4/87 and later. They will have a finned cover on them if LSD.
  2. JSM

    300zx ---> 280zx

    Gotcha. You getting them for free or did he just offer parts to grab?
  3. JSM

    centering ammeter

    Dave I looked and looked, I can’t find either one.
  4. I’m looking for an owners manual for my 6/71. I have a series one manual or a 72 I could trade for just in case you have the wrong one or in need of either of those years. At this point I just want to trade and not looking to sell these.
  5. JSM

    300zx ---> 280zx

    R200 rear ends, nuts and bolts. Not a lot. I may be interested in some 300zx parts. What do you have?
  6. JSM

    Best Source for preshaped 240 hoses?

    No Longer Avaiable
  7. Reaction disk aside, are you sure you don’t have a hole in the booster diaphragm? Do you have any engine speed increase when you step on the pedal with it running?
  8. As long as you coat everything with oil, have it well lubed up and turned over a few times by hand, with the plugs out and use the starter. I've even left the valve cover off to make sure it's coming out the top.
  9. JSM

    10th Anniversary 208zx

    They do pop on eBay from time to time. Set up a search and Save it for notifications.
  10. JSM

    3d Printed battery holddown

    Please let me know if you decide to sell them. I'd likely take one too. I have the exact same battery. I'm using a block of wood.
  11. JSM

    Injectors not working

  12. JSM

    Injectors not working

    Need more details, like Year of car, definition of what was replaced in engine rebuild. I woukd not be in a hurry to circumvent the stock harness if it was prior working. You’ll introduce more problems in my opinion. Did you go through this.
  13. JSM

    Engine won't start

    Your likely going to eventually fowl the plugs and not be able to likely get it started. In your warm climate you should be able to start the car on 1/4 choke, let it warm for a minute and push it back in closed.
  14. Have space to store? Find out how much he wants for the whole thing! Strip all of it and tell him to you will bring him back the shell to get a better deal. If not, don’t forget the stub axles. You should be able to get $150 all day long on hybridz. Just don’t forget to remove the penning before removing the nut. The whole process can be a pitb at the JY. But saving parts, making a few bucks, helping others looking is all part of the fun to me.
  15. JSM

    Fuel injection snafu

    Just an FYI 10 years is a long time for those injectors. I would also verify you can hear each one clicking. I had a 300ZX I just went through that was sitting for 2 years. None of the I jectors would fire. I had to clean them one by one and lube and apply voltage on and off until they freed.

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