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  1. I am very interested and would like to be added to whatever list you might have started. I would consider two (2) setups for my street and race car both of which are 1972s.



  2. Hi, yes, it fits into the standard housing. They're being made to with the correct material by a company that only makes steering racks and parts.
  3. a smaller wheel doenst alter the geometries, just the lever effort.
  4. As above these are for LHD racks. I wasn't altering physics, just pointing out its the same ratio as used in other markets of the car where they sold a more 'sporting' setup. My 'none' answer was just that its nothing really to worry about, i'm not a fan of power steering, especially these generic kits, just removing the feel that you get with a classic setup. Its not just about speeding up the rack, its about regaining feel thats been lost from 50 years of use. i'm not aware of anyone offering forged steering arms, can you offer a link?
  5. no, the ratio is changed. Unless you're suggesting the Americans were judged to have weak arms by the Japanese in the 60's and that's the reason they got such 'soft' cars?
  6. just for info, the US market cars were the softest/most dumbed down of all the global range, this is a key part in bringing it 'upto spec'.
  7. Hi all I've been trying to find a source for LHD steering rack bars and pinions, I'm having a batch made here in the UK, they're about 11% quicker than the racks in US spec cars, effectively bringing them to a euro spec 'quick rack'. prices are in £240+vat. Thats for a new rack bar and pinion. if you'd like one, as there's an minimum order, i'd have to get a deposit(50%) as I don't want to end up with a garage full of rack bars! Most of the racks i've had apart have shown wear/loose spots on. Any interest on here?
  8. yes it will fit as long as you've got an r180 diff still.
  9. Thanks, yes I can see the change. I'd like a set of Magnesium wheels.
  10. Great post, any reason you can see for the changes? looks like the profile on the radius ins't the same also?
  11. The design was ‘designed’ to be in magnesium, so it might not be as bad as you think. I would be genuinely interested. what I might do is wait till you’ve made some, then wait to get some of mr desert at half price from your castings and development 😂
  12. Yep, I have a mindset where i'm happy for me not to have them, also would prefer them not to be real 'open market'. To me, they're more likely to hit the right cars, with the right overall feel. those that search them out, originality. I can enjoy them from a distance. I'm fortunate enough to have a couple of sets nice wheels, it'll have to stop there unless I ever found an original ZG, at which point I know what wheels I'd like that.
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