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  1. you mean this as a start....... https://www.kxii.com/home/headlines/Marshall-County-man-faces-six-felony-charges-304026481.html also selling cars and buying back between him and some of his BAT buddies....
  2. Yes, its had one of his underside blow overs it seems, where he then also goes to excess trying to recreate factory paint marks. Nice to see his boyfriends in the comments section.
  3. lets be clear, hes not the 'authority on all things z'.
  4. yes, buying cars, then 'swapping back', constant messages about spending 'free money' on them due to increasing values. I'd love to play poker against those two.
  5. Again, I feel for the seller as there's a few people on there trying to create themselves as the focal point for all things 'Z'. It goes to show just how people believe what they read on line and how when a collective get together it can become the norm. Not to mention the endless advertising that one of the posters does.
  6. spend it on the new style Fujitsubo one.
  7. Given that there wasn't a set way of doing it in the factory, all of it limited/chosen by human hand, there's no 'Right or wrong'.
  8. so its just a car from a car 'shop' that did restore cars?
  9. Strange one, so nissan 'sanctioned' 37, surely this just makes this a car that was built by the same people? same as if they built one now? Also given the others were 'standard', this seems to be nothing other than a shop special?
  10. A few point mr HS30-H 1) Please never sell the 432r 'recreation' 2) Can I go on the list, even if its just to say "I can't afford it' 3)That 'vz' car is in my top 5 all time fav's!!
  11. I can say with complete confidence that Aston did their own recreations before 2014, I think there were some at Goodwood when I use to work there(2009-12), also that they started doing them in the late 80's, however the early ones were for racing i know. What I don't get/trust is some on the BAT thread. Every factually correct post gets removed, people trying to pass on their own version of facts as correct for their own agendas. Not to mention all the sellers in the threads saying i've sold x for $$$$$$ off here trying to artificially increase prices.
  12. interesting chat again. Its a bit of a 'bully' setup on there. People who really do not understand the cars and the wider model range, speaking about stuff like its correct and flaming others who normally are more factually correct.
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