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  1. I don't see how your car would be the perfect choice, you've large wheels, small tyre profile, hard bushings everywhere and used springs.
  2. Apologies, I got mistaken with the guy who built something in tribute to it and plastered it on facebook etc.
  3. its a 1970 car, just maybe registered in 1971. Its birth was 1970.
  4. its a 1970 build. final 1970 cars were around 18000ish?
  5. What spec springs are these designed to work with? The softer/long US market springs?
  6. Are they the ones from Japan or Thailand for $450?
  7. Email Mr Mori Direct at Kameari. He'll help guide you to what you need.
  8. Has anyone had any rubbing issues with this size on a 7J wheel? Any pics of how they sit on a slightly lowered car.
  9. it was only in bare metal about 4 hours. Its a long time indeed, I often wonder how far along it might have been!
  10. the early cars didn't share the same key for ignition and locks.
  11. Great detail on the Solex. Nice to see some Kehin FCR's on the l6/twincam engine.
  12. Also, didn't a v8 swap hls30 sell here for big money? I think with this auction, money doesn't buy taste. That 432 was a bargain. The ls swapped thing was overpriced tat.
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