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  1. How much is it to get rockers re-ground?
  2. Jason240z

    Is my coilover spring rate too high?

    they are though. Not made in china, I think its Malysia. Lots of other options from others apart from TTT, my money would go with a suspension specialist, not a cnc machine shop.
  3. Jason240z

    Is my coilover spring rate too high?

    I think half the problem with these budget shocks(bc/stance/etc etc) will be the quality of the dampers. you can go up on spring rates if you've got good quality dampers to control it. these just wont be.
  4. Jason240z

    Reproduction headlight covers

    Apparently they'll be more than$750 as its cheaper than the guy in Europe who makes them sells them for?
  5. Jason240z

    l24 blocked engine build - Few Questions

    its not dissimilar to the rebello purist,so it'll work, custom pistons allow me to make it work as a whole package.
  6. Jason240z

    l24 blocked engine build - Few Questions

    So after lots of measuring,checking and thinking, I've decided I'll need new pistons. So custom pistons (+2mm) 140mm forged fj20 type rods 260/280 crank. I'll then have a perfect 2.7, perfect squish, great rod/stroke ratio and importantly a serviceable original block.
  7. Jason240z

    Input on power gains by swapping head.

    what cam are you going with?
  8. Jason240z

    ZG only went for $53K

    I can't believe that you've never heard of one, as a member here with 9000 odd posts.
  9. Jason240z

    Head ID?

    Of the other way round. nicely prepped though. Its a mystery!
  10. Jason240z

    Head ID?

    I'm now leaning towards an early e88, or e31, looks amazingly similar to my e31.
  11. Jason240z

    Head ID?

    I believe they do, however not all of them.
  12. Jason240z

    Head ID?

    top shot, other head is an e31.... close up of the e31
  13. Jason240z

    Head ID?

    I'll grab one tomorrow. the way I measured the valves, i've got a 44mm valve that fits the way I measured, i'll double check though. the CC measurement stacks up if it is 0.020 off, however it might have had that off before. head width 107.18mm
  14. Jason240z

    Head ID?

    looks like the last n42 pic here? http://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips//headporting/index.htm

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