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  1. It seems every genuine exhaust has a laser etched part and ref number(to build timeline). the UK importer has taken mine and is waiting on the factory to give more feedback.
  2. I've been emailing the UK importer, they've been back to Fujitsubo in Japan, the've asked for some of the etched numbers on 'my' system to confirm, hopefully will get some info over the next week. its all been quick so far.
  3. I'll email the UK importer and see if they can help. I'll also try fujitsubo. I'll place a sportsman's bet on it just being the section before the silencer that varies. I do wonder why they didn't do it that way initially.
  4. its all in your head. you post on my threads. Why don't we start threads on your exhausts speaking about the following issues with Zstory: Lead times, taking money upfront and not delivering for months, having a whole range of reasons why things are delayed, fitting and quality issues, problems with having everything made in China and not having a close enough control of manufacturing, lack of technical information, lack of technical drawings, lack of Dyno development, lack of actual knowledge.
  5. I will. Please stick to your own threads without destroying the whole internet.
  6. Hi, I really can't see them being different apart from the diff section. `performance is quoted as exactly the same, it'd make no sense as its only that section that needs changing or that has changed...
  7. can anyone find a part number for the revised section that passes the diff?
  8. looks like that revised section fits the rest of the revised system? I did always wonder why they didn't use the r180 diff cutout's.
  9. It wasn't bad to be honest, a guy in Eastern Europe did them, worked out about $70.
  10. I think its a skyline head, Japanese market.
  11. you'll spot the laser measure, I've got these sitting lower than standard seats. however they still need to go a little lower due to them not 'squashing' as much. brake clearance. 280mm under 14" wheels Cleaned up the tank and had it painted had some detailed bits made Driveshafts shorted
  12. As a glacial update..... life has got in the way over the past few years, the below brings me to where I'm at.... Disc bells and brackets designed painted up the front panel 'factory style' had the radiator treated to a triple pass copper core. had a bit of a faff getting the finish correct on it. got there in the end. fitted the rear bumper antagonised over seats for a few years(Sorry Alan T!). However using one of his pics I managed to get something made in the same sort of 'feel'. The dream What I ended up with
  13. What do you think it was off? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275438320845?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11051.m43.l1123&mkcid=26&ch=osgood&euid=afbf6e97e13f4074a0304a0b8539e8b7&bu=43141204892&osub=-1~1&crd=20220904121555&segname=11051
  14. I am very interested and would like to be added to whatever list you might have started. I would consider two (2) setups for my street and race car both of which are 1972s.



  15. Hi, yes, it fits into the standard housing. They're being made to with the correct material by a company that only makes steering racks and parts.
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