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  1. They've not much interest/appeal in the UK apart from those with them who want to sell!
  2. Most of the whole world see's zero extra value in the 'Franklin Mint Z'. Also remember that the whole car was effectively an insurance 'total loss'....
  3. Fujitsubo have clear dyno's for their new system and the old type.
  4. Its not the new style one...... Fujitsubo did quote and show data for the improvement from old to new, that might be a good move if you're after the very last hp from your setup?
  5. Imagine if they make rocket's then we'd really be flying!?
  6. you've got the old style Fujitsubo!!
  7. My thoughts are that he's full of $^!#. He seems to lack taste in cars and also has a very dodgy past. Hes got something going on with another guy who posts on there, they think they're the worlds best resource for all things s30.
  8. I'm doing the largest 'Roll eyes' a man can do. The US stockpiles its own oil, it imports so it doesn't use its own resources as there's a finite amount. A trade war would cause the US to collapse(financially), that's why China is more than happy to go 'toe to toe' and even the idiot trump has to soften his stance. Countries don't 'wither away', they produce products at a price and quality others can't, hence import and export, each has its specialist products normally. What the whole world needs is a little less trump. It'd be a safer place without him.
  9. Killing the Iranian General. NOT GOOD. NOT NEEDED. Trump would say its not going to go any further, its one conflict that wouldn't end well for anyone and neither side would 'win'. Its Trumps fault that they're moving away from peace agreements and Nuclear plans, so who out the two is the war monger here?
  10. it looks like a half cocked solution. you can get 295mm discs under 14" wheels, on a new setup you'd hope for a little more thought.
  11. why such small discs to go under 14" wheels? Also the spacers etc?