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  1. Cases are in decline where they have a totalitarian system ruling them. A key case of where this sort of 'leadership' has a positive impact. Playing down against seasonal flu just doesn't work, neither does SAR's as they do not have the same incubation period. Rubbing it off and not following guidelines just shows what that person thinks about those around them.
  2. how many hundreds have you sold now Sean? Thats a lot of boxes!
  3. I never said it did. Just that this guy is running around with his merry men claiming to be the greatest thing to happen to the s30 range in the past 50 years. Its wrong on so many levels.
  4. https://www1.odcr.com/detail?court=048-&casekey=048-CF++9700047 https://www.volvoforums.org.uk/showthread.php?t=229228 https://www.kxii.com/home/headlines/Madill-man-discusses-embezzlement-charge-304260211.html https://forums.swedespeed.com/showthread.php?577207-Buyer-Beware-Swedish-Ops-Robert-Jackson-out-of-Jail-and-Flipping-Cars
  5. there's a good few reports on forums about 'poorly' fitting harrington bumpers, like anything you can't win everytime . You don't have to look far. Its great that you make them, now you've the tooling there's no reason not to? Competition is great for the end user.
  6. So still more than the same product from bumper automobile?
  7. I think they're very biased viewpoints, ones not knowing or not willing to acknowledge the whole picture.
  8. I've edited my post to provide some historical insight, should explain.
  9. Looks great. Where have you been getting you new radiator hoses from?
  10. They've not much interest/appeal in the UK apart from those with them who want to sell!
  11. Most of the whole world see's zero extra value in the 'Franklin Mint Z'. Also remember that the whole car was effectively an insurance 'total loss'....