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  1. Were they faster than Mikunis in the S20 for the Jan race? They did use Mikunis in the first L24 432R in July
  2. This is in Fiche for Domestic market: 4 nylon L20/24 7 nylon L20/24 European Fiche: 7 steel 7 nylon 8 nylon North American Fiche: 7 steel 7 nylon 8 nylon
  3. Does anyone have details on early Z's with no factory radio? There seems to be a storage bin in its place. Do flat blanking plates also exist as well? Also, are there any details of the antenna hole plug? @kats
  4. @HS30-H, @kats, @Carl Beck, @26th-Z Does anyone know the reasons for the fan evolution we see? 4 blade nylon, 7 blade metal, 7 blade nylon, 8 blade nylon
  5. If anyone is interested in an Extrudabody ITB set up to balance the engine...., I have an I6 for a Z available. Looks like the one below.
  6. Only drag race if you have the Z.... and put some bags of cement in the boot of the V8 to be safe, the Mrs. seems very serious.
  7. You are a now a knight of the Z table and your name going forth shall be "Brave Mark Maras"
  8. "They won" The internet and all the software is ****ed up with $^!#.... no going back... Evil won!!! The world is going down a dark path.
  9. Maybe try visiting Fuji Speedway: http://www.fsw.tv/en/index.html
  10. The 2500lbs is for a typical 280Z with some of the weight removed. The 196ft-lbs is for a tuned L28 with a cam and triples. No over-bore. I think yours will go a bit quicker too! You and the mrs. in a drag race would be a great final project video 🙂
  11. Well the numbers show you are correct Jeff!!!! The Audi will provide more "feet".🙂 But you will be lower in the Z, not as comfortable nor quiet as the Audi (the exhaust and triples will roar), and you will also "smell how fast you are going" 🙂 So it will seem much quicker and primal.
  12. NGK NE61 plug wires are easy to get locally: https://www.ngk.com/product.aspx?zpid=20577
  13. http://www.terryhunt.co.uk/tech/picsb/pics.htm
  14. Knock yourself out: http://240260280.com/Tech/General/Front Axle & Suspension/Wheel Bearing/index.html
  15. If the idle and cruise are good with the RH then you could taper stations 6 to 14 to make a sweet custom needle!
  16. It is not you Ram. It is kind of you to post.... it is just that I have to state the truth in large caps occasionally when my z sleeps in the winter 🙂
  17. https://uk.motor1.com/news/313815/datsun-240z-modernized-video/
  18. Well now you have unleashed the meanest, baddest, fastest beast in your herd.... and it will put a smile on your face once you get it on the road. Most notably, after you drive a z for a few hours then pop into another car, you immediately miss the torque. Congratulations!!!
  19. It is linear but over a very short range. 606-52 "Euro" distributor mechanical ~12degrees is all in at 1000rpm D6K8 280zx distributor mechanical ~17degrees is all in at 1250rpm
  20. The problem I noticed with a triple carbed L engine and timing is: Z's like a lot of timing at idle (20 to 25) but not when starting (kick back)... 5 to 10 is nice when cranking A lot of timing at idle is not great for emissions (lean, slow burn likes lots of advance) too much early timing will ping fast on acceleration ~34 to 38 seems to be best range for L heads at max advance under load.... depends on chamber, cam, and compression Without vacuum advance, setting a 280zx distributor at ~ 18 initial and ~35 at final is an ok compromise... no advance for lean cruise is sad One idea I have not tried yet is to connect the choke cable where the vacuum advance connects. The cable could be pushed in to reduce the crank advance, then pulled back when running.
  21. Some guys in your country did a lot of dyno pulls to compare carbs to EFI and also advance on a 510. The results were not significantly different.... either this is the finding or they did not test properly.
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