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  1. No thread ever dies, it just fades away for awhile only to be awakened by a new idea or perspective on the topic. Here is the rebuild I did on my door hinges. Plenty of pics.
  2. I turned my attention to the thermostat housing and realized I needed to temporarily mount it on the engine in order to get the top cover bolts out. Luckily they did not snap off but they were in awful shape. Luckily, I ordered all new hardware from MSA for this project and so far it has paid for itself many times over. I am using an oil pan drain plug to cap one of the holes and upon closer inspection I can see it was hitting the thermostat. I will take note of this when I install the new thermostat as thermostat core is not centers and can be turned away from the plug. The housing will get a complete clean up and paint job before re-assembly.
  3. Had a super busy week at work last week so this weekend was not as productive as I was hoping. I did manage to the get the intake painted which came out really good. While it dried I used my tap to clean out the holes for the mounting studs. M8x1.25 for anyone that needs to know. This really makes all the difference in the world! There no shortage of debris in the holes along with some slightly damaged threads, all of which were corrected with the tap. I used WD-40 to keep it lubricated as I am not looking to cut new threads, just clean up what is there. Installing the ARP studs was easy peasy. Hung the intake on for a photo.
  4. The buyer is a repeat customer for the seller according to the comments. The seller goes as far as to say the buyer got a "bargain". This kind of action is good and bad for these cars. Hopefully more quality replacement parts will become available and stuff that is not low mileage and show worthy will remain reasonable. Congrats to the seller and I hope the buyer posts some driving impressions of the car once he gets it.
  5. Another option would be to find a paint store that custom mixes cans of spray paint and take your paint card from SW. A Car Quest store in Georgetown just north of Austin does this. I had them mix up a can of orange paint for an original air cleaner I painted. Think it costs $22. Even in Plano there has to be a place in Plano or Richardson that does this. Call around, someone knows. So happy to see that this thread continues to live on and help other owners.
  6. Great work Jay! You are striking a great balance between pain staking restoration and getting it done! Look forward to seeing it on the road.
  7. This is Robert Jackson's car in Oklahoma. He has been keeping all of us updated on it via Facebook. Currently sitting at $44K with 6 days left. It will be interesting to watch.
  8. Super cool! Love posts and pictures like these. Thank you for sharing @jayhawk
  9. The Interpart triple carb intake was just as bad as the rest of the engine. I do not have a parts washer but used a large tub clean it. I started with a good soaking of engine de-greaser and proceeded to scrub, scrub, scrub, and scrub some more with various nylon bristle rushes. Next up was a round of brake cleaner and scrubbing and anything that was left was removed using my wire wheel equipped rotary tool. I also took some time to wire wheel the carb studs so the threads were nice and clean. With warm dry weather in the forecast for the next two days I am hoping to lay some paint on it soon. I am also deciding what direction to go with the carb linkage as what I have is in pretty poor shape.
  10. As @lordkarma88 indicated, you have to take advantage of the sunshine while you can. This weekend was no different. After the honey-do's and Cars and Coffee at COTA, I was back to cleaning, painting and assembling what I could. I masked off the block to paint the head. Getting the tape to stick to the cast iron surface was a bit of a challenge but I got it to stay on just long enough to the paint down. Don't worry about the valve cover, it is next in line to get cleaned and painted but not sure what I want to do with it yet. The timing cover got the same treatment as everything else along with a new crank seal pressed in. I bolted the timing cover up along with a new water pump using a new bolt kit from MSA and Fel-Pro gaskets. I had planned to install the oil pan but the gasket I have must have shrunk or is not the correct gasket because it was too small so that will have to wait. It is very satisfying to see it start looking like an engine again.
  11. The oil pan took even longer since I had to get the old gasket off. A previous owner had used liberal amounts of adhesive to hold it in place. Luckily after that there were no surprises. The pan itself is in great shape so I am thankful for that. The bottom of the pan just had a few small pieces of the old chain rails. Everything was cleaned inside and out. My wire wheel equipped rotary tool made short work of the left over black paint. I used the same Old Ford Blue for the pan. I know it is "supposed" to be black but I just think it all looks better when it matches. 2 light coats and 1 wet coat later, things were look very nice. With the forecasted sun for tomorrow I plan paint the front timing cover, head, and oil pan support strips.
  12. I got the engine back a few weeks ago from the Austin Z Clinic. Isky Stage 2 cam installed, new timing chain, rails, etc. and everything setup and dialed in for me. With all the rain we have been having, last weekend was my first chance to clean it up and do some paint work. The oil pan gasket needed to be changed so I pulled it off. For all you guys and gals that have been there, you know what it takes to clean and de-grease an engine for paint. I used a wire wheel on the end of my Makita rotary tool to knock off as much of the oil paint as I could. I sprayed 3 light coats and 1 wet coat of Old Ford Blue engine paint. All in all the results came out just as expected... even with no runs and very blue!
  13. Jim along with everyone else has hit the nail on the head. Buy the best car you can afford. Yes, prices are going up but that is no reason to buy junk or anything with a checkered past. A friend of mine has a '73 240z here in town he is looking to sell. Its an automatic but could easily be swapped to a 4-speed or 5-speed if you desired. PM me if interested and/or we can chat over the phone. I am in Hutto near Round Rock and Georgetown.
  14. I had my stock balancer rebuilt and based on the condition of yours, I would do the same thing. I used Dale Manufacturing, link below and the work was just as expected at a very reasonable price. Regarding the grooves in the snout, a repair sleeve is what you need. Any competent machine shot can install one for you to regain the stock spec. I would look in to getting the sleeve done first before having it rebuilt. http://www.hbrepair.com/
  15. Got a few updates. I sent my stock balancer to Dale Manufacturing to be rebuilt. You can find him at www.hbrepair.com. Ran me $130 plus $26 shipping for going there and coming back. Cheaper than an aftermarket unit and lets me keep the option of running A/C in the future. The Isky-2 cam is in the head and I will be ordering my lash caps as soon as I get the invoice from Precision Shims in Australia. I also tried scrubbing the engine bay some but after several rounds of just working on the inner fenders, everything still looks to be in a sad state. A lot of what I thought was dirt and dust is actually over-spray from previous owners. Part of me really wants to give this car what it deserves, strip everything out of the engine, pull all the glass, make the bodywork right, and get it re-painted. However, just not sure if that is in the cards right now. Seems it would be wrong to strip the engine bay and just paint it without making the body better. Decisions decisions.
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