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  1. Hardway

    Used harmonic balancer

    I had my stock balancer rebuilt and based on the condition of yours, I would do the same thing. I used Dale Manufacturing, link below and the work was just as expected at a very reasonable price. Regarding the grooves in the snout, a repair sleeve is what you need. Any competent machine shot can install one for you to regain the stock spec. I would look in to getting the sleeve done first before having it rebuilt. http://www.hbrepair.com/
  2. Got a few updates. I sent my stock balancer to Dale Manufacturing to be rebuilt. You can find him at www.hbrepair.com. Ran me $130 plus $26 shipping for going there and coming back. Cheaper than an aftermarket unit and lets me keep the option of running A/C in the future. The Isky-2 cam is in the head and I will be ordering my lash caps as soon as I get the invoice from Precision Shims in Australia. I also tried scrubbing the engine bay some but after several rounds of just working on the inner fenders, everything still looks to be in a sad state. A lot of what I thought was dirt and dust is actually over-spray from previous owners. Part of me really wants to give this car what it deserves, strip everything out of the engine, pull all the glass, make the bodywork right, and get it re-painted. However, just not sure if that is in the cards right now. Seems it would be wrong to strip the engine bay and just paint it without making the body better. Decisions decisions.
  3. Hardway

    Performance Balancer with AC Pulley

    Good news! Got my balancer back from Dale and it looks a lot better now. I will re-paint it blue once the engine comes back but wanted to share a picture. Dale was great to work with and the total turn around was 8 days with shipping to and from. If anyone is looking to get their stock balancer rebuilt, give Dale a call.
  4. Hardway

    Performance Balancer with AC Pulley

    Thank you for the offer 7tooZ. That is very generous of you. I am just going to send my balancer off and get it rebuilt. Since I eventually want to add AC that seems like the best way to go. I will update this post on the company I choose and my result with them.
  5. Hardway

    Performance Balancer with AC Pulley

    Thank you Jeff. If I ship it off soon I will get it back in time as they are closed in September.
  6. Hardway

    Looking for 918 Orange 240z

    Congratulations Jay! Look forward to seeing some pictures of you new acquisition.
  7. Hardway

    Performance Balancer with AC Pulley

    That is not a bad option. I spoke to them a minute ago and they said it would be $199 plus tax and shipping for probably around $230 - $240 all said and done.
  8. I am looking at replacing my stock harmonic balancer with a performance unit since the rubber ring in my original is cracking and crumbling. However, the Euro style balancer that MSA and ZCar Depot sells indicates it does not accept stock pulleys. The Professional Products balancer 428-90055 says it is similar to the original Euro balancer. At some I would like to add air conditioning to my 240z and want to make sure I invest in the right balancer. Is anyone running a performance balancer and AC in their Z car? If so, can you provide any details that you have? Thank you!
  9. Do you mean wrapped the engine for transport or wrapping the car due to the condition of the paint?
  10. A quick update. I got the engine out yesterday with the help of my friend's 13 year old son. He is in to all kinds of car and jumped at the chance to work on something old and interesting. It took us a few hours but it came out with little drama. Next up is to remove the carbs, intake, exhaust manifold, and anything else that Kevin at the Z Clinic does not need. Once it is down to just the the block and head I am going to clean it up really good so it is not so nasty to transport. I am going to have him get the timing chain and cam geometry corrected as well as install an Isky Stage-2 cam that I purchased from a good friend now that he has gone to a Stage-3. With the engine out I plan to do a lot of clean up, replace the steering rack bushings, and decide just how much I want to remove to paint the engine bay. Still need to pick a color too. Seeing that the paint on the body is a 4 at best I may just satin black it for now. The original color of the car is silver which one day it may return to that but even in its sad state the red looks really sporty.
  11. Hardway

    Restoration of "One-eighty-seven"

    Rod is doing a FANTASTIC job with your engine! The pictures really tell the story and make all of us appreciate how much work it takes to get all the details just right. Looking forward to more progress updates.
  12. I was one step ahead of you 240260280 as that was my prescription for removing it. Some heat and a little counter-clock wise pressure with some vise grips and the bolt saw things my way. I did not hit it with a hammer as the heat and penetrating fluid did its job. It actually came out easier than I expected. Nice to have it crossed off the list so I can do a final clean up on it before laying down some paint.
  13. Hardway

    Noob looking at A 1977 280

    Found this in Houston. $10K, looks great, and ready to enjoy. https://houston.craigslist.org/cto/d/z/6647997659.html
  14. Hardway

    Noob looking at A 1977 280

    Hey Dustin, fellow Texan here. Welcome! Your pictures certainly help tell the story of the Z you are looking at it but not all of it. The compressed and rusty rails are somewhat common on these cars and thankfully there are solutions to replace them. If the car runs, see if you can drive it a little, even just around the owner's property to ensure all of the systems work. Then, if there any issues, use them as negotiating points. Its hard to say if $5500 is a good number. If you like the car and it sounds like you can do the work based on the Ghia you are working on I would suggest take cash with you and negotiate to get the price as low as possible. Depending on what you ultimately want and what you are willing to pay, you would possibly be further ahead finding a car that is more together and "ready to enjoy". Keep watching CL, eBay, and Bring a Trailer as a friend of mine is going to be posting a beautiful white 280z on BAT pretty soon.
  15. Some more progress and some more discoveries. I captured a picture of the cover with the bolts pointing to their home for a reference. I had already labeled the others on my bench. Much like all others it was covered in grime. An initial cleaning got a lot off but a final cleaning it still needed. On a good note, there are no broken bolts in the timing cover or the block including the 10mm at the 10:30 position as referenced above. I cleaned out the one hole in the block that I thought had a broken bolt in it. Turned out it was packed with orange gasket sealant. A sharp pick got most of it out and all threads will receive a good clean out with a tap before everything is reassembled. Unfortunately one of the water neck bolts snapped off. I currently have some ATF and Acetone sitting on it and had fed it a few times this evening. I will feed it some more in the morning before heading to work and try to get it out with some heat tomorrow evening. Any thoughts on my harmonic balancer? My search has uncovered that no one makes an original style balancer and the aftermarket stuff from MSA and Z Car Depot do not accept stock Datsun pulleys should I ever decide to install A/C in the car.

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