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1970 240Z SN 556 on CL in Austin TX Area


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Saw this on CL last night and wanted to share with the Z car community. A very rare car but in need of a ton of work. There are no pictures of the interior but given the rust damage you can conclude it will need work as well. The seller is very upfront showing the amount of work that is needed to bring this car back to road worthiness. If someone on here buys it please let us know!

1970 Datsun 240Z SN 556 for Parts or Restoration

1970 Datsun 240Z.

S/N HLS30-00556

Build Date 1/70

Body/Underside heavily rusted.

Would need Floor Pans, Left Rocker, Engine Frame Rails, etc, etc.

Can be driven on to a trailer.

No foot brakes but emergency brake works.

Engine gone over in the last year and runs well.

Oil Pressure good at hot idle.

Engine temp stabilizes in the middle after warmup.

Lot's of early goodies on the Engine.

'2400' Valve Cover.

E31 Head with new valve guides and seats.

4 screw SU's freshly rebuilt - need syncing.

Euro E41 no emission intake crossover tube.

New timing Chain.

New water pump.

New 280ZX Electronic Distributor (tach works).

Excellent compressions.

Good Clutch.

Trans shifts well - new rear seal.

Rear aluminum drums measure out in spec.

New Battery.

Very nice early steering wheel - $$$!

5 * Vintage Shelby Viper 14*5.5 wheels (American Racing Libre copies).

Texas Title/130U signed by previous owner.


Also have Z-Car 3 Weber Intake with 3 * 40DCOE-2 carbs that needs rebuilding $400

Contact by email to ask questions.

Include your phone number with a good time for me to call you if desired.

ktm_for_sale at yahoo dot com

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I have emailed the seller to see if I can go look at it. Georgetown is just about 15 minutes from me so if it is convenient I will head up there to get a closer look and if possible take some pictures of the interior.

Just based on the info the car is very rough and would require a ton of rust repair and overall bumper to bumper restoration. The low VIN means almost nothing since it is so rough. Personally with the sunroof and rust it is worth no more than $1K. I don't see anything close to $1800 in parts. If I go see it I will let everyone know.

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I spoke with the seller of the car. Super nice guy and definitely an enthusiast. Based on what he knows the car spent time in Hawaii which explains why there is so much scale on the under side. In regards to the interior, it is blue. The seats were recovered at some point and look nice, dash is cracked, but minus the headliner it is complete. The carpets and door panels are pretty much shot as to be expected. The drive train is in really good shape with the carbs just needing to be sync'd and tuned to get it perfect so there is a swappable/sell able item there. He agrees that its really a parts car as the amount of time and money it would take to restore it far outweighs what it would ever be worth. He is open to reasonable offers and if I had the space I would pick it up and part it out. Low VIN or not it just needs a ton of work and anyone who buys it needs to go see if for themselves.

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I actually sold my lime green machine in Oct. 2013. It went to Canada where the buyer has continued on with the car and it is looking great. The sale of the 240z help pay for a front end paint job and deep polish on the 300zx.

Thank you for the compliments Blue. As requested, here is my '88 300zx Turbo 5spd.



It is actually up for sale as my wife and I became the care takers of a beautiful 1973 Karmann Ghia Convertible. The car was a shining example of the best car we could afford. Not cheap by any means but you could not give it the paint job it has and put tires on it for what we paid for it.



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