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  1. hi, Noticed you had a Interpart lift Louver with mounting kist for sale a while back. Wondering if you still have it or if you or any memeber here would have what i need.

    i am looking for the left and right side mounting metal strips with locks and keys ( or keys) in good working order. I would take just the right side trip with lock and key ( or no key if need be) if anyone has that which is the one i REALLY NEED BUT WOULD BE WILLING TO TAE THE SET.

    i HAVE A 1976 280Z that was stores for about 25 plus years and just took it out last year and been getting back up to speed. But lock on louver is old and the one on the right cracked and I would really appreciate any help for any memeber to help me find them...Even take any CAD drawing of these parts and have them 3D printed if possible...Thanks to everyone..


  2. For all those with the original style paper/cardboard glove box insert (left image) in their 240z, I found a cheap and easy way to upgrade to a plastic insert from a later 280z (right image). I picked my used 280z insert up for $10 on ebay a while back. Here is the picture of what I started with. A huge cut in the back of my cardboard insert from the prior owner. Its only gotten bigger since I've owned the car Old and new side by side. The 280z plastic insert will need to be trimmed to fit. There are various approaches, I chose to trim just the bottom tab and the made a new hole for the glove box door arm The finished product is much nicer than what I had in there originally. I did need to mount the glove box door first and then slide the new insert in. I also put screws into these front holes to hold it better. I probably could have trimmed down the side tabs as well and use the original holes, but this seemed like a much more secure way of mounting the insert. I will probably look to finish the bottom edge better and possibly heat the plastic to shape it better.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Ran across this & wanted to share.


  4. Version 1.0.0


    Window stickers, Vin Codes, Parts interchange list, Factory restoration program, etc.


  5. Version 1.0.0


    Classic Z Articles and News stories from my archive. Enjoy!


  6. Version 1.0.0


    Multiple files inside this link. Click download this file to see them all. Here's what we have included: Fuel-1973 240z 1974 260z fuel system modifications.pdf 280zfuelinjectionbook.pdf Datsun_Tune-Up_&_Repair.pdf Datsun_Tune-Up_&_Repair_1961-72.pdf General-Datsun Torque Specifications.pdf Tuning_SU_Carburetors.pdf


  7. until
    Hosted by the Windy City Z Club of Chicago. http://www.windycityzclub.com/Forms_pdfs/2013CruisinZshow.pdf
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