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  1. hi, Noticed you had a Interpart lift Louver with mounting kist for sale a while back. Wondering if you still have it or if you or any memeber here would have what i need.

    i am looking for the left and right side mounting metal strips with locks and keys ( or keys) in good working order. I would take just the right side trip with lock and key ( or no key if need be) if anyone has that which is the one i REALLY NEED BUT WOULD BE WILLING TO TAE THE SET.

    i HAVE A 1976 280Z that was stores for about 25 plus years and just took it out last year and been getting back up to speed. But lock on louver is old and the one on the right cracked and I would really appreciate any help for any memeber to help me find them...Even take any CAD drawing of these parts and have them 3D printed if possible...Thanks to everyone..


  2. Jarvo2

    What Electric Fuel Pump upgrade???

    DugsZ -- Electric fuel pumps are better at "pushing" than "pulling" thats why you mount it near the tank. Mechanical pumps are the opposite, they do great with suction.
  3. Jarvo2

    Factory 1970 240Z Springs.

    I’ve got a full set from my ‘72 240z that are in nice condition if anyone is Interested Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  4. These have been on ebay forever (not mine) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-240z-SU-Carb-SM-Race-Needles/302795291986?hash=item4680017d52%3Ag%3ANVkAAOSwmrlUwq27&_sacat=0&_nkw=SU+SM+Needle&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313
  5. Jarvo2

    71 ignition resistor question

    No need for the ballast resistor without points. I pulled mine off and the engine runs great with a full 12v going to the plugs Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  6. Jarvo2

    Are these OEM lock pulls? Where to purchase?

    I have a single one that you’re looking for! No use to me as a single one. PM me and we can work out a deal Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  7. Jarvo2

    Seafoam question

    Mine sits for 7 months during the winter with just some stabile in the tank. Modern gas probably can last ~a year.
  8. Jarvo2

    Seafoam question

    I'd run some Marvel's Mystery Oil through the crankcase & valvetrain http://www.marvelmysteryoil.com
  9. Jarvo2

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I got my hands on a NOS set of float valves (longer & shorter for '72 240z) and it solved my problems with float bowl levels. They're no longer available, so you need to hunt for them.
  10. Big shout out to Z Car Depot and their rear strut tower brace. Purchased one and installed in minutes. I like that I can still use the factory covers and that it is so beefy. Highly recommended, very good quality welds. https://zcardepot.com/rear-strut-tower-brace-bar-240z-260z
  11. Jarvo2

    5-sp Tranny Detents

    What are the options for replacement now that they are NLA from Nissan? Anyone find a supplier?
  12. And thats why I have a spare OEM distributor in case the one I'm running ever goes bad!
  13. Jarvo2

    123 Ignition distributor?

    Looks very promising! Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  14. Jarvo2

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    Should he really even need to use the cold start (choke) in Panama?? I live in Chicago and never need it even in winter Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  15. Jarvo2

    1972 Float Adjustment ...

    I found a bad needle valve tonight in my round tops, very intermittent too. Glass bowl/sight glass is the way to go! Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile

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