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  1. Another Canadian 510 swap: VG30 six in this one. Can't recall if it had a turbo. Sleeper. He also had HLS30-00048 🙂
  2. I'm with the rubber vice gang but I also think heat is nice too. Perhaps some propane on the aluminum piston near the needle will help.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supercharger#Aircraft
  4. Yeah I suck...and I own a 69 in that colour... what do I know.
  5. Howdy fellow Newfoundlander! If you lift up the rear carpet and the passenger side rear inside plastic panel then you will see all the fuel vent hoses that can rot and make the cabin smelly
  6. Big job: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRnHMJZQtKc
  7. I ran all my extra nuts and bolts through a vibratory tumbler then oiled and packed in baggies for a later date. Next time I may hook up a recirculating pump with a filter and run evaporust through the tumbler system. https://youtu.be/RRBi1lC873I?t=127 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl1fB-eYt7U Or clean while you drive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr5PNQeZRi0
  8. Chris, I'd be careful using Acid of Citrus:
  9. Aleutian Islands Look Really Bad.... I wonder how the "per 100,000" works there when they only have ~ 8,000 people. Seems like fake news from bad programmers.
  10. Measuring the fuel level in a small jar by pouring in the top is brilliant an is great for ensuring both fuel levels are exactly the same but this is basically for 0psi fuel pressure. If you apply 3.5 to 4psi, you will find the valve opens and the fuel level goes up higher. Measuring on a running car or with a head of fuel does not have this issue.
  11. Note: There is a need to have fuel pressure on the valve for accuracy. Column of water or fuel in a vertical hose can do this w/o needing a pump. You can also idle the car then shut it off and measure fuel bowl level.
  12. Nope.. it is deaths/case for world numbers. I lost two friends in the spring. Since then many in the company I work have lost family members. Don't make it seem like it is nothing... it is serious. Asymptomatic spreaders are like snipers.
  13. https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-11-22/guitar-center-goes-bankrupt-idled-by-virus-and-slower-sales
  14. Chance a women with breast cancer dies from it 2.6% Chance of person with Wuhan Virus dying from it 2.4%
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