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  1. Mike B

    Need fan clutch

    This one has been listed on ebay a couple of times. Probably will be relisted again soon. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163248114789 Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  2. http://vintage-motorworks.com/ Duane Bender is the owner and the long time local Z club president. Has has a really nice 280Z turbo be built.
  3. Mike B

    Restoration of "One-eighty-seven"

    Actually I think I've come around to believing the cars originally came with the greenish color cap too. Looking at the early photos of the red car's engine bay the cap looks green to me. My 72 Fairlady Z-S has the original greenish cap and rotor with the Hitachi marks. I also have a NOS black one. Both have the aluminum contacts. I think there may be a TSB that says that the early caps had brass contacts, so I could be wrong. No one would ever see the contacts anyway. I also recently bought some of the non-OEM green ones that 240260280 posted. I think they are Mitsubishi brand . Good quality and cheap so close enough for me.
  4. Mike B

    vin 181

    Yeah, I talked to Gab about buying it too, but the timing wasn't right for me then either . No, I haven't bought a NOS water pump in several years, but I think I do have one or two.
  5. Mike B

    vin 181

    The November 1970 issue of Road and Track has a cover story on the BRE 240z and it said the BRE car came from the first shipment of 20 cars that arrived in LA in January 1970. The first service on my #480 was done on 2/11/70 at 667 miles. The really interesting thing to me is the service was done at "N.M.C. in USA" (Nissan Motor Corporation USA) , as were the next three services through 9/16/70 at 7,283 miles. Yes, I'm familiar with Gab's old #48 car. Jim Frederick brought it from him. It was originally a US (WA state) car that Gab bought and restored when he was in Vancouver. He found some really rare parts when he was restoring the car, like a NOS set of rubber mats.
  6. Mike B

    vin 181

    Yeah, HLS30-00147 definitely should have been an 11/69 production car, so it must have been held up for some reason, I have four later cars with 11/69 production dates, the latest being #480, which ironically I think was one of the first 20 shipped to the US. based on the service history. The first BRE car was also in the first group of 20 cars sent to the US and it was vin #492.. #480 was a CA emissions car which may have been why it was one of the first shipped since the shipment came into the port of Los Angeles..
  7. Mike B

    GQ Magazine Interview

    Just needs a hawk to go with the white jeans and scarf.
  8. Mike B

    240Z Vintage Rubber Floor Mats AMCO

    I have a NOS set of the brown mats also, but I believe mine are the later version that just have a "Z" in the center circle. That way they could be used on the 260Z and 280Z as well. Jim's may be the same later version, but that should be easy enough to replace with the earlier 240Z logo. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  9. Mike B

    '71 240Z on eBay with its Original Paint?

    I'm really doubting that is the original paint. The engine bay paint is really flat and peeling while the exterior is darker and relatively glossy. Look at the difference between the firewall and the cowl area and the amount of peeling paint at the bottom of the inside of the hood and the radiator support. Also what is going on under the battery? -Mike
  10. Mike B

    Series 1 emblems

    What does the back side of the emblem on the right look like? It is solid or hollow? I'm reattaching the photos from posts #33 and #52 in the thread I linked to to show what the solid cast backs look like. The solid ones are the earliest used on the HLS30s. The second version of the emblem still had the chrome Z, but it was hollow cast in the back. Any HLS30 produced in 1969 would have come with the chrome Z emblems, and most likely the solid cast version. No one knows exactly how many of each version were made, but I would say at least 500 sets of the solid back emblems and probably another 1000 or more sets of the later hollow back emblems. Also keep in mind that the JDM market cars (S30s) had a different quarter panel emblem and more of them were produced in 1969 than the export HLS30s, so to say you have an emblem from one of the first cars made is relative.
  11. Mike B

    Series 1 emblems

    Here is a good thread on the early emblems. https://www.classiczcars.com/applications/tapatalk/index.php?/topic/28993-New-discovery;-the-story-of-solid/chrome-Z-emblem Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  12. It sold for $30K plus the 10% buyer fee, so they show it as selling for $33K. The seller fees are deducted from the $30K that they receive. The actually did a brief "car connection" segment on the car before it went on the block. It's nice to see the Z's starting to get some air time and positive coverage in the US televised auctions now. -Mike
  13. Mike B

    240Z Vintage Rubber Floor Mats AMCO

    Well, they are aftermarket accessory items from almost 50 yrs ago and a heavy wear item, so yes they are pretty rare now. Used sets used to pop up on ebay pretty frequently until about 10 yrs ago, but not much anymore. I've only seen one set in the last few years and they were pretty well worn.
  14. Have you tried contacting the seller via ebay to ask?
  15. Mike B

    240Z on Motor Week - Public TV

    The episode is available online here: https://www.pbs.org/video/2018-buick-enclave-avenir-2018-ford-f-150-s89oya/ The 240Z segment starts at 7:38.. Actually not as bad as I thought it might be. -Mike

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