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  1. Yea - my alternator was overcharging the battery causing all sorts of weird electrical gremlins to pop up. After changing it out for a “new” (remanufactured ZX unit which is what was already in there), it was good.
  2. Is the TVS another name for the TPS? Also, regarding the "sticking afm" would it be the resistance wiper that would be sticking or the air door inside the afm?
  3. That's what we're trying to figure out. It happens every few weeks and is fixed by kicking the pedal a few times.
  4. "Lean boot" is a term coined by @Captain Obvious earlier in this thread to describe the car inexplicably running lean at startup.
  5. I thought the ecu (fuel injection brain if you dont want to call it that) was a bunch of microswitches on the s30s, no? @madkawThat's an interesting idea with the afm sticking. I don't want to switch the car to megasquirt because it runs fantastically 95% of the time especially after this tuning thread.
  6. Update again: I started the car today and got "lean boot" so I shut it off and restarted to another lean boot - I restarted it a good 4-5 times with no change so I took it out on the road anyway. It seems the only way to get the car back into regular mode is to leave it in a low gear and floor it/drop the pedal in quick succession - after that I didn't have a problem the rest of the day. My next guess is one of the microswitches in the ecu is getting tired. I'll try to give the computer a smack the next time it happens and will see if that does anything. Also for what its worth, I've n
  7. In order to get to that, I'd need to remove the fender, correct?
  8. In the interest of guarding against potential rust, does anybody know the locations of the drains? If these are clogged, water backs up and rusts the metal out. For example, there are 3 drain holes on the bottom of both doors and one for the antenna Anybody know any others?
  9. I noticed today that after taping up that burned wiring sleeve that the car starts up WAY faster. I don't think I'm nuts, it's pretty noticeable.
  10. Update: Had lean boot happen today and noticed it while driving. I ended up kicking the pedal (flooring and dropping it) 4 or 5 times in quick succession and that seemed to fix it. So my guess is a periodically lazy TPS?
  11. I just went to test it and got 740 ohms. The FSM says it's bad if it is "far less than, or more than, 720 ohm" so I guess that at least on paper isn't it.
  12. Update: For a while (I don't remember how long) you could smell hot electricals on the drivers side of the engine bay when the car was running but without visible smoke or poor engine performance I ignored it (I know that was dumb). I noticed after the issue we've been talking about and taping up that burned pickup coil harness cover, that smell is now gone. Could a pickup coil wire build up resistance somehow and is there a way to check it? The car runs fantastically so I didn't think that could have been the case until I noticed the smell was gone last night for the first time in
  13. open the foot vents and if you have the drivers window open, open the passenger's too
  14. Get your cabin fan going - that will equalize the pressure and push the fumes out.
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