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  1. This excerpt from the FSM should explain it a little bit:
  2. So with this switch on, the air filter off, and an extra vacuum leak added for good measure still wouldn't get enough air into the engine to get it up Pike's?
  3. If you don't have a CA car you won't have that sensor in there but I'd imagine the connector should be. Stick your head in the driver side foot well and look up near where the hood-pull cable lies and you should see the connector that you can jump. I can see Nissan not spending the money to not include the sensor in federal cars, but creating an entirely separate loom for fed/CA cars seems like a needless cost so the connector should be there in all cars I'd guess.
  4. Yes, one terminal has power and the other goes to the ecu I'm guessing. Here is a couple pics of the one I pulled out of my car:
  5. It just means unplug a vacuum line that goes directly to the intake manifold
  6. I'm pretty sure your car has the connector - it just didn't come with the sensor. To my knowledge, they didn't create different wiring harnesses. If you can find the connector, use a test light to see if it's getting power with the car running and that should tell you if this trick will work for you.
  7. I removed the sensor itself (and substituted a switch) because i doubt it worked and I couldn't test it with the FSM's test method since the rubber connector leaked air haha
  8. Question for you guys, would jumping the terminals to engage the high-altitude switch improve my mpg? Also, would this cause any engine damage if run like this in an area that doesn't require the switch to be on? Apparently with it engaged, it decreases fuel by 6%.
  9. Update for you guys. I created a bypass switch to enable high-altitude mode using a standard flip switch and two spade connectors (one plugged into each of the plug's 2 sockets). I gave it a quick test and it seems to be working (after confirming continuity). If your bypass switch is working, you will notice the following with the car warmed up and any vacuum line unplugged: Switch on: the car should have a fairly noticeable stumble Switch off: the car should have a mild stumble if at all
  10. Well that's odd, I wonder why they did that
  11. So it looks like I'm missing the metal piece that lines the aft piece of wood in which the hinge attaches itself (and of course the hinges too haha). How does that chrome piece that sits on top of the carpet mount? I'm guessing it has screws that go through the carpet but what does it fasten to?
  12. Awesome, looking forward to it
  13. I always thought the front piece (the one nearer to the driver) opened as well in order to grant access to the two small storage bins where the toolkits were in the 240. Am I mis-remembering?
  14. These are awesome shots, this will be a massive help. Could you take a couple pics of how the front board is bolted down and what is screwed into the middle brackets?
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