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  1. So should I just fill the area with grease to seal it?
  2. So I got the string on and it's fitting really well. Again, thanks for this idea!! One odd thing I noticed was once I took the inner shifter boot off of the trans (the small circular one that covers the area where you change the shifter bushings) I noticed the inside lightly glistened with transmission fluid. This boot is a fairly new addition - I got it when I began to notice the leak and after putting it on, the leak slowed dramatically, but didn't stop. I noticed there was always a little bit of transmission fluid in the area when I installed the shifter bushings but I though 'that's just how it is'. Is it possible transmission fluid is coming out of there by filling the boot and leaking out of the sides during operation? The attached pic shows the boot with the fluid visible. Super weird
  3. Sounds good, thanks so much for all of this info. Are any of you headed to zcon this year? We should all meet up at some point.
  4. Haha that's awesome. Thanks for all the info, gang! I will do some junkyard donut tire hunting soon!
  5. The original accordion tire has a lot more sidewall when inflated, the car can actually drive with that super tiny wheel/no sidewall? Nothing scrapes?
  6. Gotcha. So are donut wheels permanently inflated or do you inflate them when you take them out of the spare tire well?
  7. That tire is too large to fit into the reduced size spare tire well added on the 77/78 cars unfortunately. I guess that's the price we pay for a marginally bigger gas tank 😕
  8. Thanks guys, I'll scour the junkyard for one of these. In all reality, is fix-a-flat seriously good enough that spares are no longer warranted?
  9. It's a bit tough to understand without the pictures. Why didn't he just have the tire from the spare he bought mounted onto the original wheel that had the collapsible tire? Basically I'm asking why he needed the datsun roadster hub.
  10. Hi guys, Is there any place where I can get a replacement space saver tire for my '78 280? I will be driving to zcon and want to make sure I have a spare tire on-board that isn't 40 years old (yes I have AAA too haha). Any ideas? -chase
  11. Hi guys, My transmission is leaking from the joint where the shifter cylinder attaches to the transmission. The transmission is on the car and the attached picture I just got off the net to illustrate where the leak is coming from. Is there any way to stop this leak from the outside without removing the transmission and disassembling it? I checked and the transmission is not overfilled. I know this is an odd area for it to leak but somehow it's happening... any ideas? -chase
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