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  1. whats the benefit of an ampmeter over a voltmeter?
  2. Ah, ok gotcha. I thought the reverse checking assembly was datsun speak for the reverse switch. Thanks
  3. Sounds good, thanks for the info I'll keep that in mind when dealing with the nut. Kind of confused regarding the reverse switch because that tranny rebuild PDF that has been making the rounds (attached) talks about it - but glad it seems to be wrong i guess! -chase Tranny_Rebuild_FEB2012.pdf
  4. Hey gang, now that we got the shifter pin out, I'm putting together my bag-o-parts to reseal this transmission and have everything except for 2 bits which are NLA. - main shaft nut (right hand threaded one which is a 280z trans only part) - part number 32354-a7400 - reverse switch o-ring size 22x2.5mm - cant find part number Anyone have a source for these or know if they're really necessary?
  5. Quick question for you folks with a volt (not amp) meter. What does your guys' volt gauge read when its sitting off in the garage? Mine is sitting at a smidge over 12v - is that correct? It seems lower than I remember, but I could be wrong.
  6. I actually haven't seen the seal yet - that method is what I relayed to the person working on my trans. I believe its just a lip seal so you should be able to just pick it out
  7. The shift rod comes out by pressing it through the end cap. We used a press to push it through but if you put it in a vice and give the end of the rod a few good wacks it should come out the other side, allowing you to swap out the grease seal.
  8. What I believe the person working on my transmission did was wedge a block between the shaft and housing after removing the nut and stuck an air hammer in there. Blasted the pin right out.
  9. Update: Got it out with Dave's help. For those who want to know you put the housing in a vice and tap on the rod end gently and it will push the plug out undamaged and can be re-seated afterwords.
  10. Right now I'm actually the middle-man. The guy whose working on it is about a half hour away and we're spitballing on how to get these seals put in. I'm going to see the part tomorrow
  11. Also is it possible to even get that rod out without having to remove/destroy that pressed-in plug at the end (#21)?