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  1. Good idea - just swapped the plugs, I'll let you know the findings next time I take it out
  2. Interesting situation going on here today. I drove the car for the first time in about a month and a half and noticed some oil droplets on the subframe below cylinder 1 (closest to radiator). I looked up and saw a slight oil trail seeping out of the spark plug hole. I pulled the plug just now and the threads are pretty soaked with oil and confirmed there is a slight amount of oil in the cylinder using a borescope camera. The car runs great without any blue smoke - is my spark plug not in tight enough or does the plug need a new crush washer? If I take a brush and clean off the threads will it make a better seal? I know these engines are old and without being rebuilt will of course leak a bit but coming out of the spark plug hole is something excessive I feel. EDIT: the valve cover gasket is about a year old and not leaking - just checked.
  3. so Aisin would be the way to go and shouldn't rust?
  4. Looking at getting a new water pump but I've heard getting one with a cast aluminum impeller is the way to go as it does not erode in the coolant. I checked rock auto but none of them specify which material the impeller is made of. Any recommendations on a pump?
  5. Sounds good - I'll grab them from rock then. Are they tough to replace?
  6. Looking to replace the struts on my '78 and am a bit confused on what I'm finding. Some packs have 4 shocks (https://www.ebay.com/itm/353183501677?epid=1529958043&hash=item523b608d6d:g:LlcAAOSwv8ZfR-a3) and some have 2 struts and 2 shocks (https://www.ebay.com/itm/232991315727?epid=1540516460&hash=item363f5d570f:g:4lwAAOSwaPpb3Qib). Any idea which pack I need, how much of a pain it is to change these, and thoughts on the KYB ones?
  7. Just for clarity on the battery wires, the wire connected to the positive post on the battery would terminate at the starter motor.
  8. My theory is the fusible links blew as a result of the charge thrown through the harness from the coil when it exploded. Feasible?
  9. why is there no afm to tb hose...
  10. Yea - my alternator was overcharging the battery causing all sorts of weird electrical gremlins to pop up. After changing it out for a “new” (remanufactured ZX unit which is what was already in there), it was good.
  11. Is the TVS another name for the TPS? Also, regarding the "sticking afm" would it be the resistance wiper that would be sticking or the air door inside the afm?
  12. That's what we're trying to figure out. It happens every few weeks and is fixed by kicking the pedal a few times.
  13. "Lean boot" is a term coined by @Captain Obvious earlier in this thread to describe the car inexplicably running lean at startup.
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