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  1. I noticed today that after taping up that burned wiring sleeve that the car starts up WAY faster. I don't think I'm nuts, it's pretty noticeable.
  2. Update: Had lean boot happen today and noticed it while driving. I ended up kicking the pedal (flooring and dropping it) 4 or 5 times in quick succession and that seemed to fix it. So my guess is a periodically lazy TPS?
  3. I just went to test it and got 740 ohms. The FSM says it's bad if it is "far less than, or more than, 720 ohm" so I guess that at least on paper isn't it.
  4. Update: For a while (I don't remember how long) you could smell hot electricals on the drivers side of the engine bay when the car was running but without visible smoke or poor engine performance I ignored it (I know that was dumb). I noticed after the issue we've been talking about and taping up that burned pickup coil harness cover, that smell is now gone. Could a pickup coil wire build up resistance somehow and is there a way to check it? The car runs fantastically so I didn't think that could have been the case until I noticed the smell was gone last night for the first time in
  5. open the foot vents and if you have the drivers window open, open the passenger's too
  6. Get your cabin fan going - that will equalize the pressure and push the fumes out.
  7. Sorry, I did not close this thread. The issue was the clips around my new fuel filter which were tight but apparently not tight enough.
  8. The wires inside look good but the ones outside look a little cooked. That said, it's been like that since I got it and it runs great after the restart and now.
  9. @Captain Obvious In my experience when the pump dies the car stumbles a bit before the car dies as it burns through what's left in the rail before finally dying instead of it just all dying at once - at least that's how my car handles a fuel pump cutoff? @Zed Head I remember looking at the needles while sitting at the light before it shut off and everything looked great which was odd. I was being paranoid about the gauges since it was pretty warm out and was checking them habitually. @siteunseen The car doesn't have a BCDD anymore and I don't believe the tach needle was freaking out
  10. The car will shut off while running if the ignition switch is faulty?
  11. I will say I did not have the negative terminal REALLY cranked down as I was taking it on and off when working on it. When I got home I popped the hood to look and the terminal was on there. Before I removed the ECU I pulled the terminal off and it required some strength to do so but I still could. The terminal and connector are in great condition.
  12. That makes sense but the strange part was that it wasn't right when I came to a stop, I was idling at a red light for a good minute or more before it died.
  13. That makes sense but may be tough to put the engine on a stand. I replaced the ignition switch in 2017 due to it not firing during cranking so it shouldn't be that. Regarding the connections, I went through the AtlanticZ connection cleaning page (http://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/electricalconnections/index.html) a year or so ago and everything is now 'like new.'
  14. Gotcha It absolutely feels hesitant and is a real dog to drive so it shouldn't be the gauge in that case.
  15. I removed/opened my ecu for my new problem here: https://www.classiczcars.com/forums/topic/65578-sudden-engine-shutoff/?tab=comments#comment-624753. But since we were discussing what my ECU looked like, here it is too lol
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