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  1. Not sure when they broke - the head has not come off while I've owned it. When I changed the valve cover gasket I noticed the front passenger-side bolt had its head sheered off so I easy-outed that and changed it (the bolt's head was resting behind the timing belt tensioner which was terrifying). The second broken bolt is 1 of the 4 cam tower bolts which is broken to this day because it is apparently snapped way deep in the head/block. I only noticed it while re-torqueing the head bolts when I was going through the engine tuneup chapter of the FSM.
  2. To throw a bit of contrast in here I don't think the broken bolt is the problem here. My car had 2 broken bolts and ran for years without overheating.
  3. gotcha - ill give it a shot, thanks!
  4. Something must be out of alignment on mine, if that's how its supposed to look 😕
  5. Hi guys, Having a tough time figuring out how to center the HVAC selector trim piece. As you can see from the image, the trim piece is not centered within the vent panel frame once bolted in. If I forcibly center it by pushing the piece right, it will turn the fan on - so basically I'm in the situation of always having the fan on low or having the panel be off-center. Any ideas? -chase
  6. Gotcha, thanks. The new alternator shows up Thursday. I'll get it on the car Friday and report back.
  7. Unrelated to the alternator - since the '78 doesnt use a ballast, would upgrading to the 280zx distributor not do anything? The appeal of that upgrade is connecting the distributor directly to the coil right? Since the '78 does that already, would changing to the ZX distributor be moot, or are there other benefits im overlooking besides bypassing the ignition module for fun?
  8. Why aren't my fusible links blowing if the current is high enough to fry the ignition module?
  9. So all these odd gremlins suddenly appearing can be due to the alt overcharging?
  10. The temp gauge didn't peak out, it only scooted up a bit. If I think about the temp gauge as a clock face where 9pm is cold and 3pm is max hot, the gauge went from 7pm (where it usually sits at op temp) to about 5pm within the span of 15-20 seconds after turning on the cabin fan and headlights. Does that visualization make sense? The oil pressure gauge wasn't affected btw.
  11. Gah So there are not any 100% brand new alternators for these then? Thanks for the tip about oreilly's I just called and it should be at their store by Tuesday. I've had bad luck with their alternators but lets see how this one goes. The first didnt fit because they didn't line up the hemispheres so it couldnt bolt in, the second had a bearing whine and i guess this one is overcharging...
  12. That's a reman? It says new in the product title, no?
  13. Gotcha, I'll give it a look and report back. It might be good to grab a new one anyhow - I have an oreilly's re-manufactured one in there. This one should do, right: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KY0CN0Q/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1?
  14. Is it common for internally regulated alternators to overcharge? I thought this was an externally regulated issue.
  15. Alright, I'll give it a test the next time the gauge is looking high. Do I just put the probes on the pos/neg battery terminals to test it? I'd think that would tell me what the battery is at rather than how much juice is being thrown into it, no? I also noticed a weird phenomenon - the temp gauge will sneak up (not too high) when I start using a lot of voltage (cabin fan, headlights, etc). The temp gauge goes up almost instantly which wouldn't make sense, right? Sounds again like something electrical, again this could be due to it overcharging? When it has been overcharging (according to the gauge) in the past, I've put the headlights on to lower the voltage gauge - is this helping at all?
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